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Black Space Riders – To Release “D:REI” On January 24th

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Black Space Riders - DREI - promo album cover pic - 2014

German extraterrestrial heavy rockers BLACK SPACE RIDERS are proud to announce the January 24 release of their third album, D:REI, on the band’s own BSR label with distribution through Cargo.

On the new opus BLACK SPACE RIDERS are even more colorful, louder, softer, harder, atmospheric, gripping, and above all exalted! D:REI is an exciting journey through rock, metal and psychedelia; the soundtrack to your very own sci-fi epic. The riffs are heavy, inspiring and enduring. The songwriting is classic, the arrangements full of devotion. The two lead vocalists play off each other without seam, interlocking and assuring that the music will lodge in your memory. D:REI is groovy! Sometimes slowly dooming, sometimes oppressively rocking, then irresistibly funky…and suddenly you are dancing around the warp core. And it is all wrapped up in a sound that is natural, transparent, open, yet powerful, and elegant, as it timelessly circumnavigates the retro-trap.

Is D:REI a concept album? Form your own opinion! Read more about this story of retreat, outbreak, total destruction, escape, transformation and new beginnings at

BLACK SPACE RIDERS have traveled farther than ever before and want you to join the trip! Check out the lyric video below for album track The GOD-Survivor:

Critical Praise:

“Black Space Riders always play a mixture of sounds of the 70s, 80s and 90s, but with a view towards the future. A really good album.” – Nachtaktiv

“Psychedelic space Witches Kitchen: The doomy heaviness of Black Sabbath covers rocking riffs and swirling structures. Like it very much!” – LIFT Magazine

“The Münster space, psychedelic, doom and stoner rockers Black Space Riders …in top form, the quintet delivers a philosophically flavored, wonderfully heavy concept album.” – EMP

Black Space Riders - promo band pic - 2014 - #4457


JE: Lead vocals, guitars, melodies, riffs, words

SEB: Lead vocals, melodies, words

CRIP: Drums, vocals, additional songwriting

SLI: Guitars, additional songwriting

SAQ: Bass guitar, additional songwriting




You can order BLACK SPACE RIDERS´ new album D:REI now in the band’s new webshop:

* For more info on BLACK SPACE RIDERS:




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GRAVEYARD – Norwegian Tour With Special Guests SPIRTS OF THE DEAD, Commences This November!

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Graveyard - Spirits Of The Dead - tour flyer - November 2013

Gothenburg, Sweden’s very own GRAVEYARD will be on their Norwegian Tour in November 2013. GRAVEYARD’s special guests will be Oslo, Norway’s SPIRITS OF THE DEAD.

Here Are The Dates!












Graveyard - promo band pic - 2013 - #199


Joakim Nilsson – Guitar & Vocals

Jonathan Ramm – Guitar

Rikard Edlund – Bass

Axel Sjöberg – Drums

Spirits Of The Dead - promo band pic - #299 - 2012


Ragnar Vikse – Vocals

Ole Øvstedal – Guitar

 Kristian Hultgren – Bass

Geir Thorstensen – Drums


* For More Info On GRAVEYARD:


Facebook: Spirits of the Dead

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Hawkwind Legend Nik Turner Releases New Single & Video “Fallen Angel STS-51-L” From His Forthcoming New Album

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Nik Turner - Fallen Angels - promo cover pic

Los Angeles, CA – In the spirit of such classic tracks as Master Of The Universe and Silver Machine, legendary Hawkwind member Nik Turner will be releasing a new single Fallen Angel STS-51-L digitally on July 2, 2013 and a limited edition 7-inch vinyl (only 500 pressed) on July 14th. Making this event even more exciting, a mind-bending video will accompany the single featuring footage from Nik’s recent performance at The Echoplex in Los Angeles! The single begins the countdown to the launch of Turner’s highly anticipated full-length album, Space Gypsy, which will feature guest appearances by Steve Hillage of Gong and former Hawkwind bandmate Simon House!

