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KARASAFRA “Chaos Manifest” EP – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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Karasafra - Chaos Manifest - 2015 - #0329CMMO37

4.5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

4.5 metal-fists-4-5-album-reviews-metal-odyssey

KARASAFRA is an Extreme Progressive Metal band from Turkey. The two multi-instrumentalist members of this fine band are: Esin Tokgöz on brutal vocals, guitars, drums (and lyricist), along with Engin Can Tokgöz on clean vocals, basses, guitars and drums.

The three songs on Karasafra’s EP are: Structure of Debris, Thoughtscapes and the epic title track: Chaos Manifest. The brutal vocals of Esin Tokgöz are Black Metal and the clean vocals of Engin Can Tokgöz are very dark. I will add that there is a nice touch of Middle East accent in the vocals of Engin Can Tokgöz, on the third song Chaos Manifest. Excellent vocals, both.

Structure of Debris begins with a soft guitar intro and mellow guitar interludes do occur within this blazingly blackened song. This is an excellent song to become first acquainted with Karasafra; as this entire EP is for that matter.

Karasafra - promo band photo - March 8th - 2015 - #0308MOK

I love the guitar tones on these songs, it very much is obvious to my ears that Karasafra are conscientious at creating their own musical identity; something that is so essential to accomplish, in order to stand out within the oceans of Metal. I thoroughly enjoy the flow of the second song: Thoughtscapes. This song is beyond contagious for me and I couldn’t be more honest!

The epic title track and EP closer, Chaos Manifest, is without question to me, the most progressive song on this EP. The time signatures are smooth and the tempo changes are very pleasing for my Metal tastes. At 10:20 long, this isn’t a song you will dread due to its length, no sir. I actually feel that this epic song finishes too quickly! It’s a fantastic musical journey and well worth the 10 plus minutes that Karasafra created.

Below, listen to, download and support KARASAFRA:

I admire how these two musicians have written and recorded three songs that are so captivating and unique. There are no parts repeated from one song to the other, if you know what I mean. To have featured and reviewed this new Karasafra EP on Metal Odyssey is what highlighting quality, international underground Metal is all about. I wish this Metal duo all the very best that will come their way from their music; this is a tremendous EP and I highly recommend it to all my Metal brethren around the globe. Metal be thy name. – Stone


* For more info on KARASAFRA:

Facebook: Karasafra





FROSTHELM – ‘The Endless Winter’ Out NOW On Black Work/Alkemy Brothers

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Frosthelm - The Endless Winter - promo cover pic - 2015 - #0324FMOCH

The Endless Winter from Thrashened Black Metal unit FROSTHELM is out today on Matt Hyde’s BLACK WORK (ALKEMY BROTHERS). Stream some audio aggression and order the album at this location. The album is also available from iTunes.

“A definite Euro/cold guitar tone but with an American ‘something’ added. I hear Immortal meets The Black Dahlia Murder, and that’s something I’ve not yet heard.” Chance Garnette (Skeletonwitch)

A vile brew of Black/Thrash Metal, The Endless Winter is abundant with punishingly memorable riffs, melodic frostbitten savagery, and plague infused revulsion down to its frozen core. Guitarist Dakota L. Irwin describes the album as “bitter, dark, angry and disgusted.”

Frosthelm - promo band pic - 2015 - #0324FCHMO

Tracked at Clear Lake Recording Studios in Los Angeles during July 2014, The Endless Winter was produced and engineered by Eric Milos and Alec Schneider. Drum engineering was handled by Sir Robert Kramer at Mekoche Studios in Bismarck, ND. Mixing and mastering duties were helmed by Matt Hyde (Slayer, Skeletonwitch, Kreator). Artwork by Raymond Swanland.

The Endless Winter – Track Listing:

Glacial Eon
A Storm of Teeth
Forlorn Tides
Tomb of Sordid Ruin
Beneath Dead Horizons
Endless Winter
Hell Between Us
The Dragon
Silent and Dark, The Everlasting Sky


Critical Praise:

 “Mixing black metal along with bits of thrash and death, these guys may very well have crafted one of the best albums of the year. 10/10 – The Grim Tower

“A vicious slice of pummeling blackened thrash.”


