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OHRENFEINDT – Will Release Their New Album “Motor An!” – On September 18th, 2015, via AFM Records

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Ohrenfeindt - Motor An! - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #33WLMSMMBSSOT4OU

Don’t miss the chance to see OHRENFEINDT live on stage in Germany and Switzerland:

21.10.2015 DE Nürnberg – Hirsch

22.10.2015 CH Pratteln – Z7

23.10.2015 DE Köln – Underground

24.10.2015 DE Hannover – Musikzentrum

05.11.2015 DE Berlin – Magnet

06.11.2015 DE Fulda – Kreuz

07.11.2015 DE München – Backstage

13.11.2015 DE Bochum – Matrix

14.11.2015 DE Leipzig – Hellraiser

19.11.2015 DE Ludwigsburg – Rockfabrik

20.11.2015 DE Affalter – Zur Linde

21.11.2015 DE Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal

18.12.2015 DE Burglengenfeld – VAZ Pfarrheim

26.12.2015 DE Hamburg – Gruenspan

22.01.2016 DE Bremen – Aladin

23.01.2016 DE Celle – CD-Kaserne



AFM Records - logo - white background - 2015 - #MOGNALS


OHRENFEINDT – Vollgasrock!!! aus St. Pauli





RIFFTERA – To Release A Debut Album “Pitch Black” On August 28th; Lyric Video “Rotten To The Core” (Feat. Björn “Speed” Strid) Out Now!

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Rifftera - promo band pic - 2015 - #330727MOMMNSOP14

Rifftera’s debut album Pitch Black will be released on August 28th, 2015 by Inverse Records. It contains 8 songs and 54 minutes of angry, tight, crushing and yet beautiful riff-oriented Metal. Excluding drum recordings and mastering, which were done by a professional, the album is completely homemade.

Rifftera - Pitch Black - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #330024SMMBSTO

Drums on the album has been played by a session drummer Thomas Tunkkari. Singer of Soilwork; Björn “Speed” Strid, is featuring on a song called Rotten To The Core. A lyric video from aforementioned track available here: and below:

Track List:

  1. Back To Life (5:22)
  2. One Step Closer (5:53)
  3. Lightbringer (5:27)
  4. Ashes Fall (7:03)
  5. Rotten To The Core (6:20)
  6. Open Wounds (5:24)
  7. The Ruins Of The Empire (6:40)
  8. Pitch Black (11:48)

Rifftera is:

Janne Hietala – Guitar & harsh vocals

Mikko Kuoppamaa – Guitar & clean vocals

Antti Pöntinen – Keyboards

Jupe Karhu – Bass

Rifftera - Classic Band Logo - 2015 - #7714SMAMBSOT26

More info:



Inverse Records - logo - #2015IRMO





21OCTAYNE – To Release Sophomore Album “2.0” In September!

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21Octayne - 2.0 - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #MRMNSTOS43324

German rockers 21OCTAYNE (featuring members of The Joe Perry Project and Rhapsody) will release their highly anticipated sophomore album, 2.0, on September 25th (EU) and October 2nd (US), via AFM Records.

Following the successful debut “Into The Open” from 2014, the band has crafted 10 diverse, powerful rock songs for the new record (3 additional tracks are featured on the ltd. Digipak).

Track List:

  1. Devil In Disguise
  2. Take Me Back
  3. When You Go
  4. Love’s Just A Heartbreak Away
  5. Take Me Away
  6. Lost
  7. The Circle
  8. Date With Myself
  9. Fly Away
  10. Tale Of A Broken Child



AFM Records - logo - white background - 2015 - #MOGNALS




On This Day In METAL History – July 26th… From JIMI HENDRIX To GARY CHERONE

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On July 26th, 1970 – Rock and guitar icon JIMI HENDRIX performed in his hometown of Seattle, Washington, USA for the last time, at Sicks Stadium.

Ted Nugent - Debut Album Promo Cover Pic - 1975 - #MILMOMBS

On July 26th, 1976 – The flamboyant and legendary TED NUGENT received his first Gold album for his self-titled debut studio album released in 1975. This said album would go on to sell two million (plus) copies in the United States. Holy Girl Scout Cookies!

