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On This Day In METAL History – May 19th… A Whole Lotta KISSTORY

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KISS - Meets The Phantom Of The Park - promo flyer - 1978 - #051978KMO

As reported on the KISS Facebook:

On this day in KISSTORY – May 19th, 1978, KISS performed a free concert at Magic Mountain Amusement Park in Valencia, California to film the concert scenes for the “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park.” The concert took place in the parking lot of Magic Mountain. Tickets were distributed through a California radio station and approximately 10,000 fans attended the show. KISS performed a full regular set list and then lip-synched “Love Gun” and “Shock Me” for the movie. Between the concert and filming the extra scenes, the shoot lasted several hours and the band members interacted with the crowd through out the event.

Paul on the concert and film shoot:

“I remember it all like it was yesterday. Doing a film and a concert in a band where some were barely speaking to each other and others not speaking at all was even weirder than the script! I still can’t figure out the end of the film.”

KISS meets the phantom of the park - promo movie flyer pic - 1978 - #33PC


Stone Says: Man, was I ever thrilled to see this KISS movie when I was a kid. I didn’t care less about the cheesy nature of this entire movie, hell, it was KISS! I grew up on black & white television; therefore a KISS network film was a spectacle for me. It’s been (gulp) decades since I’ve watched this KISS film.

I marvel at how KISS had such an impact on Pop Culture back in the 70’s and have continued such impact to this day. In my Metal opinion, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are marketing geniuses. Really. Metal be thy name.

Kiss - Revenge - promo album cover pic - 1992 - #051992KESMO

On this day in KISSTORY – May 19, 1992, KISS released their sixteenth studio album: REVENGE. This was the first studio album to feature Eric Singer on drums. REVENGE was dedicated to the late and great Eric Carr and features the demo he played drums on: Carr Jam 1981. Alongside Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick was the lead guitarist on this album.

REVENGE debuted at #6 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts and spent 23 weeks on the chart. In my Metal opinion, this was the best KISS studio album since 1982’s Creatures Of The Night. I absolutely love the song Domino, featuring Gene Simmons on lead vocals. I still have the cassette version of REVENGE. Yes, I did upgrade it to CD! Metal be thy name! – Stone

REVENGE – Track List:

Unholy / Take It Off / Tough Love / Spit / God Gave Rock & Roll to You II / Domino / Heart of Chrome / Thou Shalt Not / Every Time I Look At You / Paralyzed / I Just Wanna / Carr Jam 1981


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Four Bizarre Mothers Day Album Covers

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Mothers Day - Cherry Pie - promo album cover pic

Mothers Day is on Sunday, May 10th. I wish all the moms and grandmas a Happy Mothers day. Here at Metal Odyssey, our special way of celebrating Mothers Day is to present this list of Four Bizarre Mothers Day Album Covers. Each album cover on this list is clearly created by people that have not a clue, in my opinion.

The Mothers Day album cover (above) really has me questioning: who is the dummy that decided to combine Mothers Day with cherry pie for an album cover? WTF?! That is flat-out insane, immature and embarrassing! Of all the freaking pies in the world, why spotlight cherry pie? Apple pie, peach pie or any other stinking pie would have done just nicely, thank you very much.

The Flexican & Sef - Mothers Day - extended version - promo pic - 2014

Evidently the musical artist for this Mother’s Day song is: The Flexican & Sef. My big question is: what the hell does the artwork on this MP3 single have to with Mother’s Day? Two dudes and a city skyline, inside a burst, does not represent Mother’s Day to me. Un-freaking-real. Whatever.

Mothers Day Special - promo album cover pic - 2013

The above Mother’s Day album cover is incredibly bizarre! That mother depicted is bloodied and in obvious pain! Did this mother really deserve such a dreadful situation as this? What is that piece of lumber that she is holding? What does this cover art mean? WTF?!

The Mothers Day Massacre - Vol. 2 - promo album cover pic

Lastly, I don’t dig the combination of Mother’s Day and massacre; it is grossly immature to combine the two. Really. The moron(s) that decided to attach The Mothers Day Massacre to a Heavy Metal compilation of songs needs to have their lame-ass brain(s) examined for worm rot. Once again, I’m reminded that dumb-asses are among us. This also reminds me that there are people still out there sniffing model glue and they are roaming among us.

I love my mother with all my heart and hope she has a fun day in heaven, alongside my sister. I miss them both dearly. Metal be thy name – Stone.


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Ronnie James Dio Memorial Weekend Information From Ann Boleyn Of Hellion

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Ann Boleyn - Hellion - publicity photo - 2015

From Ann Boleyn of Hellion:

Dear Friends,

This email is in response to those of you who have been asking for information about the events on May 15, 16, and 17, to honor the 5th Anniversary of the passing of Ronnie James Dio.

Myself and members of Hellion will be performing at the free Memorial at Forest Lawn on May 16th, and also at the charity fundraiser BBQ on May 17th.  Please note that Hellion will not be performing as a band for these two events, but that individual members are performing.

There is plenty of seating outside on May 16th at Forest Lawn.  There is limited seating inside the auditorium at Forrest Lawn. If you would like to sit inside you will need to request tickets at I don’t know if there are any tickets left for the auditorium.  But, if you are interested in sitting inside you will need to contact the Dio Cancer Fund directly.  (If you can’t get tickets for the auditorium, you can watch the concert on the lawn).

For more information about these events, please go to the Dio Charity Fund’s website.


