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BLACK SABBATH – Headlining British Summer Time Festival In Hyde Park, London, On July 4th, 2014

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Black Sabbath - Hyde Park - 2014 - concert flyer - Soundgarden

Black Sabbath will be headlining Hyde Park July 4th, 2014! It’s the rock royalty event of the summer, with Soundgarden and other special guests Faith No MoreMotörhead, Soulfly, Wolfmother and many more.

Tickets on sale 9am April 4th here:

Black Sabbath - Tour Dates - 2014 - promo flyer - #80050


* For more info on BLACK SABBATH:

Black Sabbath - Facebook


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Bill Ward - Absence of Corners - promo header - 2013 - #3395

As reported on the Bill Ward Facebook page:

JUST ANNOUNCED: On May 9 & 10, 2014, please join Bill Ward as he showcases and discusses his fine art debut collection “Absence of Corners” at the highly acclaimed, Annapolis Collection Gallery. Located at 55 West Street on Gallery Row in historic Annapolis, this event is free to the public. We kindly ask that you RSVP if you plan to attend this special evening by emailing

Bill Ward - Absence of Corners - promo art gallery flyer - May - 2014____________________________________

* For more info on BILL WARD:

Facebook: Bill Ward



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SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL – Take A Look At The 2014 Lineup Of Bands! Whoa!!

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Sweden Rock Festival - promo flyer - 2014 - #4094


Norjeboke, Blekinge Län, Sweden!

JUNE 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th!




The 2014 edition of SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL looks to be INCREDIBLE! Black Sabbath!! Check out the bands listed below! WHOA! I even see… W.A.S.P, TNT and Ted Nugent in the middle of all those glorious bands! Canned Heat and Foghat are on the bill! Amazing! Great headliners for each day! Heck, Megadeth, Rob Zombie and Emperor are there and they’re not even headlining! WHOA again!

Sweden Rock Festival - band lineups - dates - promo banner - 2014

* Click the link below for ticket info:


* For more info on SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL:

Facebook: Sweden Rock Festival


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MOTION DEVICE And Their Cover Song Of Black Sabbath’s “Heaven And Hell”: Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Motion Device - promo band pic - #11 - 2013

MOTION DEVICE – I was first introduced to Bolton, Ontario, Canada’s Motion Device via twitter earlier this year. We’ll tweet back and forth, like any twitter friends do; only I consider Motion Device more than just twitter buddies. I look upon Motion Device as an inspiration and a burning flame of sincerity, maturity and confidence that I cannot resist embracing from such a devoted and talented young band. The allegiance to Heavy Metal’s pioneers that Motion Device is influenced by, through their songs, makes me very proud.

Lead vocalist Sara Menoudakis is going on 12 years of age and she sings with such a determined and confident manner; that it’s all very impressive to hear. Amazing. Sara’s 15-year-old sister (6 string bassist & keyboardist) Andrea Menoudakis is nothing short of inspirational in her own right; Andrea lives each day of her life with a seizure disorder known as epilepsy, (in the form of absence seizures). Andrea’s musical talents would never reveal this, until it was made known by her and the band. I absolutely love the piano intro and outro that Andrea plays on their cover of Heaven And Hell; it’s a beautiful added touch to such an iconic song.

Motion Device is rounded out by Sara and Andrea’s 13-year-old brother (drummer) David Menoudakis, 19-year-old cousin (electric & acoustic guitarist) Josh Marrocco and 19-year-old family friend (guitarist & bassist) Alex Defrancesco. I honestly see an incredible future for these young and clever musicians. The Metal sky is the limit for Motion Device and I will be cheering heavily for them, as they continue forward on their musical journey. Metal be thy name.

Motion Device, along with their new cover song of Black Sabbath’s Heaven And Hell is:

Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

ronnie james dio - publicity pic - #1 - 2009

Forever In Our METAL Hearts & Souls, Ronnie James Dio.

Motion Device - Rock Revolution - band pic promo banner - 2013

Sara Menoudakis – Lead Singer

David Menoudakis – Drummer

Andrea Menoudakis – Keyboards & Bass

Josh Marrocco – Electric & Acoustic Guitar

Alex Defrancesco – Guitar & Bass

Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell - promo cover pic!

Black Sabbath’s Heaven And Hell was originally released back in 1980, via Warner Bros. Records.


* For More Info On MOTION DEVICE:

Facebook: Motion Device


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Great Metal Albums of 1980: Black Sabbath- Heaven And Hell

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Originally posted on 80smetalman's Blog:


Since the 1980s was the golden age of heavy metal and that golden age began with 1980, I thought what better way to pay tribute to it than to kick things off with an album by one of heavy metal’s founding fathers: Black Sabbath. The thing is however, “Heaven and Hell” isn’t just an album, it’s a iconic album destined to go down in history as one of the greatest of all time.

The main question when this masterpiece was first unleashed back in 1980 was would new lead singer Ronnie James Dio fill the void left by Ozzy Osbourne. The answer to that is a resounding “YES!” Now, I am not going to debate who’s the better of these two vocal Gods. They both have different vocal styles but at the same time, their vocals were suited to the needs of Black Sabbath. Dio’s vocals are truly amazing on…

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BLACK SABBATH “13″ – Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! New Music Videos Streaming Online!

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Black Sabbath - band promo pic - 13 - 2013 - #1

Photo Credit: Black Sabbath Facebook


13 Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day… And…

Receives 4.5 Out Of 5 METAL FISTS!!

Metalfistredbckgrndsmall4Half - Metal Fist - metal odyssey

In case you’ve just gotten back from a trip to Neptune or have been lost in the remote northern woods of Pennsylvania, the iconic Black Sabbath have NEW music videos streaming online! Both songs are taken from their NEW studio album 13. See the links below! Whoa!


