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JACK STARR’S BURNING STARR: First Ever Official Reissue Of The Same Titled Studio Album From 1989 Out In September!

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Jack Starr's Burning Starr - promo cover - 1989

First official CD reissue of the same titled JACK STARR’S BURNING STARR studio album from 1989 (so-called “Orange Album”), will be released by Skol Records on September 12, 2014. The album has been remastered from the original studio tapes, and includes all 13 tracks from that recording session, for the first time ever. Package will include thick booklet, and brand new exclusive artwork painted by Alexander Von Wieding (MANILLA ROAD, CLOVEN HOOF, RAZOR etc.). First 500 copies will be available as Double Disc Edition (2CD), incl. complete live album recorded at the legendary KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL in Germany (mixed and mastered by Tarek Maghary of MAJESTY), with some of the best JACK STARR’S BURNING STARR songs in live versions, performed by the current BURNING STARR line up feat. musicians known from VIRGIN STEELE, MANOWAR, JOE LYNN TURNER BAND and CRYSTAL VIPER.

JACK STARR'S BURNING STARR - Promo Group pic - logo - 2013

Jack Starr’s BURNING STARR, is an American Power Metal band formed in 1985 by the ex VIRGIN STEELE member and guitar wizard Jack Starr. After doing 4 classic albums in the ’80s: “Rock The American Way” (1985) “No Turning Back!” (1986), “Blaze Of Glory” (1987) and “Jack Starr’s Burning Starr” (same titled, so-called “orange album” from 1989), the band returned with a new line up feat. Jack Starr (guitar), Ned Meloni (bass guitar, ex JOE LYNN TURNER band, ex DEVIL CHILDE and PHANTOM LORD), Kenny Rhino Earl (drums, ex MANOWAR) and Todd Michael Hall (vocals, also in RIOT V), and released the well received comeback album titled “Defiance” in 2009. Two years later the band established their position on the market as of one of the best US Power Metal acts with their next studio album, titled “Land Of The Dead”. BURNING STARR concert lineup is completed by rhythm guitarist Marta Gabriel, frontwoman of the Polish Heavy Metal act CRYSTAL VIPER.

Watch the “Sands Of Time” video clip:

Jack Starr’s BURNING STARR is currently working on a brand new studio album titled “Stand Your Ground”, (scheduled for release in early 2015), and announced short European Tour:

12-09-2014 – Club Circolo Colony, Brescia, Italy

13-09-2014 – Swordbrothers Festival, Germany

14-09-2014 – An Club, Athens, Greece

15-09-2014 – Thesaloniki, Greece

Jack Starr's Burning Starr - promo album banner - 1989 album - 2014 - skol records

* For more info on Jack Starr’s Burning Starr:

Facebook: Jack Starr’s BURNING STARR (official)



Skol Records - logo - B&W


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Metal Warriors THOR Return To Hollywood For An Exclusive Show – Celebrate The Deluxe Re-Issue Of “ONLY THE STRONG”!

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Thor - Only The Strong - promo cover pic - 2014

Los Angeles, CA – Muscle-bound superheroes THOR are set to fly to Heavy Metal’s very own Valhalla, Hollywood CA, on Saturday, May 24th, for an explosive performance at the Loaded club on Hollywood Blvd. This Vancouver outfit originated in the early ‘70s with body building champion and former Mr. USA Jon Mikl Thor and quickly gained a devout following thanks in part to the band’s elaborate and supremely entertaining live shows, which frequently featured Jon performing not just outstanding anthems of Metal but also astounding feats of strength; bending steel bars with his teeth and exploding water bottles with his lungs! Jon would go on to appear on the Merv Griffin Show in 1976, which led to a licensing deal with RCA and the release of THOR’s debut album Keep The Dogs Away the following year.

But it wasn’t until the group’s 1985 album, Only The Strong, that Jon Mikl & Co. really began to flex their muscles. Recorded in the UK, the album produced two British chart-topping classics, Let The Blood Run Red and Thunder On The Tundra, earning the band a truly international following. Now, on the eve of the 30th anniversary of its release, Deadline Music will offer a special deluxe CD/DVD edition of this metal masterpiece!

Billed as the COMPLETE THOR experience, this set includes the entire Only The Strong album along with several rare and unreleased bonus tracks PLUS an incredible 60 minute concert DVD capturing the band in live performances during their early ‘80s heyday, performing stunts and ripping through their best songs – all packaged in a gorgeous 8 panel digipak with a full color 16-page booklet!

Jon Mikl Thor enthuses: “I am ready to take the THOR visual and sound experience to the entertainment capital of the world! What better place to launch the Only The Strong CD/DVD deluxe edition! As the Superhero Thundergod of Rock N’ Roll, I promise a night of startling Metal and entertainment for all!”

Thor - Only The Strong - promo cover pic - 2014

For venue information, visit:

LOADED Hollywood

6377 Hollywood Blvd

Hollywood, CA  90028


To pre-order the CD or vinyl on Amazon:

To pre-order the digital album on iTunes:

For the latest information on Thor, visit:


(Source: Glass Onyon PR)

Cleopatra - Record Label Logo - promo - 2013

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Shadow Kingdom Records Releasing “The Lost Legacy” 2CD Retrospective From Sweden’s ZONE ZERO On July 8th

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Zone Zero - classic band logo - 2014

Shadow Kingdom Records has announced the Release of a 2CD career retrospective package from Swedish ’80s Heavy Metal group ZONE ZERO on July 8th.

