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On This Day In METAL History – March 3rd… Good Times!

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Slade - Cum On Feel The Noize - promo 45rpm picture sleeve - 1973 - #73SMO0303

On March 3rd, 1973 – England’s legendary SLADE reaches #1 in the UK with their hit song: Cum On Feel The Noise. I remember never knowing that SLADE originally wrote and recorded this song, until I heard the Quiet Riot cover version on Metal Health, back in 1983. I remember some DJ on WHCN, WCCC or WPLR (FM) up in Connecticut, speaking about the history of this song, when it first released. Good times.

Foreigner - Blue Morning Blue Day - 45rpm cover sleeve promo - 1979 - #79FMO0303

On this day in 1979 – The great Foreigner is at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with their hit song: Blue Morning, Blue Day. Written by Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, this song is featured on Foreigners amazing second studio album, from 1978: Double Vision. The Double Vision album is my favorite of all Foreigner albums! I remember receiving Double Vision as a birthday gift from my mother, back in January of 1979. God rest her loving soul.

Metallica - Master Of Puppets - 1986 - #860303MMOCB

On March 3rd, 1986 – The mighty METALLICA released their third studio album: Master Of Puppets. This happens to be my favorite METTALICA album of all-time! This is THE studio album, that without a doubt, launched METALLICA into the legendary stratosphere of Thrash Metal and ALL of Metal!

Master Of Puppets raised the Metal bar for ALL other Thrash Metal bands too. Unfortunately, this would be the last studio album that features classic member, co-songwriter and bassist Cliff Burton. Man I love this Master Of Puppets album! Battery!! Rest in peace, Cliff Burton.

Warrant - Sometimes She Cries - promo 45rpm  cover sleeve - 1990 - #90WMO0303

On this day in 1990Warrant reaches #20, on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart with their hit song: Sometimes She Cries. This song is featured on Warrant’s debut studio album, from 1989: Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich. I remember buying the album on vinyl and I later bought it (used) on cassette; this way I was able to listen to it in my car. Good times. Rest in peace, Jani Lane.

Nickelback - The Best Of Volume 1 - promo album cover pic - #2014AL

On March 3rd, 2015Nickelback – The Best Of Nickelback: Volume 1 moves up five notches and is sitting at #15 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart. This greatest hits has spent 57 weeks on this chart, peaking at #2. Long live Nickelback!

Nickelback - No Fixed Address - promo album cover pic - #201417

On this day in 2015 – It’s Nickelback again, sitting at #2 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart, with their eighth studio album: No Fixed Address. This album moved up from being last week’s #4 and has spent 14 weeks on this chart. Whoa!


Stone - 2011 Photo #1




BAD GUYS – “Bad Guynaecology” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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Bad Guys - Bad Guynaecology - promo album cover pic - #2014BGMO

4.5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

4.5 metal-fists-4-5-album-reviews-metal-odyssey

Bad Guynaecology from London’s Bad Guys will be released on March 16th of 2015, via Riot Season Records. That’s a picture of me, on the above album cover, from my early wrestling days. Just kidding. This album is a skull stomping listen and I equate Bad Guynaecology to a steak, beer and potato dinner with extra steak and extra beer. Yes, it’s very filling with its meaty riffs and foundation shifting rhythm section. The clean and robust vocals of Stuart London are in-your-face, just like this band’s music is. Bad Guys are a band to keep on your Metal radar. If you don’t have a Metal radar, then you’re shit-out-of-luck.

From their entertaining lyrics to their relentless and massive sound, no instrument is faded to the back and there’s no annoying excess of sonic fuzz going on either, on Bad Guynaecology. The widespread heaviness of sound from Bad Guys is so vital to underscore; it’s easy to call this album a herculean listen. With lyrics about stealing a toy car from a Toys “R” Us in the album opener, Crime, along with the second track, Prostitutes (Are Making Love In My Garden), there exists a grand sense of humor within the ranks of Bad Guys, indeed.

Bad Guys - promo band pic - #2015BGMO0221

Bad Guys can surely reach an impressive cross-section of Heavy Rock and Metal fans; there’s plenty of Stoner, early Black Sabbath and Danzig meets Clutch meets Orange Goblin meets C.O.C. influence to delight in, on this album. There are eight songs on Bad Guynaecology and the closing track, No Tomorrow, is the epic song on this album; it clocks in at a whopping 11:47 and is a headbanging, glorious, guitar-driven and roaring last course.

I might add that the fifth track, Reaper and the seventh track, Motorhome, radiate all the credentials of being Punk(ish) songs in the vein of early Motörhead’s style of Rock ‘N’ Roll. The sixth track, Fabled Succubus, is a freaking jam-packed Stoner feast. Putting all musical influences that I hear (and it could just be me hearing it for Metal sakes) aside, Bad Guys have a convincing aura of originality. Bad Guys are that band I always hope to find out about so I can brag about them and feel like a big shot. Bad Guys can take a bow and hopefully will know, someday, that they’ve made Stone very happy. Metal be thy name . – Stone

Track List: Crime, Prostitutes (Are Making Love In My Garden), Zoltan, World Murderer, Reaper, Fabled Succubus, Motorhome, No Tomorrow.

