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Former Members Of Devin Townsend Band And Into Eternity Release Debut Single From THIRD ION; Kickstarter Campaign For Debut Album “13/8bit” Underway

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Third Ion - Capitol Spill - promo cover pic - 2014

THIRD ION, the new Canadian Prog Metal group featuring former members of THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND and INTO ETERNITY, have released its debut single “Capitol Spill.” The track is now streaming below:

The band has also launched Kickstarter campaign to assist in completion of its debut album, 13/8Bit. To support THIRD ION visit:

THIRD ION is the product of a mutual love of prog, video games, and science. The debut album is currently over half written, and will contain eight to ten songs, including the title track which is written entirely in 13/8 time signature. 8-Bit musical renditions of every song will be released as well, to pay homage to their 1980s classic gaming inspirations.


A project talked about, envisioned, and anticipated by Justin and Aaron since the day they met, by chance, in mid-2010. A few of the songs have been in the works since shortly after they met, but meeting Mike and getting him on board was the jump-start needed to truly get this band off the ground.

Now with the addition of Tyler on vocals, and the first few songs demoed, everyone is extremely excited about the future of this project and where it could go. Planning is underway for an amazing live show, with an emphasis on minimalism and mood. Every single member of this band comes from a large base of touring and recording experience and plan to use their resources to get this new project on the road and heard by as many people as possible. Plans are already under way to tour Canada and seek label or grant funding to support the tours.

Third Ion - promo band pic - 2014 - #99193


Justin Bender – Guitar

Aaron Edgar – Drums

Mike Young – Bass

Tyler Gilbert – Vocals


Member Background:

Justin is a guitar player, producer/engineer and song-writer, most known for playing with and producing the Canadian Heavy Metal veterans Into Eternity. Over a decade of live playing, live sound and studio experience, Justin has toured the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Southeast Asia. The main focus of his career has been studio production, which he has become well established in Regina, SK working out of both Touchwood Studios, and Blue Door Recording.

Aaron lives drums. He teaches, records, gigs, does clinics and is a published author (drum related – of course). On top of all that he is the editor in chief of Drums Etc. magazine and has a weekly broadcast show on Drumeo. His educational material (also drum related, of course) on Youtube has reached a million views, with almost 7000 subscribers to his channel. Coming up on March 30th, Aaron will be headlining the Vancouver Island “Day of Drum Festival.”

Mike has been a professional session bassist for the past 15 years. He is well versed in all styles of music and has played everything from Metal (Devin Townsend Band, Terror Syndrome) to rock (Jet Black Stare, Ten Ways, the Matinee), to Funk, Pop, Country and Jazz. He has toured North America and Europe with a variety of projects and currently resides in Vancouver, where he gigs, plays sessions and occasionally teaches. Mike also loves coffee, cartoons and all things nerdy.

Tyler was the last addition to the project and is also a full-time musician. Like the rest of the band, he has dedicated his entire life to his musical career. He has been involved in writing, playing and singing music since his childhood, he grew up surrounded by musical relatives in Regina, Saskatchewan. His primary training was of the guitar but he also dwells on piano, bass and harmonica, playing a mix of new-folk songs with soulful vocals. Tyler accepts influences of all sorts; his main influence taps are of Zakk Wylde, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Michael Jackson. Since 2008, Tyler has recorded and released three solo records and has received radio airplay all across Canada.



* For more info on THIRD ION:




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REDEMPTION – Sensory Records To Release Live CD/DVD From Los Angeles Progressive Metal Specialists

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Redemption - live band promo pic - 2014 - #77077

Live From The Pit Due In September

Laser’s Edge division, Sensory Records, has confirmed the late Summer release of the new live album from Los Angeles-based Progressive/Power Metal group, REDEMPTION.

In 2012, REDEMPTION co-headlined the world-famous ProgPower Festival in Atlanta, where the band recorded a unique show featuring nearly eighty minutes of material and staged with complementary visuals that drive home the compelling emotional impact of this band. That performance is now being constructed for official worldwide release as, Live From The Pit, to be delivered in a CD/DVD package including additional bonus material, including a 5.1 surround mix and more.

From fan favorites such as the never-before-performed “Parker’s Eyes” to the crushing emotional weight of “Stronger than Death,” the band’s performance captured the special ability of its music to deeply connect with fans. In the words of one concert goer, REDEMPTION‘s show “was definitely the most exhausting, personal and emotional musical experience I’ve ever had.”

Live From The Pit will see release via Sensory Records, REDEMPTION‘s original label, responsible for their seminal first two albums, on September 16th, 2014.

