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TED NUGENT – Guitar Instrumental Of “The Star-Spangled Banner” Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Ted Nugent - Blue & Black - Name - Logo

Happy Independence Day, America! Today is a beautiful 4th of July here in Southwest Ohio and to spotlight our United States National Anthem, I could not think of a better guitar legend than our Midwest’s very own… Ted Nugent! The Motor City Madman and his guitar instrumental of The Star-Spangled Banner is:

Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

Metal Be Thy Name! 

Ted Nugent - For President - promo sticker image


Francis Scott Key wrote the poem (lyrics) to The Star-Spangled Banner back in 1814. John Stafford Smith wrote the music for The Star-Spangled Banner; this same music was originally written by John Stafford Smith for The Anacreontic Song.

Ted Nugent Shutup & Jam! - promo banner pic - 2014 - #9050

* For more info on TED NUGENT:

Facebook: Ted Nugent


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WARBEAST – To Perform At The Rail Club New Years Eve Extravaganza, In Fort Worth, Texas!

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Warbeast - The Rail Club - New Years Eve - 2013 - promo flyer

The Rail Club New Years Eve Extravaganza

When: Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Where: 3101 Joyce Dr., Fort Worth, Texas, 76116

Doors: 6:00 PM

Showtime: 7:00 PM

$12.00 ADV

$12.00 to $15.00 DOOR

6:00 PM until 2:00 PM CST

Phone: (817) – 560 – 7245

Warbeast - Destroy - promo cover pic


Warbeast - promo band pic - #101 - 2013


Bruce Corbitt – Vocals

Scott Shelby – Lead Guitar

Joey Gonzalez – Drums

Bobby Tillotson – Lead Guitar

Casey Orr – Bass


* For more info on WARBEAST:

Facebook: WARBEAST


The Rail Club - Fort Worth Texas - Logo

Facebook: The Rail Club

Housecore Records - logo - black and white - 2013


Facebook: Housecore Records


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KILLER DWARFS – Valentines Day 2014 Show Announced, In London, Ontario, Canada!

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Killer Dwarfs - Valentines Day Show flyer - 2014 - Canada

As reported on the KILLER DWARFS Facebook page:

Are you ready to Rock London?


KiLLeR DWaRfS Valentine’s Day Show 

February 14th 2014

The Eastside Bar & Grill

750 Hamilton Rd, London, Ontario, Canada

With Very Special Guests :

The Gord Prior Band

More details to follow….

Killer Dwarfs - Start @ One - promo cover pic

* For more info on KILLER DWARFS:

Facebook: Killer Dwarfs

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MISFITS And OSAKA POPSTAR Holiday Tees And Ornaments Are Available NOW! Whoa!

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Misfits - Osaka Popstar - xmas shirts and ornaments - promo flyer - 2013

Check this out, all of you Fiends and Rock ‘N Roll addicts:

The cover art of the Misfits forthcoming “Horror Xmas” EP features a Grinchy-Green ‘Fiend’ available in your choice of Long Sleeve Pullover Sweatshirt, Short Sleeve T-shirt and Ltd Ed. Xmas Ornament…

PLUS a super-special, holiday themed variant of the femme fatale cover art of Osaka Popstar‘s latest release “Super Hero” is available now on a gorgeous full-color Long Sleeve T-shirt AND Ltd Ed. Ornament showcasing incredible new art by Josh Howard (of “Dead @ 17″ comics & “Monster High”).

Pick up either individually, or get both ornaments bundled as a set at the Misfits Records Online Shop (while supplies last), and save $5.00!

Order yours at:


(Source: Misfits and Osaka Popstar Facebooks)

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Misfits red logo

Osaka Popstar - promo logo banner - #100 - 2013


Metal Odyssey’s Easter (And) Bunny Album Suggestions! Plus: Non Suggestions Too!

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Rock On Easter - cover promo pic

Okay. It’s Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to ALL my Metal brethren who do celebrate this grand religious (and rabbit delivering candy) holiday. Above is one of 3 Easter (or bunny related) albums you’ll find here that I and the other 56 staff members of Metal Odyssey 100% suggest for your Rockin’ Easter listening pleasure. Heck, just look at (some of) the Rockin’ legends that are on that album! ‘Nuff said.

Below are Easter (or bunny related) albums that we either suggest, slightly suggest or don’t suggest at all for your Easter audio experience. Agree or disagree, this is just a semi-useless list of Easter and bunny (related) albums that have been compiled just for you. Enjoy and… Metal be thy name.

Bunny Lake - promo cover pic

Bunny Lake. Who is Bunny Lake? Can’t recommend what we don’t know. Whoa.

Bunny Hop - Dance Party - cover promo

Bunny Hop Dance Party. Cool. I guess it can be recommended for kids. Maybe.

Patti Smith Group - Easter - cover promo pic!

Patti Smith Group – Easter. Patti Smith is cool. Patti Smith is hands down a Rock legend. Her group is cool too. Only thing is, no one here at the Metal Odyssey headquarters has ever listened to it. Just don’t tell Patti Smith or her group that.

Jive Bunny - cover promo pic

Jive Bunny. The Album. Whatever. I’m sure, based on the way things are done, Jive Bunny will get elected into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame before KISS. Disgusting.

Parry Gripp - Easter Bunny In Space - promo cover

I don’t know who Parry Gripp is and obviously this person has an album or song out called: Easter Bunny In Space. Um, yup.

The Bunny The Bear - cover promo pic

The Bunny The Bear – If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say is another album that FINALLY can be suggested for your Easter listening experience! Fabulous album artwork! If you’re into Experimental/Electro/Hardcore/Rock then this is a band and album for you. Whoa.

