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On This Day In METAL History – November 27th – From Jimi Hendrix To Ozzy Osbourne

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Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality album logo pic!

Black Sabbath - Cactus - Steel Mill - original concert ticket stub - November 27 - 1979

On November 27th, 1970Black Sabbath performed live at The Sunshine In in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Opening for Black Sabbath was the band Steel Mill, which featured New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen. Future E Street Band members, Vini Lopez, Danny Federici and Steve Van Zandt were also members of Steel Mill. Cactus was also another opening act on this same bill. Shown above is an original ticket stub for this (now) Rock historical concert.

Ozzy Osbourne - Talk Of The Devil - promo album cover pic - #112766

On November 27th, 1982Ozzy Osbourne hits #21 in the UK with his double live album: Talk of the Devil. This memorable Ozzy Osbourne album was titled Talk of the Devil due to it being the more commonly expressed idiom there. In the USA and elsewhere, this release was titled: Speak Of The Devil. The band lineup for this album was: Ozzy Osbourne on vocals, Brad Gillis on guitar, Rudy Sarzo on bass and Tommy Aldridge on drums.

Ozzy Osbourne - Talk Of The Devil - CD back cover - promo pic - #6671127

Pictured above is the back cover to the CD edition for Talk Of The Devil. As the track listing shows, there are 12 Black Sabbath songs covered by Ozzy and his band. Below is the complete track listing for Talk/Speak Of The Devil:

  • Side 1
  • 01 – Symptom Of The Universe
  • 02 – Snowblind
  • 03 – Black Sabbath
  • Side 2
  • 01 – Fairies Wear Boots
  • 02 – War Pigs
  • 03 – The Wizard
  • Side 3
  • 01 – N.I.B.
  • 02 – Sweet Leaf
  • 03 – Never Say Die
  • Side 4
  • 01 – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  • 02 – Iron Man / Children Of The Grave
  • 03 – Paranoid

Happy Birthday - promo banner - #2014BD

Jimi Hendrix - Crash Landing - promo album cover pic - #1127777


On November 27th, 1942, Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington, USA. Positively one of the greatest guitarists that ever lived, Jimi Hendrix rose to enormous fame quickly, with his band: The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Three highly influential studio albums were released by The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Are You Experienced (1967), Axis: Bold As Love (1967) and Electric Ladyland (1968). Dozens of Jimi Hendrix albums have been released since, ranging from live albums to remastered original works, demos and outtakes.

Jimi Hendrix "Experience Hendrix" large album pic!

On August 18th, 1969, Jimi Hendrix played The Star Spangled Banner at the legendary Woodstock Music And Art Fair in White Lake, New York. This live performance from Jimi Hendrix eventually became an iconic moment, in the history of Rock Music. I personally consider Jimi Hendrix to be a pioneer of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

Jimi Hendrix enlisted in the United States Army on May 31st, 1961 and received an honorable discharge on June 29th, 1962. Jimi Hendrix passed away on September 18th, 1970, at the very young age of 27. The music Jimi Hendrix left behind, in such a short time, I find it nothing short of miraculous. Generations of Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans are forever enjoying the music of Jimi Hendrix. Generations of guitarists have been positively influenced by Jimi Hendrix. An icon and true original was and forever will be Jimi Hendrix. May Jimi Hendrix rest in peace. – Stone


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




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ALICE COOPER – Marvel Premiere, 50th Issue From 1979 Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Alice Cooper - Marvel Comics - #1 - vintage comic - 1970s - #7771AC

ALICE COOPER – It’s fun what you can find from turning over stones, while doing research for a post. I was thrilled to find out that the legendary Alice Cooper had his first comic book appearance, dating back decades with Marvel Comics Group. Here I am, looking at the cover photo for this vintage comic book and realizing I never knew it existed until now! Not to sound redundant, yet, I lived for 48 years and never knew this comic book was in existence! Check out the cover price of (US) 40 cents! 40 Cents! Those were the good old days! Metal be thy name! This has all led to me declaring that this Alice Cooper comic book is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! Whoa.

This Alice Cooper comic book is the 50th issue of Marvel Premiere, dating back to October of 1979. I want one! I did peruse ebay and Amazon, discovering several copies of this comic book for sale, ranging in prices, depending on condition. I saw this comic book selling in the $22 to $50 range in US funds. I will definitely buy this Alice Cooper comic book, this coming year. As with anything else, I don’t want to just throw cash around and disrupt my budget for necessities. All in good time is what I live by.