Comprised of live recordings, rehearsal tracks and studio cuts – including three more recent songs recorded in 2008 – this collection captures the magic of a band heavily influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, but somehow fell through the cracks of that burgeoning scene. Shadow Kingdom Records now seeks to turn the unknown into the known with The Lost Legacy.

Shadow Kingdom Records owner Tim McGrogran comments on the package:

“It would be a rare case if anyone were even aware of Zone Zero as they only put out one Single and a few demo tapes in the early 80s before disbanding. In the land of early Swedish Heavy Metal, the very first and most important band was without question Heavy Load, who started in the late 70s. With that said, Zone Zero does have a very strong Heavy Load influence and were also influenced by Judas Priest and the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. There were quite a few bands that popped up in the early 80’s in Europe that could have easily been a part of the N.W.O.B.H.M. but they weren’t because that period of time only included England. This package includes their entire career, which started in 1980 and includes the band re-uniting for 3 brand new songs that were recorded in 2008.”

Stream tracks from The Lost Legacy below:

Zone Zero - The Lost Legacy - promo cover pic - 2014


1. Judgement Day 1981 [Live, Borlänge]

2. Demon from Kingdom of Death 1981 [Live, Borlänge]

3. Magic Woman 1981 [Live, Borlänge]

4. Only Survivor 1981 [Live, Borlänge]

5. Wannabe 1981 [Live, Borlänge]

6. Genocide Patrol 1981 [Stereo-Stig, Smedjebacken]

7. Win or Die 1982 [Parda studio, Stockholm]

8. Evil Dream 1982 [Parda studio, Stockholm]

9. Demon from Kingdom of Death 1982 Björbostudion, Gagnef]


10. Innocent 1983 [Björbostudion, Gagnef]

11. Zone Zero 1983 [Björbostudion, Gagnef]

12. Riding on the Wind 1983 [Björbostudion, Gagnef]

13. Revenge 1983 [Björbostudion, Gagnef]

14. Breaker of the Chains 1983 [Rehearsals, Djurås]

15. Searching for the Metal 1983 [Rehearsals, Djurås]

16. Someone’s Calling my Name 1983 [Rehearsals, Djurås]

17. Tarakian 1983 [Rehearsals, Djurås]

18. I Want the Metal Back 2004 [Bedroomstudios, Gothenburg]

19. Chasing Victory 2008 [Bedroomstudios, Gothenburg]

20. Miss You 2008 [Bedroomstudios, Gothenburg]

21. Twilight of the Gods 2008 [Bedroomstudios, Gothenburg]



* For more info on ZONE ZERO:

ZONE ZERO on Facebook

Shadow Kingdom Records - Large Logo!

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OZZY OSBOURNE “The Ultimate Sin” – Album Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin - promo cover pic - #17770

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

OZZY OSBOURNE – The 4th studio album, The Ultimate Sin, from the iconic Ozzy Osbourne was released back in 1986, via CBS Records. If there ever was a Heavy Metal album that I shared countless good Metal times with, it’s without a doubt this Ozzy release! Man, those old school Metal memories of lazy, hazy and beer soaked Summer nights (and afternoons) with Metal buddies just buzz about in my brain, each time I listen to The Ultimate Sin.

For me, it was all about Metal, beer and babes back in 1986; and not necessarily in that order, depending on the night. Whoa! Ring that who-gives-a-shit bell! Life was easy for me back in ’86. Hell, yes it was! I saw Ozzy on his “The Ultimate Sin Tour” twice in ’86; Queensrÿche opened for Ozzy at The Springfield Civic Center, in Springfield, Massachusetts and Metallica opened for Ozzy at The New Haven Coliseum, in New Haven Connecticut. Both were whiz-bang shows! I remember telling my Metal buddies back then, that on this ’86 tour, Ozzy reminded me of a “Heavy Metal Liberace” due to his dress attire and on stage persona. Go figure. Maybe I inhaled, after all. Whoa.

Ozzy Osbourne - The Ultimate Sin - Liner Notes - Band Pic - Metal Odyssey - 2014

Above: The Ultimate Sin (4 panel) liner notes from the CD I own. It opens up to reveal a band photo, from L to R: Jake E. Lee, Ozzy, Phil Soussan and (the late) Randy Castillo.

Ozzy Osbourne has released 11 studio albums, counting the covers album, Under Cover, from 2005. With Black Sabbath, Ozzy is vocalist on 9 studio albums. An incredible Heavy Metal legacy, Ozzy has forged. When I look upon the successful, highly influential and multi-million unit selling career of Ozzy as a solo artist, I’m aghast that he hasn’t been inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame as such! Of course, Ozzy is in the Rock Hall with Black Sabbath, however, give me a Metal break! Ozzy DESERVES to be in the Rock Hall as a solo artist, right at this moment! Ugh.

