UGLY KID JOE “Stairway To Hell” Comeback EP Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

Ugly Kid Joe - Stairway To Hell - promo cover pic!

UGLY KID JOE – A long time ago, I learned many valuable Metal lessons from a wise old Metal hermit; one who lived in the remote and heavily wooded expanse within the Northwest Hills of Litchfield County, Connecticut. This scholarly Metal hermit once told me: “Stone, grand Metal things happen to those who are patient.” Whoa. That Metal advice is so F’n true, especially when it comes to my waiting for this new (album) EP release, Stairway To Hell, from Ugly Kid Joe.

Back on September 22nd, 2009, I wrote (a rather cool and lengthy) post about my wanting Ugly Kid Joe to come back: (Where Have You Gone, UGLY KID JOE? Come Back!). Well, Ugly Kid Joe did just that with their (2012) Stairway To Hell EP and it’s been reissued this past April (UKJ Records) with 3 acoustic bonus tracks, an electronic press kit and the video for the whiz-bang song: I’m Alright. Ugly Kid Joe is certainly back on the live stage as well, with their first U.S. performance happening back on June 8th at the Badger Band Festival in Madison, Wisconsin; plus prominent Summer festival dates in Europe and an October/November 2013 tour of the UK and Europe with SKID ROW has been solidly confirmed!

Ugly Kid Joe - Stairway To Hell - promo banner - 2013

This EP from California’s Ugly Kid Joe is a 100% solid reminder that they BELONG back ROCKIN’ with the best of ‘em! My favorite songs on this grand EP are I’m Alright and Another Beer; both songs lyrically hitting home at my Metal soul! Devil’s Paradise, You Make Me Sick and No One Survives are hard, heavy, memorable and melodic as hell. Just tremendous songs all, courtesy of Ugly Kid Joe. You Make Me Sick and Love Ain’t True! revisit that Funk and Groove heaviness that Ugly Kid Joe have been so famously remembered for and it’s all a severely contagious listen for me.

The 3 acoustic songs are nothing short of fabulous and the cover of (the late/legendary) Harry Chapin’s Cat’s in the Cradle is simply sensational. Ugly Kid Joe made this iconic #1 hit from Harry Chapin their own and I’m not screwing around by saying just that. Whit Crane sounds fantastic on vocals and the band kicks ass on every song. A perfect comeback EP from Ugly Kid Joe? Yes. There’s no doubt in my Metal mind that Ugly Kid Joe have re-entered the building and they’ve kicked my ass with their new songs. I deserved this Rockin’ ass whooping from Ugly Kid Joe, cause I freaking asked for it in the first place. Metal be thy name!


Stairway To Hell - Track Listing:

Devil’s Paradise

You Make Me Sick

No One Survives

I’m Alright

Love Ain’t True! (featuring Angelo Moore & Dirty Walt of FISHBONE)

Another Beer

Cat’s in the Cradle

Would You Like To Be There

ugly kid joe - band logo - promo

Whit Crane - vocals

Klaus Eichstadt – guitar

Dave Fortman – guitar

Cordell Crockett – bass

Shannon Larkin – drums


For more info on UGLY KID JOE, click on the links below! Whoa!

Facebook: Ugly Kid Joe

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