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On This Day In METAL History – April 1st… From David Lee Roth To Iron Maiden

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David Lee Roth - Hit Parader Magazine - promo cover - April - 1984 - #0401DLRMO1

On April 1st, 1985David Lee Roth left Van Halen to begin a solo career. Yup. Shown above is the April, 1984 edition of Hit Parader, with Diamond Dave as the cover feature. Yup.

Cheap Trick - Promo Album Cover Pic!

On this day in 2008 – In the state of Illinois, this date marked the first Cheap Trick Day. This special day was decided upon, in June of 2007, in the state of Illinois. Whoa, man! Happy Cheap Trick Day, Illinois! Long live Cheap Trick!

IRON MAIDEN "The Number Of The Beast" large album pic!!

On April 1st, 2015IRON MAIDEN’s The Number Of The Beast is ranked at #33 on the iTunes Top 100 Metal Albums Chart. This iconic Metal album was released back in 1982 and is the third studio album from the legendary IRON MAIDEN. Whoa! Long live IRON MAIDEN!

Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind - promo album cover pic - 1982 - #66IMMO0104

On this day in 2015IRON MAIDEN’s Piece Of Mind is ranked at #45 on the iTunes Top 100 Metal Albums Chart. Released back in 1983, this is the fourth studio album from the mighty IRON MAIDEN.

Iron Maiden - Brave New World - promo album cover pic - 2000 - #0401BDASMO

On April 1st, 2015IRON MAIDEN’s Brave New World is ranked at #53 on the iTunes Top 100 Metal Albums Chart. Released back in 2000, this is the twelfth studio album from the magnificent IRON MAIDEN. Brave New World also marked the return of vocalist Bruce Dickinson, after his successful solo career; guitarist Adrian Smith also marked his return on this fabulous album. Whoa!

Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power - Promo Cover Pic!

On this day in 2015PANTERA’s Vulgar Display Of Power is ranked at #39 on the iTunes Top 100 Metal Albums Chart. Originally released back in 1992, this is the sixth studio album from the great PANTERA. Long live the legacy of PANTERA! RIP, Dimebag Darrell.



Stone - 2011 Photo #1





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He Whose Ox Is Gored - Tour promo flyer - 2015 - #HWOIGMO003399

Fresh off their Rumors 7” release last October, Seattle doomgazers He Whose Ox Is Gored will embark on a national tour this April, which will include Midwest and East Coast stops for the first time. The tour kicks off in their native Seattle on April 5th with Witchripper and A God or Another at Narwhal.

The band’s full length debut The Camel, The Lion, The Child’ is slated for release this fall on Bleeding Light Records, as well as more new material that will also surface in 2015. In the meantime, Ox will spread their fuzzed out style of heaviness across 14 US cities in preparation of the full length’s imminent release. All dates are below and subject to change.

4/5 Seattle, WA @ Narwhal Tour kick off w/ Witchripper and A God or Another
4/7 Missoula, MT @ Palace Lounge
4/8 Fargo, ND @ New Direction
4/9 Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
4/12 Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
4/14 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus
4/15 Boston, MA @ PA’s Lounge
4/16 Worchester, MA @ Ralph’s
4/19 St. Louis, MO @ The Lemp
4/20 Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar
4/21 Denver, CO @ Hi Dive
4/22 Salt Lake City, UT @ Bar Deluxe
4/23 Boise, ID @ Crux
4/24 Spokane, WA @ The Pin


Source: Dewar PR

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Abhorrent Decimation – A Marriage Of Music & Art

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Abhorrent Decimation - promo band pic - #040115 - #ADMO99

UK Death Metal outfit Abhorrent Decimation are pleased to announce they’ll be teaming up with a group of sculptors for an innovative new music video.

In the build up to their hugely anticipated debut full length album, the London-based wrecking crew have teamed up with the Head of Foundations (David Tinn) and two highly skilled artists (Jonny Cavaciuti & Olivia Davis) at East Surrey College, to commission the creation of a series of sculptures to be used in the bands next music video. The album, as of yet untitled, is slated for release later this year and is in the final stages of mixing and mastering under the scrutiny of renown producer Ronnie Björnström, Enhanced Audio Productions (Garageland Studios, Sweden). The wait will soon be over.