Sorry for the detour. Back to The Ultimate Sin album. I refuse to compare this album to the unparalleled Randy Roads era. This was an entirely new era for Ozzy; it would be like comparing Yeungling Lager to Yeungling Lite. I love ‘em both! My favorite songs from this super-fabulous album are: The Ultimate Sin, Never Know Why, Lightning Strikes, Fool Like You and Shot In The Dark. I dig the other songs, of course; only these songs I pointed out still make me feel so damn good! The brilliant Jake E. Lee’s guitar wizardry on The Ultimate Sin is forever out-of-this-world! Whoa.

Ozzy Osbourne - classic logo - yellow red black - #99970

If you’ve never owned The Ultimate Sin, you are a Metal sinner. This is a Heavy Metal classic, to me. An underrated gem within the discography of Ozzy Osbourne. From the album artwork to ALL 9 songs, The Ultimate Sin I shall easily declare, on any given Metal day, as timeless. Metal be thy name. – Stone

The Ultimate Sin - Track Listing: The Ultimate Sin, Secret Loser, Never Know Why, Thank God For The Bomb, Never, Lightning Strikes, Killer Of Giants, Fool Like You, Shot In The Dark


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LITA FORD “The Bitch Is Back… Live” – Album Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Lita Ford - The Bitch Is Back… Live - promo cover pic

5 Out Of 5 Metal Fists!


Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

LITA FORD – It has been quite a Metal treat to realize that the legendary Lita Ford has made quite a Metal comeback, these past several years. With no songs present from her Wicked Wonderland album from 2009, this new live Lita Ford album is 100% classic, Rockin’ and Rollin’, leather boot stompin’ and good-times fun! Every fan of Lita Ford, 80’s Heavy Metal and Classic Rock in the universe must own this album! Yes my Metal brethren, Lita Ford is back!

From her cover of the iconic Elton John’s The Bitch Is Back, to her huge 80’s smash Kiss Me Deadly, Lita Ford and her kick-ass band perform an energetic, contagious and memorable live set of 12 songs, without any silent break in-between to mess things up. Lita Ford’s vocals sound sensational, along with her ultra cool guitar licks! This is seriously a live album that stands out among live Heavy Rock albums, in my Metal opinion; with an enthusiastic throng of Los Angeles fans cheering for every Lita Ford song!

Lita Ford - The Bitch Is Back - Live - promo cd - liner notes pic

Recorded at The Canyon Club in Agoura, California, the overall sound and production is top-tier on this live album. As a bonus, the liner notes kick Metal ass too! A 9 panel fold-out poster is the liner notes, which includes a huge and super cool photo of Lita Ford caught live onstage. The backside of this poster is incredibly loaded with dozens of full-color, live photos of Lita Ford; photos which fans took and contributed for this release! Lita Ford even lists each fan that contributed a live photo of her… and that’s a class act, from a tried and true Heavy Rockin’ class act. Lita Ford has never left the Rockin’ building after all. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Lita Ford - The Bitch Is Back - Live - promo pic - #1 - 2013


Lita Ford – Vocals & Lead Guitar

Mitch Perry – Guitar

Marty O’Brien – Bass

Scot Coogan – drums


Track Listing: The Bitch Is Back, Hungry, Relentless, Living Like A Runaway, Devil In My Head, Back To The Cave, Can’t Catch Me, Out For Blood, Dancing On The Edge, Hate, Close My Eyes Forever, Kiss Me Deadly


* Lita Ford The Bitch Is Back… Live was released back on November 5th, 2013, via Steamhammer / SPV.


* For more info on LITA FORD:

Facebook: Lita Ford



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HAIR I GO AGAIN – MonuMetal Backers Reward Event On Indiegogo, July 25 – Aug 29

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Hair I Go Again - Indiegogo - MonuMetal Event - indiegogo - 2013

From the HAIR I GO AGAIN Facebook Page:

It’s official!

On July 25th we will be launching our Backers Rewards Event on Indiegogo -

We will be offering a number of artist pledged and film related rewards as a thank you to our supporters and backers for pledges made towards the completion of our documentary film, Hair I Go Again.

More details are available via our blog –



HAIR I GO AGAIN - website - promo pic - 2013

As usual, you can help us out greatly by re-posting our content and messages and by directing friends to any of the following links or by posting the link to this event page:



We cannot thank you enough for your support of our lives work.

Stay tuned…

Kyle Kruger


All backers are automatically entered to win this beauty from Legator Guitars

HAIR I GO AGAIN - Legator Guitar - promo banner - indiegogo


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ROUGH CUTT – Reunites For Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2014!

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Rough Cutt - Debut Album - promo cover pic

ROUGH CUTT – Self-Titled Debut Album (1985/Warner Bros.)

As Reported On

Rough Cutt will be reuniting in 2014 for the Monsters of Rock Cruise to be held on March 29th – April 2, 2014!

This a full reunion will all the original members!

Paul Shortino!

Amir Derakh!

Chris “The Count” Hager!

Matt Thorr!

Dave Alford!

Once we have more details we will post.

Monsters Of Rock Cruise - 2014 - promo flyer - #2

Rough Cutt - Classic Band Logo - #1

Rough Cutt - 1980's - Promo Band Card - B&W

ROUGH CUTT – Circa 1985

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QUIET RIOT – Frankie Banali Remembers Late Bassist Kenny Hillary

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Quiet Riot - band promo pic - 1993 - kenny hillary

Left to right: Carlos Cavazo, Kevin DuBrow, Kenny Hillary and Frankie Banali


Legendary classic member & drummer of QUIET RIOT, Frankie Banali, wrote on the QUIET RIOT Facebook, on June 5, 2013:




Quiet Riot - Terrified - 1993 - promo cover pic!



