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GOD’S ARMY A.D. – Self-Titled Debut Album Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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God's Army - promo cover pic - 2014

5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


GOD’S ARMY A.D. – On May 23rd, the self-titled debut album from God’s Army A.D. was released via Germany’s (great) Massacre Records. With no  religious ties to their music, God’s Army A.D. are a seasoned group of musicians that have let the world know they can play an incredible blend of Melodic, Power and Traditional Metal. That’s what my ears and Metal senses have told me, anyways. Whoa.

If you’re hankering for screaming duo guitars, articulate and soaring vocals, goose-bump inducing drumming with adrenaline fueled bass thumping, this debut from God’s Army A.D. is for you! God’s Army A.D. plays a sound that is bullseye perfect for the BIG venues, with their wide-open feel and vibes on this album. As an unexpected touch, which I really dig, God’s Army A.D. adds a whoa-o chorus, on Waiting For The Miracle. Very cool.

John A.B.C. Smith (Scanner, Gallow’s Pole, Hallowed, At Vance) on vocals is in the same class with Mark Boals, Doogie White, Göran Edman and Blaze Bayley; just a terrific singer he is. Drummer Mark Cross (Kingdom Come, Helloween, Firewind) has an envious resume as well and trust my Metal word: Mark Cross brings it on this album!

Watch and listen to the God’s Must Be Crazy music video, below! Whoa!

There is a (delicious) old school quality of Metal swirling about this album, with Coming Back To Life and Running Around In Circles igniting my Metal memories to easier Metal days. Yes, the Metal relevance is saturated within this album too, with more hooks, riffs and fired-up fret work to make any Heavy Metal loyalist dizzy with Metal glee!

Is this an album that should be  written on your Metal must list for 2014? Hell yes it is! With NO artificial sweeteners, NO ballads or fillers, God’s Army A.D. has made this middle-aged Metal knucklehead into an instant fan. This album simply makes me feel damn good. Metal be thy name. – Stone

Track Listing: The World That Never Was, City Lights, Gods Must Be Crazy, Waiting For The Miracle, Hear You Scream, Coming Back To Life, Running Around In Circles, God’s Army

Gods Army A.D. - promo band pic - 2014 - #44009

John A.B.C. Smith – Vocals, Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Keys

Don Amiro – Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Vocals

Ian O’Sullivan -Lead/Rhythm Guitars, Vocals

Mark Cross – Drums


Album cover artwork by ERR KARR.

* For more info on GOD’S ARMY A.D.:

Facebook: God’s Army

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BLOODSHOT DAWN – Announce More New Album Guests

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Bloodshot Dawn - promo pic - 2014 - #40041

UK melodic extreme metallers Bloodshot Dawn have announced more guests that are set to appear on their as of yet unrecorded second album. The announcements are Andy James and Chris Amott, two very highly accomplished guitarists.

Andy James is a globally renowned metal and shred guitarist known for incredible playing and versatility with his instrument. He has featured on DVD’s released with leading companies such as Licklibrary and Jamtrax as well as having released several solo records and two successful albums with Sacred Mother Tongue. Andy is also known for having appeared on stages all across the world not just with Sacred Mother Tongue but with bands such as Cradle of Filth, The Fields of the Nephilim and as a solo artist at industry shows such as NAMM in Los Angeles and the Frankfurt MESSE.

Chris Amott needs little introduction, the Swedish shredder is most notably known as a founding member of melodic death metal titans Arch Enemy. Chris left Arch Enemy in 2012 to pursue his solo career and went on to release ‘Follow Your Heart’. He also founded Armageddon releasing three successful albums and after relocating to USA he has announced that a brand new Armageddon record is in the making.


Last week Bloodshot Dawn revealed Sven De Caluwé (Aborted), Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) & Teemu Mäntysaari (Wintersun) as the first guests that would be appearing on the new album. This new announcement only adds even more excitement to an already highly anticipated release.

The new album will be a crowd-funded project that will launch on 16th April. Bloodshot Dawn have been releasing a series of videos on the build up to the launch offering sneak previews of the new album content including artwork, music, etc..