Redemption - Live From The Pit - promo cover pic

Live From The Pit - Track Listing:

1. Intro/Threads

2. The Suffocating Silence

3. Dreams From The Pit

4. Parker’s Eyes

5. Fall On You

6. Noonday Devil

7. Nocturnal

8. Stronger Than Death

9. The Origins Of Ruin

10. Black And White World

11. The Death Of Faith And Reason

12. Walls

[DVD bears same track listing plus 5.1 surround mix and bonus material]


REDEMPTION is one of the leading Progressive Metal bands in the world today. Formed in 2000 by guitarist / keyboardist / songwriter Nicolas van Dyk, the band features legendary Progressive Metal vocalist Ray Alder of Fates Warning, as well as guitarist Bernie Versailles (Agent Steel), and the phenomenal rhythm section of Chris Quirarte (drums) and Sean Andrews (bass). REDEMPTION‘s combination of heaviness not usually found in Progressive Metal, irresistible melodies and emotional urgency has created a unique and resonant voice for this band that sets them apart from the many clones in the genre, and which has gained them the attention of fans, critics and musicians.

Through the band’s first three studios albums – 2002’s self-titled debut, 2005’s The Fullness of Time, and 2007’s The Origins of Ruin, REDEMPTION gained a loyal fan base and garnered rave reviews worldwide from critics, who describe Redemption’s music as, “one of the best Progressive Metal acts to emerge in the past decade” [DPRP], praised their “magical aura and incredible songwriting” [Blabbermouth], stating, “it’s powerful, catchy, enslaving, technical; it’s the whole bunch” [Lords Of Metal] and having been dubbed, “the new star on the US prog-metal sky” [Squealer Rocks].

REDEMPTION has captivated audiences around the world with their incredible live performances. This was proven on a massive scale in 2008, when the band supported Dream Theater on a five-week North American tour and documenting a headlining show at the tour’s end, entitled Frozen in the Moment, the band returned to the studio to release 2009’s Snowfall on Judgment Day and 2011’s This Mortal Coil.


Ray Alder – vocals

Nicolas van Dyk – guitars/keyboards

Bernie Versailles – guitars

Sean Andrews – bass

Chris Quirarte – drums


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on REDEMPTION:

The Lasers Edge Group - large block logo - 2014

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VIVIEN LALU – French Composer Announces Endorsement By Roland

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Lalu - %22MUSIC-KNIGHT-MAGE in the Magic of Sounds Frenzy%22 - artist Chezan Iosif

Above: Vivien Lalu as the “MUSIC-KNIGHT-MAGE in the Magic of Sounds Frenzy” – artist Chezan Iosif


New Album In The Works For 2015 Release

French progressive metal keyboardist and composer, VIVIEN LALU, is ecstatic to announce his new official sponsorship by Roland Keyboards. Having relied heavily on the brand for his entire career thus far, this new endorsement is a major breakthrough for the artist.

Stated LALU on his union with the company: “After twenty years of using their keyboards I can now say that I’m proud to have joined the Roland family! I want to thank Roland Japan for the great welcome, and look forward to present you their amazing new products.”

Lalu - Atomic Ark - promo cover pic - 2013

In September 2013, Sensory Records released LALU’s newest solo album, Atomic Ark. Having raked in rave reviews from international media outlets, the expansive but direct delivery of this talented songwriter is at its finest yet on this cinematic masterpiece, boasting an array of expansive elements with a dark edge. The opus was fully conceived and composed by LALU, the musician having enlisted an all-star lineup of vocalist Martin LeMar (Mekong Delta), bassist Mike LePond (SymphonyX), guitarist Simone Mularoni (DGM) and drummer Virgil Donati (PlanetX), in addition to countless guest contributions, to complete the album. Alongside the release of his new masterwork,VIVIEN LALU also announced that half of his royalties for Atomic Ark were to be donated directly to Paris/NYC-based animal rescue organization ALERTE SOS!

LALU is currently immersed in the creation of new material for his full-length follow-up to Atomic Arkfor Sensory Records, having already confirmed its title as Orkeystra. Contrary to his Oniric Metaldebut and Atomic Ark, the impending Orkeystra will venture into new territory by featuring multiple singers in addition to Martin LeMar, who usually handles all vocals. New information on the next chapter in the LALU lineage will be released throughout the rest of the year in preparation for its release in 2015.

For now fans can order Atomic Ark now direct from Sensory/The Laser’s Edge HERE.

Critical Praise:

“The catchy bits will be stuck in your head for days on end, the heavy parts will never not make you bang your head, the beautiful parts will always be touching, the ethereal and dream-like parts will always evoke images in your head, and the musicianship will never not impress.” – Metal Injection

“The album is driven by Lalu’s sense of fine-tuned technicality and majestic flair.” – PopMatters

“…blistering guitar solos, soaring vocals and complex song arrangements… The musicianship is top-notch and there is a nice diversity to the songwriting…a progressive powerhouse.” –


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on VIVIEN LALU:

Facebook: Vivien Lalu


The Lasers Edge Group - large block logo - 2014



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VALHALLA Confirmed For Warriors Of Metal Fest VII

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Valhalla - promo band pic - #4999 - 2014

Cincinnati, Ohio – The Warriors of Metal, Inc. non-profit organization has announced the return of one of last year’s most well-received performers. Fort Wayne, Ind., progressive metal act VALHALLA has been added to the already stacked lineup of Warriors Of Metal Fest VII, set to take place June 27  – 28 at O’Shecky’s Live Bar & Grill in Columbus, Ohio.