(Band Photo Credit: QUIET RIOT Facebook)

For more info on QUIET RIOT, click on the links below!

Facebook: Quiet Riot

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Rest In Peace, Kenny Hillary.


HELIX – Canadian Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Legends Are: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Helix - Band Logo - large - 4 color

HELIX – It was sometime back around 1983, when I first heard the legendary HELIX on FM radio. I can’t remember which Hartford, Connecticut station that broadcasted (the very cool) show: Metal Shop. This was a pump-you-up block of time devoted to Heavy Metal and back in ’83 it was one of the best gigs in town. I was born and raised in a remote section of Connecticut,  therefore, getting my kicks from Metal Shop (back then) was a natural high that money couldn’t buy.

The first two HELIX songs that I heard on Metal Shop were: Heavy Metal Love and White Lace And Black Leather. Whoa! I knew instantly, upon getting psyched-out-of-my-mind by these two HELIX songs, that a trip to Strawberries Records & Tapes was mandatory. I had to pick up some HELIX. On vinyl. Old School, baby. Back in the day, I rung that HELIX bell and told all that bubble gum shit: go to hell!

My very first HELIX album:

Helix - No Rest For The Wicked - promo cover pic - large - 4 color


It’s now decades later and Strawberries Records & Tapes no longer exists and HELIX does. Thank God. I escaped the extremely expensive Connecticut and now live in Ohio, via Allentown, Pennsylvania. I’m still a Helixaholic and on this Wednesday, May 8th, 2013, I shall declare:



Helix - band promo pic - #1 - 2012


Lead Vocals – Brian Vollmer

Lead Guitars – John Claus

Lead Guitars – Kaleb Duck

Bass Guitars – Daryl Gray

Drums – Greg Fritz Hinz


HELIX was formed in 1974 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The band has 4 gold and platinum albums and has toured the world with over 200 bands. In other words, HELIX has and still kicks some legitimate, Heavy Rockin’ ass.

For more info on HELIX, click on the links below! Whoa!

facebook: Helix

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STRYPER – Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Legends Are: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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STRYPER – When I think of the band that pioneered Christian Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, STRYPER is number one. Across their catalog of seven studio albums, the words melodic and memorable jump out at me; while their 80’s arena style heaviness never seems to grow stale. After listening to STRYPER after all these years, I’m readily admitting that their inspirational lyrics and vibes never sounded so grand!

STRYPER has proven their Heavy Rock relevancy with Murder By Pride (2009) and The Covering (cover song album from 2011). With a newly inked record deal with Frontiers Records, the future looks even more positive for a band that has been Rocking positive energy into their fans souls… for decades strong.

To celebrate STRYPER being Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day, I have compiled a chronological list of ALL the STRYPER features, album reviews and news that has ever appeared on Metal Odyssey. This list of links below begins with the most recent of STRYPER posts. Scroll and click away… and enjoy some STRYPER history! Metal be thy name!


STRYPER – Iconic Christian Rockers STRYPER Sign To FRONTIERS RECORDS For Multi-Album Deal January 15, 2013

STRYPER “Reason For The Season (Rehearsal Sessions 1984)”: Is Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day! December 3, 2012

STRYPER – Two New Tour Dates For South America 2013 October 30, 2012

STRYPER – World Tour 2012: West Greenwich, Rhode Island – Promo Video April 27, 2012

STRYPER ‘Calling On You’ Music Video – A Classic From 1986 March 20, 2012

MASS – To Perform With STRYPER, Memorial Day Weekend! And More Fantastic MASS News! March 16, 2012

Stryper - Group Publicity Pic - #1 - 2012

STRYPER – North American Tour Dates 2012 February 2, 2012

STRYPER ‘Rockin Around The Christmas Tree 2011′ – Music Video December 25, 2011

STRYPER “The Covering” – A Commanding Celebration of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Classics February 4, 2011



My Favorite STRYPER Album Of All Time – “To Hell With The Devil” August 9, 2009

STRYPER – “The Roxx Regime Demos” Is Classic Christian Heavy Metal July 2, 2009

Stryper - Group Promo pic - 2013 - #!


Michael Sweet – Lead Vocals / Guitar

Robert Sweet – Drums

Oz Fox – Guitar / Vocals

Timothy Gaines – Bass/Vocals


For more info on STRYPER, click on the links below!

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MASS – Boston’s Hard & Heavy Rockin’ Legends Are: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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MASS - Curren Group Promo pic - 2011

MASS - To celebrate the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal legends MASS, I’ve decided to pick them as Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day… and… list a complete History Of MASS Coverage On Metal Odyssey! WHOA!

Listed below are the links of ALL the MASS features, interviews and news found on Metal Odyssey, all in chronological order, starting with the most recent. Click away and catch up on some MASS history! Metal be thy name!