Whilst Abhorrent Decimation prepare for their upcoming UK tour with French Death Metal heavyweights, Benighted and Scotland’s Cancerous Womb, vocalist Ashley Scott gives us an overview of the project as he oversees the sculpture commission beginning to take form:

“We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have pulled this off… I had such big ideas for the first official music video that we would be putting out with this album. I can’t go into great detail of the concept behind it all yet but I wanted the band mutated and frozen in ice BUT I didn’t want it done using CGI. Turns out, that was a bit of an ambitious ask. I then thought about doing the whole band as a set of sculptures and freezing those. So I contacted my old friend and mentor David about the possibility of collaborating with his foundation students at the college and the rest is history. He asked that I create a brief for the project and since then the artists have just run with it. We took the first sample casts of my head a few weeks back and we are really happy with the results. Next, the whole band will be in to have moulds taken of their heads. From there, the artists will then need a little time to work on these objects before we can have them frozen and then begin shooting the vid. I really wanted to bring one song in particular to life, having these sculptures frozen in ice will do exactly that and it’s something a little different, this is an interesting marriage of music and art. You don’t see that much. And once the album is released I would love to exhibit these pieces in London.”

Abhorrent Decimation - cover pic - 2015 - #033309

Check out ‘Infected Celestial Utopia’, title track from the debut Abhorrent Decimation EP!

Abhorrent Decimation Live!

11/04/15 Croydon, The Scream Lounge
12/04/15 Bristol, The Exchange
13/04/15 Liverpool, The Magnet
14/04/15 Edinburgh, Bannermans
15/04/15 Leeds, Temple of Boom
16/04/15 Birmingham, The Flapper
17/04/15 Reading, The Facebar
19/04/15 Tilburg, Neurotic Deathfest
28/04/15 Brighton, The Prince Albert
23/05/15 Southampton, The Firehouse


Source: Future PR

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KARASAFRA “Chaos Manifest” EP – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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Karasafra - Chaos Manifest - 2015 - #0329CMMO37

4.5 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!

4.5 metal-fists-4-5-album-reviews-metal-odyssey

KARASAFRA is an Extreme Progressive Metal band from Turkey. The two multi-instrumentalist members of this fine band are: Esin Tokgöz on brutal vocals, guitars, drums (and lyricist), along with Engin Can Tokgöz on clean vocals, basses, guitars and drums.

The three songs on Karasafra’s EP are: Structure of Debris, Thoughtscapes and the epic title track: Chaos Manifest. The brutal vocals of Esin Tokgöz are Black Metal and the clean vocals of Engin Can Tokgöz are very dark. I will add that there is a nice touch of Middle East accent in the vocals of Engin Can Tokgöz, on the third song Chaos Manifest. Excellent vocals, both.

Structure of Debris begins with a soft guitar intro and mellow guitar interludes do occur within this blazingly blackened song. This is an excellent song to become first acquainted with Karasafra; as this entire EP is for that matter.

Karasafra - promo band photo - March 8th - 2015 - #0308MOK

I love the guitar tones on these songs, it very much is obvious to my ears that Karasafra are conscientious at creating their own musical identity; something that is so essential to accomplish, in order to stand out within the oceans of Metal. I thoroughly enjoy the flow of the second song: Thoughtscapes. This song is beyond contagious for me and I couldn’t be more honest!

The epic title track and EP closer, Chaos Manifest, is without question to me, the most progressive song on this EP. The time signatures are smooth and the tempo changes are very pleasing for my Metal tastes. At 10:20 long, this isn’t a song you will dread due to its length, no sir. I actually feel that this epic song finishes too quickly! It’s a fantastic musical journey and well worth the 10 plus minutes that Karasafra created.

Below, listen to, download and support KARASAFRA:

I admire how these two musicians have written and recorded three songs that are so captivating and unique. There are no parts repeated from one song to the other, if you know what I mean. To have featured and reviewed this new Karasafra EP on Metal Odyssey is what highlighting quality, international underground Metal is all about. I wish this Metal duo all the very best that will come their way from their music; this is a tremendous EP and I highly recommend it to all my Metal brethren around the globe. Metal be thy name. – Stone


* For more info on KARASAFRA:

Facebook: Karasafra





HALO CREATION – Female Fronted DEATH METAL Band From Austria Set To Release Debut Album This Autumn!

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Halo Creation - promo band pic - 2015 - #0330HCMOHB

HALO CREATION is a DEATH METAL band from Vienna, Austria and was founded in 2014. Their unequivocal message is:


The five members of the band bring you real, powerful and straight Metal and also live, you can feel and see the brute force of HALO CREATION.

It began in a small rehearsal room in the middle of Vienna. Since the very beginning, they rehearse regularly and so the first songs accrued. In the Summer of 2014, a Demo CD with four songs on it was recorded. In September, HALO CREATION played their first live show, together with ILLDISPOSED.