Lovers and Crypts - Bunny Rabbit - promo cover

With a little research, it appears that Lovers And Crypts is electro-dance stuff. Obviously, out of the Metal Odyssey realm. Having a title of Bunny Rabbit must mean it’s an Easter song though. Right?

Helloween - Rabbit Don't Come Easy - promo cover pic

HELLOWEEN – Rabbit Don’t Come Easy = RECOMMEND! RECOMMEND! RECOMMEND! It’s HELLOWEEN and it’s METAL! Metal be thy name!

Teddy Rock - cover promo pic

Teddy Rock. Teddy Rock! Who is Teddy Rock? The name does Rock. Don’t get me wrong, this nifty list just has to end with The Easter Bunny Song. Maybe not. I’m sure toddlers and ABBA fans should dig it. Whoa.


For more info on HELLOWEEN, click on the links below!

facebook: Helloween

For more info on The Bunny The Bear, click on the link below!

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Happy METAL New Year 2013 – From Metal Odyssey!

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2013 - fireworks image - large!

Happy METAL New Year 2013!

THANK YOU to all the visitors that have stopped by during 2013; both loyal and new visitors ALL! You are all the reason why it’s worth spreading the news, album reviews, interviews and miscellaneous Metal blab that Metal Odyssey has become known for.

THANK YOU to ALL the PR Agencies for supporting Metal Odyssey each and every day. Whoa. THANK YOU to ALL the record companies both large and small that have given Metal Odyssey the Metal ear candy needed to stay updated.

THANK YOU to ALL the bands and musicians that have appeared on Metal Odyssey during 2012 and in years past; you’re ALL the reason why Metal Odyssey exists!

A special THANK YOU to Best METAL Buddy Scott Coverdale, Rock Legends Kev Moore and Louis St. August and… Brian Basher’s Hard Rock Nights. To Lee and Danielle, I’m gonna F’N MISS YOU!

Another special THANK YOU to all the Metal Odyssey followers on twitter, who take the time to read what I have to say; from random Metal blabbing to nonsensical funny stuff.

Every visitor, PR Agency, record company, band and musician that make Metal Odyssey what it is are too many to mention… you ALL know who you are! Metal Buddies ALL! May each and every one of you have a healthy, prosperous and METAL New Year! Long live you ALL!


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Happy Metal Halloween From Metal Odyssey! 2012 Edition: Here Are Some Of My Favorite Spooky Albums & Movies…

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HAPPY METAL HALLOWEEN! Today is October 31st and Halloween 2012 is finally here! As you’ll see below, I’ve selected some of my all-time favorite spooky albums and movies, especially for all you Metal ghouls, monsters, witches, zombies and goblins out there. Enjoy!

The scary album cover at the top of this post is Orange Goblin’s fourth studio album Coup De Grace. Released back in 2002 via Rise Above Records, I highly recommend Coup De Grace from the solid-as-steel discography of Orange Goblin. This isn’t a Horror Metal album, yet it is lyrically filled with plenty of strange stories. Monkey Panic is a true Horror themed song, however. Coup De Grace contains a sensationally cool mix of Stoner Metal, Doom and a cover of the Misfits classic We Bite, (a song which adds a potent moment of Horror Punk to this album).

As with many of you out there, my favorite King Diamond album is Abigail. One of the greatest Metal concept albums ever written, structured and performed, in my Metal opinion! Released back in 1987 via Roadrunner Records, Abigail also features current and longtime Motörhead drummer Mikkey DeeAbigail is the crème de la crème of the King Diamond discography, without any Metal doubt in my mind.

What would a Metal Halloween be without the super-duper legendary IRON MAIDEN? For that matter, what would Halloween be like without IRON MAIDEN’s iconic mascot Eddie? I cringe at the thoughts! IRON MAIDEN without question, has the greatest assemblage of album covers in Heavy Metal history. Thanks to artists Derek Riggs and Melvyn Grant, Eddie’s mascot celebrity within the world of Metal is second to none.

Back on March 25th, 2010, I posted a feature titled: My Favorite Heavy Metal Album Cover Is… and you can read all about it by clicking the link below! Hint: It’s IRON MAIDEN.



Here Are 2 Of My Favorite All-Time Scary Movies:

Directed by the ultra-legendary John Carpenter, They Live was released back in 1988 and is distributed by Universal Studios. This is a Science Fiction-Horro Film that essentially shows what our world would be like if taken over by elitist aliens. Uh, huh. Filthy rich space aliens want to take over the world!

My favorite professional wrestler of all-time is the star of They Live: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. I feel his performance in They Live was stellar, just like his wrestling career. Rowdy Roddy Piper gives plenty of hurtin’ on these white-collar space aliens, before he, um… I won’t give the ending of this fabulous movie away.

Shout! Factory will be releasing, on November 6th, 2012, a “collector’s edition” of They Live, on both DVD and Blu-ray. Check out Shout! Factory here:

Another Science Fiction thriller directed by John Carpenter! This creepy Sci-Fi film takes place in 1997 and New York City is a maximum security prison! Once you’re put inside this NYC prison, you never come out… unless you’re Snake Plissken.

Legendary actor Kurt Russell is phenomenal in his role as Snake Plissken; his mission is to rescue The President of the United States (Donald Pleasence) from this horrible prison. It’s detailed as to how this all happened! Just get this movie at all Metal costs, if you already haven’t.

Escape From New York was released back in 1981 and  distributed by AVCO Embassy Pictures.

Escape From New York also stars such other notable actors: Lee Van Cleef, Ernest Borgnine, Adrienne Barbeau and Isaac Hayes as The Duke of New York.

