U.F.O. Themes On Rock Album Covers: Through The Years

(Misfits – Walk Among Us – 1982/Ruby/Slash Records)

U.F.O.’s On Rock Album Covers – Over the decades, the image or images of U.F.O’s (call ‘em spaceships if you prefer) have graced numerous Rock album covers. From Punk Rock to Progressive Rock, the always mysterious U.F.O. makes for some fun and interesting album covers. Most of these album covers with a U.F.O. theme, that I’ve decided to share with you, are without question classics, both in their album cover artwork and music within, in my Metal opinion.

Take a look at ‘em and see just how unique each album cover is, with it’s portrayal of the U.F.O. and notice some are much more detailed than others. If you know of a Rock album cover from the past or present with a U.F.O. on it, feel free to share the info via a comment!

(Electric Light Orchestra – Out Of The Blue – 1977/Jet Records)

(Electric Light Orchestra – Ticket To The Moon/The Very Best Of Vol. 2 – 2008/Epic)

ELO has used their trademark U.F.O. on many of their album covers over the decades. When ELO didn’t have their spaceship on an album cover, it never seemed right to me. Then again, an album cover doesn’t affect the music so I’m not totally devastated.

(Boston – Boston – 1976/Epic)

(Boston – Corporate America – 2002/Artemis)

Boston has always held onto their recognizable U.F.O. theme, with each of their respective album’s artwork. This Boston album cover is really cool… heck, the U.F.O. is shaped like a guitar!

(The Flaming Lips – U.F.O.S At The Zoo – 2007/WEA/Reprise)

(JourneyEscape – 1981/Columbia Records)

After all these years, this album cover to Journey – Escape is still an all-time favorite of mine for it’s amazing artwork. Okay, it looks like a flying beetle ship escaping from a big bubble… that’s a U.F.O. to me.

(UFO – II/Space Rock/Flying – 1971/Beacon)

What would a list of Rock album covers with U.F.O.’s on ‘em be… without the legendary UFO being represented? Metal be thy name.

(Transformers – Dark Of The Moon – 2011/Warner Bros.)

Those look like two very unfriendly alien vehicles in the sky, on this new album cover for: Transformers Dark Of The Moon¬†(soundtrack). Well, this Transformers¬†Dark Of The Moon soundtrack brings us up to the present day, when it comes to seeing a U.F.O. on an album cover. Until next time, keep your eyes peeled to the sky… and to those Rock album covers too!



7 Responses to “U.F.O. Themes On Rock Album Covers: Through The Years”

  1. Good post idea.

    *That 1st BOSTON LP ain’t no “spaceship”….it’s a gigantic
    guitar flipped upside down! haha

    I remember that blowing [my young mind] when I first discovered that. Priceless…

    Always loved that JOURNEY “Escape” LP artwork. Very minimalistic/future-istic (at the time) and colorful. I am pretty sure it was Stanley Mouse responsible for the drawing/illustration. He was best known for the Grateful Dead (psych.) artwork.

    The little beetle on the cover is their “Scarab Escape Vehicle”.

    They even made an Atari Video game from that.



    P.S. The E.L.O. “Out of the Blue” looks more like one of those
    old school plastic “Simon Says” home games.

    Rock On!


    • metalodyssey Says:

      Thanks for your Metal thoughts Kinger! Yeah… that ELO spaceship on “Out Of The Blue” does resemble that vintage game known as “Simon Says”… LOL! Thanks for saying who the artist was for “Escape”.

      No… YOU Rock On Kinger! \m/ :)

  2. Well I did it! It took me a few days, but I finally got through ALL of your archives.

    I still stand by what I said and this is we have so much in common when it comes to music, I am so glad i found your blog.

    I METAL salute you!

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I do thank you Metal buddy for actually reading the “whole thing”! That’s a Metal feat in and of itself! Yes, commonality among us Metalheads with our bands, albums, stories and concert experiences are what makes us such a tight knit community.

      Thanks for all the great comments and thoughts too… it’s appreciated. :)

      I give you a METAL salute right back! \m/

  3. And most of those albums listed rock too. Is there a link?

  4. UFOs and aliens are real.
    and aliens actually are demons (fallen angels or watchers) or good angels those still in the service if God. The body celestial is different from the body terrestrial..
    Ezekiel and other prophets of old were abducted by spaceships of God..Jesus said that in these end times I.e now there will be many close encounters as in the days of Noah..many people will see UFOs demonic and of the God kind and aliens will mix with man again like they did in Genesis bible times…
    govts cant keep it all a secret because God has not allowed infact many Christians need to be aware of it all so they can position themselves for the rapture ( good abduction by God’s angels )

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