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SIX FEET UNDER – Crushing “Crypt Of The Devil” First-Week Chart Numbers Revealed

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Six Feet Under - Crypt Of The Devil - promo album cover pic - 2015 #663409MO

Crypt Of The Devil, the latest platter of brutality from iconic death metal merchants, SIX FEET UNDER, crushed the Billboard Charts this week debuting at #13 on the Hard Music Chart, #13 on the Heatseekers Chart, #32 on the Independent Albums Chart, #49 on the Rock Albums Chart, #120 on the Physical Albums Chart and #161 on the Top 200 Current Albums Chart!

In Canada, Crypt Of The Devil placed at #33 on the Hard Music Chart and #198 on the Top Sellers Chart. On the Official Top 100 Charts in Europe, the record earned the #42 spot in Germany marking it SIX FEET UNDER‘s highest charting record pillaging Bringer Of Blood‘s German entry at #36 and True Carnage‘s entry at #40. Additionally, Crypt Of The Devil nabbed the #20 spot on the Media Markt/Saturn Charts.

Composed by notorious growl tsar, Chris Barnes with Cannabis Corpse bassist/vocalist Phil “Landphil” Hall, Crypt Of The Devil serves as SIX FEET UNDER‘s eleventh studio offering and delivers ten venomous odes of murderous death metal barbarity ornamented in Barnes’ haunting prose. Surveying the blackest depths of the human mind, the record is disquieting in both sound, mind and spirit.

Sample the album in all its menacing glory, courtesy of High Times, at THIS LOCATION as well as the band’s Mitch Massie (Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct, The Locust etc.) directed “Open Coffin Orgy” video HERE.

Six Feet Under - Crypt Of The Devil - Billboard album rankings banner promo - 051515

SIX FEET UNDER began as a side project while Barnes – owner of what would become one of the most dominating, groundbreaking and instantly distinguishable voices of the death metal genre – was fronting Cannibal Corpse.  SIX FEET UNDER would eventually become a full-fledged entity in 1995 and now stands among the longest standing and successful acts in death metal history, with all but their debut appearing on a Billboard chart.

Crypt Of The Devil is out now on Metal Blade Records. Various order bundles are available today at

Six Feet Under - Crypt Of The Devil - promo album cover pic - 2015 #663409MO

“…absolutely fantastic…one of the best in their entire discography.” – Metal Injection

“If you’re a fan of death metal and you’ve never heard SIX FEET UNDER before, then you don’t know death metal.” –

“…one of death metal’s most reliable and exciting acts two-decades into an otherwise laughable carrier.” – The Metal Observer

“A solid effort all around and a fun time to be had by all you death metal maniacs.” –

“If they open a Death Metal Hall of Fame, Chris Barnes should have a wing… another classic.” – Wicked Channel


Source: Earsplit PR

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UNBREAKABLE HATRED – Canadian Death Metal Trio Joins Unique Leader Records For Multi-Album Deal

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Unbreakable Hatred - Promo band pic - 2015 - #0503MOUH

Quebec City-based death metal trio, UNBREAKABLE HATRED, recently joined the expanding roster of extreme metal powerhouse, Unique Leader Records.

Comments the band: “We’re extremely excited to announce that UNBREAKABLE HATRED signed a multi-album deal with Unique Leader Records! We are looking forward to working with a label that has stood the test of time while continuing to expand their diverse death metal roster. We are honored to be a part of the Unique Leader family and we are ready for what is coming up. With our team behind us, we can’t wait to see UNBREAKABLE HATRED grow.”

Forged in 2008 by guitarist Philippe Drouin, his drummer brother Dominic and vocalist/bassist Simon B. Lapointe, UNBREAKABLE HATRED spews forth a mutinous amalgam of old school death metal brutality, modern technical wizardry and blistering groove making for relentlessly visceral sound expedition. The band released their debut full-length, Total Chaos, in 2011 via Galy/Lacerated Enemy Records. Largely underrated but no less scalding, Sea Of Tranquility noted, “UNBREAKABLE HATRED… play a brand of technical death metal and grindcore that is as brutal as it is catchy,” further crowning it, “an all-around solid affair that shows plenty of promise.”

Unbreakable Hatred - band logo - 2014 - #6369MOUHL

In a 4/5 rating, Sputnik Music applauded the band’s versatility. “Rather than remaining excessively tethered to a single structure, Total Chaos often has varying time signatures between the instruments that resonate well when meshed just right — particularly the rhythm guitar and the drums — and that the band pulled this feat off and still have a sound structure just screams skilled.” Added Bravewords, “Fortifying the link between Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy and The Last Felony, UNBREAKABLE HATRED is one of Quebec’s latest new hopes, the group a feat of technical death worthy of some sort of engineering degree… Total Chaos is a record built on supreme musicianship, attention to detail and a steely determination to impart its will while crawling through the haze of the multitude.”