This critically acclaimed album, 13, was released on June 11th, 2013 in the U.S. and is an incredible offering of Metal from the founders of our beloved genre. Black Sabbath may be minus the legendary Bill Ward for 13, still, I am overly impressed by the total Sabbathian package of darkness and old school Doom vibes that blanket my senses each time I listen to 13.

As for the production of 13, regardless of any slight fuzz looming about, (which I find old school anyways), the powerful vocals of Ozzy Osbourne coupled with the unparalleled Doom riffage from Tony Iommi transcends any flaws that “some” critics believe to exist. Geezer Butler shines once again as well, proving to me he truly is among the kings of Heavy Metal bassists of both past and present.

Brad Wilk - Black Sabbath - 2013 - promo pic - #13

Brad Wilk (Photo Credit: Black Sabbath Facebook)

I give Brad Wilk so much credit for accepting a challenge to fill the shoes of the legendary Bill Ward. A world-class drummer in his own right, Brad Wilk excels on 13! It’s damn right heroic of Brad’s ability to transform his musicianship to sound so amazingly Sabbath-like. (If any other drummers sat in for the 13 sessions, than I’m not aware of it and please excuse my not being informed).

How much input did Rick Rubin have in mixing and mastering 13 I do not know. I’ll say this much, Rick Rubin surpassed my expectations on 13; due to my anxious thoughts he would turn this album into an overly pasted-together and satin-polished Death Magnetic. 13 sounds much more organic than that, thank God.

Doom Metal was forged and pioneered by Black Sabbath. Stoner Metal spun-off from this iconic band’s Metal atmosphere of sound. 13 is a resounding reminder of just that. This is one Black Sabbath album I never thought would happen and it’s here. Go out and get it and be thankful we still have this band around to make our Metal world that much more prolific.

God isn’t dead; nor is Black Sabbath.

Metal be thy name.


Listen to and watch the music video for God Is Dead by clicking here:

Listen to and watch End Of The Beginning by clicking here:

Get the CD here:

Get the super deluxe box set by clicking here:


Black Sabbath - 13 - promo cover pic - 2013



Ozzy Osbourne – vocals & harmonica

Tony Iommi – guitars

Geezer Butler – bass

Brad Wilk – drums & percussion


For more info on BLACK SABBATH, click on the links below!

Facebook: Black Sabbath

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BLACK SABBATH – Are Cover Story For July 2013 Issue Of Guitar World

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Black Sabbath - Guitar World - July - 2013 - promo

BLACK SABBATH – The July 2013 issue of Guitar World features Black Sabbath’s amazing comeback, and Tony Iommi opens up about his fight with cancer and the struggle to make 13, the group’s new record with Ozzy Osbourne.


Black Sabbath - 13 - promo cover pic - 2013

BLACK SABBATH 13 – Releases June 10th in Europe and June 11th in North America, via Republic Records.


(Source: Guitar World Store)

For more BLACK SABBATH info:

facebook: Black Sabbath

For more GUITAR WORLD info:

facebook: Guitar World

Republic Records:

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BLACK SABBATH – “13″ Cover Art Has Been Revealed… Blah And Yawn Sums It Up Best

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Black Sabbath - 13 - promo cover pic - 2013

BLACK SABBATH – Make no mistake, I am highly anticipating the new studio album to be released from the forever legendary Black Sabbath, just like millions of other fans. I have no  doubt, the Heavy Metal from their forthcoming album 13 will be a delicacy to my Metal loving ears. My huge Metal question is: what the heck happened to the album artwork for 13?

Let’s be real here my fellow Metal brethren. This album artwork for 13 looks like sausage that caught on fire; while sitting too long on the outdoor grill. Give me a Metal break. This album signifies studio album #19 from a band that (quite frankly) began our Heavy Metal genre in the first place… and this is the (not so) prolific art that the fans get to see?

Granted, Black Sabbath have had their share of lineup changes over the decades and studio album #19 is without the legendary Bill Ward on drums; so it’s not like I was expecting a ground-breaking album cover that would rival anything that the ultra-talented Derek Riggs (of Iron Maiden fame) has ever accomplished. Still, I was hoping for something that would scream the prowess of Black Sabbath. Man, this album cover is lame.

It’s bad enough that this new Black Sabbath studio album is missing Bill Ward (or Vinny Appice for that matter); now the album cover is a bust. Um, no offense to Brad Wilk. Someone should have reminded whoever was in charge that the #13 has been so overused in the world of music and Pop-Culture that it basically has no spooky or mystical meaning at all anymore. Whoopie-doo.

Did “the powers that be” that oversaw the creation of this album cover really think that a seasoned Metalhead like myself would be blown away by burning sausage twisted into the #13? Alas, I’m certain that Tony Iommi, Geezer ButlerOzzy and Brad Wilk will save the day and 13 will Rock my face off. It’s the music that matters most. Metal be thy name.


For more info on BLACK SABBATH, click on the links below!

facebook: Black Sabbath

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Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Sunday, May 20th, 2012

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As this weekend embarks on its second half, the yearning for 36 hour days never seems to wane for me. I always feel like I’m catching up on stuff; from yard work, paperwork and paying bills to new Metal album releases. I’m forever guilty of ignoring that golden rule: Don’t sweat the little things. Still, at the beginning and end of every 24 hour day, I am still grateful to be alive!

