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OUT NOW: Kelowna Death Metal Architects GOMORRAH Unleash ‘The Haruspex’ Via Test Your Metal Records

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Gomorrah - promo band pic - 2016 - #MO33ILMFD099

  L-R: Gomorrah Current Line Up | Jeff Bryan (Vocals) | Bowen Matheson (Guitars) Photo Credit – Sheldon Dent

Gomorrah - The Haruspex - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #MO3399003DILMF

Track Listing: The Haruspex
1. Imperial (1:55)
2. Nine Kings of Sulphur (3:17)
3. Carcosa (2:31)
4. Dismantling The Throne (2:59)
5. Sitra Achra (3:51)
6. Crowns of Flesh (3:50)
7. Cerulean (3:05)
8. Venom and Rapture (4:14)
9. Architects (1:33)
10. The Mark of Veritas (3:40)
Album Length: 30:59


Kelowna, BC’s leading Death Metal architects GOMORRAH are proud to unleash their latest album ‘The Haruspex’ out now as of Jan 15, 2016 via Test Your Metal Records,to follow-up their 2013 debut album ‘Perception’. The album is now streaming in full and available digitally plus on CD along with a BastionXGomorrah collaboration long-sleeve T-shirt. To get your copy and listen to the brutality of ‘The Haruspex’, please visit the following link:

Guitarist Bowen Matheson comments on the album:

“Jeff Bryan and I recorded the album at my home here in the Okanagan Valley, and we did the absolute majority of the writing in the pre-production and production stages. So much of the material had existed from several years ago, but was completely overhauled and reworked several times to end up in these tracks. We weren’t afraid to try things out and work over several revisions, or to take our hands off of a few of the songs that we felt very comfortable with after only the first revision. Jeff wrote the lyrics for the tracks in less than two months, and a lot of them were written and finalized in the vocal tracking stage, in front of the microphone.

We weren’t afraid to enable our music with production techniques. Many reviews have figured that we used samples or synthesizers in the songs, however the reality is that all of these droning noises, stutters, and otherwise ‘industrial’ sounds are actually either electric guitar or bass guitar, and abusing these instruments in front of their amplifiers with only two guitar effect pedals. The rest of these noises you hear are the interaction with the instrument and their environment.

We then delivered all of the tracks to Stuart McKillop of Rain City Recorders for mixing, and he blew us away. It didn’t take him long at all to catch onto what we were going for, and his consistency from one track to the next brought the tracks to the highest musical apex they could reach. Brad Boatright of Audiosiege handled the mastering, and he made certain that the product was of the outstanding final production quality for us. Brad has really yielded an outstanding quality for so many other abrasive sub-genres of metal and hardcore and he delivered that exact pinnacle of quality for us on this record as well.” – Bowen Matheson

In addition to the release of ‘The Haruspex’, GOMORRAH will be hosting CD release show in Vancouver, BC on February 27th @ 333 Clark with support from AngelMaker, Wormwitch, Atrous Leviathan and Vermin. Full event details can be found here.

Gomorrah - record release show - february 27 - 2016 - promo flyer - #MO99009


GOMORRAH, originally formed in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia as a Black Metal outfit in 2006, has now grown into an assaulting Death Metal band – ready to unleash their boundary-pushing extreme sound on their second full-length album. The forthcoming album ‘The Haruspex’ was released on January 15, 2016 on Canadian label Test Your Metal Records.

“We have stepped up the quality of everything: the pre production, writing, structuring, lyrics, performances, mix and master have all been improved. The combination of those improvements translates to a major difference between our previous recordings, and the single “A Disaster’s Nightmare” – as well as our forthcoming full-length ‘The Haruspex’. Improvement, through effort and time.” Comments guitarist Bowen Matheson.

Their name is associated with a historical reference to a city mentioned in the Book of Genesis, the Torah and the New Testament. The band’s music conveys a claustrophobic animosity, through punishing guitar work, high-speed drumming, and guttural vocals. The lyrics provide an accessible gateway into the stories told in each song.

GOMORRAH has shared the stage with Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Archspire, Ancients, Striker, Origin, Beyond Creation, King Parrot, Ninjaspy, KenMode, Bison BC, The Agonist, Fuck The Facts, The Order of Chaos, Slumlord, and Fall City Fall.


Gomorrah Links: Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp


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CASKET ROBBERY – ‘Evolution Of Evil’ Coming In March On Mortal Music / Official Video Released

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Casket Robbery - Evolution Of Evil - promo album cover pic - 2016 -#MO330099ILMFD

Madison, Wisconsin Death Metallers CASKET ROBBERY will release its full-length debut album Evolution of Evil March 4 on Mortal Music. CASKET ROBBERY is an up and coming Death Metal band created by the minds of Cory Scheider (LUNA MORTIS, EPICUREAN, ECHOTERRA) and Dustin Foesch.

New Noise Magazine has premiered the official video for the album’s opening track, “Annibelle’s Hell,” which can be viewed at this location.