I once met the producer for Escape From New York! Debra Hill was introduced to me at a wedding I attended (somewhere) in Long Island, (sometime) back in the ’90’s. A very quick “hello” and (I think) handshake and that’s about it. That’s my “brush with fame” when it comes to this unreal terrific movie!






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Independence Day, July 4th, 2012 – Album Covers That Celebrates This American Holiday!

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JULY 4TH, 2012 – As that colorful album cover above states, I wish everyone in America a Rockin’ Independence Day! July 4th is a holiday in America that observes and celebrates our forefathers adopting The Declaration Of Independence. The Declaration Of Independence was approved by The Continental Congress, back on July 4th, 1776; which resulted in the thirteen American Colonies no longer being part of/under rule of The British Empire.

Okay, the American history lesson is over! Now kick back, scroll down and enjoy some fun album covers that celebrates July 4th, Independence Day! Please note: you may find a couple of album covers here that were never intended as an Independence Day celebration; nonetheless, it goes along with the theme quite well.

1 Hour Of Orchestral Fireworks

Andre Reger And The Paris Pop Orchestra

Doesn’t this album cover give off a 1970’s Progressive and/or Psychedelic Rock vibe?



This is the second studio album from the Hard Rockin’ band from Germany we all embrace as: BONFIRE. Fire Works  was released back in 1987 on BMG International. Fireworks are essential in their symbolism, during events and or activities that celebrates Independence Day.



I have absolutely no idea what type of party music is on this album, other than it’s celebrating July 4th.


POLKA FIREWORKS – Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones

WHOA! Polka makes it to Metal Odyssey! Now… say “Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones” 5 times as fast as you can. Nice try. Hey… could there be such a genre as: Polka Metal? There might be… check out the video below to find out!



As I mentioned before, the 4th of July wouldn’t be the same without live fireworks. If you have 0% access to live fireworks today; then I suggest you get yourself a copy of this Live Fireworks album. Whoa.



This album cover is very patriotic. I dig that.



Yes, more fireworks! Roxette released this Fireworks 7″ single back in 1994; taken from their 1994 and fifth studio album: Crash! Boom! Bang! 



Original Soundtrack Recording – Music By David Arnold

I just watched this movie on Monday night! A sci-fi classic! Seriously, I’ve seen this movie more times than I can count. This Independence Day movie culminates with the world’s independence from those pissed-off and severely constipated space aliens. Independence Day won an Academy Award for visual effects too. Whoa.

Here is another cover for the Independence Day movie soundtrack.


Thanks for sticking around for this entire list of Independence Day, July 4th album (themed) covers. Have a safe and happy Independence Day! Also… make certain you check the expiration dates on your hot dog and hamburger buns.

Metal Be Thy Name.


Life, Liberty, METAL and the pursuit of Happiness.

Long Live Polka Metal.


Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Friday, May 25th, 2012

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Memorial Day – CD Cover (Knightsbridge – 2009)

Memorial Day weekend is upon us here, in the grand country of America. A federal holiday, Memorial Day is always celebrated on the last Monday of May. Memorial Day is for remembering and honoring all service men and women who’ve died in all the wars which America has been involved in. Parades, memorial services, fireworks shows and family picnics are four common ways in which Memorial Day is celebrated.

I am thankful to all the soldiers who gave their lives for American freedom. I’m also thankful to all the active duty service men and women of our armed forces who keep our country safe each day; as well as those who survived these terrible wars; both the wounded and retired.


Mark Tremonti (founding member/guitarist of Creed and Alter Bridge) will be having his debut solo album, All I Was, releasing in early July. The one and only time I interviewed Mark was for Hard Rock Hideout, back in March of 2011. Mark was a soft-spoken, polite and nice guy. You can read this interview in its entirety by clicking the large link below!

Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge and Creed – The Hard Rock Hideout Interview!


The new Aerosmith album, Music From Another Dimension, will be released on August 28th, 2012. This will be the 15th studio album from Aerosmith (counting their 2004 cover album Honkin’ On Bobo). I hope it’s a good Rockin’ album. The album artwork looks cool; it’s very retro. I will sample this album online before I make a purchase though…

What is mandatory Rock ‘N Roll? Check below:

Motörhead – Ace Of Spades (1980 – Bronze) 

What is mandatory Metal? Check below:

Testament – Live In London (2005 – Spitfire)


This past Sunday, May 20th, Robin Gibb passed away at age 62. My condolences to the family, friends and fans of Robin Gibb. If I have to name a favorite Bee Gees song… it’s… Nights On Broadway.

Those are my Metal and Rock ‘N Roll thoughts for Friday, May 25th, 2012. I wish everyone a safe, healthy and Rockin’ weekend, wherever you may roam. Reuse, Refurbish and Recycle. Metal be thy name.




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MOTHER’S DAY 2012 – Yes, Mother’s Day is upon us. Mothers Rock. On May 13th, 2012, the U.S. will be celebrating Mothers Day. There are different dates for Mothers Day, depending on where you live in the world. I hope you all can give your mother a big hug and thank you on this special day. I’ll be blowing a kiss to the sky this Mother’s Day, to my mother up in heaven.

While compiling this groovy list of mother songs and albums; my research kinda went astray. It happens. You see, I’m not too sure if all of these choices on this list will actually… Rock. Some actually make me laugh just looking at the covers. Sorry, that’s just me, I do tend to have a sense of Metal humor. A couple of albums below came from Metal Odyssey visitor’s suggestions: Queen and Every Mother’s Nightmare.