Video 1

Crowd-Funding Project Announced & First Glimpse Of New Drummer Janne Jalmona

Video 2

Artwork Sneak Preview & Guitar Ideas

Video 3

Album Guests Announced & Bass Ideas

Video 4

More Album Guests Announced, Guitars & Tour Plans

Bloodshot Dawn – Vision (Official Music Video)


Catch Bloodshot Dawn this summer at Underwall Festival, Croatia and Bloodstock Festival, UK. The band are also touring throughout the UK in October/November before jetting to Japan November 2014 with Krisiun & Gorguts.


(Source: Future PR)

* For more info on BLOODSHOT DAWN:

Bloodshot Dawn – Facebook


Physical Merch:

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WITHIN TEMPTATION – New Album “Hydra” Is In Stores Now; Here’s Where To Purchase It…

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Within Temptation - Hydra - promo band and album flyer - in stores now - 2014

WITHIN TEMPTATION – Need help finding HYDRA at your local music stores and online? Check out this list of retailers that are unleashing the beast!

Order Hydra now, from Within Temptation’s website:

Download Within Temptation’s new album ‘Hydra’ on iTunes:

Within Temptation - Hydra - promo album pic - 2013

Source: Within Temptation Facebook

Facebook: Within Temptation


Nuclear Blast USA - Logo - promo



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WITHIN TEMPTATION – “HYDRA” – New Studio Album Releases On February 4th, 2014, Via Nuclear Blast

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Within Temptation - Hydra - promo album pic - 2013

Within Temptation‘s sixth studio album, HYDRA, will be out on February 4, 2014 in the USA via Nuclear Blast!


Within Temptation – Website:

Nuclear Blast:



HYDRA – Track Listing:

Disc: 1 – (Standard CD Edition)

1. Let Us Burn

2. Dangerous feat. Howard Jones

3. And We Run feat. Xzibit

4. Paradise (What About Us?) feat. Tarja

5. Edge Of The World

6. Silver Moonlight

7. Covered By Roses

8. Dog Days

9. Tell Me Why

10. Whole World Is Watching feat. Dave Pirner

Disc: 2 (Bonus Songs & Covers – Digipak Edition)

1. Radioactive (Originally By Imagine Dragons)

2. Summertime Sadness (Originally By Lana Del Rey)

3. Let Her Go (Originally By Passenger)

4. Dirty Dancer (Originally By Enrique Iglesias)

5. And We Run *Evolution Track

6. Silver Moonlight *Evolution Track

7. Covered By Roses *Evolution Track

8. Tell Me Why *Evolution Track

Within Temptation - Hydra - promo banner - pre-order - 2013

(Source: Nuclear Blast USA)

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CRYSTAL BALL “Anyone Can Be A Hero” (Official Video) – Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Crystal Ball - Dawnbreaker - promo cover pic - 2013

CRYSTAL BALL – Released on November 29th, via Massacre Records, is the new album, Dawnbreaker, from Lucerne, Switzerland’s Crystal Ball. One lead single from this comeback album is Anyone Can Be A Hero. I absolutely love this song and all of its melodic glory! A heightened grand vibe of absolute Heavy Metal power, uncontrollably runs through my veins, as I listen to this song, again and again!

Tremendous musicianship, from top-to-bottom, swirls around the super fabulous vocals of new frontman Steven Mageney. What a Metal ride is this song for me! Original members Scott Leach (lead guitar) and Marcel Sardella (drums) have obviously made it clear; their band Crystal Ball is back and ready to stun the Metal and Hard Rock world with their new album ablaze! Join me, in supporting Crystal Ball and their new-found triumph! Metal be thy name!

CRYSTAL BALL – Anyone Can Be A Hero (Official Video) Is Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

Crystal Ball - promo band pic - #177 - 2013

Steven Mageney – vocals

Scott Leach – lead guitar

Marcel Sardella – drums

Markus Flury – guitar

Cris Stone – bass



* Album produced, mixed and mastered by Stefan Kaufmann at ROXX Studio in Solingen, Germany.

Album cover artwork by Thomas Ewerhard.

Crystal Ball - large logo - 2013 - #1

* For more info on CRYSTAL BALL:

Facebook: Crystal Ball


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Laid8 – Live At Dublin Castle, London, On July 19th!

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Laid8 - large band logo - B&W

Hailing originally from Israel, Laid8 had struck an emotional nerve in the hearts of Rock and Metal lovers wherever they played. Combing the land to seek out new ears, the band delivers an uncompromising alternative to female-fronted metal, where singing is melodic and dramatic, aggressive and emotional, music is grooving and clever; and when played on-stage it’s just plain awesome!