Since this show, they play live regularly and already shared the stage with GRAVEWORM and JINJER. These days they are busy with songwriting for their first album and this Summer of 2015 they will enter the studio. The release of the full-length is scheduled for Autumn.

Halo Creation - promo band pic - 2015 - #02 - 0330HCMOHBV

For HALO CREATION, it is important to produce elaborated and very powerful music. When they`re playing live, the crowd should go crazy and while listening to their songs any kind of emotions should arise.

The music should be real Death Metal, which means, there will be no clean vocals nor Nu Metal parts in it. Moreover, outstanding chorus lines are important. Further, excesses in speed or changes in rhythm should be a big part of their music.






Backstage PRO:

Halo Creation - classic band logo - 2015 - black on white - #77333


MetalMessage - Logo with skull - 2014






W.A.S.P. “GOLGOTHA” – New Studio Album Set For Release This August, Via Napalm Records

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Wasp - Classic Band Logo - white on black - 03291577BLWNRMO33

WASP - Golgotha - promo album title - 032415WBLMO29 -


As reported by Napalm Records:

Almost six years have passed since the world saw a new studio album from Metal Icons W.A.S.P. That is about to change as W.A.S.P. has signed a new worldwide record deal with Austria’s Napalm Records. W.A.S.P. will release their 15th studio album titled Golgotha this August.

“W.A.S.P. are excited to announce they have signed an exclusive recording contract with Napalm Records. We chose Napalm for their personal belief and professional commitment to our career. We’re looking forward to years of great success together starting with the release of our upcoming album Golgotha”, states W.A.S.P. front man Blackie Lawless.

“It is a true honor to announce this signing today, a dream has come true. With their impressive career and ability to create musical masterpieces W.A.S.P have always been one of the most influential Metal bands out there since the beginning of their career. We are thrilled about the upcoming album Golgotha which will be released this summer!” – Vice President of Napalm Records Thomas Caser

W.A.S.P. came out of the Los Angeles Metal scene in 1982 gaining notoriety for their shock rock antics. With a career spanning over 3 decades, 17 world tours, and now their 15th studio album, they are a metal band that has evolved in maturity without having lost their signature sound, unlike many of their peers from their origins. Golgotha will continue down the path that 2007’s Dominator and 2009’s Babylon started on, both in production style and theme. Six years in the making, Golgotha will undoubtedly lead the listeners on the emotionally epic undertaking that W.A.S.P. has become acclaimed for!


Special thanks to Scott Coverdale for story.

* For more info:

Napalm Records - logo - B&W - 2013

Napalm Records





MERIDIUS Self-Titled EP – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

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Meridius - promo EP cover pic - 2015 - #03MMOEP1

4 Out Of 5 METAL Fists!


MERIDIUS is a Thrash Metal band out of British Columbia, Canada and their 3 song, self-titled EP has been released on March 20th. I really dig this band’s logo and the chosen color of red on black. That’s old school, man. Hopefully I don’t use this “old school” phrase too often; only old school kicks major ass and I live for old school Metal. Are you old school?

This EP contains a whole lot of guitar crunch, along with plenty of reasons to crank up the volume LOUD and bang thy head. The guitar solo on Walk The Plank is unreal good stuff and I admire how MERIDIUS mellows out musically in the final minute of this song; a courageous touch that works just fine for me.

Meridius - Promo Band Pic - 2015 - #03M21MO

I’m really impressed by how in-your-face the guitars are and still the vocals and rhythm section explode into the forefront as well. In other words, nothing gets buried in these songs. Another impressive element to MERIDIUS is the vocals of Eric Willmott who pronounces the lyrics in a Tom Araya (South Of Heaven) style.

What I really enjoy most is this band is a bounty of Thrash Metal promise and they don’t go for the need-for-speed route; one that would transform them into an Extreme band anyways. MERIDIUS sounds like they’re on course for some great achievements in Metal, both with their convincing musical talent and strong EP of songs. I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears on MERIDIUS. Metal be thy name. – Stone


Track Listing: Meridius – Self Titled EP

  1. Speed Kills (3:42) BandcampSoundcloudYoutube
  2. Walk The Plank (5:27) – Bandcamp| SoundcloudYoutube
  3. Conquer The Throne (4:17) – Bandcamp| SoundcloudYoutube

EP Length: 13:27


EP and Live Band Line Up:

Kieran Marquis – Lead Guitar

Eric Willmott – Vocals

Sam Buchanan – Rhythm Guitar

Peter Reimann – Bass Guitar

Nolan Olson – Drums








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