Guitarist Justin Zych states: “We’re excited to return this year and bring an even more exciting show to Warriors Of Metal Fest VII! And especially looking forward to jamming with our brothers in metal!”

The video for VALHALLA’s “Self Imposed Hell” can be seen below:

For more on VALHALLA, visit:

Bands confirmed for Pre-Fest Showcase on Thursday, June 26 at O’Sheckeys Live Bar & Grill include:  ETERNAL LEGACY (headliner) AUTOMATON, DEADIRON, LOWER 13, DETHRATS, GRAVE ROBBER, SPLIT THE ABYSS and WINTERHYMN.


Warriors Of Metal Festival VII - promo flyer - 2014

Keep up-to-date with all of the developments such as band announcements and ticket information for next year’s show through the Warrior’s of Metal Fest’s Facebook page:



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CORSAIR – Launches Kickstarter Campaign For European Tour

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Corsair - promo band pic - 2014 - #33712

US-based Prog Rock/Metal outfit CORSAIR has launched a campaign with to help fund the band’s upcoming European tour. In exchange for your support, the band is offering a wide selection of music, merch, personalized messages & photos, music lessons, personal performances and more. The purposed tour itinerary would have the band trekking across the European countryside from February 20 – March 16. Details and a complete rundown of expenses and perks can be found at the link below.

CORSAIR SHREDS: European Tour Campaign:

After five years together, two EPs (Alpha Centauri 2010, Ghosts of Proxima Centauri 2011) and a full length (Corsair 2012) CORSAIR was picked up by Shadow Kingdom Records in 2012. By mid-2013, SKR had re-released all of the band’s material and the Berlin-based High Roller Records was slated to press their entire catalogue on vinyl. This garnered the band much attention from reviewers and magazines all over the world, bringing high praise and features in publications such as Decibel Magazine (U.S), Rock Hard Magazine (Germany) and Terrorizer Magazine (U.K.). CORSAIR is currently hard at work prepping for their upcoming European tour and have plans to tour the U.S. and record a new album upon return. For more on CORSAIR, visit the links below. 

Corsair - European Tour - 2014 - promo flyer

Born out of the hot embers of Charlottesville, VA’s Black Sabbath annual tribute band, Mass Sabbath, CORSAIR formed in early 2008 with the purpose of writing progressive rock that would transcend space and time. Having endured the intensive training of Mass Sabbath and most recently, Spinal Tap, Corsair has emerged with calloused fingers and a united, unbending will to unleash new-found guitharmony powers onto the world of rock. Think Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and King Crimson.


Praise for CORSAIR:

“The Ghosts of Proxima Centauri are plenty haunting, and one gets the sense that Corsair have the means to make the most of their growth in the time to come. Hope to catch them at Beta Centauri or coming to a star system near you.”

“At the intersection of Clutch, Thin Lizzy and Hawkwind lies Corsair, with their beautifully vintage guitar tones, emphasis on often-harmonized leads and solos, drifting and yet energetic prog-jam tendencies, and hints of hazy psychedelia.” - Last Rites

“Ghosts of Proxima Centauri is unique work I can’t recommend highly enough – I mean, Slough Feg, Falcon AND ELO?? Get outta here! Great, unique sound, ‘Adventure Rock’ supreme!!” – Hellride Music



Paul Sebring

Jordan Brunk

Marie Landragin

Aaron Lipscombe



* For more info on CORSAIR:

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BARISHI – Vermont Progressive Metallers Release Self-Titled Debut Album

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Barishi - promo album cover pic - 2013

BARISHI – Vermont’s BARISHI have just released a self-titled Progressive Metal tour de force that belies conventional thought for a debut album. Heaviness, eclecticism, and inventive melody are just a few of the descriptors one could use to begin dissecting this dynamic package of passion and creativity. The saxophone heard on “Sky Burial” and “Holy Mountain” is but one of the pleasant surprises in an album full of them.

Barishi was recorded, mixed, and co-produced by the band and Brian Westbrook at PDP Recording, with mastering done by Nick Dragoni at M-Works Mastering Studio. This is one album you simply must experience.

Barishi is available for streaming and purchase at

BARISHI – Track Listing:

Sky Burial

Holy Mountain

The Rider


Through Mountains, Through Plains

The Waves

A Place that Swallows All Rivers

Jaguar Scarification Ritual

BARISHI is making their mark in the New England Metal scene and beyond. Formed in 2010 as an instrumental three-piece know as Atlatl, they began writing songs influenced by fusion and progressive music. Their style quickly started getting heavier and darker while retaining some progressive influence, thus forging their own style of Heavy Psychedelic Metal. In 2012 they found a wayward vocalist wandering the streets of Keene New Hampshire. Bringing him into the fold they found that his sound melded excellently with theirs. Thus, Barishi was born!