MASS – To Rock The House At Maddy’s In Saugus, MA, On February 9th! bigtalkahh Are Special Guests! January 19, 2013

MASS – Donating All Of This Years Download Proceeds Of “A Very Merry X-Mass” To Hurricane Sandy Victims December 2, 2012

MASS – New MASS Album In 2013! First Live Gig Of 2013 > Here’s The Hard Rockin’ Info You Need! December 2, 2012

MASS – To Share The Stage With WINGER On December 8th! November 28, 2012

MASS – Concert Update and Some Cool Live Pics! September 1, 2012

SKID ROW & MASS – Sharing The Stage! This August 26th At Wally’s, Hampton Beach, New Hampshire August 4, 2012

MASS - Classic Logo!

TESLA & MASS – Promo Video For Concert On July 5th, 2012; To Be Held At Casino Ballroom In Hampton Beach, New Hampshire July 1, 2012

MASS – Performing As Special Guests For TESLA On July 5th, 2012! June 4, 2012

CINDERELLA & MASS – Rockin’ Together! June 28th, 2012, In Foxboro, Massachusetts! May 7, 2012

MASS – To Perform With STRYPER, Memorial Day Weekend! And More Fantastic MASS News! March 16, 2012

Louis St. August - Promo Photo 2011

Louis St. August

Louis St. August of MASS – Provides Lead Vocals On ‘Stretch Armstrong’ For ‘Liberty & Justice’ CD ‘Hell Is Coming To Breakfast’ February 16, 2012

Louis St. August of MASS – Nominated For ‘Male Vocalist Of The Year’ In Limelight Magazine Readers’ Poll February 1, 2012

MASS – Louis St. August Interview: Discusses The “Sea Of Black” Album With Metal Odyssey! December 8, 2011

MASS “A VERY MERRY X-MASS” – IS OUT NOW! December 1, 2011

MASS – Louis St. August Interview: Reflecting On The 1985 “Do You Love Me” (Music Video) & “New Birth” Album November 5, 2011

MASS “Voices In The Night” – Revisiting A Hard Rockin’ and Feel Good Album From 1989 August 8, 2011

MASS - Classic RCA Group Promo


Above photos courtesy of Louis St. August.

For more info on MASS, click on the links below!

facebook: Mass

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Frontiers Records is proud to announce the return of melodic hard rockers, Dokken; the band’s 11th studio album, BROKEN BONES, has been confirmed for release on September 21st in Europe and September 25th in North America.

The album will be released in two configurations: standard CD and limited edition CD in digipak with a bonus DVD, which features a comprehensive “Making Of The Album” documentary.

BROKEN BONES is produced by Dokken frontman and namesake, Don Dokken, and is mixed by Bob St. John (Extreme, Duran Duran, Collective Soul) and Wyn Davis (Black Sabbath, Dio, Whitesnake) and mastered by famed engineer Maor Appelbaum (Halford, Yngwie Malmsteen, Sepultura). The new set features a return to the band’s signature sound of catchy melodies, hot riffs and monster production.

Don Dokken commented, “We’ve never had a #1 hit; we’ve just kept touring winning fans over one by one.”  The first single from the album will be “Empire”; click here to check out a sample of the song.  Please see below for the track listing for BROKEN BONES.

Dokken exploded out of the hotbed that was the hard rock and Heavy Metal scene in Los Angeles in the early ‘80s. Such classic albums as TOOTH AND NAIL, UNDER LOCK AND KEY and BACK FOR THE ATTACK were all certified multi-platinum, with songs like “Alone Again,” “Just Got Lucky,” “Into the Fire,” “It’s Not Love” and “Dream Warriors” still being regarded as amongst the genre’s finest. Dokken was one of the first groups to sell a million copies of their DVD “Unchain The Night.”

The group continues to tour the world extensively and has shared the stage with AC/DC, Metallica, Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Kiss, Scorpions, Bon Jovi and many more. To date, the band has sold upwards of 10 million albums worldwide.  The group has been nominated for a Grammy as well as an American Music Award. In 1988, Don was awarded the keys to the city of Los Angeles by Mayor Tom Bradley declaring January 27th as “Dokken Day” for his charity contributions to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

Dokken is: Don Dokken (vocals), Mick Brown (drums), Jon Levin (guitar) and Sean McNabb (bass).

BROKEN BONES Track Listing:

  1. Empire
  2. Broken Bones
  3. Best Of Me
  4. Blind
  5. Waterfall
  6. Victim Of The Crime
  7. Burning Tears
  8. Today
  9. For The Last Time
  10. Fade Away
  11. 11.Tonight

Weblinks:  /


(Source: Frontiers Records)



QUIET RIOT 1996 ‘Greatest Hits’ – Yes, I Bought This CD Today! QUIET RIOT EPK You Must Check Out! WHOA!

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QUIET RIOT – This morning I stumbled upon this Quiet Riot Greatest Hits CD at my local Super Walmart. It was released back in 1996 via Epic / Pasha. This CD cost me $5 (U.S.) and that’s not too shabby. What inspired me most (besides being a QR fan) to buy this CD are the two previously unreleased (live) tracks: Bang Your Head (Metal Health) and Let’s Go Crazy. Within the liner notes, there’s no mention as to where these two live tracks were recorded. That’s a shame.

I already own the Super Hits CD of Quiet Riot. The Super Hits was originally released back in 1999 via Sony Music. (See photos of alternate CD covers below). The only songs that are common between these two CD’s I’m discussing here are: Cum On Feel The Noize, Bang Your Head (Metal Health), Slick Black Cadillac and Mama Weer All Crazee Now.

