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TYRANTS BLOOD “Into The Kingdom Of Graves” – Vinyl Is Out Now, Limited To 500 Pressings!

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Tyrants Blood - Into the kingdom of graves - vinyl promo pic - 2013

From Tridroid Records:

Tridroid Records - logo - B&W - 2013

We are excited to announce the release of “Into the Kingdom of Graves” by Vancouver’s infamous Tyrants Blood.

Featuring ex-Blasphemy guitarist Marco Banco and Infernal Majesty vocalist Brian Langley, Tyrants Blood have become a potent force in the underground metal scene.

Limited to only 500 copies, the album is now available to order from our Bandcamp page here:

Tyrants Blood - Into The Kingdom Of Graves - promo cover

Media coverage about “Into the Kingdom of Graves”

“This is what extreme music should be and by drowning the listener in a world of devastating energy, Tyrants Blood proves their prowess within this crowded field.”- Violent Resonance

“Brutal, relentless, straight in my face, though still quite technical and over the top, it is quite hard to escape the thick and hateful atmosphere that drenches the record, a damned nice surprise!”- Voices From the Darkside

“Into the Kingdom of Graves is what death metal is about ladies and gentlemen (probably mostly gentlemen) and THIS is a band who are bringing it to a whole new level.”- Two Guys Metal Reviews


* For more info on TYRANTS BLOOD:


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