Alice Cooper - Marvel Comics - #1 - vintage comic - 1970s - #7771AC

The subtitle to Alice Cooper is Tales From The Inside and by the looks of the brilliant cover art, a terrifying story awaits! Obviously Alice Cooper is the protagonist, while The Doctor and Nurse Rozetta appear to be the antagonists. Other characters appearing in this story are Jackknife Johnny, Alex Cooper (mental patient/politician) and Veronica (Alice Cooper’s snake). Cool. You just cannot beat those comic books from yesteryear, especially when it comes to the covers; they always seemed to have that it factor that the modern era comics never really surpassed. That’s my opinion, of course.

I used to be more than an avid comic book collector, going back to those late 70’s and up until the early 90’s. That’s what makes finding this Alice Cooper comic book on the internet even more of a surprise; how could I never have known about it? To top it off, I read that there were 20 comic books that Alice Cooper appeared in for Marvel Comics. Unreal. There have always been hundreds, no make that thousands of different comic book titles that I’ve overlooked over my years collecting; I chalk it up to it’s not easy to know about everything!

From my ongoing research about this Alice Cooper comic book, I’ve also found out the names behind creating this piece of Americana: plot by Alice Cooper, Jim Salicrup, and Roger Stern, script by Ed Hannigan, pencils by Tom Sutton, inks by Terry Austin, editor is Roger Stern, cover colors by Marie Severin and cover by Sutton/Austin.






QUIET RIOT On This Day In METAL History – November 26th

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Quiet Riot - Metal Health - Billboard - 31st anniversary - promo flyer

QUIET RIOT "Metal Health" large promo album pic!

On November 26th, 1983Quiet Riot hits #1 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart, with their third studio album: Metal Health. This marks the first time that a Heavy Metal album reached #1 on the Billboard 200.

Quiet Riot - Black Sabbath - promo concert flyer - November 26, 1983

On November 26th, 1983 - Quiet Riot Played at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix, Arizona. Quiet Riot were supporting the headliners: Black Sabbath. This was the Born Again Tour for Black Sabbath. Metal be thy name! This Black Sabbath lineup boasted Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass), Ian Gillan (vocals) and Bev Bevan (drums).

Quiet Riot - Condition Critical - promo album cover pic - #1984KDFB

On November 26th, 1984Quiet Riot performed a concert at the Lansing Civic Center in Lansing, Michigan, USA. This was the band’s Condition Critical Tour. Condition Critical was Quiet Riot’s fourth studio album, released in 1984

Here’s a couple of Metal Health vinyl variations that I think y’all will dig:

Quiet Riot - Metal Health - picture disc - promo photo - #1983KD

As with many Heavy Metal albums, picture disc versions were also released during the 80’s, only usually in very limited quantities. Above is the Quiet Riot picture disc, released in 1983. These picture disc releases are now heavily sought after by collectors and can be pricey, depending on the title.

Quiet Riot - Metal Health - special 4 - track tour edition - promo cover pic - #1983KDCC

Also released in 1983 was the special 4-Track Tour Edition of Quiet Riot’s Metal Health on vinyl. Side One contains Metal Health and Love’s A Bitch (live version), while Side Two contains Cum On Feel The Noize and Let’s Go Crazy (live version). This album is considered a UK import, to collectors elsewhere.

Quiet Riot - promo flyer - UK - 1983 - Metal Health - tour dates

Above is a Quiet Riot promotional flyer from the UK, dating back to 1983. This flyer is promoting both the Metal Health single and Quiet Riot tour dates.

Quiet Riot - Metal Health - back cover - CD - promo pic - #2014KDFB

Above is the back cover to the CD version of Metal Health. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

QUIET RIOT - vintage early 80s button - #KD80

Above is a vintage Quiet Riot button (pin back) from the early 80’s. A button such as this would’ve been for sale at Quiet Riot concerts and selected gift shops that sold Rock memorabilia and smoking pipes. It’s buttons like this that spark those good times memories, indeed.


Above is a vintage front cover to Circus (magazine). This issue is from November of 1983 and features (the late) Kevin DuBrow on the cover. Trust me, at this time in Metal history, Quiet Riot was better than sliced bread and chocolate chip ice cream. Rest in peace, Kevin DuBrow.

Carlos Cavazo - Quiet Riot - Guitar World - 1984 - promo cover pic

Above is a vintage front cover to Guitar World, from November of 1984. Quiet Riot’s very own Carlos Cavazo was the cover feature. Metal be thy name.

