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Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Thursday, March 6th, 2014

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Carnifex - Die Without Hope - promo cover pic - 2014

That CARNIFEX album cover is atop this post for a reason. I bought this new CARNIFEX CD, Die Without Hope, on Tuesday, March 4th. It’s the only CD I’ve bought in the past two weeks. Yes, this new CARNIFEX offering scorches, blazes, burns and tears apart my Metal soul, blah, blah, blah. I highly recommend it too.


As it stands now, I do solemnly believe we live in a world that is runneth over with countless governments and Hollywood fat cats that can give two shits about the people that continue to make them filthy rich. Let the U2 bands of the world sink in the same pitiful ship of arrogant fools that bow at the altar of the billionaires club. Those bands are far too gone; they can only relate to red carpets, narcissistic thought patterns and the plastic societies that they’ve succumbed to.

With so much bullshit going on around us, all over the planet, I hereby plead for all of us Metalheads, Hell Rats, Punks, Children Of The Damned, Bottom Feeders, Classic Rockers, Underground Dwellers and Fiends to UNITE like never before!

Music is our universal language and our passion; therefore, let’s continue to get along like we have been doing and show the artificial idiots of the world how real civility is conducted! Music inspiresMusic heals. Music unites. Music is a mystical force that can never be contained. Hallelujah and ring the Metal bell for peace.


With all of that said, I’d like to share with you all this very cool QUIET RIOT concert flyer for their June 13th, 2014 show:

Quiet Riot - St. Louis Mo - June 13 - 2014 - promo flyer

I love QUIET RIOT and appreciate this concert flyer. For those who might be offended, I make no apologies for being a red-blooded dude who digs art. Just take a long look at the endless line of violent and smutty movies coming out of Hollywood for the last several decades and this concert flyer pales (light years) in comparison. QUIET RIOT RULES.


This USA Winter of 2014 has broken countless weather records for freezing temperatures and snow totals; with many, many death related stories due to this Winter’s wrath. To tally all these bizarre Winter records here would probably take me 24 hours of non-stop keystroking. Electric, gas and fuel bills do not lie about non-stop freezing weather. From this Winter forward, the words greenhouse affects and climate change are filthy rotten words to me… and to think I practically jumped on board that dumb-ass bus of unfounded science!

Certainly, there will forever be meteorologists, scientists and misinformed individuals that live in the mild southern regions and Tropics that cling onto the idealistic view that Mother Earth is losing her polar caps. Everyone, build a bunker! Relocate to a base on the Moon! Maybe, perhaps, they should ALL read that classic children’s book about jumping to conclusions:

Chicken Little - childrens book - promo cover pic

Or these same champions of ozone depletion can watch the animated film:

Chicken Little - Walt Disney - movie poster - animated - #33908

Thank you for visiting, reading or hardly reading this post. Regardless, your visit will make the site stats increase on Metal Odyssey; resulting in my (hopefully) not being fired by my boss. Metal be thy name.


* For more info on QUIET RIOT:


* For more info on CARNIFEX:


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





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Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

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Zero Tolerance - Glen Benton - promo cover pic -

Jiminy Metal Cricket! I haven’t written a Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts post, since March of 2013! As Frank Sinatra and David Lee Roth have sung… That’s LifeBy the way, That’s Life was written by Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon; while originally recorded by American born Jazz singer: Marion Montgomery. There’s some non-Metal trivia for y’all. Whoa.

The Zero Tolerance magazine cover (above) has DEICIDE’s (legendary) Glen Benton staring at not just me… he’s also staring at you! One look into those eyes of Glen Benton and all I see is… METAL. Okay, someone may see, (maybe) a tad of evil. Evil is Metal. Cool. However, the glaring eyes of Glen Benton can be open for interpretation and still one Metal fact remains: those eyes of Glen Benton have undoubtedly seen it all.

I bought this December/January issue of Zero Tolerance at my nearest Barnes & Noble store, yesterday. Yes, I’m psyched. I cannot give this magazine enough Metal praise. It’s released every two months and costs $9.99 (U.S.). This mag is a UK publication and also comes with a CD of 18 songs; real songs that y’all won’t hear on American Idol.

Ghostbusters- Bill Murray - Dan Aykroyd - Harold Ramis - prom pic -

L to R: Ghostbusters – Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.

Yesterday, the sad news spread across the world that the legendary Harold Ramis, a comedy filmmaker, director, writer and actor passed away. Man, have I been a lifelong fan of Harold Ramis! I have thoroughly enjoyed, time and again, every movie that Harold Ramis touched! Beginning back to my middle school/high school years, the comedy films that Harold Ramis was responsible for included Animal House (1978), Caddyshack (1980), Stripes (1981), the Ghostbusters franchise, National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983), Groundhog Day from 1993 and many more. An American comedy film icon, Harold Ramis shall forever be. His ability to make me laugh will forever remain and that’s a Metal fact. May Harold Ramis rest in peace.

