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ORDEN OGAN “Ravenhead” – Releases On January 16th, 2015, Via AFM Records

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Orden Ogan - Ravenhead - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #1123

The new studio album from Germany’s Orden Ogan, Ravenhead, will be released on January 16th, 2015, via AFM Records. Above album cover art for Ravenhead painted by Andreas Marschall.

Ravenhead will be available as:

* CD * ltd. Digipak (incl. 2 bonus tracks & bonus Live DVD @ Summer Breeze 2013)

* Ltd. Special Edition (Raven sculpture + Digipak)

* Ltd. green Vinyl.

Also, on January 16th, 2015, Orden Ogan begin their European tour with the powerful Hammerfall!

Orden Ogan - Ravenhead - back cover - promo pic - Andreas Marschall

Above: back cover art for Orden Ogan’s Ravenhead, painted by Andreas Marschall.


SEEB – vocals, lead-guitar, keyboards

TOBI – lead-guitar

NIELS – bass

DIRK – drums


* For more info on ORDEN OGAN:

Facebook: ORDEN OGAN

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LED ZEPPELIN – Reunion Rumors, The Everlasting Relevance And Legacy Of This Iconic Rock Band

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Guitar World - Jimmy Page - cover feature - December - 2014 - promo pic

In this issue of Guitar World Holiday 2014, (above), Guitarist and producer Jimmy Page revisits two of Led Zeppelin’s most god-like albums, IV and Houses of the Holy. We also talk about the history of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven,” which remains one of the most durable songs in rock history. - Guitar World


Stone’s Metal thoughts about Led Zeppelin:

Jimmy Page. Robert Plant. John Paul Jones. John Bonham. These are the names that forever will be Led Zeppelin. Accept no substitutes or cover acts that do their very best to pretend. The real deal Led Zeppelin lineup were those four mentioned musicians, up until the tragic passing of John Bonham, on September 25th of 1980. In the case of Led Zeppelin, nothing beats an original is an understatement.

During the rare live reunions of Led Zeppelin, neither Phil Collins (1985 Live Aid) or Jason Bonham (2007 Celebration Day Concert), could truly fill the shoes of John Bonham. With all due respect to those who’ve tried, it’s like trying to fill the shoes of George HarrisonJohn Lennon, Dimebag Darrell or Ace Frehley, it just isn’t gonna be remotely the same. I don’t claim Phil Collins or Jason Bonham were ever trying to fill these legendary shoes of John Bonham, for they are world-class drummers in their own right.

Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day - promo album banner - 2013 - #02

It’s called band chemistry for a reason and without it, that special something is gone. Fans can hear it, see it, taste it and feel it. Certainly, a Led Zeppelin reunion right now, be it a tour and/or studio album would be fun for the fans, only each surviving band member of Led Zeppelin has to want and feel the magic too; only they know if they can still capture the chemistry of yesteryear. In recent CBS This Morning interviews, both Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have denied knowing of an 800 million dollar contract being ripped up or even offered. So much for the rumor mill, it will bite you every time.

Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy - deluxe - reissue - promo pic - 2014

Above: Houses Of The Holy (Deluxe CD Edition)

I’ve seen the legendary Jimmy Page on the television show circuit, recently. With his recent appearances on CBS This Morning and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, I cannot question the sincerity, humor and candor of Jimmy Page, the man comes across as the legend he’s perceived as. Jimmy Page makes it no secret that he would embrace a Led Zeppelin reunion, on these telecasts. However, a recent appearance of Robert Plant on CBS This Morning had him conveying an entirely different opinion, regarding a Led Zeppelin reunion. Robert Plant had made it clear, that Led Zeppelin was a four member band when John Bonham was alive and he pointed out the importance that the late drummer had on his life and the band. In other words, Robert Plant has no ambition to facilitate a Led Zeppelin reunion, based on his interview on CBS This Morning. I tend to believe that money is no longer a motivator for the members of Led Zeppelin; if it were the case, this band would have been touring decades ago.

Robert Plant - lullaby and the ceaseless roar - promo album cover pic - 2014

Robert Plant has his successful solo career still running on all cylinders, with his tenth solo album, Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar, just being released on September 9th, 2014, via Nonesuch/Warner Bros. Records. Robert Plant has earned his success as a solo artist through decades of dedication; while even winning his first ever Grammy Award in 2009 for Album Of The Year with Alison Krauss for their 2007 album: Raising Sand. Strangely, Led Zeppelin never won a Grammy Award; a reminder to all of how clueless the Grammy voting committee can truly be, historically.