Nik Turner was a founding member of Hawkwind during what has been considered their most commercially successful and critically acclaimed period from 1970 to 1976. He wrote/co-wrote some of the group’s most popular songs such as Brainstorm and Master Of The Universe, which was recently used in an ad campaign for Ford’s new B-Max car. Turner also made a rare U.S. appearance at this year’s SXSW festival with his new band, which includes former UK Sub Nicky Garratt and Jürgen Engler of German industrial band Die Krupps. The band entered the studio to record the new full-length album shortly after.

Listen to and watch below, the music video for:

 Fallen Angel STS-51-L:

Of the first offering from the new album, Nik Turner says: “This single is the epitome of epiphanic, orgasmic, cathartic embodiment of my space dreams, become one man’s reality, exploding into space. Expect lots more on this awesome album”.

Nick Deriso of Something Else Reviews says: “ ‘Fallen Angel STS-51-L’ is prog rock for those who want to go to the very edge of the universe, then peer so far out that you risk falling ass over teakettle into inky blackness.”


iTunes pre-order:

Nik Turner’s ‘Fallen Angel STS-51-L’ single will also be available as a limited edition hand-numbered 7-inch vinyl (only 500 pressed on special translucent colored vinyl!)

Nik Turner’s official website:

Booking/Tour info:

Nanotear Booking Agency


(Source: Glass Onyon PR)

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DARSOMBRA – Band’s House Burglarized, All Equipment Stolen

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Darsombra - promo band pic - #60 - 2012

Eclectic, free-form duo DARSOMBRA regretfully announces that their Baltimore home was invaded this week, the doors kicked-in and ALL of the band’s gear and equipment stolen! The band is devastated, as everything they use to construct their incredibly unique audio/visual works has been lost in this act of human gluttony. The band is reaching out to the public for help in tracking down the perpetrators or at least the gear.

From Darsombra:

“Hi friends. We are saddened to report that our house in west Baltimore city was burglarized between 1pm-3pm on Wednesday May 29, and almost everything that we use to make our art was stolen. This is the latest and most complete version of our missing stuff (including some serial numbers where we could find them). If you see any of these items please contact us

- 1987 Gibson Les Paul Custom electric guitar (serial number 82317558)
white (faded to cream color) finish w/ black pick guard, gold hardware
including Schaller strap lock buttons (stolen with strap attached), no
pickup guard on treble pickup, without case (pic included)
– late 90’s/early 2000’s era 8-string Rickenbacker bass
– black w/ white pick guard, no cover on treble pickup, silver
hardware including Schaller strap lock buttons (stolen with strap
attached), without case (pic included)
– 2005 Gibson Les Paul Studio baritone guitar (serial number
00055528) sliver finish w/ silver hardware including Schaller strap
lock buttons (stolen with strap attached), without case (pic included)
– 2005 Ernie Ball Music Man bass guitar- flat black finish w/ silver
diamond plate pickguard, silver hardware including Schaller strap lock
buttons, without case (pic included)
– Yamaha acoustic guitar – black, without case
– classical guitar – wood finish, without case
– Rikki Ram student model sitar
– 1930s-era Vega 4-string tenor banjo without case
– Canon Rebel T3i digital SLR camera with a cracked viewing screen
– NEC NP215 projector attached to a small piece of plywood
– 2008 iMac desktop computer
– 2011 Macbook laptop computer (serial number D92GCJRJDRJ7)
– Iomega desktop external hard drive without stand or power supply
– Epson RX595 printer
– tripod

Please repost if you want to help. Thanks.”

Following releases on At A Loss, Public Guilt, Underradar and others, DARSOMBRA signed with Exile On Mainstream for the release of Climax Community. The three tracks on the LP traversing forty-five minutes of the outfit’s unique, slow-building, organic transcendental rock. Brian Daniloski, a veteran of heavier, sludgier, grittier rock bands such as Meatjack and Trephine, controls the sound of DARSOMBRA, alternating between mammoth vocal swells and soundscapes and searing guitar riffs, leads, loops, and samples, combining elements of metal, psychedelic rock, experimental/drone, prog and krautrock. But there is more than just Daniloski’s sonic world at play here as video artist Ann Everton takes his work to the next level by bringing her DARSOMBRA induced visions to the stage through her kinetic psychotropic video projections, creating a constantly shifting backdrop to Daniloski’s live performances.