Earth shattering grooves combined with savage vocals completed the sound that could only be born in the verdant mountains of Southern Vermont. With their debut self-titled album on the way, Barishi is truly a force to be reckoned with. Prepare yourself to be pummeled and thunderstruck with ecstatic Metal from the ancient hills of New England.

Barishi - publicity band pic - #377 - 2013


Sascha Simms – Vocals

Graham Brooks – Guitar

Jonathan Kelley – Bass

Dylan Blake – Drums



* For more info on BARISHI:

Facebook: Barishi

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STEEL PROPHET – Cruz del Sur Music To Release “Omniscient” In June Of 2014

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Steel Prophet - promo band pic - #100 - 2013

STEEL PROPHET’s long-awaited new album, entitled Omniscient, will be released by Cruz Del Sur Music in June on CD and vinyl formats.

A living reference for all fans of American Heavy Metal, STEEL PROPHET needs no introduction to the metal world. With a long history, the band is particularly known for the technical and versatile guitar work of founding member Steve Kachinsky Blakmoor. Let’s not forget the soaring vocals of Rick Mythiasin, who has returned to sing with the band for the first time since  2002’s Unseen.

Omniscient is a conceptual, sci-fi themed album, textured with a heavy dose of unusual philosophies and ideas that will appeal to fans of early STEEL PROPHET material, especially the Dark Hallucinations era. Omniscient will have a visually striking package that will read like a graphic novel to highlight the story that underlines the music.

STEEL PROPHET is currently planning a European tour to coincide with the album’s release. Stay tuned for more updates as the release of Omniscient nears!



* For more info on STEEL PROPHET:

Facebook: Steel Prophet

Cruz Del Sur Music - Logo - B&W


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STARSOUP – Russian Progressive Metal/Rock Band To Release “Bazaar of Wonders” On November 29th, Via Sublimity Records

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Starsoup - Bazaar Of Wonders - promo cover pic - 2013
Moscow’s STARSOUP will release Bazaar of Wonders, an opus of progressive metal/rock, November 29 on Sublimity Records. The album is now available as a digital release.

In keeping with the band’s moniker, the influences are varied, inclusive of Metallica and Dream Theater to name just a couple, while the music itself blends heavy guitars, atmospheric keys (accented with grand piano), a range of vocal styles and tempos, and even the appearance of flute and saxophone.

Stream Bazaar of Wonders in its entirety at:

The album is available for purchase at the links below:

Currently a studio-only project, STARSOUP is the creation of vocalist/guitarist/bassist Alexey Markov (SHADOW HOST, DISTANT SUN) who is joined on the album by keyboardist/sampler Andrew Gryaznov (TIMESQUARE) and several guest musicians. The compositional foundation of the album consisted of the four songs – “Angels,” “Cradle of War,” “Bazaar” and “Perfect Loser” – that were written and melodically composed during Markov’s participation in CRIME OF PASSION in which he served as vocalist and Gryaznov keyboardist. That rush of creativity ultimately resulted in eight more songs, including one composed by Lex Plotnikov (MECHANICAL POET). Visit, absorb, and revel in the Bazaar of Wonders!

Those who participated in the recording of Bazaar of Wonders, include: 

Alexander Vetkhov (all drums and percussion). Also to be thanked are Nicholas Angel, Kostya Naumenko, Darya Savchenko (W. Angel’s Conquest, Kiev), Ilya Mamontov (Epidemia), Oleg Mishin (Catharsis), Andrey Nova (Nova Art), Yevgeny Nesterov and Natalya Fedotova. The recording, re-amping, mixing and mastering by Evgeny Vinogradov and DAI Records.

Starsoup - promo band pic - B&W - 2013


STARSOUP is the heavy metal/progressive rock project of vocalist Alexey Markov. The songs vary stylistically – you may find them somewhat partially resembling Metallica and Disturbed, as well as Dream Theater and Stone Sour. The project’s founding stages took place in Moscow towards the end of 2011, when the first single, “Angels”, was recorded. In essence, the music consists of heavy guitars, atmospheric keys with an accent on the grand piano, varying vocal techniques: encompassing a clear voice in the more melodic ballads, and letting the heavy medium-tempo compositions resound with harsh, even growling vocals sometimes.


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

* For more info on STARSOUP:

Facebook: Starsoup

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SURGEON – Philadelphia Based Epic Metal Unit Confirms November Mini-Tour

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Surgeon - promo live band pic - #1 - 2013

Philly’s Epic Metal outfit, SURGEON, has confirmed an upcoming Fall tour in support of their second full-length release, Chemical Reign.