Robert Plant - Alison Krauss - Raising Sand - promo cover pic

John Paul Jones has recently kept very busy touring with The Dave Rawlings Machine. This legendary bassist of Led Zeppelin was even a member of Them Crooked Vultures, a Hard Rock supergroup/power trio which included Dave Grohl and Josh Homme. Them Crooked Vultures debut album even peaked at #12 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, in 2009. It’s as if everything that a surviving member of Led Zeppelin touches turns to gold and that is mystical in itself.

Led Zeppelin - Mothership - promo album cover pic - #996677

Jimmy Page has in recent years stirred the legacy of Led Zeppelin into the social consciousness of Rock fans both young and old, via reissues and the unparalleled greatest hits: 2007′s Mothership. Yes, Jimmy Page has also enjoyed an acclaimed solo career, only now it’s the focus of Led Zeppelin’s legacy of songs that seems to drive him. And why not so? With the classic catalog of Led Zeppelin albums being reissued and given deluxe CD package treatments, the aura of this band continues to burn bright. These legendary Led Zeppelin albums are once again returning to the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, due largely on the fact that these reissues also contain previously unreleased material. Jimmy Page as an album producer will forever be revered, his passion and intellect of song and sound has few equals, in my Metal opinion.

Jimmy Page - Jimmy Page Book - promo pic - 2014 - #1122

Above: The legendary Jimmy Page and his newly released book – Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page

These legendary members of Led Zeppelin have remained musically focused, talent-fueled and continuously relevant with each passing decade; they’ve been the constant and never-ending improvement model, at its finest, for all to follow in the world of Rock And Roll. Led Zeppelin doesn’t need their band logo put on toilet paper or pillow cases to earn a quick buck; nor does this band need to be force-fed onto the masses with smart aleck marketing schemes to stay relevant. I personally (since I’ve been alive) cannot recall an era of Rock when Led Zeppelin lost their relevancy; this iconic band has stood the test of time.

Even the mighty KISS has suffered an identity crisis musically, on more than one occasion, during their reign; whereas Led Zeppelin takes critical heat for only CODA, a 1982 studio album released after the fact, if you will. It’s all about the music and the timeless sound of Led Zeppelin that keeps their Rock And Roll flame burning. I was just a tad too young to have been able to see Led Zeppelin in concert, back in the ’70′s; still its their catalog of music and live videos that I can forever embrace. Those are my Metal thoughts and opinions, anyways. May the magic of Led Zeppelin live on forever. Metal be thy name. – Stone.


* For more info on LED ZEPPELIN:






U.D.O. “Decadent” – Album Cover Artwork, Release Dates Revealed!

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UDO - Decadent - promo album cover pic - #201501

Above is the cover artwork of the forthcoming U.D.O. album Decadent. Metal be thy name!

Release dates are: Europe on January 23rd, USA on February 3rd of 2015, via AFM Records.


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On This Day In METAL History – November 19th…

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Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel The Noize - promo single cover - #80KDFBCC

On November 19th, 1983Quiet Riot hits #5 on the Billboard Hot 100, with their hit cover version of Cum On Feel the Noise. This song was originally released in 1973 by the legendary Slade and their version hit #1 in the United Kingdom. This song is featured on Quiet Riot’s third studio album from 1983: Metal Health. This multi-platinum selling album reached #1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart and is regarded as the first Heavy Metal album to reach #1 on the Billboard Chart.

Cinderella - Dont Know What You Got (Till Its Gone) - promo single cover sleeve - 7 inch

On this day in 1988Cinderella hits #12 on the Billboard Hot 100, with their hit Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone). This song is featured on Cinderella’s second studio album from 1986: Long Cold Winter.

Vixen - limited edition - cut to shape - picture disc - edge of a broken heart - promo pic

On November 19th, 1988Vixen hits #26 on the Billboard Hot 100, with their hit Edge of a Broken Heart. This song is featured on Vixen’s 1988 self-titled debut album. This cool song was written by Richard Marx and Fee Waybill.

Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine - promo cover pic - #8800BJ

On this day in 1988Bon Jovi hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with their hit Bad Medicine. This song is featured on Bon Jovi’s fourth studio album, 1988′s New Jersey.

Nirvana - MTV unplugged in New York - promo cover pic - #1994DGN

On November 19th, 1994Nirvana entered the Billboard 200 Albums Chart at #1 with MTV Unplugged In New York. This album went on to sell five million copies in the United States, alone.