KISS - Frisbee Pic!

Above: That’s the KISS frisbee I own. Pretty cool, huh? I bought it at Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Yup.

Apparently, KISS will not play in any band lineup for The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. It would have been extremely cool if every available member of KISS (past and present) could perform together onstage, for one kick-ass jam medley of KISS classics. A video backdrop showing the late Eric Carr and Mark St. John during this “fantasy” performance would have been an ultimate fan experience and profound moment in Rock history. Alas, what the hell do I know? Right?

Regardless, anyone who follows KISS on a daily basis, via their Facebook and website, will surely agree that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have NOT forgotten about their past. Their roots are what made them the icons they are today and both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have openly acknowledged (via their recent press release) they want to celebrate the history of KISS. Read it by clicking the link below:

KISS – Will Not Play In Any Lineup For Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

The above link is for a press release featured on Metal Odyssey, on February 23, 2014.

Disc Exchange - large store logo - #3390 - 2013

I’d like to now give a HUGE Metal plug to my local indie CD/vinyl record shop: Disc Exchange. This (Dayton, Ohio) whiz-bang store covers it all, from music, movies and games to pop-culture collectibles too! True professionals (Mark and Kevin) you’ll find at Disc Exchange. Album collector’s will find LOTS of great vinyl, both new and used! Just take a look at their store logo above for more info! If you stop by Disc Exchange, tell ‘em Stone sent you. Metal be thy name!


* For more info on ZERO TOLERANCE:


* For more info on DISC EXCHANGE:

Facebook: Disc Exchange Dayton

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Misfits - Devils Rain album promo pic

MISFITS – The Devils Rain (2011 – Misfits Records)


To ALL of you gouls, fiends, hell rats, maggots, Metalheads, Punks, children of the damned, underground dwellers and evil ambassadors from the dark side…

Pinhead - Hellraiser - promo pic - #1 - 2013





Helloween - Classic Band Logo - #119 - 2013


Iron Maiden - Large Classic Logo!Venom - Large Classic Band Logo - B&W


I married a monster from outer space - promo movie poster - 1958

I Married A Monster From Outer Space – Original 1958 Movie Poster (Paramount Pictures)


1. Crank up some MISFITS.

2. Crank up some KING DIAMOND.

3. Crank up some WEDNESDAY 13.

4. Crank up some SIX FEET UNDER.

5. Crank up some SATYRICON.

6. Crank up some KISS.

7. Eat as much damn candy as you wish and party safe.

8. DO NOT be a fool and drink and drive.

9. Watch super scary-as-hell slasher movies.

10. Go outside at/after midnight and look for Bigfoot, ghosts and/or UFO’s.


Witch Cross - Classic Logo - Large - B&W!!


Phantom 13 - Out For Blood - 5 Phantom Thirteen Bucks_________________________________________________________

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Rock Super Group The Wondergirls Reunite With Iron Man 3 Soundtrack Single “Let’s Go All The Way” Featuring Robbie Williams

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Wondergirls - large logo - silver & black

Iron Man 3’s Ashley Hamilton Leads Star-Studded Group to Explosive Comeback

Los Angeles, CA –Appropriately packed with adrenaline rushing action, like its corresponding famous superhero movie Iron Man 3, is the latest single Let’s Go All the Way from rock super-group The Wondergirls. Included on the Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall movie soundtrack, the single was inspired by the movie and is available for download now on iTunes. The track features British superstar Robbie Williams as well as band members, actor Ashley Hamilton, Chris Lloyd (former VP/ A&R executive at Flip Records), Jay Gordon (Orgy) and Doug Ardito (Puddle of Mudd). Complete with a star-studded lineup, the group is back to showcase a fresh new image and pick up where they left off – with fans screaming their names.

The recording of “Lets Go All The Way” was recorded over several years, numerous times and every location possible. “We’ve recorded at some of the best recording facilities available, as well as rehearsal rooms, houses, garages, you name it” says Gordon. The song itself has brought this band of friends through unchartered territories and unpredicted experiences. While recording the vocals with Robbie Williams on Super Bowl Sunday, Gordon went to root for his team only to find Adele making tea and watching the game, piercing him star-struck. It’s this type of untraditional structure of recording and experiences around the song that have all influenced this power packed track.


“The original 80’s (Sly Fox) version has its unique character and signature…(but) everyone is loving this version” answers Gordon.  The band charged the track with an electric beat that is driven by classic rock drums, crunchy guitar licks and raging synths all supported by refined vocal chops. The superhero anthem stirs up the perfect inclination of raw emotion and energy, which in turn is infused into the listeners. Opening with subtle intensity in the verses, leading to an explosion in the chorus that holds until the end of the song.