Following the release of the band’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘These Faded Lines’ the band reached a certain glass ceiling back home. After playing festivals and headlining sell-out shows throughout the country, the band members decided a change of scenery is needed in order to reach bigger audience. Now based in London, UK, Laid8 are playing venues across the country, gathering more listeners and followers to their already extended fan base. They also caught the media’s eye with reviews in Power Play Magazine, and local media. Working hard as always, Laid8 are now looking to expend the reach of their music.

You want hard, pounding, melodic music, filled with emotions and backed with a vibrant and fun show?

Laid8 got it.


Tal Itay – Vocalist

The band are scheduled to play Friday 19th July at Dublin Castle, London and will share the stage with The Monday Project, Wolf Club Lunar Society, Death Koolaid & The Dogbones. Tickets are available in advance for only £5 from:

Check out the video for ‘Flush’ from the bands debut album ‘These Faded Lines’ here:


(Source: Future PR)

* For more info on LAID8:

Facebook: Laid 8

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NOCTUM – Metal Blade Records Debut Album Releasing In Late 2013

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Noctum - large logo - B&W

Uppsala, Sweden’s Noctum are preparing to release their Metal Blade Records debut in late 2013. In advance of the release, the band has unveiled a brand new track, Liberty in Death, on and The track is also one of 19 songs to appear on the Metal Blade Records Summer Sampler 2013, which is available FREE at the Metal Blade Records booth on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and at The Black Dahlia Murder booth on Vans Warped Tour.

Listen to NOCTUM’s Liberty in Death by clicking the link below!



David Indelöf – Guitar/vox

Daniel Johansson – Guitar

Tobias Rosén – Bass

Fredrik Jansson – Drums


Stone Says: I can’t wait to hear this NOCTUM debut with Metal Blade Records! NOCTUM blends Classic Hard Rock with True Metal, while being on target with Metal relevance! Listen to NOCTUM’s new single Liberty in Death and let the heavy grooves of NOCTUM serve you right! I absolutely, 100% dig NOCTUM’s sound and vibes! Metal be thy name.


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INHALE THE FALL “Weak” Music Video Is Out! Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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Inhale The Fall - promo band pic - band logo - 2013 - #1

INHALE THE FALL – Melodic Hard Rock and Melodic Metal fans get prepared. INHALE THE FALL have entered the Metal building. They’re new music video for their new song Weak is a totality of melodically heavy bliss. Both song and video = quality enriched. This Irish band should be on ALL Rock, Hard Rock and Metal aficionado’s radars… they have that much sumptuous crossover appeal!

Jenny O’ Keeffe on vocals may have some Lzzy Hale appeal to her tones; only this original gal comes across as a legitimate contender for Heavy Rock’s top 20 female vocalist list… in our Metal future. This is a very astute band and I’m ready for more! Read below for a more detailed background on INHALE THE FALL. Take a listen and look below to the Weak music video and crank ‘er up high! Metal be thy name.


While playing in various local bands Eibhlin Palfrey and Pavol Rosa decided to reach out and find a new sound. Inhale The Fall, the duo’s first major musical exploration emerges from the ashes and takes to the Cork (Ireland) music scene. The band’s video release, Weak, released June 2013, is an eclectic version of the Skunk Anansie track . Full of melodic arrangements with soaring vocals reminiscent of Halestorm and Guano Apes, this track will do Cork proud.



Jenny O’ Keeffe - Vocals

Pavol Rosa - Guitars

Eibhlin Palfrey - Bass

Branko Surmaj - Drums


Utilizing a Cork based production team Epic Productions, Inhale The Fall explodes on to the Cork music scene with  a hauntingly eerie music video that touches on disturbing issues that reflect people’s social lives today.

In an age of sludgy power chords, Inhale The Fall represents a needed breath of fresh air, where melody, lyrics, and song writing are just as important as loud guitars and a solid rhythm section.

Along with the newest video release, Inhale The Fall are determined to continue to take charge of that space in your head where the madness lives and Rock wants to thrive. The single Is available on iTunes along with other digital retailers, for more information on the forthcoming E.P. look up

Inhale The Fall - band promo pic - 2013 - #2

For more info on INHALE THE FALL, click on the link below!