To anyone who has been kind enough to take the moment from their busy day and visit Metal Odyssey, here are a few Metal and Rock ‘N Roll thoughts that I want to share:

SAXON - This tuesday (May 22nd), in North America, the 2 CD/1 DVD set titled Heavy Metal Thunder – Live - Eagles Over Wacken gets released. I’ll be putting this Saxon release on my Metal want list, there’s no doubt. The price isn’t cheap, then again, there are 2 CD’s and a DVD involved here. Who knows, maybe I’ll find this cool Saxon set sometime in 2017… at an open-air flea market… for 3 dollars.

BLACK SABBATH – As the family feud continues to unfold in the Black Sabbath camp, the latest news is so immature that it’s beyond shocking. Apparently, as its been reported everywhere: vintage and/or recent band photos of Black Sabbath have been placed on the official Black Sabbath website… with Bill Ward cropped out of them! Metal be thy name!

* UPDATE - I guess it’s now being reported, as of mid-day on May 20th, that Bill Ward requested to have his image cropped out of any Black Sabbath group photos, which are shown on the Black Sabbath official website. Whatever. Who cares at this point. This is why I usually don’t write about any band’s soap opera moments. From here on in, I won’t cover any more related news regarding this Black Sabbath story. That’s it. I’m a fan who is fed up. Life is too damn short for me to worry about this nonsense.

Maybe Black Sabbath should just change their band name altogether now? Without Bill Ward, it’s no longer the original Black Sabbath. To assist the Black Sabbath camp in moving forward, here are several sincere and free band name suggestions from Stone:

1. - The Ozzy Trio

2. - Sharon Calls The Shots

3. - Sharon Knows Best

4. – The Osbourne Way

5. - Ozzy & His Band

6. - No Contract For You!

7. - Bill Who?


Is it just me or are the following two album covers kinda similar? Same artist? I don’t know. Same idea? Looks like it. Both layouts are basically identical too. Weird how this sometimes happens. I’ll also add that the Running Wild album cover has a chunk of Voivod influence with the artwork.

Honestly, I’m not that impressed with either of the album cover art below. This is what I used to see being done in my high school graphic arts class… back in 1983. I used to sit through many critiques in art class while in college, so believe me, I know how proud artists can be about their work. I was always proud of my art, regardless the degree of difficulty. However, these two album covers below were not that difficult to create.

Death By Stereo – Black Sheep Of The American Dream

Running Wild – Shadowmaker


Okay! That’s it! My Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts for Sunday, May 20th, have come to a close. I really hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to Metal Odyssey and will come again… and again. Leave a comment! The more comments that are made, the less likelihood that my boss will crop me out of his photographs! Make the most of your day today and watch out for parking lot speed bumps.





TONY IOMMI – Happy Birthday From Metal Odyssey!

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Back on February 19th, 1948, Tony Iommi was born. Tony Iommi turns a young 64 today. Guitar Legend. Founding member of Black Sabbath. Metal Legend. What more can be said about what Tony Iommi has accomplished for the evolution of Heavy Metal? One more thing can be said, however:






Hellfest Open Air Festival 2012 – Black Sabbath Headlining! Lizzy Borden Confirmed!

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Hellfest Open Air Festival 2012 – On June 15th, 16th and 17th of 2012, Hellfest Open Air will take place in Clisson (Loire-Atlantique) France. BLACK SABBATH is headlining! With LYNYRD SKYNYRD and MACHINE HEAD! LAMB OF GODLIZZY BORDEN is confirmed! Take a look below at the beyond incredible assemblage of bands that will be performing at Hellfest Open Air 2012! Well over 60 bands!! Metal be thy name!

* For more info on HELLFEST OPEN AIR 2012, click on link below:

Hellfest Open Air Festival 2012 – facebook





BLACK SABBATH – Confirm European Tour Dates For 2012!

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BLACK SABBATH – On November 11th, 2011, the incredible news broke of BLACK SABBATH reuniting with ground-breaking plans for 2012! A press conference that included Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward and (producer) Rick Rubin confirming the new studio album and world tour was welcomed news to Heavy Metal fans across the globe. Check out below the confirmed BLACK SABBATH tour dates for Europe in 2012! Metal be thy name BLACK SABBATH IS BACK!

BLACK SABBATH – 2012 European Tour Dates:

5/18 Moscow, Russia – Olimpiski

5/20 St. Petersburg, Russia – New Arena

5/23 Helsinki, Finland – Hartwall Arena

5/25 Stockholm, Sweden – Sweden Stadium

5/29 Bergen, Norway – Bergen Calling Festival

5/31 Oslo, Norway – Spektrum

6/2 Malmo, Sweden – Malmo Stadium

6/4 Dortmund, Germany – Westfalenhalle

6/10 Donington, UK – Download Festival

6/12 Rotterdam, Holland – Ahoy

6/15 Bilbao, Spain – Azkena Rock Festival

6/17 Nantes, France – Hellfest

6/19 Paris, France – Bercy

6/22 Dessel, Belgium – Graspop Metal Meeting

6/24 Milan, Italy – Gods of Metal



BLACK SABBATH – Announces Reunion For 2012! Metal Amen!

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On November 11th, 2011 (11-11-11), the ultra legendary BLACK SABBATH announced their reunion for 2012! Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward are back together! Metal Odyssey wants to join in on this historic Metal celebration reporting this epic Metal news! You most likely have heard this fabulous news already or seen the reunion announcement video, regardless, watch it again below and allow the Metal jubilation to cascade upon you! Henry Rollins (Black Flag, Rollins Band) interviews BLACK SABBATH, with their new producer Rick Rubin in attendance as well.

* Above video was uploaded to YouTube by Revolver TV on 11-11-11.