You know how it is. Being loyal to a (huge) group of bands you grew up with can make you want to own every one of their CD titles that’s out there. The way I operate, I grab the greatest hits titles too; especially if the CD covers are different. I’m probably considered a Heavy Metal CD hoarder. I think I’ve mentioned this once or twice in the past about myself. Life goes on regardless…

I’m quite psyched that I finally bought this Quiet Riot Greatest Hits CD. All these years I’ve never realized two previously unreleased (live) tracks were on it. Yes, both live tracks sound very, very cool. I’ll add that both live tracks don’t sound like the (also very cool) 1983 US Festival tracks.

The Heavy Metal of Quiet Riot has lifted my spirits for decades now… and that is something I can never put a price on. Metal be thy name.

QUIET RIOT Greatest Hits – Track Listing:

Cum On Feel The Noize

Bang Your Head (Metal Health)

Slick Black Cadillac

The Wild & The Young

Mama We’re All Crazy Now - (as it’s spelled on the liner notes)

Party All Night

The Joker

Stay With Me Tonight

Callin’ The Shots

Bang Your Head (Metal Health) (Live)

Let’s Go Crazy (Live)



Here is what the Super Hits CD (the cover version I own) looks like:


Cum On Feel The Noize

Metal Health (Bang Your Head)

Slick Black Cadillac

Mama Weer All Crazee Now

Don’t Wanna Let You Go

Condition Critical

I’m Fallin’

Empty Promises

Don’t Wanna Be Your Fool

Sign Of The Times


Here are 2 alternate covers for the same Quiet Riot Super Hits CD:



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Rest In Peace, Kevin DuBrow.

Rest In Peace, Randy Rhoads.

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JUDAS PRIEST ‘Screaming For Vengeance’ – Special 30th Anniversary Edition (CD/DVD) Releases September 4th, 2012

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JUDAS PRIEST – Back in July of 1982, the eighth studio album, Screaming For Vengeance, from Judas Priest was released. This album was an instant Metal classic. Now, in 2012, this album is iconic. On September 4th, Screaming For Vengeance – Special 30th Anniversary Edition (CD/DVD) will be released via Legacy.

I remember this album being released in ’82 like it was yesterday! I just cannot believe it’s been 30 years though. Screaming For Vengeance is exhibit #1 of what timeless Heavy Metal sounds like. Multi- Platinum and incredibly influential to the world of Metal. I knew back in ’82 that this album was sensational; little did I know that I would look upon it now with such immeasurable Metal reverence. Metal be thy name.


The CD includes 6 bonus tracks, 4 of which are previously unreleased live tracks (Electric Eye, Riding On The Wind, Screaming For Vengeance and You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’), recorded live on September 10, 1982 in San Antonio, Texas on the Screaming For Vengeance Tour.

* Includes Judas Priest’s historic 1983 US Festival performance, available for the first time on DVD.

* Included are never before seen photos and new liner notes written by That Metal Show’s, Eddie Trunk.

Judas Priest, as they appeared on the original 1982 Screaming For Vengeance album:

Rob Halford – vocals

Glenn Tipton – guitar

K.K. Downing – guitar

Ian Hill – bass

Dave Holland – drums


Back on July 28th, 2009, I wrote about how much this Screaming For Vengeance album means to me. You can read all about it, by clicking that cool link below!

Judas Priest “Screaming for Vengeance” Still Screams Metal Today

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Wanna See My Mötley Crüe Button I Bought? It’s Really Cool…

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Mötley Crüe - I recently bought this Mötley Crüe button at an antiques mall. I can’t verify if it’s actually from the early 80’s or not; yet the Too Fast For Love era of this legendary band is obvious from the photo. There are no markings printed on the back or edge of this button either. I’ll have to say, it just looks and feels like it’s from the early to mid 80’s though. I paid $4 (U.S.) for this button. How could I resist?

Over the years (or is that decades) I’ve compiled a dandy collection of Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal buttons. Some I’ve picked up from concerts and others were found in odd places like this Mötley Crüe button. Maybe it’s no longer that odd to find 80’s Heavy Metal items at an antiques mall, for the years surely have moved along rather quickly.

Wait a second! I almost forgot to mention the size of this button: 2 1/8″ in diameter.

Thanks for checking out my Mötley Crüe button. I’m always on the lookout for in-expensive and cool Rock ‘N Roll finds, I just cannot help myself! Metal be thy name.

Mötley Crüe:

Mick Mars – Guitar

Nikki Sixx – Bass

Vince Neil – Vocals

Tommy Lee – Drums


For more info on Mötley Crüe, click on the link below!

Long Live Mötley Crüe.

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KEEL “Larger Than Live” From 1989 – A Vinyl Find I’d Like To Show You…

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KEEL - That’s it at the top! I recently found this 1989 KEEL album, Larger Than Live, at an antiques mall. I paid $4 for it (U.S.). Usually I’ll go to this antiques mall about once a month or so. There are a few record dealers there to visit; typically I can find and (sometimes) buy at least one or two albums on each trip. Condition always is critical with used albums; therefore I find myself passing on many potential purchases.