Darsombra - Large Logo - B&W

Decibel Magazine is streaming Climax Community in its entirety:



Critical Praise:

“The larger movements of the songs rub against each other with tectonic weight, while subtler elements attack, defeat and consume. Strange and lovely, Climax Community speaks in the language of animal instinct.” – Exclaim! 

“Much like a work of fine art, little to no commentary is given leaving the observer to interpret the work as they wish. By the same token, the listener may also choose to switch off the cerebral and absorb the music at the most basic level.” – Ghost Cult 

“It’s a clever, dense and hypnotic release that demonstrates that there’s still plenty of exploration to be done in experimental and psychedelic music.” – OneMetal


Stone Says: This story is absolutely stunning, in a very sad way. This is one terrible act of unkindness, a downright act of human indecency towards our fellow-man. I truly hope DARSOMBRA locates any or all of their precious musical/visual equipment. I urge DARSOMBRA to start a Kickstarter campaign to recoup their means for their livelihood as well.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

Facebook: darsombra

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TrueWidow - JustinWilson - 2013

Photo credit: Justin Wilson



Philadelphia – True Widow is streaming HW:R, a new song from the upcoming album Circumambulation via Noisey (

The five-minute track perfectly encapsulates the Texas trio’s seemingly effortless ability to create highly melodic and memorable songs with a rootsy, organic spin on guitar-centric shoegaze.

Pre-order packages for Circumambulation are available on CD/LP/Digital and a deluxe vinyl version that contains a custom letter-pressed art print, designed by DH Phillips and hand painted by the band (

The band plays a June 1 performance at Chaos in Tejas in Austin.

True Widow - Circumambulation - promo cover



DH Phillips – guitar/vocals

Nicole Estill – bass/vocals

Slim TX – drums


(Source: Speakeasy PR & Marketing)

For more info on TRUE WIDOW, click on the link below!

facebook: True Widow

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Purson - Group Pic - Ester Segarra - 2013

Photo credit: Ester Segarra



Apr. 10, 2013, LOS ANGELES – Purson, the female-fronted UK band that the BBC has said are “channeling the power of the psychedelic ‘70s,” premiere the song “Spiderwood Farm” today via Decibel (

The London-based band, having already made a name quite a splash overseas with their glam-influenced psych-rock, release The Circle and The Blue Door on Apr. 30 via (Metal Blade/Rise Above Records).  Kerrang said singer/guitar player Rosalie Cunningham “will have you spellbound” and added that Purson’s music is “like the best bits of ‘60s and ‘70s rock – think Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Cream and loads of other classic rock cats – brought to 2013 in a sweet-smelling musical haze.”

Spiderwood Farm is about ghosts,” explains Rosalie (who is also known for her previous stint as the front woman in the all-girl goth outfit Ipso Facto).  “I was looking through a copy of Sounds from 1972 when I saw a band mentioned called Spiderwood Farm.  From there I thought of a song about ex-dwellers, who are, of course dead.  The council is trying to evict them, but they’re not doing anything wrong.”

A video for “Leaning On A Bear” debuted last month and is viewable here:   Directed by Chris Martin, Rosalie said of the setting: “We found this great place in Brixton, South London called Café Cairo that look as though it has been transplanted there from the souk in Marrakesh.”  The clip gives a perfect visual to the band’s trippy psychedelia, or as they call it “vaudeville carny psych.”

Decibel has been an early champion of the band with Editor-in-Chief Albert Mudrian calling The Circle and The Blue Door “the best debut of 2013” and featuring the band in their May issue.

Pre-orders of The Circle and The Blue Door are available via Metal Blade at this link:  Purson will make their debut U.S. performances this fall with tour dates forthcoming.