BLACK SABBATH “Cross Purposes” – 1994 Album Revisited, Some Metal Thoughts…

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BLACK SABBATH - On February 8, 1994, Black Sabbath released their seventeenth studio album – Cross Purposes via I.R.S. Records. Of course this is not the original lineup of Black Sabbath heard on this album, with the exceptions of Tony Iommi (guitar) and Geezer Butler (bass). Nor is the late and legendary Ronnie James Dio present here. Tony Martin (vocals), Bobby Rondinelli (drums) and Geoff Nicholls (keyboards) join up with Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler, to make what I consider a formidable Black Sabbath lineup, that created some intense and memorable Heavy Metal with Cross Purposes.

It never bothered me in the least, each time Black Sabbath changed it’s band lineup around. The constant Metal presence of Tony Iommi, with his signature tones and riffs roaring from his Gibson guitar, has given every Black Sabbath album one of it’s mighty trademark sounds regardless of lineup changes. Am I wrong to feel this way? Of course not, it’s my personal Metal opinion. I’m a lifetime Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler fan, so when this album was released I was thrilled to hear them and their new songs. For sake of Metal argument, I’m a fan of every musician and vocalist that Black Sabbath has ever had. I’m guilty of being a fan of the entire Black Sabbath musical tree… Metal be thy name.

Adopting the band name of Heaven & Hell back in 2007 never swayed me to love the music of Black Sabbath anymore than I already do. Legalities over a band’s trademark name like Black Sabbath certainly surrounded around money, more than it did anything else… that’s understandable and completely logical. So, if one can get past the fact that Black Sabbath was an interchangeable band from 1983 through 1995, (counting the classic Ronnie James Dio aka Heaven & Hell lineup with 1992′s Dehumanizer in the mix), then one can focus on the music and appreciate what Tony Iommi and his Black Sabbath band(s) have truly accomplished with Heavy Metal.

Check out below, the black & white promo music video for Black SabbathThe Hand That Rocks The Cradle, which was released back in 1994:

Cross Purposes was released in 1994, a time when the Grunge explosion was beginning to lose some steam. It seems (at times) that the 90′s decade gets a bum rap on Heavy Metal releases, only I beg to differ. Heavy Metal was alive and well during the 90′s, only it was not covered by the mainstream or held the arena and stadium limelight compared to those colorful 80′s. Truth be told, it’s like that now, only Heavy Metal is considered “the comeback kid” by some, where I consider this genre’s perseverance to be the result of it’s loyal fan base, along with relentless and exceptionally talented bands that never say die. Cross Purposes was an album that surprised me then, with it’s completeness resulting in being a quality album and it still entertains me now with it’s Old School heaviness.

Cross Purposes has that Sabbath doom vibe sprinkled all over the top of the songs, with the main incubus to this dark sound being Tony Iommi himself. Yes, Geezer Butler is evident in his playing on this album. That Geezer Butler was on this album alongside Tony Iommi, makes a world of difference in capturing that Sabbath vibe. Tony Martin (along with Ray Gillen) may very well be the most unsung lead vocalists from any of the Black Sabbath lineups. I really admire Tony Martin’s vocals, they are of the Classic or Old School era that fits right into what Ian Gillan and Glenn Hughes have done with this same band. (Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio are the two untouchables who’ve fronted Black Sabbath, in my Metal opinion). This is herculean company to be in, Tony Martin can look back and realize he was part of a family line of not just talented vocalists for Black Sabbath, they all are immeasurably historic to Rock Music itself.

Geoff Nicholls always has added that impending and dark atmosphere for Black Sabbath with his keyboards. It’s no different on Cross Purposes, with atmosphere playing a key role in making this album spill over with once again… that Sabbath vibe. Tony Iommi was and forever will be the “Riff King” to my ears, Cross Purposes is potently stocked with his patented riffs. Cross Of Thorns is the song I’ll point out as my favorite on this album, with all of it’s Sabbath glory exploding from it’s dark sound and slow to mid-paced tempo. I can confidently say there isn’t a song on Cross Purposes that is fast forward material. Cross Purposes is an album worth checking out and getting familiar with if you already haven’t. Sure, this album is not the greatest Black Sabbath album ever recorded, still it is a legitimate offering of Heavy Metal, played by an excellent group of musicians, from a decade that supposedly squashed our beloved genre.

Track Listing For Cross Purposes:

I Witness

Cross Of Thorns


Virtual Death

Immaculate Deception

Dying For Love

Back To Eden

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Cardinal Sin

Evil Eye



BLACK SABBATH “Live Evil” – Some Metal Reflections On This 1982 Live Classic…

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BLACK SABBATH – Released back in December of 1982, on Warner Bros. Records, Live Evil was the first “official” live Black Sabbath album. (Live At Last was released around 1980 and was not sanctioned by Black Sabbath. I picked up Live At Last on CD years ago, ditching my cassette version, sometime in the early 90′s). When Live Evil hit the store shelves, (which was a Caldor department store for me), it was like knowing something special was waiting for my ears… this was Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio and it was live.

The double gatefold album jacket was something else for my eyes all those years ago. So many of the songs characters, from the Black Sabbath catalog, finally came to life, on one album cover. I remember adhering to this Black Sabbath lineup, with Ronnie James Dio, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice as being almost sinister, yet so alluring, due to the dark themes heard on the Heaven And Hell and the Mob Rules albums.

There was this extra special mystique happening with this Live Evil album… as it came across to me, upon my first few listens to this album. I still feel this way to this day. Live Evil seemed to emit a certain Metal mystique that only the Heaven And Hell and Mob Rules albums bestowed before it. As Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale and I have discussed over the years, this Live Evil album just seems to ignite with atmospheric waves of mysticity. At least we both know what each other means, in describing this overwhelming vibe that comes across to both our senses.