Passing on buying this KEEL album was not an option for me, on this day. I always listened to KEEL over the years and Ron Keel made quite a comeback with his band too; with 2010’s Streets Of Rock & Roll (Frontiers Records) proving to be an excellent Hard Rock album for my ears. Overall, this album is in excellent shape, both the jacket and vinyl. After all these years, I never owned Larger Than Live. I do own it now… and it’s on vinyl.

KEEL – 1989 Lineup:

Ron Keel – vocals & guitar

Kenny Chaisson – bass guitar & vocals

Dwain Miller – drums, vocals & percussion

Tony “The Kid” Palmucci – lead guitar

Scott Warren – keyboards & vocals

Bryan Jay – lead guitar

Larger Than Live – Track Listing:

Two new live tracks were picked for the album: Hard As Hell (Live) and Private Lies (Live).

The LARGE side represents six new studio tracks.

LARGE (All New):

Evil Wicked Mean & Nasty

Riding High

Die Fighting

Dreams Are Not Enough

So Many Good Ways To Be Bad

Fool For A Pretty Face


Hard As Hell (new)

Rock And Roll Animal

Private Lies (new)

Rock ‘N Roll Outlaw

The Right To Rock

Larger Than Live – (back cover)

Not much to it. The track listing and some liner notes are printed on this back cover.


Some Larger Than Live liner notes:

Larger Than Live was released on Gold Castle Records.

Larger Than Live was produced by Ron Keel with Allen Isaacs.

The LIVE side was recorded during 2 sold out shows at the Roxy in Hollywood by Westwood One Mobile Recording, March 18th, 1989.

The LARGE side was recorded at Sound City, Van Nuys, by Allen Isaacs.


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CINDERELLA & MASS – Rockin’ Together! June 28th, 2012, In Foxboro, Massachusetts!

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Mötley Crüe – 1983 Album “Shout At The Devil” Is Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

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Mötley Crüe - Released back in 1983, on Elektra, the sophomore album Shout At The Devil, from Mötley Crüe, launched them into the Heavy Metal stratosphere and the rest is Mötley Crüe history. What an album then and now. Seriously, when I first heard Shout At The Devil, there wasn’t another band in the land that sounded like Mötley Crüe. From the thickly heavy bass of Nikki Sixx and loud drumming of Tommy Lee, to the riffage fest that Mick Mars was playing; every car at all the hot hangouts and keg fields had this cassette blaring through the speakers back then!

I never took Mötley Crüe for a Hair Metal band until 1985’s Theatre Of Pain. Really. My interpretation of Too Fast For Love and Shout At The Devil was never Hair Metal; then again, that genre tag probably took awhile to hit my old neck of the woods anyhow. Bands were popping up so fast in those early 80’s, with albums being released faster, that I could care in the least about what genre a band was as they were coming out of L.A.; if it looked and sounded like Heavy Metal, then it probably was Heavy Metal. Thrash was Thrash, however. That’s how I approached it all those decades ago.


I remember liking Vince Neil’s vocals from the get-go, thinking that he and Mötley Crüe were taking a cool slice of Punk and mixing it with Heavy Metal. As I compared Shout At The Devil to their debut album, I couldn’t believe this was the same band. The tough-ass attitude and flamboyant personalities of these guys called Mötley Crüe, I really dug as a teenager. Seeing this band live during their heyday was UNBELIEVABLE. Metal be thy name it was.

My three favorite songs from Shout At The Devil are not the obvious: Bastard, Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid and Ten Seconds To Love. I always wished Mötley Crüe made an entire album that had that real heavy and fast sound like Bastard. What a song. Shout At The Devil is my favorite Mötley Crüe album, without question. Strong and incredibly memorable songs, with a heightened potency of sound that continues to lift my Metal spirit in 2012.

Original Shout At The Devil album cover.

I never owned Shout At The Devil on vinyl. I still have my original cassette of Shout At The Devil too. Yes, I did upgrade to CD and the remastered version has four demos and one unreleased track. The demos are a fun listen, they’re raw, lean, and crusty around the edges. They’re demos and they still Rock! The unreleased track I Will Survive is damn right cool, it isn’t as heavy duty as the other songs on the original Shout At The Devil track list. Still, it’s a song that cannot be ignored for it is loaded with memorable rhythm and lyrics.


Shout At The Devil – Track Listing:

In The Beginning

Shout At The Devil

Looks That Kill


God Bless The Children Of The Beast

Helter Skelter

Red Hot

Too Young To Fall In Love

Knock ‘Em Dead, Kid

Ten Seconds To Love


Bonus Tracks On Remastered Version:

Shout At The Devil (Demo)

Looks That Kill (Demo)

Hotter Than Hell (Demo)

I Will Survive (Unreleased Track)

Too Young To Fall In Love (Demo)


Mötley Crüe should be inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Metal. Be. Thy. Name.


For more info on Mötley Crüe, click on the link below:

Mötley Crüe

Long Live Mötley Crüe.


TRIXTER “New Audio Machine” – 100% ROCKS! TRIXTER IS BACK!

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TRIXTER – After reuniting back in 2007, the original lineup of TRIXTER have performed at Rocklahoma (2008) and the 2010 M3 Rock Festival, (to name a couple), therefore they have stayed relevant and in the scene in recent years. The last studio album from New Jersey’s TRIXTER was Hear!, released back in 1992 on MCA Records. It’s been a long time for patient fans of TRIXTER to finally sink their Hard Rockin’ ears into a new studio album from this band… the  wait is over!

