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GOMORRAH “To The Depths” EP – Now Streaming At Ghost Cult Magazine

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Gomorrah - To The Depths - promo cover pic - 2014

Today, Ohio’s Gomorrah have teamed up with Ghost Cult Magazine to stream the entirety of their EP “To the Depths”.

Listen to “To the Depths” in full here:

The band originally began in 2009 in Missouri under the name The Harrowing. Formed by Colton Deem and brothers Cody and Mitch Pegg, they then moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and changed their name to Gomorrah in 2013.

After several refinements to their sound, the band have now unleashed their debut “To the Depths”. Since releasing the EP, the band has increased momentum by sharing the stage with metal legends such as Destruction, Abigail Williams, Macabre and Krisiun. Combining elements of death, thrash and heavy metal, Gomorrah play music with a nod to metal both past and present.

“To the Depths” track listing:

1. To the Depths
2. Tribulations
3. Tempest
4. Colossus
5. Chapel of Stilled Voices
6. Beneath the Falling Sun


* For more info on GOMORRAH:

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Gomorrah Twitter

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