Hopefully this list of mother songs and albums will provide a definitive starting point for your Mother Album Collection. If not, maybe you can share a laugh or two with me. If you find this list boring, by all means you can go watch an ABBA concert DVD instead and get psyched-out by some live Dancing Queen. Metal be thy name.

Queen – A Day At The Races

Yes, this Queen album Rocks! Tie Your Mother Down is the opening track too. This album comes highly recommended by Stone.

Mum’s The Word – 60 Fabulous Songs Your Mother Should Know

Um, this is a “2 CD set” as well. What if your mother doesn’t know these songs? Then what?

 Mother’s Finest –  The Very Best Of – Not Yer Mother’s Funk

Mother’s Finest for all intents and Metal purposes… ROCKS.

Within Temptation – Mother Earth

Within Temptation ROCKS. ‘Nuff said.

Mother Mother – Oh My

Uh… I have absolutely, positively no idea. It’s an album though.

Every Mother’s Nightmare – (self titled)

This band and their 1990 debut album… ROCKS.

Country Songs For Mother’s Day

I doubt there are any Rockin’ kick-ass songs on this one. Then again, you just never know.

Mama’s Hand - Bluegrass And Mountain Songs About Mother

Whoa! I don’t know which is funnier! The title of “Mama’s Hand” or the picture on this album cover! My interpretation of this album’s picture: Mama blew a nasty cheese fart and her daughter is not amused.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Mother’s Milk

ATTENTION: Red Hot Chili Peppers… ROCK! This album is highly recommended by Stone.

Robert Gass & On Wings Of Song – Ancient Mother

I am leaning towards this being a picture of an ancient fertility statue? I think? I have no idea what the music sounds like on this album. Maybe chanting? I did research some: Robert Gass is a classically trained musician and he directs the vocal group On Wings Of Song.


Well, that concludes the 2012 edition of Metal Odyssey’s Mother’s Day Songs & Albums To ROCK YOU! Thank you for visiting and sticking around to the end. Happy Mother’s Day to all you cool mothers out there.

Back in 2010, I compiled the first installment of Metal Odyssey’s Mother’s Day Songs. It is a Metal Must if you’ve missed it. Check it out if you like, by clicking the large link below! Whoa!




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Happy Metal New Year From Metal Odyssey! 2012 Shall ROCK! \m/

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Metal Odyssey would like to THANK ALL OF YOU who come to visit all year, sharing the same passion for Rock, Hard Rock and… METAL! Throughout the past year, Metal Odyssey receives support in ways too numerous to mention. However, there are those “thank yous” that I need to mention, If I leave anyone out, believe me, you are included.

THANK YOU to all the super cool PR people and record companies that have made it possible for Metal Odyssey to deliver the METAL news and album reviews! Each and every one of you ROCK beyond belief! Without them, I am in the dark.

THANK YOU to all the bands and musicians that have been mentioned, featured and/or interviewed here on Metal Odyssey this past year. Without them, life would suck big time. Really.

THANK YOU to all my Metal Buddies around the world! You know who you are and I don’t take any of you for granted.

THANK YOU to Best Metal Buddy/Metal Researcher Scott Coverdale & staff photographer Tom Coderre.


THANK YOU to KINGER at Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival

THANK YOU to Metal Mark at Heavy Metal Time Machine

A very, very, very special THANK YOU to Metal Chick.

Now, here are some Metal thoughts, um, ramblings from Stone:

The world will NOT end in 2012. Sorry. If I’m wrong and the dreaded doomsday does come to pass this year, I will hopefully be with my family while any ORANGE GOBLIN album is blasting LOUD around me.


Cause… Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and Bill are… BACK!

Cause… KISS is releasing a new studio album titled: MONSTER.

Cause… KING DIAMOND is better and… back in action! Just ask Metallica.



The New York Yankees will win the 2012 World Series.


There are so many that are too boring to list. Okay, here’s two:

I shall eat less potato chips and listen to MORE METAL \m/


I wish for an end to world hunger and human suffering of any kind. May there be world peace? On a smaller scale, I wish that Motörhead would receive a deserved “Lifetime Achievement Award” from The National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

I wish CHEAP TRICK would follow Metal Odyssey on twitter. If this happens, I will write, without hesitation, a positive article on ABBA and feature it right here on Metal Odyssey for the world to read and see. I’m honestly not kidding. CHEAP TRICK F’n RULES.


Would you like more album reviews? Short or long album reviews? More/less Metal news? Classic Rock news? Are you demanding more band interviews? Are “lists” good or bad? More or less of Stone’s ramblings? Let your thoughts and feelings be heard by leaving a comment! Man, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you to my Metal Buddy down South, for that thoughtful package of CD’s and videos after the hurricane struck. You know who you are.


Jingle All The Way (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – A Christmas CD Recommendation

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Jingle All The Way – Last Friday I patrolled the CD aisles at my local Super Walmart and found: Jingle All The Way (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). I bought it for a very decent price of $5 (U.S.). Super Walmart seems to have hundreds of very cool CD’s for sale at the $5 price point. There may even be more than hundreds, there’s that many at this particular location.

I never knew this soundtrack existed. Heck, I’m not a Christmas motion picture soundtrack expert! I am an expert at eating Lay’s potato chips lately though and that has to stop. Um, yeah. The front cover to this CD shows the two stars of Jingle All The Way: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. Both the movie and CD was released back in November of 1996.

This CD was released on TVT Soundtrax. This movie, (in case you haven’t seen it), is an action-comedy, released by 20th Century Fox. I’ve always enjoyed catching this movie when it airs on one of the 150,777 cable networks out there. I’ve always appreciated the funny side of “The Governator” too. The dude just makes me laugh when he does comedy. Sinbad is a comedy legend, hands down.