Facebook: Inhale The Fall

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TRAGODIA – Epic Italian Act Completing Third Album For Kolony Records Release

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Tragodia - band promo pic - 2012 - #3

Italian Metal label Kolony Records will bring their country’s own TRAGODIA to their heavily expanding roster, as the band prepares to release its third full-length release worldwide in the coming months.

Based out of Italy’s Northern Italian commune of Brescia, TRAGODIA has released two full-length albums to date, beginning with their debut The Promethean Legacyreleased in 2007, followed by 2012’s more expansive Theomachy. With a charging, versatile and at times progressive approach to Melodic Metal, a blend of vocal styles, blazing solos and straightforward sections of crushing, classic but modernized thrash-inspired songwriting fuel the band’s works.


With the fresh steam behind their engines still hot after last year’s Theomachy album, the band began creating their next opus, in the meantime having caught the attention of Kolony Records, who signed TRAGODIA for the release of their nearly completed third studio full-length. The quintet has been hard at work constructing the layered new release over recent weeks, which is guaranteed to boast the most epic tunes of the band’s creation to date.

Commented guitarist Francesco Lupi: “We are very happy to enter Kolony Records’ excellent roster and to be part of this very fast growing label. Kolony Records is becoming well-known for always striving to reach a balance between sheer musical quality and winning marketing strategies. We are also confident to have a killer album under our belt!”

Confirmed info on the new TRAGODIA album will be available soon, but in the meantime the band has posted a detailed studio report of the album’s progress at local Piacenza-based Elfo Studio with producer Daniele Mandelli (Forgotten Tomb) where the band is this week completing the new album; check it out HERE. Stay tuned for brand new updates in the coming days.



Luca Meloni – vocals

Francesco Lupi – guitars

Riccardo Tonoli – guitars

Luca Paderno - bass

Daniele Valseriati – drums


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on TRAGODIA, click on the links below!

facebook: Tragodia

Kolony Records - Large Logo


facebook: Kolony Records

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AMARANTHE – 2013 Tour Dates Continue In Support Of “The Nexus”

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Amaranthe - The Nexus - large promo cover pic

AMARANTHE – Swedish/Danish Modern Metal marvels, AMARANTHE, are taking to the road once again this year, in support of their chart toppingdynamic and mesmerizing new studio album: The Nexus. This second studio album from AMARANTHE was released worldwide this past March, via Spinefarm/Universal.

In very recent AMARANTHE news, the band has been confirmed for Radio Rock’s Cruise from Helsinki – Tallin on September 14-15! Check out AMARANTHE’s tour dates below and… Metal be thy name!



14.05.2013 – Club Quattro – Tokyo, Japan

15.05.2013 – Club Quattro – Tokyo, Japan

17.05.2013 – Club Quattro – Osaka, Japan

24.05.2013 – Bandit Boat 15 – Stockholm, Sweden

07.06.2013 – Sweden Rock Festival – Sölvesborg, Sweden

15.06.2013 – Nova Rock – Nickelsdorf, Austria

17.06.2013 – DreamHack Summer 2013 – Jönköping, Sweden

29.06.2013 – Graspop Metal Meeting – Dessel, Belgium

30.06.2013 – Tuska Open Air Metal Festival – Helsinki, Finland

06.07.2013 – Metaltown – Gothenburg, Sweden

11.07.2013 – SommarRock Svedala – Svedala, Sweden

13.07.2013 – Masters of Rock – Vizovice, Czech Republic

02.08.2013 – Kuopiorock – Kuopio, Finland

03.08.2013 – Satama Open Air – Kemi, Finland

09.08.2013 – ARTmania Rock Festival – Sibiu, Romania

10.08.2013 – Getaway Rock Festival – Gävle, Sweden

11.08.2013 – Jurassic Rock – Mikkeli, Finland

24.08.2013 – Falkenbergs Rockfest – Falkenberg, Sweden

22.11.2013 – Folkets Park – Huskvarna, Sverige

Amaranthe - The Nexus - promo banner pic - 2013


Jake E – vocals

Elize – vocals

Andy – screams

Olof – guitars & keys

Morten – drums

Johan – bass


For more info on AMARANTHE, click on the links below!

facebook: Amaranthe

facebook: Spinefarm Records

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TARJA To Release New Material Via Armoury Records Later This Year

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Tarja Turunen - promo pic - 2013 - B&W - #1

Following the sensational success of Act I, the first ever live solo offering from legendary Finnish songstress/former Nightwish soprano, TARJA TURUNEN, Armoury Records, in conjunction with earMUSIC, is delighted to announce the renewal of their collaboration for an exciting set of new releases spanning the next few years.