Metal evokes deep emotions from elation to introspection to revulsion On the long-awaited follow-up to the band’s 2011 self-titled EP, CASKET ROBBERY runs the gamut, all the while burrowing its titanic sound deep into one’s psyche. The songs are at once pulverizing and memorable. Evolution of Evil is nothing short of pulse-pounding, unrelenting, and brutally catchy Death Metal.

Indeed, the undeniable grooves and hooks coupled with conceptual lyrics make CASKET ROBBERY the Death Metal band to watch in 2016.  Take a deep breath. Your unrelenting nightmare has just begun. Highly recommended for fans of JUNGLE ROT, GOJIRA, and PANTERA.

Evolution of Evil pre-order packages are available through Bandcamp. The CD can also be ordered from Big Cartel.

Casket Robbery - band promo pic - 2016 - #55MO33939ILMFD

CASKET ROBBERY have firmly established themselves as a brutal, heavy hitter in the live show realm by hitting the road hard after their first EP release.  Last year they took the time to re-evaluate and plan a devastating debut album release for 2016. They quickly brought in Greg Mueller to fill the drum spot and they brought on their own Cory Scheider to track, engineer, and produce a majority of Evolution of Evil.

The track “Pray for Death” features a solo from John Laux (WARBRINGER) and “Undead Living Hell” features a guest speaking role by horror filmmaker Cory Udler. With  the help of Chris Wisco (NOVEMBERS DOOM, JUNGLE ROT)  to mix the album and Cody Ratley (VILLAINS, DARKE COMPLEX) to master it, this will truly be a must-have album for 2016.



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Swedish Death Metallers TEMISTO Releasing Debut Album On Pulverised In February

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Temisto - promo album cover pic - 2016 - #MO33ILMLMD99344

Swedish Death Metal Duo TEMISTO will release its debut album on Pulverised Records February 26, 2016.  New track Above Sacred Ground is streaming at this location.

TEMISTO’s debut is the perfect mix of blasphemy and violence. Death Metal with bursts of intricate maze-like passages executed with razor-sharp precision, TEMISTO exudes a zeal for the obscure and unworldly. Formed recently in Stockholm, Sweden, TEMISTO consists of only two members: Leo Ekström Sollenmo and Sebastian Lindbom Gunnari.

The album was produced and engineered by ex-Morbus Chron frontman Robert Andersson with Elias Scharmer (ex-Abduction, ex-Mutilate) and then painstakingly mastered at Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna (Watain, Desultory, Repugnant, etc). Also featuring the gracefully morbid artwork of Obsessed By Cruelty (Enforcer, Sabbat, Wolfbrigade, etc).


Track List:

1. Above Sacred Ground
2. Descent Into Madness
3. Abyssal Depths
4. Medusa
5. The Ritual
6. Succubus
7. Demiurge
8. Bestial Visions
9. Temple Of The Damned
10. Seance

TEMISTO - band promo pic - 2016 - #MO33ILMFLMD1099


Leo was previously the frontman of a Death Metal act called Whore, releasing a demo-tape back in 2011. Whore split up around the same time and shortly after; Leo, Sebastian and two other guys formed what would later become Temisto. They recorded a two-track demo back in 2013 but eventually decided not to release it officially. By late 2014, the band realized that they had enough material for a full length album and a good opportunity to record it in a studio with Robert and Elias and so they recorded it all during two weeks in February / March of 2015.


Source: ClawHammer PR

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Finnish Death/Black Metal Unit ILLUSIONS DEAD To Release Debut Album In February

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Illusions Dead - Celestial Decadence - promo cover pic - 2016 - #MO33ILMFLMD9339

Finnish Death/Black Metallers ILLUSIONS DEAD will release debut album Celestial Decadence on February 8, 2016.  Opening track “Incursion” is streaming at this location or below:

The album will be available digitally and on limited edition CD (200 copies) through the group’s Bandcamp page.

Driven by Death and shrouded in darkness, Celestial Decadence is shockingly robust for a debut, as the band honors a proud Finnish Metal tradition that is marked by passion and power. Not a second is wasted on the debut, as each of these eight tracks hits with immediate force and penetrates the skull with ease, leaving permanent audio scars on the psyche.

Cover art by Moonrot Photography:

Recorded February 2014 in Palokärjentie Treenishelvetti

Recording and editing by Saska Dönges

Mixing and Mastering by Nikke Kuki

Produced by Illusions Dead

Track Listing:

1. Incursion
2. Devoured by Hatred
3. Shadow and Flame
4. Hour of the Raven
5. Revolution (Celestial Spheres)
6. Tormentor of the Weak
7. The Way of the Deceiver
8. Illusions Dead

Illusions Dead - promo band pic - 2016 - #MO39ILMFLMD99004

Johannes Katajamäki – Guitar, Vocals, Lyrics (except track 6)
Jake Lastujoki – Guitar
Mikael Aalto – Bass
Akseli Auralinna – Drums, Lyrics on track 6


Source: ClawHammer PR

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OMNIHILITY – Oregon-Based Technical Death Metal Outfit To Release Third Full-Length Via Unique Leader; Preorders Available

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Omnihility - Dominion Of Misery - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #MO007733MDFNST

Hailing from the Willamette “Valley Of Death” amongst the woods of Eugene, Oregon, technical death metal outfit OMNIHILITY returns with their third offering of audio carnage entitled Dominion Of Misery.