Since the first time I listened to Live Evil until this very day, the atmosphere of sound that this live album projects makes me feel like I am actually there, witnessing this Black Sabbath lineup jamming out their songs. No, I don’t feel as if I’m front row and center stage either… it’s as if I’m hovering around the outskirts of the crowd, all the while taking in each moment these songs provide. I envision a really dark arena that Black Sabbath performs in too. This may sound crazy to some, only it’s just the way I hear this Live Evil album, especially when I close my eyes and drift off to this highly underrated, live Metal classic.

I no longer have the double vinyl of Live Evil, the double CD I received as a gift from Scott Coverdale, some years ago. Sometimes it’s not all about reviewing an album based on “the standard formula”. There are those times, where I want to reveal just how an album affects me or reacts to me, on a personal level. Live Evil just makes me realize I’m listening to real Metal again… as the songs play, my mind then wanders off to those days of yesteryear, of waiting to catch my ride to a keg party in the woods… as I stand outside in the cold New England snow.

Long Live The Metal Mystique Of Black Sabbath… and Live Evil.


IRON MAIDEN “The Number Of The Beast” – Metal Excellence From 1982 Is Never Forgotten

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IRON MAIDEN – Just the album cover art with Eddie descending upon the devil is Metal excellence. Derek Riggs was the real deal in creating Iron Maiden album covers… no one else comes even close in my Metal opinion. Getting past the album cover art from The Number Of The Beast and diving into the songs is like a parallel journey of the Metal senses. This is an album, where the cover art represents the songs heard within to brilliant perfection. Invaders, The Number Of The Beast, Run To The Hills, Hallowed Be Thy Name and Children Of The Damned are songs that I can listen to and instantly have this album cover art imbedded in my minds eye. Every song on this ultra-incredible Iron Maiden album does this to me for argument sakes.

This album cover art for The Number Of The Beast has never lost it’s awestruck affect on me, nor have the songs. I toil away, within my own thoughts, as to which album is the “greatest” Heavy Metal album ever… almost on a daily basis. I chose the Black Sabbath classic, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath from 1973, some years ago and have stuck to it since, as being the “greatest” Heavy Metal album ever. Of course this is a “personal” choice of mine and it may change one day… so is the life of being a devout Metalhead, I guess. What gets at me though, is every time I listen to The Number Of The Beast, I feel as this album can very well be considered “the greatest” Heavy Metal album ever. Metal be thy name.

I have always looked upon the first six Iron Maiden albums as being my personal favorites. Convict me of being “Old School”… only I’m not crying in any damned beer about it. God forbid If I remember which albums are the true “classics” of the Heavy Metal genre. To embrace Iron Maiden’s The Final Frontier as the way it “should be” and totally disregard the true essence of this legendary band’s Metal identity of style and sound would make me a phony fan. The Number Of The Beast is an unforgettable Heavy Metal album for me, due to it’s dark themes and 100% dark sound, feel and vibe. The Final Frontier is a new album from Iron Maiden, while The Number Of The Beast is a pulsating highlight of this bands career.

The Number Of The Beast would be the last studio album that has Clive Burr sitting behind the drums. Yes, Iron Maiden did have another drummer… and he was pretty damn good too. Clive Burr was the drummer on the first two Iron Maiden albums as well: Iron Maiden and Killers. This album is also the first that showcases the uncannily soaring vocals of Bruce Dickinson. I look upon The Number Of The Beast as one of the keys that unlocked the door to Metal for me, introducing me to a darker side of Metal when it came to lyrics, as well as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal – (NWOBHM).

The Number Of The Beast was released back in March of 1982, while Screaming For Vengeance by Judas Priest was released in July of the same year. Suffice to say, I realized quickly that these British Heavy Metal Bands were very serious about their Metal back then… and still are. The mood that The Number Of The Beast radiates is untouchable by any other band, a mood so unique that it seems to zero in on my sub-conscious and touches off a feeling of eerie psyche-outness.

Hallowed Be Thy Name is my favorite song on this album, very haunting and desolate are the lyrics. Waiting for your time to die by hanging is as depressingly creepy as you can get with lyrics, only Iron Maiden makes this song seem almost inspiring through it’s melodic Metal… thanks to Dave Murray and Adrian Smith on guitars. Steve Harris on bass even makes the rhythmic melody escalate on this classic Metal song.

On these earlier Iron Maiden albums, especially The Number Of The Beast, the sound coming from Steve Harris’s bass is unlike anything I had ever heard before, almost like Steve Harris was a lead guitarist playing bass. Steve Harris brought to my attention as a young lad, that the bass guitar was just as magical as the guitar to my Metal sponges otherwise known as ears. The atmosphere that Steve Harris created with his bass along with Dave and Adrian’s duo guitars throughout the songs on The Number Of The Beast is what gives this album and band their Metal trademark, in my Metal opinion.

Even as a young lad, I never interpreted Iron Maiden to be a Satanic band due to this or any album they created before it. I was into Creature Feature on Saturday mornings and I never thought of Boris KarloffBéla Lugosi or Lon Chaney Sr. or Jr. to be Satanists either. I’ve always left the Satanic finger pointing to the self-righteous Phd’s and scholars, that try to tell the human race how to live. Metal be thy name.

Any band of any Rock genre can tweak or change their entire approach, in how they want to sound or write music. The one constant that can never change is which album or albums that any respective band created that are considered to be measuring sticks of a particular Metal era… and looked upon as classics. The Number Of The Beast is one such classic, from an era when Heavy Metal was not just being molded into form, Heavy Metal was breathing a new found life into a generation of fans that are undisputedly loyal to this very moment. I’m one of them… and The Number Of The Beast shall continue to breathe it’s tantalizing, Old School and macabre teetering spell on me till the end of days.