The Brian Seitzer Orchestra is featured with 4 songs. The Brian Seitzer Orchestra is very cool in Stone’s world, by the way. Brian Seitzer should be inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame too, only we all know how that “institution” goes. Um, yeah. My favorite all-time Christmas song is featured on Jingle All The Way as well: Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run. Chuck Berry is an ultra Rock ‘N Roll icon. ‘Nuff said.

The ever popular Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms and The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by Johnny Mathis are among the 12 songs. If I had to count the number of times I’ve heard this Johnny Mathis Christmas classic, while I’ve been shopping during the holiday season, my guesstimate would be: 1,650,444 times. Give or take about 55,000. I still kinda dig the song too. Metal be thy name.

If you dig Christmas movie soundtracks, love Christmas songs or need to have every CD that features Sinbad on its front cover, then Jingle All The Way is a semi-mandatory recommendation from Stone.

Alright. Since some of you are already asking, here is the complete track list for Jingle All The Way:

Jingle Bells – The Brian Seitzer Orchestra

So They Say It’s Christmas – Lou Rawls with The Brian Seitzer Orchestra

Sleigh Ride – Darlene Love with The Brian Seitzer Orchestra

Run Rudolph Run – Chuck Berry

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – Johnny Mathis

Merry Christmas Baby – Charles Brown

Back Door Santa – Clarence Carter

The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole

Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms

* Father and Son – David Newman

* Finale – David Newman

** Deep In The Heart Of Xmas – Darlene Love with The Brian Seitzer Orchestra

* Original Motion Picture Score Composed and Produced by David Newman

** Bonus Track

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year.


Malice In Wonderland – Release New Christmas Song!

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Malice In Wonderland have released a brand new Christmas song!

The band’s front man Chris Wicked comments on the song. “While the world doesn’t exactly scream for another Christmas song, in my mind there is not a lot of  high quality Christmas songs out there. We thought it would be fun to write something original, not just record a classic, so we rigged up a studio in Tracy’s (guitarist) living room and recorded everything in two days. It was fun and we’re just putting it up on our youtube site. It’s not a typical Christmas song, but the tune has a great atmosphere that I think a lot of people can find appealing”.

About Malice In Wonderland:

The Norwegian Rock band entered the Scandinavian rock scene with their self titled debut album in 2005. Led by hit single “Lucifer’s Town” the band was quickly labeled as one of the most promising underground rock acts and their fan base grew quickly with fan clubs and supporters in every corner of the world.

The quartet, toured in Norway and Europe several times and even played some very successful shows in China. In 2008 and 2009 the band lived partly in Finland where lots of concerts and TV performances were held. In 2010 the band withdraw from the spotlight, built their own recording studio and concentrated on writing and recording their sophomore album. Malice In Wonderland in November finished recording their album entitled The Royal Brigade. The band is currently seeking a suitable record label to release the CD in 2012.


* For more info click on the links below:


Holiday Rock & Metal Gift Suggestions For The Rockaholic On Your 2011 List!

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Lynyrd Skynyrd – Christmas Time Again (2000/Sanctuary Records)

Holiday Rock & Metal Gift Suggestions – We are smack dab in the middle of the 2011 holiday shopping season and it can be a living nightmare out there folks. So, what do you buy the Rockaholic on your holiday shopping list? A tee-shirt and/or bandana of their favorite band is cool. Tickets to see their favorite band in concert (if possible) is very cool. Live concerts on Blu-ray or DVD are a Rockin’ idea.

Looking to buy an autographed cymbal, CD, photo or poster? Perhaps a coffee mug, key chain or necktie of your Rockaholic’s favorite band or musician is the ideal gift. This is where a band or musician’s website/merch store comes in handy. Read on…

Going online to their favorite bands websites is always extremely helpful. Why? It is quite commonplace for bands and musicians to have their very own merch store on their websites. There you can find items for sale that are not sold anywhere else! We are talking about merchandise that is guaranteed to make your Rockaholic very, very, happy.

If you’ve never been to a band’s website to peruse their merch store, it is a MUST for Rock & Metal holiday shopping. Whoa and Metal be thy name.

If you are incredibly new at shopping at a band or musicians online merch store, here are two fantastic examples below. Both MASS and Kev Moore are selling their very own cool stuff, tailor-made for their fans and Rockaholics worldwide:


Moore: Music – (Click on ShopKEV at upper right-hand corner of his home page)

Then there is the CD or mp3 download. Be careful. Know which CD’s your Rockaholic needs… just ask and any Rockaholic shall answer!



DORO – Releases Official Metal X-Mas Anthem Feat. Onkel Tom Angelripper! Plus DORO Wintertour 2011 Dates!

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Legendary Metal Queen DORO just announced the release of the official X-Mas anthem for all Metalheads!

“I had the feeling, the time was right to record a song for X-Mas.“, says Doro. “I am at recording my new album right now, which should be out by next summer. While doing this, I suddenly came up with a fitting melody and lyrics.“

The song’s called “Merry Metal X-Mas”, performed by DORO and showcases a guest appearance by SODOM’s very own Onkel Tom Angelripper.

“I definitely wanted something loud and funny”, she explains.

“Merry Metal X-Mas” will be released December 9, 2011 and will be available as digital download and limited 7” vinyl single (Christmas tree green).