Foreigner - Break It Up - Head Games Live - 45rpm - cover sleeve promo - #81MIMAMNS

On July 26th, 1982 – The fabulous FOREIGNER had their hit single, Break It Up, ranked at #26, on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Send it in!! This great song is featured on FOREIGNER’s studio album 4, from 1981.

KISS - Paul Stanley solo 1978 cover pic!

On July 26th, 1992 – Legendary KISS guitarist, songwriter and lead singer Paul Stanley married model Pamela Bowen. Unfortunately, the pair would later divorce in March of 2001. Shown above: Paul Stanley’s first solo studio album from 1978.

Iron Maiden - Large Classic Logo!

On July 26th, 2013 – The super-duper great IRON MAIDEN performed at Inönü Stadyumu in Istanbul, Turkey. This was a date on the MAIDEN ENGLAND TOUR. Very special supporting acts were: ANTHRAX and VOODOO SIX. Whoa, man!

Lamb Of God - VII - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #0608LOGMORB

On July 26th, 2015 – LAMB OF GOD VII: Sturm Und Drang is sitting comfortably at #1, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. In other words, true Metal warriors can never be underestimated. Never.

Symphony X - Underworld - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #06193333

On July 26th, 2015 – The ninth studio album, Underworld, from the powerful SYMPHONY X is ranked at #2, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Hell and yeah!

Pantera - Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys Vulgar Hits! - promo album cover pic - #MMCMOSS

On July 26th, 2015PANTERA Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys’ Vulgar Hits is ranked at #23, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Freaking yeah.

Happy Birthday - promo banner - #2014BD

Extreme - promo band pic - 2015 - #330033MMSSLEO

Above: recent Extreme, with Gary Cherone on mic.

Extreme - 1990 - Nuno Bettencourt - Gary Cherone - promo poster pic - #MMBSMOS330726

Above: circa early 1990’s with guitarist Nuno Bettencourt on left, Gary Cherone on right.


Gary Cherone was born on July 26th, 1961, in Massachusetts, USA. Happy Rockin’ Birthday, Gary Cherone! Whoa! Gary Cherone is a co-founding member of the grand Hard Rock band from Boston: EXTREME. Gary Cherone was also a lead singer for VAN HALEN, being the featured singer on Van Halen’s 1998 studio album: III. Gary also toured with Van Halen, in support of their eleventh album III.

Back in May of 2010, I had the honor of interviewing Gary Cherone for Hard Rock Hideout. Gary Cherone proved to be one of the coolest and nicest of anyone I’ve ever spoken with on planet Earth. Seriously. You can read this interview by clicking the link below! Whoa!


Nelson & Stone at M3 2010  pic #1

Above: Stone with… Matthew and Gunnar Nelson. Yup.





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Motley Crue - Girls Girls Girls - UK 45rpm cover sleeve - 1987 - #0033MSMCSOTLFF10

On July 25th, 1987 – The great Mötley Crüe had their hit single Girls Girls Girls ranked at #2, on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Amazing stuff! This fabulous song is featured on Mötley Crüe’s fourth studio album from 1987: Girls Girls Girls.

Shown above is the 1987 12″ Maxi-Single from the UK. The track list is: Girls Girls Girls, Sumthin’ For Nuthin’ and Smokin’ In The Boys Room (Live). Pretty cool, huh?

Ghost - Meliora - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #33MMBSSMO44

On July 25th, 2015 – The forthcoming studio album, MELIORA, from GHOST is ranked at #16, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Whoa. MELIORA is now available for iTunes pre-order and comes with an instant download of Cirice. This album releases on August 21st, 2015.

Metal Allegiance - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #3333MSMNSAFF99

On July 25th, 2015 – New York City supergroup METAL ALLEGIANCE have their forthcoming and self-titled studio album ranked at #27, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. METAL ALLEGIANCE founder MARK MENGHI has put together an enormous cast of who’s who in Metal for this album, featuring bassist DAVID ELLEFSON, vocalist PHILIP ANSELMO, drummer MIKE PORTNOY and guitarist ALEX SKONICK among others!

This highly anticipated debut album from Metal Allegiance is to be released on September 18th, via Nuclear Blast Entertainment. Man, O’ man!