New Audio Machine will be released on April 20th (Europe) and April 24th (North America) on Frontiers Records. For longtime fans of TRIXTER, this new album has been well worth the wait! This is the second time this week I will state: Sound the Hard Rock bells of glory, tell your children this story and open the flood gates to AOR & Melodic Hard Rock euphoria! With both the new TYKETTO and TRIXTER albums crossing my path this week, I feel like I’ve hit the Melodic Hard Rock lottery.

(One of) my favorite tracks on New Audio Machine is Physical Attraction. The Arena Rock vibes overflow from this entire album, only Physical Attraction just turns up the psyche-out meter to a combustion level for me. With songs like Get On It and Ride, I fully realize that TRIXTER has tapped into their gold selling past and made certain to make a song that resonates both relevancy and old school Hard Rockin’ glory.

I’m very impressed by each and every song on New Audio Machine. Forget about any “instantly memorable song” here. This entire album is instantly memorable. This new album from TRIXTER should be marketed as a Hard Rock & Good Times Companion. Lead vocalist Peter Loran sounds reborn. The entire band plays like a Hard Rock mission statement that reads: “We shall ROCK your faces off and you shall beg for more!”

Yes, I am begging for more. The all-inclusive Melodic Hard Rock vibes and power that is generated from this album comes across very real to me. Big guitar riffs, leads and solos ablaze throughout this album. Psche-you-out chorus abounds from every turn. A booming rhythm section. An all-encompassing blanket of super-charged Hard Rock bliss is thrown upon me from New Audio Machine.

If you’re a TRIXTER fan, get ready to celebrate or keep that celebration going for this superb comeback album. For other fans of Melodic Hard Rock, Classic Rock and AOR… don’t make the foolish mistake of passing over New Audio Machine. As TRIXTER puts it best: “Rock ‘N Roll will save your soul.” My mission is done here now. The rest is up to you… just remember… TRIXTER IS BACK!!

Metal be thy name.



Peter  Loran– lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Steve Brown– lead guitar, harmonica, backing vocals

P. J. Farley– bass guitar, backing vocals

Mark “Gus” Scott– drums, percussion, backing vocals

New Audio Machine – Track Listing:

Drag Me Down

Get On It

Dirty Love


Live For The Day


Physical Attraction

Tattoos & Misery

The Coolest Thing

Save Your Soul

Walk With A Stranger


For more info on TRIXTER, click on the links below:





SAVATAGE ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’ – Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day

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SAVATAGE – I once owned Hall Of The Mountain King on vinyl. Years later, the vinyl is gone and I have it on CD. Yes, I prefer the vinyl. That’s besides the Metal point though, for Hall Of The Mountain King is such a classic of Metal classics, listening to it on a hissing cassette would still likely be okay by me.

When this album was released back in 1987, I was introduced to the title track first on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. The music video for this song was pretty cool, epic and entertaining, not the run-of-the-mill Heavy Metal video of the time. I found the title track to be undeniably progressive, compared to the Metal that Savatage was known for. This title track grew on me quickly and I ran out and bought the album… I was psyched.

From the artwork of Gary Smith to ALL ten songs, Hall Of The Mountain King had me hooked. I’ll say it again: a classic of classics. I’ll go as far by stating this album is a “top ten favorite of mine for all time” too. The more I listen to Hall Of The Mountain King, the more I love it. Picking a favorite song on this album is not easy for me. Strange Wings and The Price You Pay are two that get “repeat play” more often by me though.

Check out the classic – Hall Of The Mountain King music video below! Whoa!

The vocals of Jon Oliva on these songs are stuff of Metal legend. This amazing vocalist/musician never had to croon, continuously hit eye-popping high notes or try to sound like anyone else to be etched in my Metal senses so solidly. This is Jon Oliva and I swear he is one of the most underrated vocalists of all time, spanning any Rock or Metal genre. Speaking of the band itself: world-class musicians. Period.

The production of Paul O’Neill is superb and he brought in his vision for a future Savatage, one that none of us would have ever expected in our wildest Metal dreams. I remember the first time I listened to Prelude To Madness and I was awestruck. I thought, what is Savatage doing? This is Electric Light Orchestra gone Heavy Metal! It only made me more psyched out of my Metal mind, in part by being a huge fan of Electric Light Orchestra.

The overall sound, feel and vibe of Hall Of The Mountain King could never be duplicated, in my Metal opinion. If I had to recommend a Savatage album to someone unfamiliar with this band’s legacy, Hall Of The Mountain King would be it. My “Metal Pick Of The Day” or any day for that matter. Metal be thy name.


Hall Of The Mountain King – Track Listing:

24 Hrs. Ago

Beyond The Doors Of The Dark


Strange Wings

Prelude To Madness

Hall Of The Mountain King

The Price You Pay

White Witch

Last Dawn



Wanna read about Jon Oliva’s Pain upcoming concert, where they’ll be playing Hall Of The Mountain King live and in all of its Metal glory? Then click that big link below!

JON OLIVA’S PAIN – To Perform & Celebrate SAVATAGE Classic: ‘Hall Of The Mountain King’


Rest In Peace, Criss Oliva.



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