Also don’t miss DORO live:

DORO Wintertour 2011

08.12.2011 GER – Saarbrücken @ Garage

09.12.2011 GER – Aschaffenburg @ Colos-Saal

10.12.2011 GER – München @ Backstage Werk

11.12.2011 GER – Hannover @ Capitol

13.12.2011 GER – Fulda @ Kreuz

14.12.2011 GER – Nürnberg @ Hirsch

16.12.2011 GER – Osnabrück @ Rosenhof

17.12.2011 GER – Herxheim @ Festhalle

18.12.2011 GER – Hamburg @ Docks

(Source: Nuclear Blast News)

* For more info on DORO, click on the link below:

DORO – myspace music




Turkey Day Album Suggestions From Metal Odyssey

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Happy Thanksgiving America! It’s been a weird 2011 thus far for weather, that is for certain. (I just had to blurt that out). There are many reasons for my being thankful this Thanksgiving. My family, friends, Metal buddies (worldwide) and of course all the bands I listen to and write about I give thanks for. I’ve decided to compile a list of ten “listening suggestions” for anyone who is in need of an album title with “turkey” in it for Thanksgiving.

No, this is not a list of Heavy Metal albums, instead these are diverse titles that I discovered and at times rediscovered while researching for this post. Honestly, how many Heavy Metal albums are out there with the word “turkey” in the title anyways? Hopefully you may find these suggestions beneficial for your turkey festivities. Without further delay, I am very happy to present to you, the following ten turkey album suggestions for your ears:

Terry Lieberstein – Turkey Burps And T-Ball

I dunno. I found this album cover and it looks kinda fun. Um, it may be geared towards toddlers I would imagine. Then again, any politician out there should find this as a listening adventure for it’s slightly above their intellect.

John Lee Hooker Jr. – Live In Istanbul Turkey

A multi-grammy nominee and son of the legendary/late John Lee Hooker. This album looks pretty cool. I don’t own it nor have I listened to it… and I’m sure I’ll track it down eventually.

100 Miles Per Hour – Backsliding Turkey Kuts

I have no idea. If someone does know, please share your knowledge on this mystery album. If you like to experience Turkey Day in the fast lane, this seems to be a logical choice.

The Arrogant Worms – Christmas Turkey

A musical comedy trio from Canada are The Arrogant Worms. Apparently they parody music genres too. Sounds like a cool party to me.

Wild Turkey – Battle Hymn

Formed back in 1971 by former Jethro Tull bassist Glenn Cornick. Last I checked, Wild Turkey is still around too. By the way, any Wild Turkey album shall suffice as a suggestion. Drinking some Wild Turkey on Turkey Day is always another option.

Dre Towey with Sugar On Top – Turkey Bop

Once again, I dunno. Well, if you like turkey and want to bop, then I strongly urge you to give this one a serious listen. Metal be thy name.

Julia Marvel – The Turkey Sessions

Um, whatever. Is this a spoken word CD? A band? Stop the presses! I do know what “The Turkey Sessions” is all about! This is about the recent Deficit Reduction Committee! You know, those scholarly & economic versed politicians who were overpaid to find ways to cut U.S. government spending… and they accomplished… TURKEY!

National Lampoon - Gold Turkey (Radio Hour/Greatest Hits)

Obviously this album’s title sums up what you are going to hear. Comedy I imagine. Gold Turkey quality too. It must be pretty decent, as I have always enjoyed the National Lampoon movies over the years.

The Turkeys – Every Night’s The Same

This is the debut album from The Turkeys. The genre is Rock Americana. The Turkeys style: Bluegrass, Folk Rock and Blues. This album was released in 2007. That’s it, no more gravy about The Turkeys. I’ve given you enough information already and don’t want to spoil your turkey surprise.


All right now. Now we’re talking. Finally a suggestion I feel psyched about. I guess I’ve saved the best for last here. Beki Bondage and her solo album released in 2000: Cold Turkey. This album boasts 13 cover songs, from Thin Lizzy (The Boys Are Back In Town) to Nirvana (Smells Like Teen Spirit). Beki knows a thing or two about Rock ‘N Roll & Punk Rock. Take my Metal word for it…  the legendary Beki Bondage ROCKS. Beki is the singer, songwriter, guitarist and founding member for Vice Squad.

* For more info on Beki Bondage, click the link below:

BEKI BONDAGE – facebook




Some Music Suggestions For a Hard Rockin’ and Headbangin’ Valentines Day!

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What would Valentines Day be without some KISS – Lick It Up?

Happy Valentines Day to all! Even if you despise Valentines Day, Metal Odyssey is still wishing you a terrific day. To make your Valentines Day all the more enjoyable, here are some helpful music listening suggestions that kinda goes with the Valentines Day flow… I think you’ll see and hear what I mean! Enjoy these suggestions… and if you don’t like ‘em, just don’t seek ‘em out and listen to ‘em. It’s that easy!

Just the name alone is good enough with Ann and Nancy Wilson’s band! I LOVE Heart. As a bonus, their 1978 studio album Magazine has a 100% pure Classic Rock song titled: Heartless. Oh, by the way, Heart should be inducted into that, um, Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Did I say I LOVE Heart?

Hey, it’s KISS again! C’mon, just their name alone is associated with that four letter word we know as… love. This 1977 album is titled Love Gun for Metal sakes too! Just listen to these Klassic KISS songs on Love Gun and you might be falling in love all over again while your banging thy head: Love Gun, I Stole Your Love, Got Love For Sale and Then She Kissed Me. I’ll let all your minds wander with Plaster Caster.

A Classic Rock album that bumps and thumps and never loses that Texas groovin’ boogie beat! ZZ Top released Eliminator back in 1983 and it has never lost it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll luster with Stone. You might not want to give your Valentine any TV Dinners, just become a Sharp Dressed Man and take your gal out somewhere nice. At the end of the night ask her: Gimme All Your Lovin.