Set to commence with the long-awaited new studio rock album, the following months will entail many musical adventures for the versatile and talented artist, including the spectacular Beauty And The Beat 2013 tour, scheduled to be filmed later this year, and a first-ever all-classical studio offering which follows the success of her award-winning Harus – Live At Sibelius Hall release. 

In addition, TARJA fans will be pleased to know that the follow-up to 2010’s What Lies Beneathwill hit stores later this Summer. The as-yet-untitled album, mixed by Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, U2), is set to be the iconic vocalist’s next milestone for symphonic heavy rock thanks to a stellar lineup and a state-of-the-art production. Further details including a new single, video and extensive worldwide tour will be announced in the coming weeks.

Act I topped charts throughout Europe, with a sensational no. 5 in Germany’s General Charts (an unusual result for a live album). The video version held steady for over two months at the peak of the Finnish music video charts. Fans can follow TARJA‘s work and musical journey to her new album via her website at:


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on TARJA, click on the links below!

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STRATOVARIUS – “Nemesis” Album Samples Posted

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Stratovarius - Nemesis - promo cover pic!

Record to See North American Release Next Tuesday!


In celebration of the upcoming release of their new full-length, Nemesis, Melodic Metal legends STRATOVARIUS are offering up sound/video snippets of its eleven tracks. Produced and mixed by guitarist Matias Kupiainen and mastered by Mika Jussila (Finnvox Studios), Nemesis will be released in North America via earMUSIC in conjunction withArmoury Records next Tuesday, February 26, 2013.


From the signature power of “Abandon,” and the aggressively energetic “Stand My Ground,” to the folkish elements of “Out Of The Fog,” and the title track “Nemesis,” which boasts medieval melodies and double bass drumming, Nemesis delivers new elements fused with the traditional melodic power metal for which STRATOVARIUS is known.


In an early review of the record, Metal Underground dubs Nemesis, “one of the finest releases in the band’s history,” while Metal Reviews gushes, “… Nemesis is pure epic! It is grandiose, majestic, melodic yet heavy when it needs to be. It’s an unexpected return to form for STRATOVARIUS. It’s what power metal should sound like, period! It is without the shadow of a doubt STRATOVARIUS‘ best album in ages… Album of the year award? You betchya! If you are a fan of this band, you can’t afford to miss this incredible album.”


Metalholic, in a perfect 10/10 rating, notes, “Nemesis has a lot of the traditional STRATOVARIUS power metal edge, but they’ve managed to evolve and develop their sound to a much more rounded, matured, and polished heavy metal… This album hit the very depths of my core, my will, my heart, and my soul… This is more than music, it’s a masterpiece and should go down in the book of heavy metal as one of the best heavy metal albums of all time,” while adds, “Nemesis finds the band recapturing the magic of their glory days. Most importantly, the songwriting is excellent as the band seems determined to capture memorable songs that sit alongside the best of their catalog.”

Hear for yourself at THIS LOCATION.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

For more info on STRATOVARIUS, click on the links below!

facebook: Stratovarius

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MASTERPLAN – Announce New Vocalist And Bassist!

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Melodic Metal heroes MASTERPLAN are back with new line-up and big plans!

The new members are well-known:

Swedish vocalist Rick Altzi (At Vance, Thunderstone) is the one to replace Jorn Lande. Altzi enjoys a fabulous reputation throughout his works with numerous projects and bands.

MASTERPLAN’s new bass player  is another highly regarded musician: Jari Kainulainen (ex-Stratovarius/Evergrey).

“The last years have not been easy for Masterplan“, band leader Roland Grapow comments. “Because of several factors we have been unable to play festivals and tours – even though we had plenty of offers. But this will definitely change now. I’m very happy to welcome Rick and Jari on board now. Beside their undoubted musical qualities they both fit perfectly into our team. We feel a huge motivation to get things going now. 2013 will be see a new Masterplan album, several festivals and a tour! It’s time to return with full force.”