In its beginnings, The Wondergirls, who are based in Los Angeles, included numerous notable names such as Scott Weiland and Mark McGrath. When the group first formed, politics held The Wondergirls back from truly capitalizing and flourishing. While filming Iron Man 3, Hamilton felt it was the perfect storm for The Wondergirls to be revived and bring his initial plan into fruition. The Wondergirls recently signed to Across The Universe Records, with an expectant EP out soon.

Wondergirls - large logo - Silver & White

The Wondergirls have made it clear that they are back and here to stay with music to excite and tantalize their huge and still-growing fan base. Keep up with the super-group by visiting their Facebook page and downloading Iron Man 3’s “Let’s Go All The Way” now on iTunes.


(Source: LaFamos PR & Branding)





George Lynch Launches Fundraising Campaign For Documentary Film – “Shadow Train: Under A Crooked Sky”

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George Lynch - Shadow Train - promo pic - #1 - 2013

Rock legend George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker Mark Mclaughlin are currently working together on Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky, a stirring documentary that explores a hybrid way of life merging modern society with the ancient practices of people who have lived in harmony with the land for thousands of years; native American Indians.

The film follows Lynch and drummer/activist/artist Vincent Nicastro as they visit different reservations around the American Southwest with a trailer full of gear and group of musicians to get a firsthand look at effects of modern consumerism on our native population and the steps they’re taking towards sustainability.

While the documentary is nearly complete, the filmmakers are now seeking help in seeing their collective vision come to fruition. In order to see “Shadowtrain” become a reality, Lynch and Mclaughlin have launched an IndieGoGo Flexible Funding campaign where contributions can be made towards the completion of the film in exchange for autographed copies of George Lynch’s most recent release Legacy, guitar lessons, a signed guitar and more. To donate to the making of “Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky” visit the following link below:

A trailer for the film, featuring Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine. The Nightwatchman) and Serj Tankian (System Of A Down), can be seen below:

For more clips from the film and to learn more about the message behind “Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky” and what you can do to help, visit

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty…

Shadow Train - Under A Crooked Sky - large logo

“Shadowtrain: Under a Crooked Sky” will illuminate the cost of the destruction of the Native American community; to both the indigenous population as well as to their European conquerors. The documentary will reveal the qualities inherent in indigenous people’s world views that should be recognized and adopted if we all, collectively, intend to not only survive, but to find a way to live happier, more meaningful lives. While engaging a wide variety of opinions from notable activists, authors, artists, elders and shaman, politicians and government officials, clergy, teachers and everyday people, the film will reveal its message through a powerful music-driven road trip.

The journey begins as renowned guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), drummer, artist and activist Vinnie Nicastro and a musical band of politically engaged musicians climb into an old station wagon in the southwest desert. They pull a vintage horse trailer, retro-fitted to carry band equipment, solar panels, generators and camping gear.

Shadowtrain - promo pic - #1 - 2013

They travel the back roads, searching for a truth that can speak to power. They visit the Apache, Navajo and Hopi reservations in Arizona, Zuni and Tewa in New Mexico, Shoshone in Nevada, Utes in Utah and Colorado and then on to the Dakotas to visit the people and places that were (and still are) the epicenter of conflict between the native peoples and their European conquerors.

The people they visit on the reservations will share how they have created sensible environmentally sustainable solutions that work in today’s world. Simple and proven practices like passive solar water heaters on the Paiute reservation, active community gardens and other ideas will be explored. Then as Shadowtrain moves on to other reservations, they will help to integrate these workable procedures, pick up more ideas and carry them further.

Shadowtrain - Under A Crooked Sky - promo banner - #1

(Source: ClawHammer PR)

For more info on SHADOWTRAIN – Under A Crooked Sky, click on link below!

facebook: ShadowTrain-Under A Crooked Sky

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MONSTERS RULE! Wanna See My 12 Creature Feature Trading Cards From 1973? They’re Really Cool…

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CREATURE FEATURE TRADING CARDS – Monsters rule. Monsters are Metal. Don’t believe me when I say Monsters are Metal? Just ask Rob Zombie, Glenn DanzigJerry Only, Wednesday 13, Skeletonwitch, Lizzy BordenOrange Goblin or the mega-legendary KISS, Iron Maiden, King Diamond and Alice Cooper if Monsters are Metal! Monsters are to Metal, what hops is to beer. They just go super swell together.

Back in 1973, Topps Chewing Gum released some very scary and very cool trading cards called Creature Feature. I remember vividly, watching Creature Feature on Saturday mornings with my sister. We both were psyched out of our minds to see the black and white film classics of: Frankenstein, The Bride Of Frankenstein, The Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Wolfman, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The Invisible Man and ALL the King Kong and Godzilla flicks too! Whoa!

Okay, I’ll throw in the original War Of The Worlds film from 1953 and The Blob from 1958 as being childhood favorites of ours as well. In my opinion, the special effects seen in any of these old-time Horror films deserves an applause! Hell, there were no computers back then to assist in any SFX, like we all know exists today.