On November 14th, SURGEON will traverse south to converge with their cohorts in Midnight Eye for the week-long run, kicking the tour off in Washington, DC that evening supporting the mighty Absu. The following six nights will see the two bands rolling through Richmond, Harrisonburg, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Boston where the tour comes to an end on November 20th.

SURGEON’s output ventures into foreign territory for most by-the-books classical and fusion acts under the progressive metal umbrella. Perhaps simply “epic metal” is a more defining tag, as the talented crew seamlessly blends a variety of rugged post-death and post-doom elements into their infectious songcraft. They self-released their sophomore album, Chemical Reign; the record produced by the band and Kevin Antreassian (Dillinger Escape Plan, Mike Portnoy, Russell Allen of Symphony X) at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, New Jersey, in May of this year to a parade of critical acclaim.

Surgeon - Chemical Reign - promo cover pic - 2013

Full Metal Attorney stated, “They inhabit that rare space that could attract rock radio attention as well as a good share of the trve among us. I know that’s true because I can’t get these songs out of my head.” In a 4/5 review, Music Emissions said the act “fills a huge area of space with traditionally true metal, grounded in the genre’s prototypes but elaborating with skillful, creative instrumentation,” and with an 8.5/10 rating Popdose called Chemical Reign a “heavy record with just enough technicality to enhance some already great riffs… a comparison to former fellow Pennsylvanian’s Slough Feg is not far off base.”
Dangerdog Music Reviews championed the album with a 4.5/5, a line from the review stating, “SURGEON takes their heaviness and applies a genuine catchy rock groove and chorus… Chemical Reign is surprising and entertaining album, and worthy of your attention.”
Listen to several tracks from Chemical Reign and more from SURGEON at their Bandcamp page RIGHT HERE.
Surgeon - Fall Tour 2013 - promo flyer - November

SURGEON w/ Midnight Eye:

11/14/2013 The Pinch – Washington, DC w/ Absu, D.O.C.[info]

11/15/2013 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA (matinee) w/ RAVN, Throne of Carrion [info]

11/16/2013 Crayola House – Harrisonburg, VA [info]

11/17/2013 Charm City Art Space – Baltimore, MD w/ Brothers Kardell, Snakefist [info]

11/18/2013 Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA w/ Dirt Worshipper, Skeleton Hands [info]

11/19/2013 The Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ Throoat, Blackout [info]

11/20/2013 O’briens – Boston, MA [info]


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For More Info On SURGEON:

Facebook: Surgeon

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TRAGODIA – Italian Prog Quintet Releases Making-Of Video For Third Album

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Tragodia - band promo pic - 2013 - #27

This week Brescia, Italy based progressive metal quintet, TRAGODIA, has released the first of two video diaries capturing the inception of their third full-length, Mythmaker. The intense album was recorded this Spring at Elfo Studio in Piacenza with producer Daniele Mandelli (Forgotten Tomb) and mastered at Sterling Sound in New York City by UE Nastasi (Lamb Of God, Gojira, Paradise Lost), and is set for release in North America on November 5th via Kolony Records.

Watch Mythmaker become a reality RIGHT HERE.

Also watch the band’s lyric video for “A Temple In Time” HERE.

On MythmakerTRAGODIA employs their skilled songwriting tactics and creates their most challenging album yet, the record unloading a wealth of brilliant musicianship with nearly fifty minutes of new material. Italian metal label Kolony Records will release Mythmaker in North America on November 5th. Watch for more music from the album as well as the second installment of the studio diary to be posted in the coming weeks preceding the album’s release.

Tragodia - Mythmaker - promo cover pic

(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For More Info On TRAGODIA:

Facebook: Tragodia

kolony records - large logo - #2

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EXTOL “A Gift Beyond Human Reach” – Music Video Is: Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

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Extol - promo cover pic - 2013

EXTOL – With musical elements from Death/Extreme Metal to Progressive Metal, with numerous melodic and harmonious moments in-between, Norway’s EXTOL, have indeed, carved out their own exemplary existence, within the expansive world of Metal. The fifth and self-titled studio album from EXTOL was released this past June, in North America via Fallbrook, California’s Facedown Records.

A Gift Beyond Human Reach is an outstanding song featured on this latest EXTOL album! In fact, I dig this song so much that…

EXTOL – A Gift Beyond Human Reach Music Video Is:

Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!


* For More Info On EXTOL:

Facebook: Extol

Facedown Records - logo - B&W


Indie Recordings - logo - B&W - 2013

EXTOL was released in Europe, via Indie Recordings:

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THOUGHT CHAMBER Sophomore Album “Psykerion” via InsideOutMusic – Reveal Cover Artwork!

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Thought Chamber - Psykerion - promo cover pic

Los Angeles, CA – Progressive Metallers THOUGHT CHAMBER are finally back with a new release, following up on their acclaimed debut album “Angular Perceptions” from 2007. The U.S. based group named their second album release “Psykerion” and it will be released on September 16th, 2013 in Europe and on October 1st, 2013 in North America via InsideOutMusic.