The follow-up to 2014’s critically lauded Deathscapes Of The Subconscious, Dominion Of Misery was again captured at Castle Ultimate with famed producer Zack Ohren (Animosity, Suffocation, All Shall Perish) who continues to lead the charge by pushing the recorded boundaries in extreme music. Dominion Of Misery includes the maniacal artwork of Mark Cooper (Rings Of Saturn, Deeds Of Flesh, Master et al) who brings the entire package alive with his twisted Lovecraftian-meets-Giger inspired visuals.

Dominion Of Misery – Track Listing:
1. Morte Aeterna
2. Psychotic Annihilation
3. Immaculate Deception
4. Dementia Praedox
5. Dead Eden
6. Within Shadows
7. Reflections in Blood
8. Parasitic Existence
9. Necrotic. Consumption. Obsession
10. Dominion of Misery

OMNIHILITY – named for the absolute belief in nothingness, manifests intense, brutal and technical Death Metal. A nod to the old-school past, combined with the immense speed and accuracy of Death Metal present, all while subconsciously channeling energy from arcane sources to destroy the minds of the multitude, with the band’s third release and second for Extreme Metal powerhouse Unique Leader Records, OMNIHILITY ups the stakes with sheer technical prowess.

Dominion Of Misery will be released via Unique Leader Records on February 26th, 2016. Preorder bundles are currently available at THIS LOCATION.


Source: Earsplit PR

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Ravens Creed - Ravens Krieg - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #MO33499MDF

RAVENS CREED (UK) – ‘Ravens Krieg’

Genre – Crusty Death Metal

Release Date – October 1st, 2015

Record Label – Xtreem Music

Shit, this is good. Xtreem Music is at it again. Crusty Death Metal the way you like it. Formed originally by members of Cerebral Fix, Sabbat, Orange Goblin among others, Ravens Creed from the UK are whipping up a concoction of crusty Death Metal that’s hard to come by these days.

There’s the classic vibe channelled through the glass shards-encrusted and Thrash Metal-spiked Death Metal music that’s just extremely virulent and nasty in its final output. This here is an abrasive mass of Crust/Death/Thrash music that destroys any structure standing. The heaviness is palpable while the unique tone will make your skin peel backwards. This is the second and most potent full length of the band yet and it will rip your face right off and scrub what’s left with acid.


Album Line-Up:

Rod Boston – Bass

Jay Graham – Drums

Steve Watson – Guitars

Al Osta – Vocals

Ravens Creed - promo band pic - live - 2015 - #MO3333MDFNS99

Track List:
1. Rock Cemetery (01:38)
2. Palmer the Harmer (01:56)
3. Jungle Justice (01:53)
4. Riding the Pillock (02:58)
5. Lecturn of Burning Swords Reversed (01:32)
6. Victory in Defeat (03:11)
7. VIP Treatment (02:41
8. Go Home (02:04)
9. Bitten By Witch Fever (02:52)
10. Brigade ’77 02:02
11. Dirty Diary (01:37)
12. While You Were Sleeping (02:05)
13. Carrion Screaming (13:29)



Transcending Obscurity - Record Label - promo header - #MO33

Ravens Creed at Xtreem Music Bandcamp

Xtreem Music Official Site

Xtreem Music - promo banner pic - 2015 - #MO33MDFNS9933

Xtreem Music Facebook

Ravens Creed Facebook





Tolkien-Based Death Metallers KHAZADDUM Release “In Dwarven Halls” – EP Streaming

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Khazaddum - promo band pic - #MO3309933 - 2015

J.R. Tolkien-based Death Metallers KHAZADDUM have released the In Dwarven Halls EP.  Stream the EP in its entirety at:

Check out the official video for EP cut “Thorin Oakenshield” at this location or below:

Established in Milwaukee, WI in 2014, the band’s goal was to create music that captured the epic feel and scope of storytelling comprising the immense Tolkien mythology. Drawing influences from Death Metal greats such as NILE, MORBID ANGEL, and BEHEMOTH,  KHAZADDUM carries on the tradition of both a technical and melodic approach in their music.

Featuring guitarist Alex Rausa (ex-Devolving Messiah), drummer Pete Kissane (Burial Ritual), vocalist Luka Djordjevic (ex- Promethean Parallax /ex- Carnal Befoulment) , and bassist Tony Cannizzaro (ex- Splattered Cadavre/ ex- Demented Tourment), KHAZADDUM absolutely shine on the EP’s three stellar tracks.

Khazaddum - In Dwarven Halls - EP - promo cover pic - 2015 - #MO033033

Track Listing:

  1. The Grey Thus Commands
  2. Durin’s Bane
  3. Thorin Oakenshield

The In Dwarven Halls EP was recorded at Bell City Sound by Chris Wisco (ex- Jungle Rot) in late 2014. Originally started as a recording project, KHAZADDUM finally decided to become a full-time live band in 2015 and released this beast of an EP.

Order the EP here.



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For more info:

Khazaddum YouTube






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