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Out Now! PROTOKULT Unleash New Album ‘No Beer In Heaven’ And ‘Get Me A Beer!’ Music Video

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Protokult - Get Me A Beer - promo band pic - 2014

Top L-R: Dawid Slowiak (Bass) – Mike Matveev (Drums),  Ekaterina Pyatkova (Vocals, Woodwinds, Synthesizer) – Martin Drozd (Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer) – Jeremy Jackson aka Vodnik (Guitar) – Photo Credit: Danielle Griscti


Gracing the stage with the likes of ARKONA, TURISAS, ALESTORM and BLACKGUARD, Toronto, ON’s band of beer drinking progressive folk metallers PROTOKULT return in 2014 with their new album ‘No Beer In Heaven’ – released on August 8th and available on bandcamp here to follow-up to 2011’s ‘Marzena’ EP and 2009’s debut ‘Ancestral Anthems’.

With a beauty and the beast-like contrast between Ekaterina’s haunting vocals and the band’s Metal onslaught, No Beer In Heaven, captures the reformed quintet at an all-time high, showcasing an impressive palette of twelve entirely new compositions and straps the listener on an adventurous, heavy and experimental trek, diving into themes of drinking, history and human endeavor. The band unites their diverse cultures into one sound, balancing tradition and folklore with Heavy, Thrash and Black Metal for headbangers everywhere.

Vocalist Ekaterina Pyatkova comments:

“We are delighted to showcase our finest release brought to you by our lineup in peak form!! Three years in the making, No Beer In Heaven presents an assortment of ambient, prog-folk, heavy tunes that take you on a dark, drunken adventure! So grab a cold one and indulge!”

Bandcamp Album Stream And Purchase:

Track Listing: Protokult – No Beer In Heaven

1. Get Me A Beer! (3:04) 
2. Heaven Cast Me Out (4:04) 
3. My Father’s Word (5:49)
 4. Flight of The Winged Hussar (5:52)
 5. Sol Intention (4:39) 
6. Edge of Time (5:28)
 7. Sanctuaries (2:04)
 8. Desert Scourge (4:31)
 9. Gorale (4:15)
 10. Summer’s Ode (6:07) 
11. Razbival Okovi Perun (1:26) 
12. Water of Life (8:46)

Total Length: (56:12)

YouTube Album Stream -

protokult-no-beer-in-heaven- promo cover pic - 2014-album-cover

(Source: Asher Media Relations)

* For more info on PROTOKULT:






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NORTHERN OAK – Unveil New Album Track Listing And Artwork

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Northern Oak - promo band pic - 2014 - #9878

Northern Oak, the South Yorkshire Progressive Folk Metallers, unveil new album details, including the track listing and artwork, for ‘Of Roots And Flesh’.

Ranging from existential rage on ‘The Gallows Tree’, relentless doom and sorrow on ‘Taken’ to a desire to see the best of humanity in the title track, ‘Of Roots And Flesh’ rewards with a seamless blending of vocal styles and a fusion of electric and acoustic guitars, flutes, violins and even melodeons as the band takes you on a musical journey through the nature of struggle.


See the full track listing for ‘Of Roots And Flesh’ below, which is set for release on 4th October 2014.

1) The Dark Of Midsummer

2) Marston Moor

3) Gaia

4) Nerthus

5) Isle Of Mists

6) Taken

7) Requiescant In Pace

8) The Gallows Tree

9) Bloom

10) Of Roots And Flesh

11) Only Our Names Will Remain

12) Outro

The album art, completed by Lithuanian born artist Augustinas Našlėnas, can be seen below.

Northern Oak - Of Roots And Flesh - promo cover pic - 2014

Northern Oak are renowned for their ability to weave vicious Black Metal riffs with haunting flute folk melodies. Since the release of their 2010 album ‘Monuments’ the band has toured the length and breadth of the UK with their energetic live show, furthering their reputation and earning the band show time at prestigious festivals such as Bloodstock Open Air and Warhorns.

The recording of the new album was entirely funded through a Kickstarter campaign run by the band. The incredible show of support from their loyal and ever-growing fan base allowed Northern Oak to record the album at Skyhammer Studios with renowned producer Chris Fielding (Primordial, Electric Wizard, Conan).