Next to guitarist and composer Michael Harris as well as vocalist Ted Leonard (also in Enchant, Spock’s Beard and Affector), THOUGHT CHAMBER’s ranks of skilled players now also feature Bill Jenkins (also in Enchant) on keyboards, Jeff Plant on bass and Mike Haid on drums.

THOUGHT CHAMBER’s mastermind Michael Harris checked in to comment about the new album as follows: We’re all very excited about finally releasing ‘Psykerion’! A lot of changes have occurred in the band since our first record. Beyond Ted & I, we now have Mike Haid on drums, Jeff Plant on bass and Bill Jenkins on keyboards, who all did a stellar job and are all great guys on top of that, so our chemistry is perfect. ‘Psykerion’ is a concept record – a sci-fi human drama – musically yielding everything from prog-metal to jazz-fusion to acoustic.

“Psykerion” contains 16 tracks / 64 minutes of superb true progressive metal with a technical sci-fi twist, likely to appeal to fans of Dream Theater, Yes, Rush or Planet X. The album’s cover artwork, which can be seen above, was designed by John E. Holland / The album was recorded in various locations between 2012 and 2013 and finally mixed and mastered by Tom Size (Y&T, Aerosmith, Mr. Big, Enchant) at Tomland Studios, Pacheco, CA.

More details about “Psykerion” and some first music samples will follow in the coming weeks…


Ted Leonard – Lead vocals

Michael Harris – Guitars, keyboards, harmony vocals

Jeff Plant – Bass

Bill Jenkins – Keyboards

Mike Haid – Drums


Inside Out Music - logo - 2013


Free InsideOutMusic Digital Sampler:


(Source: Glass Onyon PR)

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PROSPEKT – Sensory Records Confirms Pending Full-Length From British Quartet

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Prospekt - The Colourless Sunrise - promo cover pic -

Oxford, England-based quartet PROSPEKT has signed with progressive metal linchpin Sensory Records for the pending release of the band’s massive debut full-length.

Coalescing the fierce technicality of progressive metal with the symphonic elements of contemporary prog through brutal riffs, odd time-signatures, and majestic melodies, PROSPEKT’s sound is influenced by bands such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Opeth and Circus Maximus, as well as film scores and fusion. The band’s intent is to create an intelligent and atmospheric mix of melodic, modern progressive metal, incorporating passionate high-range vocals, frenetic guitar work, haunting orchestration and solid grooves, every composition remaining interesting and original.

PROSPEKT - band promo pic - 2013 - #1

Formed in 2008 by guitarist Lee Luland and drummer Blake RichardsonPROSPEKT began as an experimental project, with the focus on complex instrumentation. Through incessant amounts of writing and rehearsing, the duo forged a sound that would epitomize their technical, melodic and progressive methodology. With the addition of bassist Phil Wicker and vocalist Matt Winchester in 2009, the band released their self-titled debut EP in March 2011 which was met with critical acclaim. In the Fall of that year Richard Marshall joined the band on keyboards and lead vocals (replacing Matt), adding a new dimension to the music. With his smooth, powerful voice the compositions became more epic and charismatic. Soon after the lineup shift PROSPEKT hit the studio and recorded their debut full-length, The Colourless Sunrise, and hired world-renowned producer Jens Bogren and Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood of Periphery to mix and master the epic, sixty-five minute album.

The Colourless Sunrise is scheduled for October 2013 release via Sensory Records, a division of The Laser’s Edge. Further details will be released in the coming weeks.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For More Info On PROSPEKT:

Facebook: Prospekt

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DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT – Nominated For Progressive Rock Music Award From Prog Magazine

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The Devin Townsend Project - Epicloud - promo cover pic

The multi-talented and legendary Devin Townsend and his Devin Townsend Project has been nominated under the “Anthem” category for the 2nd Progressive Rock Music Awards, showcased by Classic Rock Presents Prog Magazine, presented by Orange Amplification.

This fabulous Rock music event will take place at the Kew Gardens in London, on September 3rd, 2013. Other amazing artists nominated in various categories are: RUSH, Marillion, Spock’s Beard, District 97, Katatonia, Muse and more.


Devin Townsend Project: “True North” From “Epicloud”

As Devin Townsend stated on his Facebook page:

‘What an honor to be nominated for these Prog awards! It’s nice to be considered for this genre for the first time!’ Dev.

Click on the link below where you can register and VOTE for Devin Townsend! Metal be thy name!