* For more info:

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CROM DUBH – London Epic Black Metal Sect Releases Debut Album “Heimweh” Through Ván Records

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CROM DUBH - promo band pic - 2015 - #0324CDMO37

Germany’s Ván Records is proud to have London-based epic Black Metal sect, CROM DUBH, a part of their ever-expanding roster, as the band’s debut full-length album Heimweh is released onto the masses.

Merging melodic yet merciless black metal with folk and post-rock influences, CROM DUBH‘s debut full-length, Heimweh (meaning homesickness), continues the narrative of the band’s 2010 EP, Deifr, in which the gathering and dissolution of a great river operated as a metaphor for the rise and fall of nations and civilizations.

Heimweh follows a similar narrative, albeit with a focus on the life of the lone individual within this tumult, following a traditional cradle-to-grave progression throughout the course of the album that runs parallel to Hesiod’s five ages of man. The album handles themes of loss, ruthlessness, nostalgia, exile, and death, thinking on the journey ahead and the way home.

CROM DUBH was formed in 2003 by M. Beonetleah (Craven Idol), S. O’Fairdehaigh (Disfago), and Xavi (El Punto Devil). A rehearsal demo was recorded in 2003, and the Damnation Upon Us demo was recorded in 2004. Ro (Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum, Destroyer 666) joined to record the Fallen Sons demo in 2005. Xavi and Ro left to pursue other projects, and A. Haege joined on drums. CROM DUBH recorded and released the 2010 EP, Deifr (Ground Zero), as a three-piece, before being joined by S. Vrath (Scythian, Craven Idol) and A. Von M (Scythian). A. Von M played live with the band on several occasions before leaving the band on good terms.

Recorded by J. C. Volgard (Scythian, Craven Idol) in the Summer and Autumn of 2013, CROM DUBH‘s first full-length opus Heimweh presents forty-five minutes of majestic yet menacing northern black metal with an incredible storyline to overthrow fans of Dissection, early Summoning, Taake, Drudkh, Tsjuder, Carpathian Forest and the like.

The second movement from Heimweh, “Cutting Teeth II,” has been released via Ván Records’ SoundCloud page RIGHT HERE.

Heimweh is now available on CD and LP directly through Ván Records HERE. US order links will be available shortly.

Heimweh – Track Listing:

  1. Cutting Teeth I
  2. Cutting Teeth II
  3. The Invulnerable Tide
  4. Kings I
  5. Kings II
  6. Sedition
  7. Heimweh
  8. Fathorn
  9. Sailing To Byzantium


S. O’Fairdehaigh – bass, vocals
A. Haege – drums
S. Vrath – guitars
M. Beonetleah – guitars, vocals


Source: Earsplit PR

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French Heavy Psych Act Akasava Stream New Single ‘The Deep’

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Akasava - promo album cover pic - #2015AMO01

Le Havre rockers Akasava are proud to unveil their freshly recorded single ‘The Deep’, taken from upcoming début EP Strange Aeons. Packing the heavy punch of their forefathers, the track represents a band firing on all cylinders, and channeling their heroes into a precise burst. It’s now streaming over on Doomed & Stoned.

Doomed & Stoned describe the band as “Deliver[ing] a fuzzy, full-bodied psychedelic vibe, inspired by the darker side of the 60s and 70s”. The blend of 13th Floor Elevators and Coven with Sabbathian riffs is sure to delight enthusiasts of occult rock.

Stream the song on Doomed & Stoned here:

Watch Akasava live here:

Strange Aeons is due for a late Spring 2015 release.