Night Of The Living Dead – Original Movie Poster (No, I don’t own this poster… wish I did though).

If I had to name my favorite Horror film stars from the golden years of Hollywood, they would be (in no particular order): Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Sr., Lon Chaney Jr., Bela Lugosi and of course Boris Karloff. Horror film icons all. My favorite Horror film of all time? Why, it’s a tie. Here they are: The Phantom Of The Opera (1925 silent film) and George A. Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead from 1968.

I would share these cards with my sister and we would laugh at the corny jokes that are printed on the backsides of them. The “sayings” on the card fronts are a hoot as well! Here are 9 of my Creature Feature trading cards:

The Frankenstein card in the center reads: “Would Somebody Tell Me A Scary Story?”

Grand memories these Creature Feature cards produce for me. I so often wish my sister was still alive; I miss talking about ghosts, monsters and the paranormal with her. My sister was never at a loss for words when it came to these scary topics! My sister also had a small quantity of Creature Feature cards too. While growing up, we weren’t surrounded with money, therefore, building a complete set of Creature Feature was not even a thought to us.

Here are 3 more of my Creature Feature trading cards:

Here are the backsides of my Creature Feature cards:

On the back of card #93 (shown above) reads the joke:

“Why are you so surprised that I shot a werewolf last night in my pajamas?” 

“I didn’t think a werewolf could fit in your pajamas.”


I’d like to give a BIG thank you to my Metal Buddy over at ATOTHEWR.COM for prompting me to write about and show off my Creature Feature cards. Please check out his very, very cool site! From movie reviews, books and music to running, you’ll be in for a surprise by stopping by there! Plus, I believe he’s a KISS fan too! Tell ‘em Stone sent you. Now, to end with a quote from ATOTHEWAR:

“Metal And Monsters Be Thy Name”


Rest In Peace, Christine. I Miss You So Much.


AVENGERS ASSEMBLE – This Soundtrack Rocks! Why? I’ll Tell You Why…

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AVENGERS ASSEMBLE SOUNDTRACK – Yes Virginia, there are movie soundtracks that Rock and Avengers Assemble is one of them. If you were unfortunate enough to have recently purchased the chicken crap Rock Of Ages soundtrack, you can toss it in the recycle bin and get your ears into a real Rock/Hard Rock soundtrack such as this one. Plus, unlike Rock Of Ages, the original artists are singing and playing on their original songs! Not one (overpaid and whining) movie actor sings on Avengers Assemble! Metal hallelujah!

Avengers Assemble is bookended by two songs that I can’t get enough of: Live To Rise (Soundgarden) and Shake The Ground (Cherri Bomb). Firstly, Soundgarden is super-duper legendary and Chris Cornell could sing Boxcar Willie songs and I would still buy it. Is Live To Rise the greatest Soundgarden song ever recorded? No. Only here’s the kicker: Live To Rise is an incredibly written and inspiring song that I cannot shake out of my head. This song’s tempo is simply perfect; Soundgarden found no need to go over the top. I guess that tells you how I feel about Soundgarden and their legacy.

Cherri Bomb. Stone is a fan. Cherri Bomb can play at my backyard barbecue on any day of the year, including snow-covered and sub-zero Winter days too. The gals of Cherri Bomb essentially put a Rock ‘N Roll exclamation point to the conclusion of this Avengers Assemble soundtrack. Just a super damn fine, melodic Hard Rockin’ song is Shake The Ground. It has shook my ground. Metal be thy name.

I admire the thinking that went into choosing the songs and artists for this soundtrack. Rock diversity is evident, with Rise Against, Five Finger Death Punch, Bush and Evanescence all appearing on one plastic CD; all with the one common goal to… Rock. This soundtrack serves to give Rock fans a taste of what each band and/or musician sounds like; in the event one is unfamiliar with an artist. Compared to last year’s Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, I find myself a bigger fan of this soundtrack, due to its song selection and overall Hard Rock vibes.

Black Veil Brides must love movie soundtracks for they have yet another installment on one, with their heavy hitting number: Unbroken. Yes, I dig Black Veil Brides. I won’t be a closet Black Veil Brides fan any longer… how’s that? The energy level and chorus that this band puts into their songs is contagious. Unbroken, like so many other Black Veil Brides songs, is very memorable and melodically heavy. Count Me Out by Pusherjones is ridiculously fun, cool and serves for a Rockin’ contagious listen to take in. Whoa. Ring that Pusherjones Rock ‘N Roll bell and tell all your stuck up neighbors they can all to go to hell!