Register & Vote Here:

Prog Magazine - progressive rock music awards - vote - 2013

* For more info on Devin Townsend:

Facebook: Devin Townsend

* For more info on Prog Magazine:

Facebook: Classic Rock Presents Prog

* For more info on Orange Amplification:

Facebook: Orange Amplifiers

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ISIS REISSUE “CELESTIAL” ON JULY 9th Via Ipecac Recordings

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Isis - Celestial - promo cover pic - reissue - 2013



San Francisco - ISIS reissue their landmark full-length debut, Celestial, on July 9th via Ipecac Recordings.

The hard to find and long out-of-print release will be reissued with new artwork from Aaron Turner as well as the audio having been recently remastered by James Plotkin.

Celestial was originally released in 2000 and was cited as one of the decade’s top Metal albums by Decibel Magazine.


Celestial – Track Listing:

1.     SGNL>01

2.     Celestial (The Tower)

3.     Glisten

4.     Swarm Reigns (Down)

5.     SGNL>02

6.     Deconstructing Towers

7.     SGNL>03

8.     Collapse and Crush

9.     C.F.T. (New Circuitry and Continued Evolution)

10.  Gentle Time

11.  SGNL>04 (End Transmission)


(Source: Speakeasy PR & Marketing)

For more info on ISIS, click on the links below!

Facebook: ISIS

Ipecac Recordings - Logo - 2013

Ipecac Recordings:

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RUSTFIELD – Sign With Massacre Records

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Rustfield - photo credit - sara miriam photo

Photo Credit: Sara Miriam Photo –

From Massacre Records:

We’re happy to welcome the Progressive Rock/Metal five-piece RUSTFIELD from Italy to the Massacre Records family!

The band was formed in 2007 by guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Davide Ronfetto. He was immediately joined by his long-time friend and singer Andrea Rampa.

They soon started composing demo songs and were joined by other talented musicians to bring their music on stage. In early 2011 the line-up was completed and they played their first shows.

In the past years, they played at the Mö.-Wa. Rockt festival as well as the Italian Revenge Festival and shared the stage with famous Italian bands such as White Skull, Eldritch and Kappa. In 2012, they also played their first acoustic show.

RUSTFIELD have mastered the concept of Progressive Rock/Metal by composing melodies, which incorporate various nuances and musical atmospheres.

On the upcoming debut album you’ll find tracks, which entwine classic Heavy Metal with electronic and psychedelic ambiences; and acoustic and melodic pieces of work will merge with rhythmical joints pertaining to a more progressive style.

RUSTFIELD’s debut album Kingdom Of Rust will be released later this year via Massacre Records!



Andrea Rampa – Vocals, Keyboards & Synths

Davide Ronfetto – Guitars, Vocals, Programming

Alessandro Spagnuolo – Bass & Double Bass

Luca Spagnuolo – Electric & Classic Guitar

Salvo Amato – Drums & Percussions


For more info on RUSTFIELD, click on the links below!

Massacre Records - large logo! Red:black:whiteMassacre Records:

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IVANHOE – Sixth Album From German Prog Metal Veterans To See Release Via Massacre Records

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Ivanhoe - systematrix - promo cover pic

Massacre Records will release the new album from German Progressive Metal veterans IVANHOE this Summer, with a North American street date of July 2nd now locked down.

With a long line of releases including their early demos as well as five full-length studio recordings on their résumé, IVANHOE has toured and performed across Europe with the likes of Iced Earth, Nevermore, Queensryche the Scorpions and countless others, including sets at major festivals including  Bang Your Head, Building A Force and others, helping them become a widely known and respected act over the last two decades.

With nearly an hour of brand new material, the sixth IVANHOE album Systematrix brings out some of the most powerful and professional anthems in the band’s ongoing lineage. The hard-hitting tunes on Systematrix were produced, mixed and mastered by Andy Horn at Red Room (Edenbridge, Lanfear, Rob Rock, Liv Kristine, etc.), capturing the talented act with immaculate auditory quality, and showcases the South German Prog act boasting their strongest effort so far.


The seventh track from Systematrix, “Walldancer,” has been posted to Youtube in advance of the album’s release. LISTEN HERE.


Systematrix – Track Listing:

1. Systematrix

2. Human Letargo

3. Tin Cans Liberty

4. War Of The Centuries

5. Madhouse

6. Learning Path

7. Walldancer

8. The Symbiotic Predator – Seduction

9. The Symbiotic Predator – Resolution

10. The Symbiotic Predator – Late Recognition

Ivanhoe - systematrix - promo cover pic

IVANHOE – Lineup:

Mischa Mang – vocals

Chuck Schuler – guitars

Giovanni Soulas – bass

Richie Seibel – keyboards

Mathias Biehl – drums


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on IVANHOE, click on the links below!

Facebook: IVANHOE

Massacre Records - large logo! Red:black:whiteMassacre Records:

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Palms - album cover promo pic

May 15, 2013, LOS ANGELES – Palms, the Los-Angeles based band featuring members of ISIS and Chino Moreno of Deftones, have unveiled the album art for their June 25th self-titled debut album as well as the six-song (47 minute) track list.