Akasava are:

Louis Hauguel – Vocals, Lyrics

Arnold Lucas – Guitars, Organ

Amélie Gavalda – Bass Guitar

David Touroul – Drums


Akasava online:

Facebook –

Bandcamp –

Twitter –

Akasava - promo cover pic - 2015 - #0324AMO

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‘I Hate’ The Controversial Rock Video

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Rabid Assassin - Eliminate The System - promo cover pic - #2015RAMO

‘I Hate’ the controversial rock and roll video by RABID ASSASSIN  was released today March 18, 2015 as a worldwide premiere on

The song ‘I Hate’ is the first single released from the band’s debut ‘Eliminate The System’ due out May 19th on HighVolMusic.

As strong advocates of the United States Constitution, RABID ASSASSIN exercised the 1st amendment of “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” when creating ‘Eliminate the System’.

The project takes on the challenging issues that plague the world today with songs that are straight forward and hit on topics everybody can relate to but which most are scared to talk about. It runs the gamut of everything that is messed up in the world today.



HighVolMusic - banner logo - #1 - 2013






VENOM – 2015 Festival Dates And Info

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Venom - Large Classic Band Logo - B&W

August 15th, 2015



~ visit event website for further information ~


July 25th, 2015



~ visit event website for further information ~


June 20th, 2015



~ visit event website for further information ~


June 19th, 2015



~ visit event website for further information ~


May 22nd, 2015



Venom - From The Very Depths - promo cover album pic - 2014 - DEC

The new studio album from VENOM, From The Very Depths, is out now!


* For more info on VENOM:





SULPHUR AEON – New Album From German Death Metal Tyrants To See April Release, Via Ván Records & Imperium Productions

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Sulphur Aeon - promo band pic - 2015 - #031515SAMO

“Diluvial Ascension – Gateway To The Antisphere” Artwork Video Posted


The winds of spring bring the stench of Sulphur, as German Death Metal tyrants, SULPHUR AEON, prepare for the devastating unfurling of their leviathan sophomore LP, Gateway To The Antisphere, through a cooperative release between Imperium Productions and Ván Records.

SULPHUR AEON‘s critically acclaimed demo tape, Sulphur Psalms, was released in August 2010, followed by the Deep Deep Down They Sleep 7″, released in May of 2012. The band’s debut album, Swallowed By The Ocean’s Tide, was released in December 2012 through Imperium Productions. The album received worldwide praise by fans and the media alike as being one of the very few innovative and pioneering Death Metal albums of recent years with its deathly mélange of ferocious riffs, ultra-precise drums and sepulchral incantatory chants, combined with a high level of musical competence and songwriting to the most haunting and wicked Death Metal.

Now it’s time for the ancient ones to rise once more from the restless diluvial depths of timeless death, as SULPHUR AEON delivers the rapture of their second album, Gateway To The Antisphere. The album was produced by Simon Werner who was already responsible for the sound of the previous recordings of the band, and the result is a catastrophic and instantly memorable work of extreme metal art. Fifty-two minutes of debilitating yet enthralling, black-tinged, Lovecraftian death, suck the listener in like an inescapable vortex, as visually depicted in the mind-blowing cover artwork (with the emphasis on “art”) was created by Ola Larsson.

The sixth of the eleven harrowing passages on Gateway To The Antisphere has been released through an incredible artwork video. Witness the destruction of “Diluvial Ascension – Gateway To The Antisphere” now at THIS LOCATION or below:

Gateway To The Antisphere, will be released in cooperation between Imperium Productions and Ván Records on CD and as digital download on April 3rd, and vinyl in late April, the album a must-have piece for followers of Ulcerate, Morbus Chron, Abyssal, Vanhelgd and the like.

The Aeon of Sulphur awaits. A crack in the sky. A threshold. The gateway to the antisphere…

Gateway To The Antisphere – Track Listing:

1. …To Drown This World
2. Devotion To The Cosmic Chaos
3. Titans
4. Calls From Below
5. Abysshex
6. Diluvial Ascension – Gateway To The Antisphere
7. He Is The Gate
8. Seventy Steps
9. Onwards… Towards Kadath
10. Into The Courts Of Azathoth
11. Conclusion


T – guitars, bass
D – drums
M – vocals


Source: Earsplit PR

* For more info:






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