Stone and Ozzy - 060215 - #33SFLNAGAO




ANTAGONIST ZERO – “No Tears” MCD Releases On August 14th, 2015, via Inverse Records

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Antagonist Zero - promo band pic - 33411MOMMNSSOT

As the Finnish summer draws to an end, the once white nights grow darker and colder by the day. Antagonist Zero delivers a fitting soundtrack for the season, complementing the darkening skies with a blend of atmospheric melodies and aggressive melancholy. On August 14 the band’s latest offering, No Tears MCD, is released via Inverse Records. No Tears continues on the path set by Antagonist Zero’s previous releases, the critically acclaimed Doomed and Nighttime Harmony, blending together elements of doom, death and post shades of metal.

No Tears consists of five songs: three originals and two covers. The originals are a harbinger of an upcoming full-length album, demonstrating new elements in Antagonist Zero’s music – such as the title track’s this-will-get-stuck-in-your-head riffs, Profound Oblivion’s wrecking ball groove and Suru, which is sung completely in Finnish. The two cover songs are familiar to listeners from the band’s live shows: Doom:VS’s melodic doom suits the band like a glove in the form of The Lachrymal Sleep, while Missä muruseni on, by Finnish pop queen Jenni Vartiainen, has received a work over which has already charmed live audiences all over Europe, Russia and China.

Antagonist Zero - No Tears MCD - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #33MOMMNS

The release of No Tears will be celebrated on August 15 at Dark River festival in Kotka, Finland, where Antagonist Zero will be playing with such bands as Ghost Brigade, Poisonblack and Stam1na. More tour dates will be announced soon.

Track Listing:

No Tears (9:12)

Profound Oblivion (7:22)

Suru (7:27)

Missä Muruseni On (4:37)

The Lachrymal Sleep (7:26)

Antagonist Zero - promo band logo - 2015 - #0724MOILMMNS

Antagonist Zero is:

Ben Pakarinen – guitar and vocals

Juho Suokas – guitar

Jussi Ruokolainen – drums

Fredde Sjöblom – bass

Ville Siikamäki – vocals

Pre-orders from:



Inverse Records - logo - #2015IRMO






A SOUND OF THUNDER – Debuts New Album, Exclusive Cover Art On Kickstarter; Based On Valiant’s SHADOWMAN Comic Book Series!

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A Sound Of Thunder - Tales From The Deadside - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #MMBSS04

Washington D.C. area Metal band A SOUND OF THUNDER has announced their new album “Tales from the Deadside” with a Kickstarter campaign that reached full funding in under 24 hours.  The new album is a full-length concept album based on Valiant Entertainment’s SHADOWMAN comic book series.

The album was recorded at Assembly Line Studios with RIAA-platinum awarded producer Kevin ‘131’ Gutierrez (Shinedown, While Heaven Wept, Raven).  The new release “Tales from the Deadside” is set for release on September 25th and will be available on CD, limited colored vinyl, and in a number of exclusive pre-order packages only on Kickstarter.  The standard CD edition of “Tales from the Deadside” will feature all-new Shadowman cover artwork, while select backers of the Kickstarter campaign can obtain an exclusive cover featuring Shadowman’s arch-nemesis Master Darque. (see below):

ASOT- Shadowman- Kickstarter exclusive cover

“The story of Shadowman, his alter-ego Jack Boniface, and the many characters in his world inspired us to create what we believe is our best album to date,” said A Sound Of Thunder guitarist Josh Schwartz.  “We let the story lead us to places our music has never been before, combining all the elements of supernatural horror, drama, action and adventure found in the comics. Of course everything has gone through our own unique Thunderous filter, and all the familiar ASOT elements will be there, Shadowman’s harrowing journey demanded no less!”

A Sound of Thunder was formed in Washington, DC in 2009.  Their most recent album “The Lesser Key of Solomon” was released on September 9th, 2014 via Mad Neptune Records and debuted at #43 on the Billboard Heatseeker’s Albums chart.

Shy Girls

A Sound Of Thunder:

Nina Osegueda – vocals

Josh Schwartz – guitars/ keyboards

Jesse Keen – guitars/ keyboards

Chris Haren – drums/ percussion

A Sound Of Thunder - official band logo - 2015 - #330720MOMMBSS



Source: Dustin Hardman, Press Promotions






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