First confirmed MASTERPLAN gigs for 2013:

Wacken Cruise

Rocknacht Tennwilm (Switzerland)

Norfest (Portugal)

Masters Of Rock (Czech Republic)


(Source: AFM Records)

* For more info on MASTERPLAN, click on the links below!




THE NEOLOGIST – Release: The Promise Of Eternal Separation – FOR FREE

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The two-man Melodic Metal machine known as THE NEOLOGIST has just released their sophomore album The Promise of Eternal Separation. Following in the melodic footsteps of their debut album The 26 Letters of Your Universe, these guys certainly don’t disappoint in their latest offering. As with all their releases, The Promise of Eternal Separation is jam-packed with extras including a cover version of “Red Clouds” by DISARMONIA MUNDI, a dub-step remix of “A Call To Harms” by JESTER STRIKES, as well as two additional bonus tracks to be released on the bands Kazakhstan release and Vatican City release (both due in October 2012).

THE NEOLOGIST is known for their unique and fan friendly approach to releasing their music for free and their latest is no exception. The band previously released The 26 Letters of Your Universe for free, as well as an entire IN FLAMES cover album titled In Flames We Trust: Volume I and tracks from their continuing work in progress of an entire SOILWORK cover album titled Working the Soil. When asked about why they give all their music away for free, bassist Devin Walsh comments, “Would you rather have to pay for it?”


The Promise of Eternal Separation – Track Listing:

01. Fall of An Empire

02. Innate Supremacy

03. Subterranean Creatures

04. Apollo’s Creed

05. In The Name Of…

06. Between the Fallen

07. A Call To Harms

08. My Angel Is A Demon

09. Lost Souls Of A Forgotten Science

10. Red Clouds (Disarmonia Mundi Cover)

11. A Call To Harms Remix – Jester Strikes (Bonus Track)

**12. With Blind Eyes – Vatican City Release Only (Bonus Track)

**13. The March of Sagittarius – Kazakhstan Release Only (Bonus Track)


(Source: Devin Walsh)

For more info on THE NEOLOGIST, click on the links below!



FOREVERS EDGE – Announce New Singer And Bassist, Reveal New Album Artwork

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After several years of hard work trapped in the dungeons of creating a Heavy Metal masterpiece, NJ/NY Progressive Metal band FOREVERS EDGE have announced the return of singer CLAY BARTON (SUSPYRE) for their sophomore album, Hereafter, as well as bassist NOAH MARTIN (ARSIS).

CLAY BARTON comments:

“When I was first approached about being a part of the second album I wasn’t sure if I was going to have the time or energy to put forward what was needed from a vocalist, but when I started hearing the rough mixes I knew that it had a chance to be something very special. Sal has always been nice enough to give me the freedom to be creative and that makes recording his albums a much more enjoyable experience. If you aren’t having fun with a project, it comes across in the music for everyone to hear. My hope is that when everyone hears the album they experience not only the music, but also experience a little bit of the fun that went into recording it.”

NOAH MARTIN comments:

“I’m glad to have done this recording session with friends, the majority of whom I’ve known for nearly ten years. It’s definitely an effective gelling of musicians, Their music seems to capture the riffs of say, Iced Earth, the length and complexity of Blind Guardian’s arrangements, and the grandeur of Symphony X. It’s been hectic finishing both this and the Arsis album. Much thanks to the guys for asking me to play on their album, being patient, and even giving me a bass solo.”





Sal Pisano: Guitars

Mike Pignataro: Keyboards & Pianos

Clay Barton: Vocals

Noah Martin: Bass

Samus Paulicelli: Drums

Rob DeSimone: Secondary Vocals (Growls)


(Source: Team All About The Music – Publicity, Management, A&R)

Album artwork designed by Chris D’Andrea

For more info on FOREVERS EDGE, click on the links below!


Buy Chaotic Silence




LOVE.MIGHT.KILL “XTC” (Official Video) – Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

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LOVE.MIGHT.KILL2 Big 2 Fail, the sophomore album from LOVE.MIGHT.KILL, will be released this October 19th, via Massacre Records. The first music video for this album is XTC. Melodic Metal is played and celebrated in a very big way by LOVE.MIGHT.KILL, with big guitars, a big rhythm section, big keys and melodic vocals.

LOVE.MIGHT.KILL taps into a Melodic Metal atmosphere of sound; one that surrounds my senses and pumps up my Metal adrenaline! A power-packed song is XTC and it’s… Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! Metal be thy name.