(Source: Future PR)

* For more info on NORTHERN OAK:

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PROTOKULT – Progressive Folk Metal Band Reveal Artwork and Track Listing From Upcoming Album “No Beer In Heaven” – Out On August 8th

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Protokult - promo band pic - 2014 - #0022

L-R: Jeremy Jackson aka Vodnik (Guitar) – Martin Drozd (Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer) – Mike Matveev (Drums), Dawid Slowiak (Bass), Ekaterina Pyatkova (Vocals, Woodwinds, Synthesizer) – Photo Credit: Erica Ivashina


Toronto, Ontario’s fun-loving, beer drinking progressive folk metal band PROTOKULT are proud to share with fans artwork and the track listing for their upcoming album ‘No Beer In Heaven’, set for official release on August 8th, 2014, to follow-up 2011’s EP ‘Marzena’ and 2009’s debut ‘Ancestral Anthems’.

“We are anxious and excited to finally unleash the first PROTOKULT full-length album with our current and talented lineup. Expect nothing short of pure, heathen prog-folk with a healthy traditional metal dosage in the mix. Our first single, ‘Get Me A Beer’ will be released early this July and expect the official video shortly thereafter! The video follows a story line which can be best described as “Spinal Tap meets folk-metal” and captures the band in an unpleasant, humorous yet all-too-realistic situation in which artists may find themselves in (we certainly have!)” – Martin Drozd

Years in the making and a few line up changes in the PROTOKULT camp, the Eastern European transplants have transformed progressive, folk and heavy metal influences into a twelve track adventurous trek, diving into themes of drinking, history and human endeavor. Mixing a duo vocal attack of melodic operatics, plus woodwinds from Ekaterina Pyatkova and high-spirited chanting growls from guitarist Martin Drozd, PROTOKULT showcase a diversified and powerful engagement that includes shredding with guitarist Vodnik, the pounding force of Mike Matveev on drums and the grooves of bassist Dawid Slowiak.

In additional news, PROTOKULT will be performing a Toronto CD release show on July 26th for hometown fans at Bovine Sex Club with support from locals Primalfrost, Tsargrad and Montreal’s Karkaos. (show details can found here)

protokult-no-beer-in-heaven- promo cover pic - 2014-album-cover

Track Listing: Protokult – No Beer In Heaven

1. Get Me A Beer! (3:04)

2. Heaven Cast Me Out (4:04)

3. My Father’s Word (5:49)

4. Flight of The Winged Hussar (5:52)

5. Sol Intention (4:39)

6. Edge of Time (5:28)

7. Sanctuaries (2:04)

8. Desert Scourge (4:31)

9. Gorale (4:15)

10. Summer’s Ode (6:07)

11. Razbival Okovi Perun (1:26)

(translation from Slovenian = Perun Has Shattered The Shackles)

12. Water of Life (8:46)

Total Length: (56:12)

Hidden Tracks:

13. Brotokult (3:03)

14. We Smoke The Ganga (3:33)


Upcoming Show Dates:

July 19 – The Apk – London, ON w/ Battlesoul, Primalfrost, Valhalla Rising

July 26 – Bovine Sex Club – Toronto, ON w/ Primalfrost, Karkaos, Tsargrad


Although PROTOKULT is a Canadian-based group, the members come from various backgrounds (Polish, Irish, Russian, Czech) and the result is a marvelous mix of Canadian and international forces. The goal is to unite these cultures into one sound, balancing tradition and folklore with heavy, thrash and black metal for head-bangers everywhere.

With a beauty and the beast-like contrast between Ekaterina’s haunting vocals and the band’s metal onslaught, whether they are reinventing the wheel or carrying down the torch high, PROTOKULT has an exhilarating and fresh sound for the 21st century.

From the studio to the stage, PROTOKULT puts on a live show that can be best described as engaging, energetic and in essence, a live ritual — ‘A must-see act’, according to the Emergenza festival.

protokult-no-beer-in-heaven- promo cover pic - 2014-album-cover

‘No Beer In Heaven’ was recorded at Spectre Sound Studios (Bloodshoteye feat. Randy of Lamb of God; and Woods of Ypres, one of the BWBK Top 30 Canadian albums) and will be released August 8, 2014.