Scott Weiland sounds brilliant on Breath. What a compelling song. Coming in at track #6, I couldn’t think of a better choice of song at the midway point of this soundtrack. Breath is sung with an emotion from Scott Weiland that I find real and makes for a repeated listen for my ears. Comeback by Redlight King and Into The Blue by Bush gives this soundtrack its muscular boosts of Modern Rock relevance; both songs are an excellent reminder to me that Rock diversity is a grand thing to cherish. (I thank the Rock Gods that ABBA and Tom Cruise aren’t on this soundtrack though).

Avengers Assemble was released on May 1st, 2012, via Hollywood Records & Marvel Music.


Live To Rise – Soundgarden

I’m Alive – Shinedown

Dirt And Roses – Rise Against

Even If I Could – Papa Roach

Unbroken – Black Veil Brides

Breath – Scott Weiland

Comeback – Redlight King

Into The Blue – Bush

A New Way To Bleed (Photek Remix) – Evanescence

Count Me Out – Pusherjones

Wherever I Go – Buckcherry

From Out Of Nowhere – Five Finger Death Punch

Shake The Ground – Cherri Bomb


For more info on AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, click on the link below!




The words “super-duper” were used in this post.


ROCK OF AGES Wins Metal Odyssey’s Chicken Crap Movie Soundtrack Of 2012! Plus Some More Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts for Sunday, June 10th, 2012

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It’s Sunday, June 10th, 2012 and I’m passing along some more Metal and Rock ‘N Roll thoughts. If money and time were not an issue, I would jump on a plane and go to every Rock, Hard Rock and Metal festival that I see advertised.

Here’s a 2 day & 2 city Metal Festival that looks rather exciting to me:

Speaking of Rock ‘N Roll legends; The Beach Boys aren’t about to call it a day…

On June 5th, 2012, The Beach Boys released their 29th studio album: That’s Why God Made The Radio, via Capitol. It’s quite a Rockin’ feat that The Beach Boys are celebrating their 50th Anniversary in 2012; reuniting with both a new studio album and tour. I bought this CD this past week for my mother and father in-law… and they were psyched to get it! They’ve both seen The Beach Boys in concert. After all these years, I never have seen them live.

Maybe the image of Charlie Sheen sells to an unknown portion of the public, only I am bored out of my mind by his whole story right about now. Once again, another issue of Rolling Stone that I won’t be buying.

By now you’re aware that I’m calling this Rock Of Ages – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Chicken Crap Movie Soundtrack Of 2012. Then again, it might very well be the All-Time Chicken Crap Movie Soundtrack. I  listened to the songs from this CD and I wanted to puke. This soundtrack is an embarrassment to the legendary bands whose songs are featured on it. A 100% shameful embarrassment to the entire Rock Music community.

I’ve never heard Rock You Like A Hurricane by the legendary Scorpions destroyed so badly. After I listened to Julianne Hough and Tom Cruise completely ruin Rock You Like A Hurricane, I realized there is no shame in Hollywood. Tom Cruise singing (I mean trying to sing) Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me was extremely painful and ultimately sad for me. Um, someone should remind Tom Cruise: YOU’RE NOT A ROCK STAR! A sub-par karaoke singer is Tom Cruise, yes. Rock Star… NO!

I can care less if Rock Of Ages was on Broadway too. This is about the movie soundtrack in question here. I shudder to think that any musicians from the bands represented on Rock Of Ages had any input to the production of this 20 song mess. To see these revered songs of Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal go to hell like this is unimaginable to me… only it has happened and it’s chicken crap. Stinky, bacteria-infested chicken crap.

I can also sincerely state: Rock Of Ages is the All-Time Worst cover song album ever recorded. Thank God I did not buy this chicken crap Rock Of Ages CD. I highly DO NOT recommend it to anyone; especially those who want to keep the classics of Rock ‘N Metal TRUE.



That concludes my Metal and Rock ‘N Roll thoughts for Sunday, June 10th, 2012. Sometimes things out there aren’t all that pretty and I’ll call it the way I hear and see it.





SATCHURATED: LIVE IN MONTREAL – A Filmed Concert Performance By World Renowned Guitarist JOE SATRIANI – Set For March 1, 2012 Release In Theaters

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Film will be shown in both 2D & 3D HD

Soundtrack to be released on April 10, 2012 through Epic Records

(Los Angeles, CA)  Joe Satriani, one of the most respected and innovative guitarist’s in the world today, announces the release of the live-concert film, Satchurated: Live in Montreal.   Satchurated was filmed live during Satriani’s “The Wormhole Tour”, supporting his studio album Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards at the Metropolis in Montreal, Canada.

The December 12, 2010 concert was filmed by GRAMMY and EMMY award-winning concert filmmakers Pierre and Francois Lamoureux.  Satchurated: Live in Montreal will be released to select theatres throughout the country on March 1, 2012 for a limited engagement.

With a total of ten cameras working to capture the sold-out concert, Satriani’s musical best was recorded in both 2D and 3D HD formats.  The high-definition filming makes Satriani’s play as much a pleasure to watch as it is to hear. Every chord change is captured and presented as if one were experiencing a living room concert of your very own!