This is one Iron Maiden album I still have the vinyl copy of… still in unreal great condition too. I without question, upgraded this classic to CD years ago as well. No, I don’t have a cassette version, yet if I find one I’d probably buy it, just to play in my good ‘ol Ford Taurus. The Number Of The Beast has become, over the decades, not just a required album to own if you are a Metalhead… this Iron Maiden album could easily be described as an absolute and necessary appendage to thine Metal senses. This is my Metal opinion, so let it be Metal written, so let it be Metal done.

* For more info on IRON MAIDEN, just click this link: IRON MAIDEN

IRON MAIDEN as they appeared on The Number Of The Beast:

Bruce Dickinson – lead vocals

Steve Harris – bass

Dave Murray – guitar

Adrian Smith – guitar

Clive Burr – drums

Original 1982 Track Listing For The Number Of The Beast:


Children Of The Damned

The Prisoner

22 Acacia Avenue

The Number Of The Beast

Run To The Hills


Hallowed Be Thy Name

* On May 9, 2009, I posted why I feel Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is the “Greatest Heavy Metal Album of All Time”. Just click the large header below to read it… if you like.

The greatest Heavy Metal album of all time is…

* On December 6, 2009, I posted about my antique store find… the picture disc of IRON MAIDEN – Run To The Hills. The B side is the song – Total Eclipse, which did not appear on The Number Of The Beast in 1982. Total Eclipse later appeared on the 1995 CD reissue of The Number Of The Beast. You can read more about this fantastic picture disc I found, with photos of it, by clicking the oversized header below:





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GLENN HUGHES - “The Voice of Rock”. Metal Odyssey extends a loud Happy Birthday to vocal and music legend Glenn Hughes! On August 21, 1952, Glenn Hughes was born. Glenn turns a Rockin’ 58 years old today! Glenn Hughes has been the lead vocalist for both Deep Purple and Black Sabbath during his unreal legendary music career. Those are two bands that paved the road for Hard Rock and Heavy Metal as we all know, listen to and love it today.

In 2010, Glenn is Rockin’ better than ever with his new band – Black Country Communion, which also features Jason Bonham on drums. Glenn Hughes can easily be considered as one of the all-time greatest singers in Rock history… in my Metal opinion, Metal be thy name.

The genres of music that Glenn Hughes has performed, as both a vocalist and musician, coupled with being a songwriter and producer, are many… Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues, Funk and Soul to name quite a few. To say Glenn Hughes is a diverse vocalist and musician is an understatement. Glenn Hughes belongs in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, his contributions and talent stand alone, as he has stood the test of time.

* For more info on Glenn Hughes, visit his “official website” by clicking the link below:

GLENN HUGHES – Official Website

* For more info on Black Country Communion, just click the cool link below:

Black Country Communion – Official Website

Black Country Communion will be released on September 21, 2010, on J&R Adventures.

* Pictured at the top of this post, is the album cover for: Glenn Hughes – Feel, which was released in 1995 on SPV.

Here are just a few albums, where Glenn Hughes is featured on, that are lifetime favorites of mine:

Black Sabbath – Seventh Star (1986)

Glenn Hughes – lead vocalist

Deep Purple – Burn (1974)

Glenn Hughes – bass & vocals

IOMMI With Glenn Hughes – The 1996 Dep Sessions (2004)

Glenn Hughes – lead vocalist & bass

On October 20, 2009, I reviewed this IOMMI With Glenn Hughes album. You can read all about it by clicking the oversized link below:





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RONNIE JAMES DIO – The prolific and ultra legendary lead singer for bands: Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, DIO and currently Heaven & Hell. A Heavy Metal warrior is Ronnie James Dio… in my Metal opinion. I grew up following Ronnie James Dio, as countless other Old School Metal fans did as well. Without question, the Heaven And Hell and Mob Rules albums from the Dio fronted Black Sabbath are Heavy Metal benchmarks, never to be duplicated and only to be revered. Thanks to these two albums, 1980 and 1981 were a time when Heavy Metal shed away any identity crisis and made a lasting mark on the world. Ronnie James Dio, through his vocals and lyrics, gave Heavy Metal a new found darkness that I couldn’t resist, from Man On The Silver Mountain to Lady Evil to Mystery.

A new DIO album always incited the Heavy Metal psyche within me… the anticipation of hearing Dio’s vocals once again, on all new songs. I could probably carry on for another five thousand words, explaining just how personally important Dio’s vocals and lyrics have meant to me, throughout the decades. As the years have gone by, I never have taken for granted any of my favorite bands or musicians. I couldn’t think of it. I always feel lucky when I get to see a band I like, live and onstage. Seeing DIO years ago at The New Haven Coliseum was a Metal thrill, (seeing Savatage and Megadeth open up for DIO made it a triple Metal thrill too). Best Metal Buddy Scott and friend Rob should remember that evening… they left me stranded in a dark, cold and foreboding New Haven alley while I was taking a leak, after the concert. Gee Metal whiz… no pun intended. I found my way home though… fellow Metalheads are always eager to lend aid to one another in time of need.

There isn’t a week that goes by, where I don’t listen to part of or a whole album that Ronnie James Dio is lead singer on. It’s just been that way… and I hope it never stops.

What makes Ronnie James Dio so special is his ability to connect through song… his lyrics come to life if you let your Metal mind wander. Plus, Ronnie James Dio is a fighter… that’s what being a Metalhead is and always will be about.

I always and forever will love the DIO album – The Last In Line, (from 1984), especially the title track. Yes, the video for The Last In Line may have been outdone over the years with newfound special effects and video technology… still, this music video brings back some very cool Metal memories for me. I hope you enjoy this unreal great DIO song as much as I do… if so, crank it up LOUD and raise the horns to the air!