Critical Praise:

“They belong amongst the ranks of bands like Moonsorrow and Skyforger…Almost every song twists and turns through several folk metal transformations, without ever tapping into cheesy or overly tired clichés.” – Metal Observer (2010 review for Ancestral Anthems)

“Their songs pulse and writhe like a sinuous living thing.” – Exclaim (2012 review of Marzena)


(Source: Asher Media Relations)

* For more info on PROTOKULT:

PROTOKULT – Sales Links: Bandcamp | iTunes| Facebook | Twittter | Reverbnation | Soundcloud | Youtube | Last.FM

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FALCONER – Recording For New Album “Black Moon Rising” Finished; Release Date Set For June 6th, Via Metal Blade Records

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Falconer - promo band - band logo pic - 2014 - #26618

As reported by Metal Blade Records:

FALCONER have finished recording their new album, “Black Moon Rising.” The record will be released on June 6th! Music and more info coming soon.

The band offered the following comment: “So now the mix and mastering is done for BLACK MOON RISING. After having a break from the studio and then returning my first impression was: “Was it that much double bass drums?” I’m sure this album will compete with NORTHWIND as being my favourite album though they are not alike. The last album entirely in Swedish was really rewarding to do but I must admit it’s always great to be back where you feel you belong! Well, enough with the self admiration for this time.”

Producer Andy LaRocque had the following to say: “This is how Falconer should sound!”

FALCONER’s previous album, “Armod” was released in 2011. Check out the brutal video for “Vid Rosornas Grav” below:



Mathias Blad – Vocals

Stefan Weinerhall – Guitar

Jimmy Hedlund – Guitar

Magnus Linhardt – Bass

Karsten Larsson – Drums


* For more info on FALCONER:

Facebook: Falconer


Metal Blade - Los Angeles - B&W - logo - 2013


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ARKONA – “YAV” Album Artwork And Track Listing Revealed

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Arkona - Yav - promo album pic - 2014

ARKONA – New forthcoming album, “Yav”, from Moscow, Russia’s Slavic Pagan\Folk Metal band: ARKONA.

The artwork for the new ARKONA album “Yav” is made by Gyula Havancsák

Listen to ARKONA – From “Yav” – “Na strazhe novyh let” (Teaser), by clicking the link below:

Yav –  Track Listing: 

1. Zarozhdenie
2. Na strazhe novyh let
3. Serbia
4. Zov pustyh dereven’
5. Gorod snov
6. Ved’ma
7. Chado indigo
8. Jav’
9. V ob’jat’jah kramoly

Check out the available editions (i.a. vinyl and a deluxe boxset) here:

Yav – Release Dates:

25.04.2014 GAS
28.04.2014 FR
30.04.2014 ESP/SWE/NOR
02.05.2014 FIN & BENELUX
05.05.2014 UK/Rest of Europe
06.05.2014 USA/CAN



Masha “Scream” – voice

Sergei “Lazar” – guitar

Ruslan “Kniaz” – bass

Vlad “Artist” – drums

Vladimir “Volk” – wind ethnic instruments

Live session member:
Anton Dobrovolskiy – keyboards, sampler, sound


* ARKONA are from Moscow, Russia

* For more info on ARKONA:

Facebook: Arkona


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TURISAS – “Piece by Piece” (Official Lyric Video) Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Turisas - 2013 - promo cover pic

TURISAS – The fourth studio album from TURISAS, 2013, has recently been released worldwide via Century Media Records. Receiving mixed album reviews from critics is nothing new to TURISAS as of late, with 2013 being no exception. With that said, the loyal and worldwide fan base for TURISAS are both rabid and real.

I personally am digging the overall musical accomplishment that 2013 is, to my Metal scarred and (somewhat) aging ears. Viking Metal, Battle Metal, Folk Metal and Metal unite!

To an American like myself, TURISAS is an exemplary example of what International Metal is all about. I’ll throw in the legendary SABATON too, for good Metal measure. Metal was never supposed to sound exactly the same, across the wide spectrum of Metal bands and genres. Bands evolve, unless you’re Metallica and put out crap like Lulu. Metal, without question… evolves.