Fans of “Satch” will be eagerly awaiting the film’s worldwide release in March 2012 with theatrical presentations in both 2D and 3D formats, followed by a shorter version for television broadcast.  The soundtrack from Satchurated was produced by Satriani and Mike Fraser and will be released on April 10, 2012 through Epic Records.

Over the last two decades, Satriani has traveled the world, playing to sold-out crowds as both a headliner and as founder of the all-star “G3” guitar extravaganza.  His studio and live recordings have sold more than 10 Million copies worldwide to date and of his many solo albums, two have gone platinum and four others went gold, with 15 Grammy nominations between them.  His side project, Chickenfoot, featuring former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar, former bassist Michael Anthony, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer Chad Smith saw their debut album certified gold and have just released their second studio album.

Satriani also appears in the Academy Award-nominated film Moneyball starring Brad Pitt, recreating a National Anthem performance he gave at the 2002 Opening Day of Major League Baseball’s Oakland A’s.  In late 2010, music sensation Nicki Minaj sampled the classic Satriani song, “Always With Me Always With You” in her song, “Right Through Me” from her multi-platinum debut album and in March 2012, Satriani will revive his “G3” Tour ‘down-under’ when he is joined by fellow legendary guitarists Steve Vai & Steve Lukather for a Spring tour of Australia & New Zealand.


Cinemusica was formed by brothers, Pierre & Francois Lamoureux.  Their films have won a Grammy, an Emmy, two Juno, two Gemini, a multitude of industry and technical awards, sold millions of copies on BluRay and DVD and aired all around the world. Pierre & Francois Lamoureux have directed  and/or produced concert films and music documentaries for Rush, The Who, Harry Connick, Jr., Slipknot, Rihanna, The Pretenders, Zappa Plays Zappa, Branford Marsalis, Cowboy Junkies, Collective Soul, Ben Harper, Willie Nelson, Deep Purple, The Stray Cats and others.


Based in Hollywood, D&E Entertainment digitally distributes independent films, documentaries and alternative content such as filmed music events to movie theaters across the globe. Formed in 2005 by entertainment executives and digital cinema pioneers Doug Kluthe and Evan Saxon, D&E offers innovative theatrical programming via a worldwide marketing and distribution network.

Latest news and touring information for Joe Satriani can be found at

To watch the trailer for Satchurated, go to:



1.         Ice 9

2.         Hordes Of Locusts

3.         Flying In A Blue Dream

4.         Light Years Away

5.         Memories

6.         War

7.         Premonition

8.         Satch Boogie

9.         Revelation

10.        Pyrrhic Victoria

11.        Crystal Planet

12.        The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing

13.        Dream Song


1.         God Is Crying

2.         Andalusia

3.         Solitude

4.         Littleworth Lane

5.         Why

6.         Wind In The Trees

7.         Always With Me, Always With You

8.         Big Bad Moon

9.         Crowd Chant

10.        Summer Song


11.        Two Sides To Every Story

12.        The Golden Room

Produced by Joe Satriani and Mike Fraser.

Soundtrack from Satchurated, a film by Pierre & François Lemoureaux.

Directed by Pierre & François Lamoureux.

Theatrical Version TRT: 88:59  (1 hour 28 minutes 59 seconds)

(Source: MAD, Ink PR)



MIKE PATTON – Scoring “The Place Beyond The Pines”

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Photo credit: Jay Blakesberg

Jan. 9, 2011, San Francisco – Mike Patton (Faith No More, Tomahawk, Mr. Bungle) has been selected by writer/director Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine) to provide the score for The Place Beyond The Pines, which stars Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes.

Patton, who rose to prominence as a teenager as the front man for Faith No More and is known as one of music’s most eclectic musicians, has done a series of scores over the past few years including the Italian drama A Solitude of Prime NumbersCrank 2: High Voltage and the short film A Perfect Place.

Patton is also currently working on a new Tomahawk album with a projected late summer release date.

(Source: Speakeasy PR)



Jingle All The Way (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – A Christmas CD Recommendation

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Jingle All The Way – Last Friday I patrolled the CD aisles at my local Super Walmart and found: Jingle All The Way (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). I bought it for a very decent price of $5 (U.S.). Super Walmart seems to have hundreds of very cool CD’s for sale at the $5 price point. There may even be more than hundreds, there’s that many at this particular location.

I never knew this soundtrack existed. Heck, I’m not a Christmas motion picture soundtrack expert! I am an expert at eating Lay’s potato chips lately though and that has to stop. Um, yeah. The front cover to this CD shows the two stars of Jingle All The Way: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad. Both the movie and CD was released back in November of 1996.