Ann Boleyn







KISS – Rock Icons To Perform At 88th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®

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88th Annual Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade - promo banner - #2014KISS

KISS - Promo band - classic logo - pic promo - 2013 - #3

Represented by Epic Rights, (the full-service global branding and merchandising company), the iconic KISS have been secured to perform at the 88th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! This marks the first ever appearance of KISS at this historic and traditional holiday American event! Whoa! With a KISS medley and 600 cheerleaders from across the United States, leading the way, this event will be viewed by tens of millions of people; viewed from both the streets of Manhattan and around the U.S.! Whoa again!

The 88th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® returns to NBC on Thursday, November 27 (9:00 a.m. to noon in all time zones). Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie of NBC’s Today will anchor the broadcast. Executive Producer Brad Lachman, Producer Bill Bracken and Director Gary Halverson are the team leading this live holiday broadcast, behind the scenes.

2014 has been a milestone year for KISS, with the band celebrating their 40th Anniversary and induction into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. KISS will be capping off their historic year when they hit their mark on Manhattan’s 34th street, at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade®. Metal be thy name!


For more info on this NBC telecast:







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Corprit Convict - promo band pic - band logo - 2014 - #40084

On July 31, 2014, female-fronted, Heavy Metal band, Corprit Convict, is taking the message of their debut album, Come Clean, directly to the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building. The message?  Remove money from politics. The band will be performing songs from the album, such as “3 Ring”, “Applicator” and “Left for Dead”, serving, themselves, as protest anthems and calling for change in our country.

“Campaign financing has become the single, biggest problem plaguing our country’s political landscape today. But it’s also the least discussed problem, because the only people who can effect real change on theses policies, or lack thereof, are the same group cashing the checks. Money talks in Washington and, right now, it’s screaming,” says singer, KT. “Americans cannot continue to stand idly by as the richest members of our country continue to buy our elections and control our public officials.”

In the Spring of this year, the US Supreme Court passed a ruling that will allow individuals and corporations to give up to $6 million to candidates and parties in a 2 year election cycle; nearly 50 times the limit before the ruling.

Supporters for the band can join them on the steps of the Congress on July 31 (last day of summer session).





(Source: Corprit Convict)

* For more info on CORPRIT CONVICT:

Facebook: Corprit Convict


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CROWBAR “Symmetry In Black” – #2 On iTunes METAL Chart And #48 On Top Albums Chart!

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Crowbar - Symmetry In Black - promo cover pic - 2014

CROWBAR – As of today, May 30th, 2014, the new CROWBAR album, Symmetry In Black, is ranked at #2 on the iTunes Metal Albums Chart and at #48 on the iTunes Top Albums Chart! Metal be thy name!! I bought my new CROWBAR last night at Best Buy; Symmetry In Black was on sale for $7.99 (US). Trust me, this new CROWBAR is a mammoth vice grip of Sludge/Doom on my Metal saturated brain!

Crowbar - Symmetry In Black - #2 - itunes Metal Album Chart - May 30 - 2014

#2 – iTunes Metal Albums Chart

Crowbar - Symmetry In Black - itunes chart position - May 30 - 2014#48 – iTunes Top Albums Chart


As reported on the CROWBAR Facebook page:

Thanks so much to everyone who picked up our new album “Symmetry In Black”! If you don’t have it yet get on iTunes here: or pick up at copy at Best Buy, FYE, Hastings Entertainment, Newbury Comics, Zia Records & other fine stores! You can also get it on Amazon MP3 & Google Play.

Crowbar - band promo pic - 2014 - #44887


Kirk Windstein – Guitar and Vocals

Matt Brunson – Guitar

Tommy Buckley – Drums

Jeff Golden – Bass


* For more info on CROWBAR:

Facebook: Crowbar

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CINDERELLA “Stripped” – Live Album Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Cinderella - Stripped - promo cover pic - 2014

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


CINDERELLA – Any 80’s headbanger and/or Classic Rock aficionado who has seen Cinderella live during any decade knows just how fantastic a live band they are! Collectors Dream Records has released Stripped, a collection of 16 live hits from Philadelphia’s treasured Heavy Rock ‘N Roll band. The songs were recorded over the course of two nights at the Key Club, in Hollywood, during Cinderella’s “Unfinished Business” tour.

The shows took place on October 2nd and 3rd, of 1998, featuring the original Cinderella line-up, with vocalist Tom Keifer out front, along with guitarist Jeff LaBar, drummer Fred Coury and bassist Eric Brittingham. Two bonus tracks (Sick For The Cure & Make Your Own Way) were recorded live in 1991.

Tom Keifer’s sandpapered vocals sound (per usual) fabulous and the band charges out their killer hard and heavy, bluesy Rock ‘N Roll; Cinderella Rock ‘N Roll that is now considered timeless, in my Metal opinion. Even though I’ve wished and waited for a new studio album to come from Cinderella, twenty years to be exact, their back catalog celebrated live on this Stripped album, still sounds more relevant than ever, to me.

This revisit to enjoying live Cinderella from 1998 and ’91 certainly takes me on a feel-good memory trip. Just listening to these guys jam on this album only solidifies my appreciation for the music they’ve created. Metal be thy name. – Stone


Track Listing: More Things Change, Push Push, Gypsy Road, Fallin’ Apart At The Seams, Heartbreak Station, The Last Mile, Shelter Me, Coming Home, Hot And Bothered, Nightsongs, Nobody’s Fool, Somebody Save Me, Shake Me, Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone), Sick For The Cure (bonus track), Make Your Own Way (bonus track)

Collectors Dream Records - red & white logo - 2014 - #399

* For more info on CINDERELLA:


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