UNBREAKABLE HATRED will release their sophomore full-length via Unique Leader Records later this year. Further info to be announced in the coming weeks.

Words from the converted:

UNBREAKABLE HATRED is one of Canada’s premier death metal acts; this trio of power lays waste to the listeners ear drums on every level and then some!” – Terrance Hobbs, Suffocation

UNBREAKABLE HATRED blew us away each night with their energy and ripping songs; it was a total pleasure to have them on our tour and the best is most certainly to come – Ferocious!” – Jason Netherton, Misery Index

UNBREAKABLE HATRED from Quebec are definitely one of the new bands out there to be recognized! Once again proving that Quebec musicians are on top of their Game! ” – Flo Mounier, Cryptopsy

“Great musicians, brutally heavy and very strong live, definitely a band to watch out for.” – Bobby Koelble, Death


Source: Earsplit PR

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Facebook: Unbreakable Hatred





German Death Metallers ICHOR Offering Track For FREE Download

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Ichor - Depths - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #30MOI177

German Death Metallers ICHOR have made Ra’iroa, a track from new album Depths, available for free download. Grab that sucker and stream the album right here.  Check out the official video for “Ra’iroa” as well at this location. ICHOR’s Depths is out now on Bastardized Recordings. After slaying European fans with their vicious brand of modern Death Metal, the German quintet is now offering aural decimation to North and South American fans. Depths can be purchased at the Bastardized Store. The earth is destroyed and mankind escapes into the sea. But the struggle for survival continues as a new society struggles to combat authoritarian reign with furious passion. This plunge into the deep, dark sea is the central theme of Depths, a story that ICHOR delivers with a soundtrack that both mesmerizes and assaults the listener. Depths was recorded at Hertz Studios in Białystok, Poland (Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader, etc).

Stylistically, Depths is most similar to American Death Metal with crushing riffs and a pummeling drum attack, complete with Black Metal flourishes and an overall approach that offers listeners a varied and memorable experience. “The Heretic King” lyric video can be viewed here. While you’re at it, check out a promo video for “The Beasts Approach” at this location. DEPTHS – Track Listing: 1. Deep Rising 2. Apophis 3. Ra´iroa 4. While Giants Sleep 5. The Beasts Approach 6. The Heretic King 7. Leviathan 8. Deny Your God 9. Desire Of The Depth 10. Cthulus Sons 11. Hadal Sirens

Ichor - promo band banner pic - 2015 - #93669MOI

ICHOR are: Eric Kuhnen – Vocals, Daniel Jacobi – Guitars, Johannes Gorges – Guitars, Tobias Rümmele – Bass, Dirk Maurer – Drums


ICHOR \ˈī-ˌkȯr, -kər\ Definition: 1: an ethereal fluid taking the place of blood in the veins of the ancient Greek gods ICHOR started their crusade in 2008. After they have released a demo tape on their own the band released their first full-length album The Siege in 2009. This album was recorded and mixed by Phil Hillen from the SU2-Studio, and mastered by Simon of War From A Harlots Mouth. After this release the band went on the road and toured with bands like Aborted, Benigthed and The Black Dahlia Murder. In 2010 ICHOR released their second album  Benthic Horizon which was recorded in the mighty Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Decapitated, Vader, Hate) in Białystok/Poland. Benthic Horizon appeared in Europe via Bastardized Recordings and was re-released in the UK by Siege of Amida in 2011.

After another year of tireless touring through Europe ICHOR went to the Hertz studio again to record their third full-length album Depths that will now appear on Bastardized Recordings. Depths is a journey into the deep-sea, an escape into destruction and the downfall of mankind, which has to re-create and to struggle with obsession, with power, war, suffering and the passion for survival.


“When they’re not immersed in a fray of slashing, buzzing riffs, the guitars wisely inject melodious solos, courteous respites to the band’s incessant fight and a quality reminiscent of acts like Misery Index, Man Must Die, or The Black Dahlia Murder.” Metal Observer

“Big burly modern death metal.”Teeth of the Divine


* Source: ClawHammer PR

* For more info on ICHOR:

Bastardized Recordings - Large Logo!





CUT UP – Death Metal Supergroup Releasing Debut Studio Album Via Metal Blade Records

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Cut Up - promo band pic - #0415CUMBMO0031

Cut Up - band logo - #2015MBMOCU8808

As reported by Metal Blade Records:

Everyone please welcome Cut Up to the Metal Blade roster! The band features Tobias Gustafsson and Erik Rundqvist of Vomitory fame, as well as Ander Bertilsson from Coldworker, and Andreas Björnson from Fetus Stench.

Fans can expect a violent, catchy, groovy album of pure Swedish death metal this summer!