BAD GUYS – Official Links:







Vocals – Stuart London

Guitar – PJ Mountford

Guitar – Dave Silver

Drums – Tamas Kiss







On This Day In METAL History – February 21st… Whoa!

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ACDC - Back In Black - 45rpm - promo pic - #1981ACDCMO37

On February 21st, 1981AC/DC’s outstanding and timeless song, Back In Black, was sitting at #37 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. This would be the peak position number for this AC/DC song as well.

Def Leppard "Pyromania" large promo album pic! #2

On this day in 1983 – The legendary Def Leppard performed at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester, England. The all-female Heavy Metal group, Rock Goddess, was the supporting band. This was one of many dates on Def Leppard’s Pyromania Tour. Def Leppard’s third studio album, Pyromania, was released in January of 1983, via Mercury Records in the USA.

Motorhead - promo group pic - #10

On February 21st, 2012 – The mighty Motörhead performed at the ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington, USA. This stop was one of many on Megadeth’s Gigantour.

Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven - Volume 1 - promo cover

On this day in 2015 – The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1 from Five Finger Death Punch perseveres on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, now sitting at #152. This great album peaked at #2 and has spent 54 weeks on this chart.

Slipknot - 5 The Gray Chapter - promo cover pic - 2014PG

On February 21st, 2015.5: The Gray Chapter from the sensational Slipknot moves up on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart, resting at #5.

Godsmack - 1000hp - promo album flyer - itunes - #2014GMOI

On this day in 2015 – The sixth studio album from Godsmack1000HPmoves up 8 positions to #10 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums Chart. This cool album peaked at #1 and has spent 28 weeks on this chart. Whoa!

Happy Birthday - promo banner - #2014BD

Randy Blythe - Terrorizer - magazine cover - 2011 - #218RBMO

On February 21st, 1971, Randy Blythe was born in Virginia, USA. Happy Birthday, Randy Blythe! Hell and whoa! Randy Blythe is globally known as the lead singer and lyricist for the incredible Lamb Of God. Long live Randy Blythe!


Gene Hoglan & Stone - 2012




THE HOOTERS – “35” Live 2015 Tour – Dates, Cities And Venues Listed

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The Hooters - 35 Years Live - promo tour flyer - #2015THMO33

The Hooters “35” Live 2015 Tour! Check the tour schedule below for preliminary list of dates. More details will be available soon. For ticket info and updates, click the link below:

The Hooters - 35 Live 2015 Tour - tour dates europe







TNT “30th Anniversary 1982 – 2012 Live In Concert” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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TNT - 30th Anniversary - 1982 - 2012 - Live album promo cover pic - #2014TH

5 METAL Fists Out Of 5!


Norway’s legendary TNT released a live 19 song album and its full proper title is: 30th Anniversary 1982-2012 Live In Concert With Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. This album was released back on November 10th of 2014. With the legendary Tony Harnell being such an important member in the history of TNT, it is only fitting that this symphonic Heavy Metal concert features him on vocals. Anytime Tony Harnell rejoins TNT, it’s fine to me! With the uncertainty of TNT’s future with or without Tony Harnell aside, this live album is a steel-solid must for every TNT and Classic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock fan.

This album marks the third official live album from TNT and each one features Tony Harnell on vocals. Tony Harnell was the lead singer and co-songwriter on eight consecutive TNT studio albums, from 1984 to 2005. If you are unfortunate to not have experienced TNT in concert (like myself) then this live album (and its live predecessors) will be as close as you can get in taking in a TNT concert. It took me many listens to this album to confidently give it such high praise; the more I listened, the more I have absorbed the details.

TNT - promo band pic - #2014TNTTHMO

Photo credit: TNT Facebook

Above: Tony Harnell fronted TNT

The grandiose element of featuring all three lead singers from TNT’s legendary Hard Rock history on this album, makes for fantastic fraternity. Original vocalist Dag Ingebrigtsen and post-Tony Harnell era vocalist Tony Mills are also featured during this recorded concert. The great Tony Mills remains an outstanding vocalist and had carried the vocalist torch with TNT for more than a few years, singing on TNT’s last three studio albums.

We are always at the mercy of the live recording and rely on a conscientious and true production. With this live TNT album, there are many musical aspects to this concert; the symphony, the band, vocals, backing vocals and guitar solos. That may be nothing new, however, when listening to a live album such as this, everything needs to come together in close to perfection sonically, as if I was actually sitting in the arena where it all happened. I believe TNT succeeded in delivering a memorable live experience to my ears, anyways.

TNT - Live Concert Pic - Tony Harnell - #2014THTNTMO

Above: L to R: Tony Harnell and Ronni Le Tekrø

Tony Harnell is (per usual) top-tier vocally and these TNT vocalists could be considered to be unknowingly dueling with the symphony orchestra at times. In reality, this is still a recording and capturing for digital download or CD every vocal nuance spot-on, with so much spectacular music being performed, is not going to be an easy task. TNT as a unit are nothing short of fabulous, these are incredible musicians that seem to fit perfectly with the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, this is the Electric Light Orchestra meets TNT, if you will, only super better. After so many listens to this album, it just all makes 100% sense to me.