Purson - The Circle And The Blue Door - promo flyer

(Source: Speakeasy PR & Marketing)

For more info on PURSON, click on the links below!

facebook: Purson

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ASG - Group Promo Pic - 2013 - #1



Philadelphia – ASG have released a lyric video for Avalanche, a song from the band’s forthcoming Relapse Records debut, Blood Drive (May 28).

Check out the Avalanche lyric video below!

The song will be available Tuesday via iTunes (pre-order link is:

The North Carolina Psych-Rock quartet has also added a handful of tour dates for later this month with stops in Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Boston.


ASG Tour Dates:

April 21     Philadelphia, PA     North Star Bar *

April 22     Brooklyn, NY     Saint Vitus Bar *

April 23     Cambridge, MA     Middle East Downstairs *

April 26     Virginia Beach, VA     Smoked Out

April 27     Kill Devil Hills, NC     Outer Banks Brewing Station

* – with Orange Goblin and KEN mode

Blood Drive was recorded in the Fall of 2012 with producer Matt Hyde (Slayer, Fu Manchu).  An album trailer, featuring a portion of another new song, “Days Work,” is available via YouTube: (

Pre-orders bundles for the CD/2xLP/Digital album are available now via Relapse:(

The 2xLP version of Blood Drive features an exclusive bonus track: Mourning of the Earth.



Jason Shi – guitar & vocals

Andy Ellis – bass

Scott Key – drums

Jonah Citty – guitar


(Source: Speakeasy PR & Marketing)

For more info on ASG, click on the links below!

facebook: ASG

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SCORPION CHILD – Signs To Nuclear Blast, Announces Debut Album Details!

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Scorpion Child - Group Promo Banner - 2013

Attributes in music are known to be cyclical. Every few years, a band comes along who borrows just enough from the revered past to bring a new infusion of vitality to the musical present. SCORPION CHILD’s sound invokes a time when guitar-driven Rock ruled radio’s airwaves, when being hypnotized by a frontman and his bandmates in a concert arena was one of life’s ultimate main events.

A five-piece from Austin, Texas, SCORPION CHILD have spent the last few years perfecting both their songwriting and stage show. Guitarists Chris Cowart and David Finner deliver their finessed twin guitar attack with experience older than their years; bassist Shaun Avants and drummer Shawn Alvear are steadfast sentinels of their driving rhythm section; and lead singer Aryn Jonathan Black fronts the Psychedelic Rock cavalry with a passion & voice reminiscent of the early eras of Robert Plant and Ronnie James Dio.

Scorpion Child - Logo Block - B&W

“I’ve always wanted to hear new musical ingredients within a classic heavy sound,” states vocalist AJB. “It’s great to witness captivating performances where both the live show and the band’s recorded material can complement one another. The heavy-prog sounds of URIAH HEEP, HAIRY CHAPTER, and the epic delivery of early RAINBOW showcases these crossovers brilliantly and gave us all honest – yet relentless – sonics to aspire to. That’s why it’s important for us as a band to maintain spontaneity while putting a special emphasis into integral hooks.”

This May, Nuclear Blast will release SCORPION CHILD’s self-titled, full-length debut. Produced and arranged by Chris “Frenchie” Smith (THE ANSWER, AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD…), the album uses analog recording technology to organically capture a hybrid of nine, hook-filled chapters of heavy Psych Rock. The goal? To breathe new life into a neglected yet still important musical heritage.

Dangerous guitar riffs, soul-ridden bass lines, and thunderous drums with powerful rock vocals as lead conductor convey the on-stage swagger of SCORPION CHILD and will prepare you for the live experience awaiting you when the band tours the U.S. and Europe throughout 2013.

To watch the lyric video for Polygon Of Eyes or to stream the song, visit or surf to and ‘like’ the band!

Scorpion Child - Logo Block - B&W

Scorpion Child – Track Listing:

1. Kings Highway
2. Polygon Of Eyes
3. The Secret Spot
4. Salvation Slave
5. Liquor
6. Antioch
7. In The Arms Of Ecstasy
8. Lover’s Leap
9. Red Blood (The River Flows)


(Source: Nuclear Blast)

For more info on SCORPION CHILD, click on the links below!…

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ASG - Group Promo Pic - 2013 - #1



Philadelphia, Jan. 24, 2013 – ASG, the psych-rock quartet from North Carolina, have named their Relapse Records debut Blood Drive.