Lita Ford has made some lovin’ filled songs throughout her legendary Heavy Metal career. Her 1988 self-titled and third studio album boasts some songs that are sure to spark some Valentines Day thoughts… no matter how melancholy or gray they may be. Kiss Me Deadly, Can’t Catch Me, Falling In and Out of Love and Fatal Passion are all on this Lita album.

To say this 1990 debut and self-titled album from Steelheart is love infested is a Metal understatement. Just take a Metal listen to these songs on this album and you might get all soft inside while you try to bang thy head: Love Ain’t Easy, Can’t Stop Me Lovin’ You, I’ll Never Let You Go and Everybody Loves Eileen. Gee Metal whiz… I’m getting all soft inside while I write these songs down. I really like this band and album too.

Yes, Rainbow. This band for all intents and Metal purposes ROCKED my world then… and they ROCK my world now. The Very Best Of Rainbow was released back in 1997 and has one of many classics they created – Jealous Lover. Joe Lynn Turner is the vocalist on Jealous Lover. I swear I can listen to this song 100 times in a row and still want to listen to it 100 times more. Did I say Ritchie Blackmore rules?

Bullet For My Valentine. This band is HUGE in Stone’s Metal world. Scream Aim Fire is the second studio album from this Welsh Metal Band and it is worth owning if you like your Metal laced with melodic heaviness. This is an album of SONGS… and one of these fabulous songs is: Hearts Burst Into Fire. Whoa, this song is very, very, incredibly memorable to my Metal mind. I always tell myself that I sing this song really cool. No, I won’t sing it for you.

This list would be useless without the late and ultra-legendary Ronnie James Dio being on it. Holy Diver was released back in 1983, being the debut DIO album too. I have come to the Metal conclusion that Holy Diver is one of the greatest Heavy Metal albums of all time… and one of the greatest albums in Rock history. Straight Through The Heart is my Valentine pick off of this album. ‘Nuff said.

Oh yes… Rod Stewart. Rock Legend. This was Rod Stewart when he ROCKED! Admittedly, Rod the Mod’s easy listening stuff isn’t the end of the world to my ears. I would pay to see Rod Stewart sing from his Great American Songbook live in 2011. However, I’ll take the Hard Rockin’ Rod Stewart over his present day crooning any day of the week.

Back in 1978 I would try all day long to pull in Do Ya Think I’m Sexy on the radio. I would do that. What was wrong with me you query? Absolutely nothing… I really dug this song and still do. Another “love” song on this Blondes Have More Fun album is – Ain’t Love A Bitch. Throw in the fact that the legendary Carmine Appice plays drums on this album and it’s a Classic Rock keeper.

Oops… it’s KISS again! Rock And Roll Over is the fifth studio album from KISS, released during the U.S. Bicentennial Year of 1976. What more can be said about a KISS Klassic such as this? Calling Dr. Love, I Want You, Take Me, Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em and Makin’ Love are all here. Um, I’ll let your mind wander once more with Ladies Room.




Happy METAL New Year From Metal Odyssey!

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2011 is HERE! Metal Odyssey wants to extend a very LOUD: Happy METAL New Year to ALL! A very special THANK YOU goes out to each and every visitor to Metal Odyssey this past year… without the fans of the Metal and music that is covered here, it would not be the same. THANK YOU to all the regular visitors and subscribers to Metal Odyssey… your comments are extremely appreciated!

Another very special THANK YOU goes out to ALL the bands and musicians that are covered here on Metal Odyssey, without them, there is no Metal Odyssey! Every band that I interviewed this past year gets a horns up and a THANK YOU as well! Below is a Thank You list going out to those who made 2010 very memorable, insightful and helpful for me and Metal Odyssey… um, THANK YOU!


To my beautiful wife for her graphics and technical support, not to mention ALL of her support for everything!

To my twin daughters for listening to all the Metal in the house and giving their Metal two cents about what they hear! Yes girls, KISS was around when daddy was a little boy.

To Rob Rockitt at HARD ROCK HIDEOUT for allowing me to interview more Rock ‘N’ Roll stars than I could ever imagine! Whoa… HELL YEAH! Metal be thy name.

To Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale, his Hard Rock and Metal research sometimes amazes me… and really plays a key Metal role in getting a story or review straight!

To Greg Hampton of The New Czars, who allowed Metal Odyssey the privilege of “World Premiering” his cover song of the Jimi Hendrix classic – Hey Joe. It was a true Metal honor, Greg, you’re a class act. Check it out: 

To Kev Moore of BC Sweet and Christie, who is a Rockin’ gentleman and class act of Rock ‘N’ Roll!

To Eski of Morphine Killer, his post contributions to Metal Odyssey this past year are immensely appreciated!

To IRON MAIDEN for still creating METAL! The Final Frontier is Metal Odyssey’s #1 Album Cover Art Of 2010!

To the SCORPIONS for giving me a lifetime of music that I’ll cherish forever.

To OVERKILL for the unbelievable consistency of unreal-great Thrash over the decades.

To DORO, the “Queen Of Heavy Metal”.

To Morgan Lander of KITTIE, the “Queen Of Extreme Metal”.

To Metal Mark Heavy Metal Time Machine at  and Kinger at Demolish Fanzine – 1980’s Heavy Metal Revival. Their correspondence is Metal appreciated!

To Ryo Vie at The Rock and Roll Guru, um, sudden U-turns are… METAL.

To Sean over at THE METAL FILES, THANK YOU for writing the best damn “personal account” stories of concerts, life as a Metalhead and Rock ‘N’ Roll! Now… keep those forks away from your eyeballs!