This CD was released on TVT Soundtrax. This movie, (in case you haven’t seen it), is an action-comedy, released by 20th Century Fox. I’ve always enjoyed catching this movie when it airs on one of the 150,777 cable networks out there. I’ve always appreciated the funny side of “The Governator” too. The dude just makes me laugh when he does comedy. Sinbad is a comedy legend, hands down.

The Brian Seitzer Orchestra is featured with 4 songs. The Brian Seitzer Orchestra is very cool in Stone’s world, by the way. Brian Seitzer should be inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame too, only we all know how that “institution” goes. Um, yeah. My favorite all-time Christmas song is featured on Jingle All The Way as well: Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run. Chuck Berry is an ultra Rock ‘N Roll icon. ‘Nuff said.

The ever popular Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms and The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by Johnny Mathis are among the 12 songs. If I had to count the number of times I’ve heard this Johnny Mathis Christmas classic, while I’ve been shopping during the holiday season, my guesstimate would be: 1,650,444 times. Give or take about 55,000. I still kinda dig the song too. Metal be thy name.

If you dig Christmas movie soundtracks, love Christmas songs or need to have every CD that features Sinbad on its front cover, then Jingle All The Way is a semi-mandatory recommendation from Stone.

Alright. Since some of you are already asking, here is the complete track list for Jingle All The Way:

Jingle Bells – The Brian Seitzer Orchestra

So They Say It’s Christmas – Lou Rawls with The Brian Seitzer Orchestra

Sleigh Ride – Darlene Love with The Brian Seitzer Orchestra

Run Rudolph Run – Chuck Berry

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – Johnny Mathis

Merry Christmas Baby – Charles Brown

Back Door Santa – Clarence Carter

The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole

Jingle Bell Rock – Bobby Helms

* Father and Son – David Newman

* Finale – David Newman

** Deep In The Heart Of Xmas – Darlene Love with The Brian Seitzer Orchestra

* Original Motion Picture Score Composed and Produced by David Newman

** Bonus Track

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year.


David Coverdale “The Last Note Of Freedom” – A Long Lost Song From The “Days Of Thunder” Soundtrack (1990)

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DAVID COVERDALE – As I was rummaging through some used CD’s at a thrift store this past week, I came across the Days Of Thunder soundtrack. At first glance, I was totally disinterested. I believe I saw bits and pieces of this Tom Cruise movie over the years, nonetheless I wasn’t banking on this soundtrack to impress me enough to buy it for the 97 cent asking price. (I know, 97 cents is dirt cheap). Once I took a gander at the artists and track list, (which is on the front cover), I changed my mind and decided 97 cents is worth paying for this 22-year-old soundtrack CD.

Hello, Hard Rockin’ legend David Coverdale and The Last Note Of Freedom. In all Metal honesty, I never knew David Coverdale sang a song for the Days Of Thunder soundtrack. Seriously, I find this to be an obscure song from him. Unless you’ve owned this soundtrack anytime since 1990 or are a David Coverdale expert, who would really know off the top of their head that this song even existed? Besides, Stone doesn’t know all either. I obligingly paid for this used and near vintage CD. Then, I headed straight to my car to give The Last Note Of Freedom a listen for my five-minute drive home.

David Coverdale sounds like, well, himself on this song. In other words, David’s vocals are excellent. There is a bounty of keyboards happening throughout the song, which was written by the legendary composer Hans Zimmer. Ready for this? The lyrics were written by… Billy Idol. How cool is that? There  is a valid music connection between David Coverdale, Hans Zimmer and Billy Idol, always and forever. Metal be thy name. The liner notes do not state any songwriting credits to David Coverdale.

Overall, is The Last Note Of Freedom a good song? Yes, it’s a good melodic song. This song definitely overflows with that late 80’s movie soundtrack vibe. Towards the end of the song is when David Coverdale starts singing with increased passion and intensity, you know, Whitesnake style. Despite some notable guitar parts and David’s vocals, I couldn’t see this song fitting on a Whitesnake album then or now. I feel confident calling The Last Note Of Freedom a mid-paced ballad, there are a few tempo shifts happening and it keeps this song interesting. At the end of my Metal day, I dig this remote David Coverdale song.

Days Of Thunder was released on Geffen and my used copy of this CD appears to be an original issue and not a re-release. After researching this song, I’ve found it to be only available on the Days Of Thunder soundtrack. Check out the other artists and songs heard on this soundtrack below. I found this soundtrack to be quite diverse and rather cool to finally discover. Not too shabby for 97 cents after all.

Days Of Thunder Track Listing:

The Last Note Of Freedom – David Coverdale

Deal For Life – John Waite

Break Through The Barrier – Tina Turner

Hearts In Trouble – Chicago

Trail Of Broken Hearts – Cher

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Guns N’ Roses

You Gotta Love Someone – Elton John

Show Me Heaven – Maria McKee

Thunderbox – Apollo Smile

Long Live The Night – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Gimme Some Lovin’ – Terry Reid



This Halloween, Wild Eye invites you to bang your head against the movie screen with a rare, 35mm screening of 1986’s Heavy Metal classic Trick Or Treat – Plus a slash n’ grind trailer show!