The album, which was produced by Matt Hyde (Slayer, Fu Manchu, Monster Magnet) at Sunset Lodge in Los Angeles during the fall, is due out this Spring with an exact date to be announced soon.  “Days Work,” a new song from Blood Drive, will be available as a limited edition split 7″ with label mates Red Fang  via Relapse on Feb. 19 (pre-order link:

ASG hit the road this weekend, kicking off a brief Southeastern tour on Jan. 25 at The Soapbox in Wilmington, N.C.  The band will be at SXSW with more details to follow.


Tour dates are:

January 25    Wilmington, NC    The Soapbox

January 30    Savannah, GA    The Jinx

January 31    Charleston, SC    The Skatepark of Charleston

February 1    Port Cavanveral, FL    Rusty’s

February 2    Jacksonville Beach, FL    Lynche’s

February 7    Vero Beach, FL    Filthy’s

February 8    New Smyrna, FL    Beachside Tavern

February 9    Boca Raton, FL    Black Rose Irish Pub

February 10    Lake Worth, FL    Propaganda


(Source: Speakeasy PR & Marketing)

For more info on ASG, click on the links below!

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Lee Dorman (Bass Guitarist For Iron Butterfly and Captain Beyond) – Rest In Peace

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Lee Dorman - Iron Butterfly - publicity pic - 2012 - #1

Lee Dorman, the bass guitarist for the legendary Iron Butterfly, passed away from natural causes on Friday, December 21st, in Laguna Niguel, California. Lee Dorman was 70 years old. Lee Dorman was born in 1942, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Lee Dorman joined Iron Butterfly as they recorded their (now iconic) In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida album back in 1968. In 1971, Lee Dorman and Iron Butterfly guitarist Larry Reinhardt founded the Metal-Jazz Fusion band Captain Beyond, along with Rod Evans of Deep Purple fame.

A tried and true pioneer of heavy music, Lee Dorman helped pave the way for the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genres that we all cherish here at Metal Odyssey.

Metal Odyssey expresses condolences to the family, friends, bandmates and fans of Lee Dorman. May Lee Dorman rest in peace.

Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida_____________________________________________________________


Rest In Peace, Lee Dorman.


THE DOORS “Live At The Bowl ’68” – Releases On DVD & Blu-ray October 22nd Via Eagle Rock Entertainment

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Digitally restored video & audio, with two previously unreleased tracks!  In stores October 22!

On July 5th, 1968, The Doors took to the stage of the Hollywood Bowl for a concert that has since passed into legend. The Doors were performing on the back of their 3rd album release “Waiting For The Sun” and the US No.1 single “Hello, I Love You”. They had been honing their live performances over the previous 2 years and were on absolute peak form.

Now for the first time the original film footage from the Hollywood Bowl has been digitally scanned and restored to present the show better and more complete than it’s ever been seen before, with 2 previously unreleased tracks (Hello, I Love You & The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)) returned to the running order and with sound newly remixed and mastered from the original multitrack tapes by The Doors’ engineer and co-producer Bruce Botnick. This is now the definitive edition of this famous performance and features over an hour of bonus material!


(Source: Eagle Rock Entertainment)

For more info, click on the links below!

facebook: The Doors


Rest In Peace, Jim Morrison.


HeavyPink – Debut / ST: 7″ Vinyl Single Showcases 2 Scintillating Songs

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HEAVYPINK – I just recently had the Rockin’ pleasure to listen to the debut & self-titled 7″ single from HeavyPink. This is the current project from T. Dallas Reed, (vocalist & multi-instrumentalist), known for his membership with Mos Generator and Stone Axe. (See full press release below for more detailed background info).