Our Metal warriors from Hämeenlinna, Finland sound epic, titanic and triumphant in their new, official lyric video: Piece By Piece. Take a LOUD listen for yourself below! Whoa!

TURISAS PIECE BY PIECE (Official Lyric Video) Is:




Mathias Nygård – vocals

Jussi Wickström – guitar

Jaakko Jakku – drums

Jesper Anastasiadis – bass

Olli Vänskä – violin

Robert Engstrand – keyboards


You can purchase TURISAS 2013 by clicking on these links:

Turisas webstore:

CM Distro:



Turisas - UK - Tour - October - 2013 - promo flyer




* For More Info On TURISAS:

Facebook: Turisas

Century Media Records - logo - B&W

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CALADMOR – New Album “Of Stones And Stars” Is Out Now; Featuring Chrigel Glanzmann, Vocalist Of ELUVEITIE!

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Caladmor - Group Promo Pic - 2013 - #1

“Of Stones And Stars” – Released On August 30th!


Chrigel of ELUVEITIE quotes for “Of Stones And Stars”, the new full-length of CALADMOR:

“I’m really excited about the upcoming album of my Swiss friends CALADMOR! Not only because of the indisputable improvement compared to their debut, “Midwinter” but also because “Of Stones and Stars” is in my opinion, simply a very originally arranged Epic Folk Metal-Opus, with clean (mainly female) vocals, coming along with harsh vocals.

Sounding very simple so far, there is much more about “Of Stones and Stars”! For I think CALADMOR’s true strength lies within their skills in creating a sound with stunning diversity still preserving the typical CALADMOR-Style within all their songs. On “Of Stones and Stars” CALADMOR coquette with every imaginable genre.

There are for example, tracks in true Amon Amarth manner, fine melodies reminding of good old AMORPHIS ’, Tales From The Thousand Lakes’, songs in pure Epicness like those of MOONSORROW, as well as Songs in typical Central Europe Pagan Metal tradition of the band EQULIBRIUM & Co.; CALADMOR succeeds in bringing all those styles in without being self-denying or forgetting about the typical CALADMOR trademarks. Really an interesting album!”

Caladmor - Of Stones And Stars - promo cover pic

Tracklist – “Of Stones And Stars”:

1. Curse Of The Gods

2. The Raid

3. Of Stones And Stars

4. Dawn Of The Deceiver

5. Alvíssmál

6. Laudine’s Lament

7. Mimirs Born

8. A Nymph’s Lure

9. Heralds Of Doom

10. Taberna Trollis

11. Helios Sky


“Of Stones and Stars” can get ordered at:


Their first album “Midwinter”, released in 2010 by the German label Twilight Zone Records, was already convincing the audience. With their second album “Of Stones And Stars”, the taken course will be continued.

On their brand new release, the band received great support by nobody else than Chrigel Glanzmann of ELUVEITIE (already the first album “Midwinter” was supported by ELUVEITIE’s bagpiper Päde Kistler) as well as virtuoso Joel Gilardini (The Land of the Snow, Lunatic Fringe und Mulo Muto).

CALADMOR is born from the band Pale which was founded in 2001.
The meaning of the name – “dark light” – is a significant paradox marking the music of CALADMOR:
Epic tunes creating epic wideness, thundering guitar riffs and stirring melodies meet the vocals of Babs and drummer Maede,
leading the listener on a philosophical path through the land of myths from exhilarating heights down to the edge of an abyss.

Not only towards linguistic concerns (lyrics in English, German, Middle High German and Old Norse) but also in matters of style, the music of CALADMOR shows great diversity and contrasts; thus giving breath to the distinctive and typical, Caladmorian Epic Folk Metal.”

CALADMOR - Of Stones And Stars - CD promo pic - #2 - 2013


Nick Müller – Guitars

Maede Baumann – Clean Vocals & Growls, Drums, Synthies/Programming

Babs Brawand – Vocals

Mäcka Sauter – Bass

Mäsi Stettler – Guitars


* For More Info On CALADMOR:

Facebook: Caladmor


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