Quiet Riot - circa 1983 - publicity band card - #1984KD

Above is the Quiet Riot classic lineup from 1983, featured on the Metal Health and Condition Critical studio albums. From L to R: Rudy Sarzo (bass), Frankie Banali (drums), Kevin DuBrow (vocals) and Carlos Cavazo (guitar).


* For more info on QUIET RIOT:

Facebook: Quiet Riot

Stone - 2011 Photo #1





Metal Odyssey’s Holiday Gift Ideas – 2014 Edition, Part 2

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ACDC - 2015 Calendar - promo photo - #2015AY

AC/DC are back with a new album and are hotter than ever! Every AC/DC fan in creation would love this 2015 AC/DC wall calendar! Whoa! Order link below:

Judas Priest - skate deck - British Steel - #2015RH

Judas Priest. ‘Nuff said. This Judas Priest British Steel skate deck is just freaking cool. There’s Judas Priest fans out there probably begging for this, as a holiday gift. Wow. Order link below:

Machine Head - Media Book - CD - promo pic - #2015RF

Machine Head has also made some Metal noise with their new album: Bloodstone & Diamonds. This Media Book & CD kicks Metal ass and makes for a  dynamite holiday gift! I own this, therefore, take my Metal word for it! Whoa. Order link below:

Triptykon - beanie - promo photo - #2015TGW

Triptykon fans need to keep their heads warm and look cool too. How about this raging beanie? A whiz-bang holiday gift, in my Metal opinion. Order link below:

Motley Crue - Hollywood Bowl - Concert Poster Pic - #2015MC

This Mötley Crüe Final Tour Hollywood Bowl concert poster makes for excellent holiday gift, cause Mötley Crüe… ROCKS! Order link below:

Suicide Silence - Mystery Box - promo pic - #2014SS

How amazing is this? A Suicide Silence mystery box, man! The notation does state that the mystery box may include shirts & tank tops. Suicide Silence RULE and so do their fans… therefore this mystery box makes for a stunning holiday gift! Metal be thy name! Order link below:

Pop Evil - Girls Beautiful Scoop Neck - tee - promo pic - #2015PE

Hey! Countless gals dig Pop Evil too and this beautiful scoop neck t-shirt is hot stuff! Order link below:

Lynyrd Skynyrd - 40th Anniversary Mug - promo photo - #2015LSR

Lynyrd Skynyrd. Southern Rock Legends. Every Lynyrd Skynyrd fan NEEDS a mug for their coffee, tea, milk or… beer. This 40th Anniversary mug is simply a holiday gift that keeps on giving, all Metal year-long! Order link below:

Slayer - War At The Warfield - promo DVD cover pic - #2014JHF

F’n Slllaaayyyerrr! Slayer RULES and that’s it. Released back in 2003, Slayer – War At The Warfield is a mandatory holiday gift for ALL Slayer fans both young and old! I do own this piece of Slayer history and it truly is an amazing concert of 19 songs! This concert was filmed on December 7th, 2001 for DVD, at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, California. Whoa! Order link below:

Heaven & Hell - tote bag - promo pic - #2015RJD

Here’s a useful holiday gift for your on-the-go Metalhead… a Heaven & Hell tote bag! It’s the perfect tote bag to go CD and/or vinyl album shopping with! What better gift for any Ronnie James Dio or Heaven & Hell fan! Very nice. Order link below:






Metal Odyssey’s Holiday Gift Ideas – 2014 Edition, Part 1

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Misfits - Crimson Ghost - action figure red - promo pic - #11201525

Do you have a MISFITS, Punk or Horror Punk fan to shop for? If so, the MISFITS Crimson Ghost action figure by NECA should do the deed! For more info on this figure, click below:

Megadeth - Holiday Ornament - promo pic - #2014DM

Every Megadeth fan deserves this kick-ass Megadeth holiday ornament! I want one! Whoa! Order link below:

Night Ranger - High Road - Autographed - promo cover pic - #2014NR

Have a Night Ranger fan in the family? How about their new High Road CD which is available as an Exclusive Autographed Deluxe version! This CD includes two bonus tracks and a DVD featuring a background look at the making of the album, along with video clips. Order link is below:

Iron Maiden - Eddie's Evil Brew - promo photo - #1201411

For the Metal maniac in your life that is old enough to drink beer, get ‘em Eddie’s Evil Brew! A lovely Merlot that is exclusive to the Official Iron Maiden Shop. Order here:

Motionless In White - Skeletal Gloves - promo pic - #2014M

For your Motionless In White fan in your family or pack of friends, you can never go wrong with giving a pair of Black Skeleton Gloves! Whoa! Order link below:

Slipknot - Sticker Music Bundle - promo pic - #2014001

Give the Metal gift of SLIPKNOT and be glad you did! Above is pictured the Slipknot sticker and music bundle. It’s a sticker set and  SLIPKNOT .5: THE GRAY CHAPTER DELUXE CD. Metal be thy name! Order link below:

Tesla - Time Machine Playing Cards - promo photo - #2014NT

For the Rocker in your world that loves to play cards, this TESLA Time Machine deck of playing cards are a Rockin’ bullseye! Order link below:

King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas Candle - promo pic - #2014

King Diamond. Every Metalhead in the world digs King Diamond. That is why this Metal legend’s merch makes for perfect holiday gifts! Check out the King Diamond No Presents For Christmas candle above! Metal be thy name, that’s cool stuff! Order link below:

Motorhead - beanie - promo pic - #2014LK

Every fan of Motörhead needs to keep his or her head warm, especially where the Winter’s cold winds blow! Order link below:

Black Veil Brides - Reverse Shadow Poster - promo pic - #2014BVB

This Black Veil Brides reverse shadow poster is really cool stuff. A spot-on holiday gift if I’ve ever seen one. Whoa. Order link below:

KISS - womens pink v neck - glitter tour tee - #2014GS

And last and never least… KISS. There are millions of KISS items out there, however, we can’t show them all! For gals that can’t get enough KISS this holiday season, there’s the KISS pink v-neck w/red glitter tee. Not too shabby, huh? Order link below:






ALICE COOPER On This Day In METAL History – November 25th

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Alice Cooper - The Nightmare Returns Tour - classic logos - #1987NRAC

On November 25th, 1986Alice Cooper brought The Nightmare Returns Tour to the UK at Edinburgh Playhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland. Alice Cooper was touring in support of his solo studio album, released in September of 1986: Constrictor.

Alice Cooper - Raise Your Fist And Yell - tour program - cover promo pic - #1987

On this day in 1987Alice Cooper brought his Raise Your Fist And Yell Tour to the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

Alice Cooper - Poison - promo single cover sleeve - #1987AC

On November 25th, 1989Alice Cooper peaked at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with his hit Poison. This song was Alice Cooper’s final top ten single in the United States. Poison is featured on Alice Cooper’s 18th studio album from 1989: Trash. This song was co-written by Desmond Child and John McCurry.

Alice Cooper - classic bloody logo - #6671966

On this day in 2000 – A burglar broke into the home of Alice Cooper, in Paradise Valley, CA and stole $6,400 worth of clothes, shoes and video cameras belonging to his daughter. The thief also stole four of Alice’s Gold records, along with a double-gold record from Guns N’ Roses. Whoa!

Alice Cooper - Raise The Dead Tour - 2012 - 2013 - promo flyer

On November 25th, 2012Alice Cooper on his Raise The Dead Tour, performed live at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno, Nevada.

Alice Cooper - classic bloody logo - button promo pic

On this day in 2013Alice Cooper performed a concert at the Wells Fargo Center, in Santa Rosa, California.

On November 25th, 2014Alice Cooper brings his Raise The Dead Tour to the Bob Hope Theatre in Stockton, California and performs a live concert.


* For more info on ALICE COOPER:


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




BLOODBOUND “Stormborn” – Releases In USA On December 2nd; Album Tracks Streaming Now!

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Bloodbound - Storm Born - promo album cover pic - 2014

The new album from Sweden’s BLOODBOUNDStormborn, is available all over Europe and the UK now! Stormborn releases in the USA on December 2nd, 2014, via AFM Records.

BLOODBOUNDStormborn (2014) – official clip – AFM Records

BLOODBOUNDIron Throne (2014) – official – AFM Records

Bloodbound - Stormborn - promo album flyer - 2015 - #1776


Patrik Johansson – lead vocals

Tomas Olsson – lead and rhythm guitars

Fredrik Bergh – keyboards and backing vocals

Henrik Olsson – rhythm guitars

Pelle Åkerlind – drums and percussion

Anders Broman – bass


Order Stormborn here:

* For more info on BLOODBOUND:

Facebook: Bloodbound

AFM Records - Logo - Large!








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