You can hear it all for yourself by listening to and watching XTC below!


Jan Manenti – Vocals

Stefan Ellerhorst – Guitar

Christian Stöver – Guitar

Jogi Sweers – Bass

Michael Ehré – Drums

Sascha Onnen – Keyboards


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TARJA – “Into The Sun” Video Unveiled; “Act I” Releases In North America September 4th

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(Photo Credit: Paul Harries)

In celebration of Act I, the soon-to-be-released first ever live solo offering from legendary Finnish songstress/former Nightwish soprano, TARJA TURUNEN, Eagle Rock imprint Armoury Records, in conjunction with earMUSIC, are pleased to unleash the official video for Into The Sun. View the spectacular clip at THIS LOCATION.

Act I will be unleashed to North American fans on September 4, 2012 in 2-CD, 2-DVD and Blu-Ray format. A monumental undertaking recorded and filmed with 10 HD cameras at the breathtaking Teatro El Círculo in Rosario, Argentina earlier this Sprint, Act 1 offers up an elaborate track listing of solo tunes, Nightwish classics and various covers including a rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom Of The Opera,” Gary Moore’s “Over The Hills and Far Away,” Whitesnake’s “Still Of The Night” and a variety of video extras. Check out the stunning cover art and official video trailer if you missed it the first time around HERE.


(Source: Earsplit PR)

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REBELLION – German Heavy Metal Legends Announce Tour Dates; Offers Free Song Download!

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REBELLION are currently busy recording their upcoming album, which is going to be released later this year.

If you want to listen to new songs, you’ll get the chance on July 27th at Jackson’s Open-Air Metal-Night ( in Oranienbaum, Germany!

Here are the titles of the 4 new songs they’re going to play: “Breeding Hate”, Prince Of The Cheruscer”, “The Seeres Tower” and “Ala Germanica”.

The band also offers (Free) the brand new song “Aptrgangr” on their website ( as well as a “making of” video clip (

If you can’t attend the gig on July 27th, you can maybe attend one of REBELLION’s gigs in November:

01.11.2012 DE Köln – Blue Shell –

03.11.2012 DE Oberhausen – Helvete Metal Club –

10.11.2012 DE Hamburg – Ballroom –

16.11.2012 NL Kerkrade – The Rock Temple –

17.11.2012 DE Bremen – Meisenfrei –

24.11.2012 DE Primasens – Zur Schwemme –

Listen to and get your copy of REBELLION’s albums here:

Stone Says: Take the Metal time to check out German Heavy Metal Legends Rebellion! Big guitars, a muscular, booming rhythm section and hard as steel  vocals; all this wrapping together a melodic and heavy as all hell sound! Rebellion Rules! Metal be thy name.


(Source: Massacre Records)



SKY OF RAGE – Debut Album Releases In Europe On July 27th; Teaser Video For Album Online Now!

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SKY OF RAGE Astral Doors guitar player Joachim Nordlund has a second band called Sky Of Rage. The debut album will be released all over Europe July 27th 2012, through Metalville. In the band you also find Astral Doors ex bass player Mika Itäranta, ex Thalamus guitarist Jan Cederlund, drummer Tomas Friberg and singer Stiff. Heavy riffing and melodic vocals is promised!

A teaser for the album is below! Check it out my Metal brethren! Metal be thy name.


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ASYLUM PYRE – Sign To Massacre Records; New Album Releasing November 2012

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From Massacre Records:

We are happy to announce the signing of the French Melodic Metal band ASYLUM PYRE!

From Speed Metal to Progressive, passing through lyrical or Ambient Metal, the band draws elements from multiple genres to create its own identity.

ASYLUM PYRE’s sound offers catchy melodies and rhythm changes as well es quiet moments and powerful parts. Their songs are both catchy and intensive, because the band’s strength lies in the messages of their songs.

ASYLUM PYRE’s debut album “Natural Instinct?” was released in 2009.

The band’s second album “Fifty Years Later” was recorded and mixed by Didier Chesneau and mastered by Elektra Mastering and is scheduled to be released on November 23, 2012 via Massacre Records!



Julien Peuch – Bass

Tony Decaillon – Keyboard

Chaos Heidi – Vocals

Johann Cadot – Vocals, Guitar

Hervé Schiltz – Guitar


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