Now, for the two songs I took in from this single. Whoa. Whoa again. Um, Mr. Reed… please create more? Um, like, how about a full-length album next week? I’m telling both my Heavy Music and Classic Rock brethren right now, both Flower And Song and There Is A Light are as clever as one could wish for when it comes to Heavy Rock ‘N Roll. With swirls of psychedelia adding ambience amongst the inter-changing tempos of both songs, a 70’s Hard Rock vibe just spills over my senses as I listen with Rockaholic glee.

The way in which these two songs come across to me, they both remind me of hanging out and chilling during the Summertime. Earthy vibes I sense from these songs as well. The guitar tones seem to trigger it all. Go figure.

I applaud T. Dallas Reed for his exceptional end result here with HeavyPink. His fantastic musicianship and vocals come packaged with an honest approach to making Heavy Music that’s both retrospective and relevant. His vocals are subtly reminiscent of a 70’s era Ozzy Osbourne on these songs while the feel of Classic Stoner Rock fills the air. After listening to both songs several times, my best comparison would be Sabbath Bloody Sabbath meets the open-air atmosphere of The Yes Album while being bookended by a Stoner finish.

Metal. Be. Thy. Name.


To order a copy of this 7″ single, go here: The Maple Forum – Official Store

To read more about T. Dallas Reed & HeavyPink and order the single, click on the link below:

Essential Press Release:

The Maple Forum is thrilled be releasing the self-titled debut 7” from HeavyPink, the latest project of T. Dallas Reed (Stone Axe, Mos Generator). The vinyl single is limited to 300 and features two brand new cuts, “Flower and Song” and “There is a Light,” exploring a rarely-heard psychedelic side of the Port Orchard, Washington, native’s songwriting.

Reed, who is notoriously DIY, played all the instruments on HeavyPink, sang himself, and recorded the material at his own HeavyHead studio. Fans of Stone Axe will be thrilled to discover that although he is working in a different style, the signature elements of Reed’s work remain intact, most pivotally that there’s zero bullshit involved.

He explains the project’s origins thusly: “Before Mos Generator took our hiatus in 2009 we were working on an album to be called HeavyPink. When the band shelved the project I decided to pick up the concept and use it as a tool to try different recording and writing techniques. I look at it as an experiment in heavy and beautiful music, like ‘Master of Reality’ meets ‘Pet Sounds,’ meets ‘Into the Pandemonium’ all in one and produced by Phil Spector.”


(Info/Press Details courtesy of Ripple Music)

For more info on HeavyPink, click on the link below:

HeavyPink – facebook




The Doors – Morrison Hotel: Revisiting a Rock Classic From 1970

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THE DOORS – In these handful of days leading up to the 40th anniversary of Jim Morrison’s passing away, I’ve decided to share a few thoughts about an album from The Doors. Jim Morrison passed away on July 3rd, 1971, in Paris France. He was only 27 years old. Forever a Rock legend Jim Morrison shall be. Jim Morrison’s lyrics, vocals and poetry always fascinated me. I was lured as a young lad into the Rock world of The Doors and essentially have never looked back. By the way, I was only four years old when Morrison Hotel was released… Metal be thy name.

Each studio album from The Doors is a unique Rock Classic. There will never be another band that comes even remotely close to their sound or style, in my opinion. The album I’ve chosen to revisit from The Doors is Morrison Hotel, released back in 1970, on Elektra Records. As with all of The Doors albums, listening to Morrison Hotel on CD isn’t quite the same as hearing the old school analog quality of it’s vinyl predecessor. I guess the same can be said for countless albums, from an untold number of bands from yesteryear.

My two favorite songs heard on Morrison Hotel are: Roadhouse Blues and Peace Frog. I personally like all eleven songs on this album. I’m not ashamed to admit, (and it might sound crazy), yet I’ve never disliked any song from The Doors. This band was just that artistic and unique to me. Roadhouse Blues is just a sensational Blues Rock song, one that uncannily radiates an incredible amount of relevance in 2011. Seriously, (and this is my opinion), Roadhouse Blues rocks along like it was recorded yesterday.