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In striving to make the world a better place, by spreading the blissful two words of Heavy Metal (and any and all Extreme Music), here is a cool list of Greatest Hits CD’s from some very worthy bands and musicians. This list may quite possibly trigger a mad dash to itunes or your nearest record/CD store upon your review. Greatest Hits or Best Of CD’s are sometimes the perfect fix if you do not have any of the respective band’s albums/CD’s already. If you are like me, (a collector and sometimes over excited fan), you may like some or many bands so much, you just need to own everything that is available by such bands, including Greatest Hits. If this list of incredible Greatest Hits CD’s recruits even one new fan to the Heavy/Extreme Music genres, then I have done a fine Metal deed. Please note, I own each Greatest Hits or so named CD on this list… I could never recommend an album/CD without listening to it’s entirety and/or having ownership of. Integrity in Heavy Metal Music recommendations is an ethical must.

The Best Of Ted NugentGreat Gonzos! – Absolutely a Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal fusion with The Motor City Madman. Cat Scratch Fever, Stranglehold, Wango Tango, Free For All and Dog Eat Dog are late 1970′s into early 1980′s FM radio Classics. Old School and not a lick here that isn’t memorable for Metal life. Plus, the reissue has 3 bonus tracks too.

IRON MAIDEN – Somewhere Back In Time/The Best Of 1980 – 1989 - An undeniably great assortment of Iron Maiden classics, spanning the unreal Metal ’80′s. 2 Minutes To Midnight and The Trooper are enough to get me psyched out of my Metal mind for at least an hour. In my Metal opinion, Iron Maiden could have/should have released a 2 – disc greatest hits, they have that many incredible songs in their Metal catalog. Yes they do.

Jimi Hendrix - Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix - A Hard Rock evolving into Heavy Metal history lesson is heard here on this album. This album of Jimi Hendrix songs are beyond great… their damn sacred. Purple Haze, The Wind Cries Mary, Hey Joe, Foxy Lady, All Along The Watchtower and the Rock historical – Star Spangled Banner… c’mon, these songs are the Metal building blocks of every Heavy Metal and/or Hard Rock genre out there today. 20 songs total on this masterful collection, not a must have… a no brainer must own.

DIO – The Very Beast Of DIORonnie James Dio is a living Metal legend. His vocals for me, are the epitome of what Heavy Metal singing is all about. Dio’s solo career takes center stage on this amazing collection of greatest hits. Holy Diver, Rainbow In The Dark, Rock and Roll Children, Mystery and The Last In Line are DIO songs that pack the same potent Metal punch to my ears and senses… as they did back in the 1980′s. 16 songs total on this DIO disc. Metal masterpieces only sound better with age.

Black Sabbath – The Dio Years - I find this collection of Black Sabbath songs to be uncannily irresistible. These are the Black Sabbath songs from the Ronnie James Dio era, with the Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, Live Evil and Dehumanizer albums all represented. This same Black Sabbath lineup may be called Heaven and Hell in 2009, yet does it really matter? Their still Black Sabbath to me.

Twisted Sister – Big Hits and Nasty Cuts – Dee Snider made Heavy Metal all the more visible on MTV with the Twisted Sister video We’re Not Gonna Take It, back in 1984. This Twisted Sister greatest hits album is loaded with 6 live bonus tracks as well. This is another band that could easily fill up more than one disc of great songs from their Heavy Metal catalog. Under The Blade and The Kids Are Back are my two favorites on this one.

KISS – Double Platinum – I have proudly owned this album since it’s release back in 1978. I was in seventh grade back then and this was my very first KISS album. My Double Platinum album is still in beautiful condition too. A 2 record set, opening up as a gatefold, this album also included a platinum record certificate to the fan who purchased it. (I wish I kept this piece of KISS memorabilia, it was just made of paper and it hung on my bedroom wall for several years, when I was a kid of course). The important thing is I still have Double Platinum on vinyl… plus I upgraded Double Platinum by buying the CD many years ago too. (It is not a double CD, all the songs are on just one… I don’t know if this ever changed over to a double CD over the years). Just about every important and cool KISS song from the 1970′s is on Double Platinum, with Hard Luck Woman and Calling Dr. Love being my two vintage KISS favorites.

Queensryche - Sign of the Times, The Best Of QueensrycheBuying this CD suited me well since many of my Queensryche “albums” were purchased on cassette years ago. Queensryche has always been a favorite of mine, a high powered – progressive Metal Band that crossed over into Rock and Hard Rock too. Musical diversity is no stranger to Queensryche. My two favorites are Queen of the Reich and Jet City Woman. Yes, those two songs are tops on my list.

Alice Cooper – Alice Coopers Greatest Hits – This album was released back in 1974, it is the Greatest Hits of Alice Cooper (The Band). Man, this is Old School Heavy Metal. Sure, some may argue it is comprised of Old School Hard Rock as well… that is fine by me. The Metal bottom line is this: Alice Cooper (The Band), was just as much as important to the creation of Heavy Metal as any other band of their time or before them. That is my Metal opinion and I have to tell it to the world. Oh, yeah, my favorite songs from this Greatest Hits are – No More Mr. Nice Guy, Under My Wheels and well, just every song on this Greatest Hits is great.