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Prepare to get caught in a 35mm mosh pit as Wild Eye Releasing presents The Heavy Metal Horror Show! Appearing at Brooklyn’s own Nitehawk Cinema for two nights only: Friday, October 21st and Saturday, October 22nd, starting at Midnight.

Headlining the bill is the 1986 head banging Horror Classic, Trick Or Treat, directed by Charles Martin Smith. Experience the mysterious death and backwards record-induced return of Rock n’ Roll superstar Sammi Curr (Tony Fields) as he haunts his biggest fan Skippy, er, we mean Eddie (Mark Price).  Watch as Curr shreds till everyone on-screen is literally dead, with special guest appearances by Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons.

And as if that isn’t enough to satiate your sick minds, make sure to show up early to catch opening act The Ghost Of The New York Grindhouse Trailer Show performing a full hour of spine tingling horror and exploitation trailers from the ’60s and ’70s that will raise your hair, but without that can of Aquanet.

So cancel your Dungeons & Dragons game and raise your devil-horns as we bring heavy metal to the silver screen in its purest form, with the entire evening’s events being screened from original 35mm prints and the volume turned up to 11.

Avoid price-gouging scalpers and get your tickets now! Advance tickets are available at the Nitehawk Cinema box office and at

(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info, click on the links below:



Transformers “Dark Of The Moon” Soundtrack – Features Mastodon, Goo Goo Dolls, Black Veil Brides, Linkin Park: Releases June 14th, 2011

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TRANSFORMERS – Dark Of The Moon: - Releasing on June 14th, 2011, on Warner Bros. is the soundtrack for this Summer’s blockbuster movie event: Transformers – Dark Of The Moon. This soundtrack is potently stocked with 11 songs, from Linkin Park to Mastodon, with Staind, Goo Goo Dolls and The Black Veil Brides in-between! Progressive Metal giants Mastodon cover the legendary ZZ Top classic: Just Got Paid.

* There are 3 exclusive songs as part of the iTunes Deluxe package from: Biffy Clyro, Stone Sour and Serj Tankian. * There are 2 exclusive songs as part of the GAMESTOP Deluxe package from: Middle Class Rut and D.R.U.G.S. * See and click the link at the bottom of this post, for more info on this Earth shattering soundtrack!

Dark Of The Moon – Track Listing:

Linkin ParkIridescent

ParamoreMonster *

My Chemical RomanceThe Only Hope For Me Is You

Taking Back SundayFaith (When I Let You Down)

StaindThe Bottom *

Art Of DyingGet Thru This

Goo Goo DollsAll That You Are *

Theory Of A DeadmanHead Above Water *

Black Veil BridesSet The World On Fire

SkilletAwake And Alive (Rock Radio Mix) *

MastodonJust Got Paid (ZZ Top cover song)

* = New Song

iTunes Exclusive Songs:

Biffy ClyroMany Of Horror

Stone SourThe Pessimist

Serj TankianGate 21 (Remix-Feat. Tom Morello)

GAMESTOP Exclusive Songs:

Middle Class RutLifelong Dayshift

D.R.U.G.S.Graveyard Dancing

(CD Back Cover of Dark Of The Moon)

* For more info on Transformers – Dark Of The Moon Soundtrack:

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon – Official Soundtrack & Score Site



SCREAM 4 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Releases April 12, 2011, Featuring: The Sounds

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SCREAM 4 – For all of you Horror Soundtrack fans out there, Scream 4 is releasing on April 12th, 2011, via Lakeshore Records. Scream 4 features two songs from Sweden’s Indie Rock/New Wave sensation: The Sounds. The synth/New Wave classic Axel F, which is covered by composer Raney Shockne, is also featured.

Track Listing For SCREAM 4 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:

Something To Die For - The Sounds

Bad Karma – Ida Maria

Cup Of Coffee – The Novocaines

Make My Body – The Chain Gang Of 1974

Don’t Mess With The Original – Marco Beltrami

Yeah Yeah YeahThe Sounds

Run For Your Life – 6 Day Riot

Axel F - Raney Shockne

On Fire – Locksley

Devils – Say Hi

Denial – Stereo Black

Jill’s America – Marco Beltrami

* Traditionalists of film/Horror film scores take a Metal note: Scream 4 (Score/Soundtrack) with music by Marco Beltrami is releasing on April 19th, 2011, via Varese Sarabande.

* The Sounds two songs heard on Scream 4 are: Something To Die For and Yeah Yeah Yeah. Both songs are also available on their new studio album: Something To Die For. The fourth studio album from The Sounds, it was released on March 29th, 2011 on SideOneDummy Records.

* For more info on The Sounds, click here: The Sounds – Official Website





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