Peace Frog is just a provocative listen into Jim Morrison’s thoughts, with the lyrical content really being a recounting of what personal events troubled him. Waiting For The Sun has always given off a sonically melancholic vibe to me. Regardless of the “sun” being a focal point in the lyrics, this song has it’s doom switch turned on that I can never get enough of. Land Ho! with all of it’s quirky song structure and Folk stylings dominating, still triumphantly rocks along. A knee tapper and cool drinking song is Land Ho!.

Like all of The Doors albums, there is so much more to the “hits”. Songs like Maggie M’Gill, You Make Me Real, Queen Of The Highway and Blue Sunday are gems of Rock Music history in their own right. I always felt the need to listen to the entire album to take in The Doors. The Doors music just gives off that feel, where listening to Morrison Hotel (or any album from The Doors) from beginning to end is an experience, rather than just a listen for me.

The album cover to Morrison Hotel says it all, with Jim Morrison being in the forefront and most prominent in the picture. The Morrison Hotel actually did exist in Los Angeles, with no ownership ties to Jim Morrison, of course. However, think about this… how many bands today could take the last name of their singer and attach it to “hotel” as an album title? Not many I would think. Daughtry Hotel? I don’t think Chris Daughtry would even care for it. Could Aerosmith ever pull off an album title of: Tyler Hotel? Nah.

The coolness and flamboyancy of Jim Morrison’s vocals were ahead of the times, couple that with his overall mystique and I see the realism behind the album title: Morrison Hotel. The album title of Morrison Hotel just makes more sense to me today, than it did say in 1982. I guess I never read into this album title as deeply as I do now. The songs on Morrison Hotel have never checked out for me. If anything, I will continue to “check-in” at the Morrison Hotel for the rest of my life… and be glad I did.


Jim Morrison – vocals

Ray Manzarek – keyboards

Robby Krieger – guitar

John Densmore – drums

Morrison Hotel – Track Listing:

Hard Rock Cafe:

Roadhouse Blues

Waiting For The Sun

You Make Me Real

Peace Frog

Blue Sunday

Ship Of Fools

Morrison Hotel:

Land Ho

The Spy

Queen Of The Highway

Indian Summer

Maggie M’Gill

* Morrison Hotel was produced by Paul A. Rothchild.

* For more info on THE DOORS, click on the link below:

THE DOORS – Official Website


Rest In Peace, Jim Morrison.


9 Chambers – “All But Done”: New and Complete Track Is Streaming Here Now! Yes, It ROCKS!

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9 CHAMBERS – The Hard Rock supergroup famously known as 9 Chambers have released a NEW track from their forthcoming debut album! This is no audio sample… this is a complete track and it’s titled: All But Done. This Hard Rockin’ and Psychedelic tinged song resonates with the all inclusive talents that this fabulous band bestows.

The dual guitars of Greg Hampton and Ed Mundell are erupting with so much Hard Rockin’ goodness on All But Done that it’s downright intoxicating. The vocals of Greg Hampton are instantly memorable and solid on this song. Greg has reinforced in my Metal mind, that he can stand tall among the very best of Rock and Hard Rock vocalists today.

Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Stoner, Rock and Psychedelic Rock fans should prepare themselves to get ROCKED OUT by 9 Chambers and All But Done. I’ve given out the Rockin’ warning… all you need to do now is click the start button below to hear for yourself! All But Done from 9 Chambers is Hard Rock excellenceMetal be thy name. Crank it up loud and be glad you did all you muthas!!

(Left: Ed Mundell, Right: Greg Hampton)

(Photo Credit: Rockframe Media/Karen Murphy Mundell)


Greg Hampton on vocals and guitar – (worked with Alice CooperLita Ford and Bootsy Collins, to name a few. Greg is currently producing a Tommy Bolintribute album, which guests many famed Rock Music musicians.

Ed Mundell on guitar – (ex – Monster Magnet)

Jorgen Carlsson on bass – (Gov’t Mule)

Vinny Appice on drums – (will be involved as his schedule permits) (Black SabbathDIOand Heaven & Hell)

* For more info on 9 Chambers, click on the links below:

9 Chambers – Official Website

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9 CHAMBERS – Official facebook

9 Chambers – Audio Samples




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