TNT - 30 year anniversary - promo logo - 1982 - 2012

Rest assured, TNT rocks-it-out on this album and the captured sounds of the fans in attendance only elevates the rockin’ psyched out mood and atmosphere. When the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra kicks into Sabre Dance on track #11, it’s as if the musical magic can still be non-Metal at times in my life. My favorite songs on this live album are, in no particular order: Invisible Noise, Northern Lights, My ReligionEddieIntuition, Magica Lanterna, the swingin’ June and the insane grand guitar solo by the great Ronni Le TekrøNorthern Lights, Eddie and Magica Lanterna are songs that create goose bump city all over my face and arms. Yup. I will enjoy this TNT 30th Anniversary live album for the rest of my Metal life. Metal be thy name. – Stone


* For more info on TNT:

Facebook: TNT





FAITHSEDGE – Enter Studio With Crushing New Lineup (Mr.Big/Ace Frehley Drummer And Stryper bassist)

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Faithsedge - publicity pic - #2015FMO - NAMM

Above is a photo of, from L to R: drummer Matt Starr, singer Giancarlo Floridia and lead guitarist Alex De Rosso at Namm 2015!

The third Faithsedge installment starts recording this month with founding members powerhouse vocalist / songwriter Giancarlo Floridia and former Dokken lead guitarist Alex De Rosso.

Now taking over production an keys for the new album is Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline/ Revolution Saints) which has got off to an awesome start of a blend of melodic arena rock and in your face metal.

Faithsedge starts recording off with both new members drummer Matt Starr (Mr. Big /Ace Frehley) and Stryper bassist Tim Gaines, delivering a crushing new rhythm section.

Check out for more info.




PAT TRAVERS BAND “Live At The Iridium NYC” – An Immediate Live Rockin’ Classic!

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PAT TRAVERS BAND - LIVE at the Iridium - promo cover pic - #2015PT

The new Pat Travers Band album, Live At The Iridium NYC, will be released on January 23rd in Europe and January 27th in North America, via Frontiers Music SRL. Wow, is this the perfect album to get my mind off of the dreadful world news of the day! This is marvelous, live Classic, Bluesy, Hard Rock that gives my energy meter a much-needed boost; a welcomed Rockin’ jolt of joy that helped ease my soul, during that awful Polar Vortex invasion that overbooked itself here in the Midwest, this past week.

This is a live album that is so well done, I can close my eyes and pretend I have a close spot at the stage, while my earbuds let the irresistible Rock vibrations from Pat Travers Band free flow through my cerebrum. Man, they don’t make ‘em like Pat Travers Band anymore. Heck, this live Pat Travers album should be required listening in every music appreciation class, cause this is how a band plays live without going through the motions. There’s real excitement in this live album and it likely shall cascade on to generations more to enjoy!

PAT TRAVERS BAND - LIVE at the Iridium - promo cover pic - #2015PT

The unmistakable tones that Pat Travers creates with his guitar, along with the rhythms and beats from his band make for a sonic elixir of goodness. Forever relevant and substantial are these songs from Pat Travers Band and hearing them live only adds to my re-appreciating them all the more. The Ray Charles classic I’ve Got News For You soars once again, with the Bluesy rendition that Pat Travers Band gives it. Whiz -bang, great stuff! Jon Paris is prodigious on the Blues Harp; he brings an added bluesy emotion to songs: If I had Possession Over Judgement Day and Spoonful.

A live album so full of energy and positive vibrations! Pat Travers and Kirk McKim are a dual six-string jammin’ machine and Lone Wolf / Red House only magnifies my belief. Who can’t resist the Bluesy essence of the song classic: Black Betty? I can’t resist Black Betty and Pat Travers Band closes out this live album with that everlasting number.

There is so much to delight in, if you love Classic Rock, Hard Rock and/or Blues Rock. I’m only the messenger of what I’ve heard and enjoyed (many times over) from Pat Travers Band Live At The Iridium NYC; hopefully you’ll pick this album up and love it like I do.

Track Listing:  Rock And Roll Susie; Gettin’ Betta; Crash And Burn; Heat In The Street; Josephine; I’ve Got News For You; Ask Me Baby; I La, La, La Love You; Lone Wolf (Kirk solo) / Red House; If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day; Spoonful; Black Betty

PAT TRAVERS BAND - LIVE at the Iridium - promo cover pic - #2015PT


Pat Travers – Guitar, Vocals

Kirk McKim – Guitar, Vocals

Rodney O’Quinn – Bass Guitar, Vocals

Sandy Gennaro – Drums

Jon Paris – guest on “Blues Harp” on “If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day” and “Spoonful”


* For more info on PAT TRAVERS BAND:


Frontiers Music SRL - logo - #2014FM







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