Motley Crue - band promo pic - band logo - 2014 - #771984

On this day in 1998Mötley Crüe opened their retail store S’crue in Los Angeles on Melrose Avenue. Vocalist Vince Neil helped open the front door during the grand-opening, making three huge cuts with a chainsaw. The store would eventually close two months later.

Happy Birthday - promo banner - #2014BD

Matt Sorum - Modern Drummer - cover feature - February 2005 - #001MS

Matt Sorum - Fierce Joy - Statosphere - solo album promo flyer - 2014 - #33MSBB


Born on November 19th, 1960, in California was Matt Sorum. Happy Rockin’ birthday, Matt! Man, whoa! Matt Sorum is a world-class drummer and famously known as drumming and/or recording for such prominent acts: Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, The Cult, Slash’s Snakepit and Johnny Crash among others.

Matt’s current projects are Kings Of Chaos and Fierce Joy. Kings Of Chaos are a touring all-star band of rotating musicians, playing cover songs and songs from their respective bands. Matt Sorum’s Fierce Joy – Stratosphere was released on March 11th, 2014, in the United States, to widespread critical acclaim.

Above photo top: Modern Drummer cover feature, (USA), February 2005 issue. Above photo bottom: Matt Sorum’s Fierce Joy – Stratosphere promo album flyer.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




PRONG – Begins Australia Tour On November 19th

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Prong - Ruining Lives In Australia - 2014 Tour promo flyer - November

The legendary Tommy Victor will be leading his band PRONG, through a 4 date tour of Australia: Ruining Lives In Australia Tour 2014. Beginning on November 19th in Sydney at the Metro Theatre and culminating on November 22nd at The Basement, in the capital city of Canberra, as headliners for Metal Fiesta #6, PRONG will be supporting their new and very addicting studio album: Ruining Lives.

Prong - Tommy Victor - Ruining Lives - promo cover pic - 2014 - #77TV

PRONG Ruining Lives was released on May 13th, 2014 in the U.S., via Steamhammer / SPV.



Tommy Victor – Vocals & Guitars

Jason Christopher – Bass, Backing Vocals

Art Cruz – Drums


* For more info on PRONG:

Facebook: - Prong -








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Kerry King - Slayer - Scion AV - promo pic - 2014 - #001

 Check Out Below: Scion x Slayer | Driven Henson Studios, ESP Guitar, Snake Farm Visit – Scion

Kerry King Tom Araya - Slayer - Scion AV - promo pic - 2014 - #002

Scion AV - Slayer - 2014 - promo pic - #003

Kerry King - Slayer - Scion AV - promo pic - Nov - 2014 - #004

Tom Araya - Slayer - Scion AV - promo pic - Nov - 2014 - #005

Kerry King - Slayer - Scion AV - promo pic - Nov. - 2014 - #006


For more info on SLAYER:

Source: Speakeasy PR & Marketing






TNT – Long-Running Norwegian Heavy Metal Troupe Releases “30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert With Trondheim Symphony Orchestra” Stateside Via Indie Recordings

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TNT - 30th Anniversary - 1982 - 2012 - Live album promo cover pic - #2014TH

Long-running Norwegian Heavy Metal troupe, TNT, is pleased to unleash their 30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert With Trondheim Symphony Orchestra release, stateside via Indie Recordings.

This unique document of the band’s astounding three-decade career was captured on June 2nd, 2012 at the Clarion Hotel in Trondheim, Norway. The group performed a special set list while accompanied by the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra (Trondheim Symfoniorkester). The performance also includes special appearances by Hank Von Helvete (Turbonegro), Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), original TNT’s singer, Dag Ingebrigtsen, and vocalist Tony Harnell, who has since rejoined the group following the departure of Tony Mills. Throughout this amazing recording, one gets a taste of what has been, what is, and also what might be.


30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert With Trondheim Symphony Orchestra Track Listing: 

01. Fanfare For The Common Man.
02. Invisible Noise
03. Substitute
04. Refugee
05. As Far As The Eye Can See
06. Downhill Racer
07. Intuition
08. Northern Lights
09. Tekrø solo
10. Magica Lanterna
11. Sabre Dance
12. Harley Davidson
13. USA
14. Eddie
15. June
16. My Religion
17. Everyone’s A Star
18. 10.000 Lovers (In One)
19. Seven Seas

TNT’s 30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert With Trondheim Symphony Orchestra is out on CD, DVD with an accompanying documentary and digitally in North America via Indie Recordings. For digital orders scroll to THIS LOCATION. For CD/DVD orders go HERE.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on TNT:

Indie Recordings - logo - B&W - 2013 






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