Motorhead – The Best Of Motorhead - This is one great and comprehensive double disc, greatest hits of Motorhead. I bought this Motorhead disc due to my needing any and all of their releases, regardless if I already have the songs. This Best Of was released in 2000, with two live bonus tracks included. There are 40 songs total on this double disc Motorhead bounty! Also found on The Best Of Motorhead are: Hawkwind playing Motorhead, Girlschool covers Bomber and Headgirl covering Please Don’t Touch. The history of Motorhead is covered up to the year 2000, from Ace of Spades to the Motorhead cover version of God Save The Queen. Plus, my favorite Motorhead song of all time is on here too – Killed By Death, from the No Remorse (Greatest Hits album). Long live Lemmy and Motorhead.

I could go on and on with this list of Heavy Metal Greatest Hits CD’s worth owning. Showing and quipping about some of the Greatest Hits CD’s I own, can maybe help out someone who is on the fence about one of these bands or musicians. These CD’s above are all consistently listened to by me, they are perfect for when I’m in the mood to hear the choice songs from these bands/musicians. As Dee Snider has sung, with Heavy Metal pride: You can’t stop Rock and Roll!


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Black Sabbath "Born Again"Back on October 4, 1983, Black Sabbath released their eleventh studio album – Born Again. I was serving time in high school as a senior in 1983, I also became a born again Metalhead that same year, thanks to this most underrated Black Sabbath album. I am not kidding or trying to sound like a yahoo by stating that. Born Again was a match made in Metal heaven for me… the prolific vocals of Ian Gillan uniting with the ultra legendary Black Sabbath. I have to admit, with Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio not fronting Black Sabbath, it was common place for professionally paid Rock Music critics to easily overlook the other lead singers this Rock And Roll Hall of Fame band has bestowed over the decades. I never overlooked a damned thing Black Sabbath had done, especially when they joined forces with Ian Gillan. From the front album cover artwork of the demon baby, to the down right eerie and chilling Metal Music heard on Born Again, this album is a must listen and own in Metal Music 101.

When I first listened to Born Again, back in good ol’ 1983, the synthetic instrumentals of Stonehenge and The Dark left a Metal imprint on my subconscious like none other… all I could think back then and now is this is the soundtrack of doom… all hail Black Sabbath. The guitar riffs, leads and solo on Zero The Hero sound as if I am listening to a descent to the darkest depths of inner Earth… I love that descent. Trashed is not just an amazing song lyrically, this is an early introduction of Heavy Metal making the transition to pure… Metal. Comparing Born Again to other Heavy Metal albums of that time is what separates the Heavy Metal label from Black Sabbath, thus anointing this iconic band to true masters of Metal Music.

The Metal of Born Again is not Thrash, yet it is not Accept, Quiet Riot or Saxon of that time period either. With Born Again, a black album was unintentionally or intentionally created, (both with album artwork and the Metal Music within), while Black Metal itself was simultaneously being born into a genre, courtesy of Venom, Bathory and Hellhammer . I can’t compare this Black Sabbath album to their earlier albums with Ozzy. Nor can I make a comparison of Born Again to the Dio led Black Sabbath either. The song Born Again alone is a study in just how far Tony Iommi would go in making a unique Black Sabbath album, one that would stand apart from the entire Black Sabbath catalog… forever. Listening to Ian Gillan’s vocals on this song honestly takes my Metal breathe away. Ian Gillan is beyond unreal great on Born Again – all one needs to do is open their Metal mind to the song Hot Line and thou shall understand and realize why. Seriously, the vocals of Ian Gillan on Hot Line makes me imagine what life would have been like for this Metalhead, if more Black Sabbath albums were created with his legendary voice. I guess it is obvious by now, that I revere Ian Gillan.

Digital Bitch may have been the most popular song from Born Again, the song that advertised their Born Again Tour on FM Radio back in 1983-84. Despite the fondness that commercial FM radio had for this song, it blazed with Metal fury like no other song back then. Disturbing The Priest, this song title alone made for my own personal battle cry for serving eight long years of time – in a parochial school. Trust me on that one. In Metal hindsight, maybe the professionally paid Rock Music critics of the world were never ready for the dark Metal Music that Born Again was about. This was not the Deep Purple version of Ian Gillan, nor was this the Children of the Sea version of Black Sabbath. Keep It Warm actually grounded this Born Again album, keeping it from being a non-stop onslaught of apocalyptic, melancholy and dark sided themes.

In a Metal nutshell, this Born Again album was forged by the union of Ian Gillan joining the legends of Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill ward. This version of Black Sabbath has suffered through too many years of comparisons to the Ozzy and Dio fronted bands of the same name. All too often, the ignorance of professionally paid Rock Music critics can water down the integrity of a great album from an elite band. Such is the case here with this incredible Born Again album from Black Sabbath. I never saw this Black Sabbath lineup as anything other than Black Sabbath, only with a different lead singer in Ian Gillan who rose to the Metal occasion with unparalleled pipes.

Over the years it has been amusing to me, to even read that Ian Gillan himself was never satisfied, actually displeased, with the music and demon baby artwork of Born Again. (The liner notes of this Born Again CD detail this, as written by writer Hugh Gilmour). If only Ian Gillan knew, just how much this Born Again album has meant to me, as a lifetime fan of his prominent vocals. Black Sabbath fans who appreciate the music created by Tony Iommi, (guitar), Geezer Butler, (bass) and Bill Ward, (drums), know that the Ozzy, Dio and Ian Gillan versions of this band carry their own Metal identity that captivates with it’s own powerful mystique. Born Again by Black Sabbath is more than a vintage Metal album that I recommend, it is a vintage Metal necessity, that should be embraced and heralded as an important contribution and moment – to the history of Metal Music.

To my best Metal buddy Scott… thank you for buying me this hard to find CD. Having owned a copy of Born Again on cassette, spanning three decades, deserved a righteous Metal upgrade. I truly wish I kept the vinyl album of Born Again that once was in my collection.

Black Sabbath "Born Again"


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