Drummer Tobias Gustafsson comments: “I am very happy, proud, honoured and excited to team up with Metal Blade Records once again, this time with CUT UP! Can’t stay away from playing death metal, obviously, so it feels fantastic to have this murderous ensemble together so soon after putting Vomitory into eternal sleep. Cut Up is not just “another project”, but all four members’ new main band. We have made a debut album that we are tremendously satisfied with, both material and production-wise. We can’t wait to let you hear it! Cut Up aim to hit the stages as soon as the album is released, so we hope to see you all in the front row and in the pit!”







HALO CREATION – Female Fronted DEATH METAL Band From Austria Set To Release Debut Album This Autumn!

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Halo Creation - promo band pic - 2015 - #0330HCMOHB

HALO CREATION is a DEATH METAL band from Vienna, Austria and was founded in 2014. Their unequivocal message is:


The five members of the band bring you real, powerful and straight Metal and also live, you can feel and see the brute force of HALO CREATION.

It began in a small rehearsal room in the middle of Vienna. Since the very beginning, they rehearse regularly and so the first songs accrued. In the Summer of 2014, a Demo CD with four songs on it was recorded. In September, HALO CREATION played their first live show, together with ILLDISPOSED.

Since this show, they play live regularly and already shared the stage with GRAVEWORM and JINJER. These days they are busy with songwriting for their first album and this Summer of 2015 they will enter the studio. The release of the full-length is scheduled for Autumn.

Halo Creation - promo band pic - 2015 - #02 - 0330HCMOHBV

For HALO CREATION, it is important to produce elaborated and very powerful music. When they`re playing live, the crowd should go crazy and while listening to their songs any kind of emotions should arise.

The music should be real Death Metal, which means, there will be no clean vocals nor Nu Metal parts in it. Moreover, outstanding chorus lines are important. Further, excesses in speed or changes in rhythm should be a big part of their music.






Backstage PRO:

Halo Creation - classic band logo - 2015 - black on white - #77333


MetalMessage - Logo with skull - 2014






CORPSE GARDEN – Reveal Details Of New Album ‘Entheogen’

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Corpse Garden - promo band photo - 2015 - #90831CGMO

Corpse Garden, the five-piece Death Metal outfit from Costa Rica are proud to announce that their second album, Entheogen, will be released this May 15th through both Russian Label Satanath Records and German Label RTM Productions.

The title Entheogen refers to a chemical substance that is often used in religious or spiritual practices to aim for transcendence. Vocalist Felipe Tencio elaborates further:

“We think [Entheogen] is what really describes the music and the sound we accomplished with this album as well as it being an analogy for the transformation the band suffered, and the lyrical concept. The lyrics go through each one of the seven operations of alchemical transformation and Carl Jung’s studies on Individuation.”

Satanath Records Owner Aleksey had this to say on the label’s newest signing:

“I like this young and talented band. Their music is mysterious and meets all the canons of the style that I love. The album spews out energetic and technical death metal with a delicious bass in the spirit of old school death metal. Yet Corpse Garden do not fixate on the [old school vibe] and thereby retain their originality. Verdict: It is impossible not to release!”

Corpse Garden - Entheogen - promo cover pic - 2015 - #66CGMO

The Entheogen artwork was designed by Alexander L. Brown [BNB Illustration and Design].

Formed in 2009, Corpse Garden released one EP before settling down to record their debut full-length release Burnt By The Light [2012]. Riding high from the great response from their debut, the band powered on to win the Central American heat in the worldwide Wacken Metal Battle competition and represented the area at the 2012 Wacken festival in Germany.

With a comprehensive line-up change in 2013 to what is their current set-up, Corpse Garden settled down to compose and write what would become Entheogen. Entering the Bushido Audio Production Studio in 2014 with producer Juan Pablo Calvo, the album was mastered by Eri Román at SoloHit Studios in San José.

‘Entheogen’ – Track Listing:

1. The Quantum Rapture
2. In the Womb of Chaos
3. Portal to the Oneiric
4. The Arrival of Saturn
5. Suspended Over the Abyss
6. Evoking a Dead Sun
7. Sulphur
8. Neux Ex Machina
9. The First Incarnation
10. A Balance of Opposites
11. The Emerald Vision
12. Red Pulvis Solaris
13. Enantiodromia


Future PR - promo logo - 2014- #001

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AT THE GATES – Signing At Vacation Vinyl In Los Angeles, On March 27th

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At The Gates - Vacation Vinyl - signing - March 27 - 2015 - promo flyer

As reported by Century Media Records:

LOS ANGELES, Signing Alert! The melodic Death Metal masters At The Gates (Official) will be at VACATION VINYL on March 27th from 4-5:30 for a pre-show signing session. Bring your copy of “At War with Reality” or buy one at the shop, for a meet-and-greet with the Swedish Death Metal legends – and don’t miss them live as part of the Decibel Magazine Tour with Vallenfyre, Converge, and Pallbearer!


Century Media Records - logo - B&W







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