To Steve at Heavy Metal Addiction for rallying a bunch of us Hard Rock and Metal lovin’ dudes to post our “Best Of” lists throughout the holiday season!

To Brian Basher at, keep Rockin’ Metal Buddy!

To all the PR and record companies that put their trust in what Metal Odyssey had to say this past year… you guys ROCK! No, you guys F’N ROCK!

To all the up and coming bands that find me and seek out my opinion on their music… horns up to all of you Metal Muthas!

To M3 Rock Festival!

To my Metal Buddies at the South Mall f.y.e. – your all the best!

To All fellow Rock, Hard Rock and Metal bloggers, you all keep the Rock ‘N’ Roll flame burning! ROCK STEADY to all of you!

To all those I may have missed… I didn’t miss thanking you after all: THANK YOU!





“Thank You Klaus!”


Chuck Berry “Run Rudolph Run” – 1958 Christmas Classic Revisited

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CHUCK BERRY – As I was dining today, with the family, at our local Cracker Barrel Country Store and Restaurant, I overheard an all-time favorite Christmas song of mine – Run Rudolph Run, recorded by the ultra legendary Chuck Berry. It’s always a cool thing when a restaurant plays background music that isn’t lame and puts you to tears. While I feasted on some of the best fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and mashed potatoes that Stone could ever ask for, Run Rudolph Run just put me in a fine holiday mood.

Kudos to this Cracker Barrel franchise that has a location in the cozy town of Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. Usually the “other” big name franchise restaurants serve you cold food or pricey dinners that taste like they came straight from the microwave. This isn’t the case with Cracker Barrel, just good and tasty food from a menu where you can identify what your ordering.

Well, back to Chuck Berry and Run Rudolph Run. Upon my Metal research, I’ve discovered that this classic song was written by Johnny Marks and Marvin Brodie and published by St. Nicholas Music (ASCAP). Chuck Berry made Run Rudolph Run famous, and his vocals to this day can never be copied, nor can anyone seem to come even light years close, in my Metal opinion. Chuck Berry is one of a kind.

Run Rudolph Run was released on Chess 1714 (Records) back in 1958. Run Rudolph Run was the “B” side to Merry Christmas Baby, another Chuck Berry classic. Take a look below to see what the 45rpm looks like:

Apparently, Run Rudolph Run peaked at #69 on The Billboard Hot 100, back in 1958. Gee Metal whiz, I would have thought it charted higher than that! Nonetheless, this terrific Chuck Berry song will forever be a favorite of mine… all year long too.

* I did locate which Chuck Berry CD you can find Run Rudolph Run on, it is on Chuck Berry – Rock’n Roll Rarities. (See image at top of post). There are 20 Chuck Berry Rock ‘N’ Roll Classics on this CD, with Run Rudolph Run being track #15. Of course, you don’t have to buy the entire Chuck Berry CD to own this song, Run Rudolph Run is sold as an individual mp3 on most “popular” music store websites.

* I’m certain there are scores of other Chuck Berry “Best Of” and other Rock ‘N’ Roll compilation CD’s out there that have Run Rudolph Run included as a song. I used this particular Chuck Berry CD as a specific example… plus it really is a solid compilation of his songs, some not so well known too.

* Chuck Berry was inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1986.

* For more info on Chuck Berry, click here: Chuck Berry – Official Website




Turkey Fart Public Awareness Announcement From Metal Odyssey

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CAUTION: Turkey Farts are an extreme safety concern, when inhaled in a confined living room, with no air circulation, amongst a large gathering of relatives, friends and/or total strangers that ate like famished farm goats on Thanksgiving Day. Do not light a match or lighter in this extreme situation either, Turkey Farts are incredibly flammable. Any door marked “bathroom” within a Thanksgiving feast setting should also be avoided… unless you are equipped with a certified industrial gas mask.


*NEVER move to a higher level of the house/apartment to escape a Turkey Fart… as with all nasty farts, they are fueled by excessive heat which only makes them rise farther into the air. Survivors of Turkey Fart inhalation will tell you, move to lower ground and make certain you bring enough beer with you. Beer Farts are not known to be as toxic as a Turkey Fart, therefore, the Beer Fart is the lesser of two evils.

* NOTE: You can escape a Turkey Fart by going outside, only the NFL games, assorted pastry, party platters, cheese, crackers and refreshments are all readily available… inside your own/hosts dwelling. Also, it is not far fetched to walk/run into an invading “Turkey Fart Thunder Cloud” from another neighborhood dwelling that is engulfing an entire street or city block… that is a whole other Turkey Fart nightmare for another day. Instead, be wise and refer back to  “lower dwelling evacuation procedures.”

* WARNING SIGNS OF POTENTIAL TURKEY FART OUTBURSTS: In the extreme event you begin to hear a relative/friend/stranger utter: “gobble, gobble”, they are experiencing what is known as Turkey Fart hallucination. Get as far away from this person as you can! This is a tell tale sign that this Turkey glutton has eaten more turkey than their body can handle, resulting in toxic Turkey Fart emissions.

* Stay clear from any relative or immediate family member who exclaims upon finishing their Thanksgiving meal: “gosh, all I want to do right about now is lie down.” This person is a carrier of  Turkey Fart fever! Within 2 to 4 minutes, this dangerous individual will be letting loose Turkey Farts so potent and bizarreyou will wish you were standing in the middle of the Arctic Circle… with some cold beer and Black Metal blasting, of course.

Keep it safe this Thanksgiving and beware of Turkey Farts.

If you or someone you know, is a Turkey Fart inhalation survivor, please feel free to comment about it. Letting your story be heard, is the first step towards defeating your Turkey Fart anxiety.



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