Palms Track List:

1. Future Warrior

2. Patagonia

3. Mission Sunset

4. Shortwave Radio

5. Tropics

6. Antarctic Handshake

A special iTunes pre-order gives purchasers an immediate download of “Tropics” (  Physical pre-order packages will be available later this month.

The band recently premiered “Patagonia,” a song from the upcoming album, via Pitchfork (

The quartet have also announced their first tour dates: a four-date west coast run this July with stops in San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles and San Francisco:

PALMS - Tour Dates - 2013 - #1

Palms came together following the demise of ISIS, with Jeff Caxide (bass), Aaron Harris, (drums) and Clifford Meyer (keyboards/guitar) electing to continue playing music together.  “After a little time Jeff, Cliff, and I decided that it was insane that we all still lived here in Los Angeles and weren’t playing together,” Harris says. “It just sort of happened naturally, probably because we have been playing together for so long, and things started to come together. But we didn’t want to be instrumental: We wanted vocals. We just weren’t exactly sure who that would be at first.”

The band, knowing that Chino Moreno (Deftones) had been a fan of ISIS, thought he would be a great fit and he agreed.  “A chance to work with the guys from ISIS sounded like a lot of fun,” Moreno says, “I’ve always been into the atmospheric sounds they had created with that project and felt my sense of melody would meld well with theirs.”


(Source: Speakeasy PR & Marketing)

For more info on PALMS, click on the links below!

facebook: Palms

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IRON MAIDEN “No Prayer For The Dying” From 1990 Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying - promo cover pic

IRON MAIDEN – Back on October 1st, 1990, the 8th studio album, No Prayer For The Dying, from the iconic IRON MAIDEN was released. I bought this highly underrated IRON MAIDEN release on cassette, somewhere around its release date. It took many years before I upgraded No Prayer For The Dying to CD. Upgrading to CD’s after years of cassette, vinyl and (gulp) 8-track purchases is costly, you know?

Before I go any further in celebrating this IRON MAIDEN classic, (yes, it’s a classic to me), I shall make this Metal declaration:






Over the decades, I’ve read many mixed reviews and comments about this IRON MAIDEN offering. What the hell gives? It’s not like this album can be compared to The Number Of The Beast, Powerslave or even the Paul Di’Anno era IRON MAIDEN. As the legendary Lenny Wolf of Kingdom Come would say: It is what it is.

I honestly feel No Prayer For The Dying is one ROCK SOLID slab of IRON MAIDEN, especially since this album was released back in 1990; when Heavy Metal was supposedly butchered by bands that came out of Seattle. Whatever. That’s for another Metal day and debate I guess.

Iron Maiden - No Prayer For The Dying - promo cover pic

My favorite song on this IRON MAIDEN album is: Holy Smoke. Holy shit, does this song actually… SMOKE! I’m telling anyone who wants to listen: this song revs me up like there’s no Metal tomorrow! Holy Smoke is 100% relentless with its guitar driven attack! Whoa. Plus, the infinitely legendary Bruce Dickinson sings his ass off on this song and the entire album for that matter. ‘Nuff said about that, my fellow Metal brethren.

No Prayer For The Dying has the omission of (the also legendary) guitarist Adrian Smith. That did (and still does) super suck to the maximum potential. I gather it’s a long story and who really gives a crap now? Adrian Smith has been back with IRON MAIDEN for years now; since Brave New World was released in 2000. For No Prayer For The Dying, the already Metal seasoned Janick Gers stepped into the guitar slot left vacant by Adrian Smith, joining guitar guru Dave Murray; and Janick Gers hasn’t left IRON MAIDEN since.

Released via Epic Records, No Prayer For The Dying has been certified Gold by the RIAA Gold & Platinum Program (for U.S. sales). Metal be thy name.

Iron Maiden - Large Classic Logo!



Holy Smoke               

No Prayer For The Dying                

Public Enema Number One            

Fates Warning                      

The Assassin             

Run Silent Run Deep                       

Hooks In You            

Bring Your Daughter… To The Slaughter            

Mother Russia


For more info on IRON MAIDEN, click on the links below!

facebook: Iron Maiden

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KAMELOT – Silverthorn Tour 2013: Australia Tour Dates; Headlining Asia Metal Festival 2013

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KAMELOT - Australia - 2013 tour - promo flyer

As reported on the facebook of KAMELOT:


Tickets are already going superfast, don’t wait to get yours. Limited VIP packages available too!


KAMELOT will Headline the Asia Metal Fest 2013 in Seoul, Korea, on Saturday June 1st! See you there!

Kamelot - Asia Metal Fest - promo flyer____________________________________________


Thomas Youngblood – guitars

Casey Grillo – drums

Oliver Palotai – keyboards

Sean Tibbetts – bass

Tommy Karevik – vocals


For more info on KAMELOT, click on the links below!

facebook: KAMELOT

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