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TORMENTOR – Sign With Static Tension Recordings; New Album Due Out In July

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Tormentor - promo band pic - 2015 - #4098

Static Tensions Recordings is pleased to announce its latest signing, California thrashers TORMENTER. The label will be releasing the band’s previously self-released album Prophetic Deceiver, which received rave reviews upon release. The album is set to be released on July 24 2015. The band is recommended if you like Exodus, Warbringer and Destruction.

Static Tension Recordings CEO Kyle Stevens had the following to say about the signing:

“We are proud to announce La Puenta, CA’s Tormenter to our ever-expanding family of artists.  Tormenter have built a large and loyal fan base in their home market and are now poised to build that fan base across North America.  With melodic riffs and a sound that incorporates melodic thrash and death metal, Tormenter are poised to be your next favorite band!”

Listen to the track “Exile From Flesh” from Prophetic Deceiver here:

The band is also embarking on a tour of the South West United States, beginning in June. The tour, which is being called UNREST IN THE SOUTHWEST, will consist of eight dates. All shows will be played with fellow Californian’s CONCRETE SLEDGE. Tour dates can be found below.

Tormentor - Concrete Sledge - promo tour flyer - July 2015 - MO

Static Tension Recordings online:




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Sisters Of… Stream New Album At Decibel

Posted in Metal, metal bands, metal music, Music, rock music with tags , , , on May 4, 2015 by Metal Odyssey

Sisters Of - The Serpent The Angel The Adversary - promo album cover pic - 2015

Post-metal masters SISTERS OF… have teamed up with Decibel magazine to premiere their latest masterpiece The Serpent, the Angel, the Adversary in full. The album releases next week on May 12th via Crowquill Records, but you can now stream it in full at Decibel now. The stream can be heard at this location:

Pre-order the album here:

About Sisters Of

Sisters of… is a genre-defying project from St. Joseph, Missouri. Multi-instrumentalist Aaron Coker (ex-Appleseed Cast, Reggie & The Full Effect) was joined by Chris Clark and together Sisters of… was born. Tired of musical limitations, Coker’s idea of blending heavy and atmospheric sounds was realized in a track that evolved into the cornerstone of Sisters of…’s first EP, Follow Me as a Ghost. Layers of post-rock, metal, and experimental elements build evocative soundscapes that expand beyond the conventional themes of life and death.

Impressed by Follow Me as a Ghost, which St. Joseph’s News-Press called “experimental metal at its finest,” Crowquill Records invited Sisters of… to join the label and work jointly toward the actualization of Sisters of…’s first full-length, which will be released in May of 2015.

Sisters Of - promo band pic - 2015 - #05042015MO


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Black Metal Brother Duo HELLEBORUS Announce Live Line Up Additions + Offer Free Download Of ‘Coils’ On

Posted in Black Metal, Metal, metal bands, metal music, Music, rock music with tags , , , , on May 4, 2015 by Metal Odyssey

Helleborous - Press Photo - 2015 - #HMO661604

L-R – Wyatt  Houseman (vocals, lyrics) – Jerred Houseman (producer, all instruments) – Photo Credit – Carlton Cruz

Helleborus – Coils – FREE Download here

Manitou Springs, Colorado based Helleborus, the new creation of brothers Jerred & Wyatt Houseman (both former members of Execration) are proud to announce their live line up has just grown with the addition of drummer Brent Boutte’ and guitarist Ian H..

“Today Helleborus introduces two of our live ritual performance members. We are closer now to bringing our magic live and our rehearsals are flowing faster than expected. It will be some time still before we hit the stage, but the hunger is becoming more real. More news and members will be announced soon.” comments vocalist / lyricist Wyatt Houseman.

Brent Boutte - Helleborus - 2015 - promo pic

Ian H. - Helleborus - promo pic - 2015 - #05MOH

Named after a gorgeous but poisonous flower that blooms in winter, Helleborus pushes their creative freedom to new levels as the psychedelic black metal project is Dionysian in nature and explores themes of sexual mysticism, Qabalah & the Esoteric. For their debut to the metal world, the band has unleashed a free download of their track ‘Coils‘ available at the following link on here.

‘Coils’ is one of many songs the brothers plan to unleash on their soon to be finished debut full length ‘The Carnal Sabbath’, a release that combines black, death and doom metal with a vast ambiance. Venturing outside the conventional colors of traditional black metal, Jerred & Wyatt plan to deliver a new aura of sound where fans of The Devil’s Blood, Satyricon, Necorphobic, Belphegor, Blut Aus Nord are sure to connect with them.

Album Band Line Up features: Wyatt (vocals, lyrics) & Jerred Houseman (producer, all instruments)

For more info, please visit the following links:

I will forever embrace quality underground Metal, especially underground Black Metal. Helleborus have without question, tapped into my Black Metal psyche with their new song. I honestly cannot stop listening to Coils.” – Metal Odyssey


* Source:

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UNBREAKABLE HATRED – Canadian Death Metal Trio Joins Unique Leader Records For Multi-Album Deal

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Unbreakable Hatred - Promo band pic - 2015 - #0503MOUH

Quebec City-based death metal trio, UNBREAKABLE HATRED, recently joined the expanding roster of extreme metal powerhouse, Unique Leader Records.

Comments the band: “We’re extremely excited to announce that UNBREAKABLE HATRED signed a multi-album deal with Unique Leader Records! We are looking forward to working with a label that has stood the test of time while continuing to expand their diverse death metal roster. We are honored to be a part of the Unique Leader family and we are ready for what is coming up. With our team behind us, we can’t wait to see UNBREAKABLE HATRED grow.”

Forged in 2008 by guitarist Philippe Drouin, his drummer brother Dominic and vocalist/bassist Simon B. Lapointe, UNBREAKABLE HATRED spews forth a mutinous amalgam of old school death metal brutality, modern technical wizardry and blistering groove making for relentlessly visceral sound expedition. The band released their debut full-length, Total Chaos, in 2011 via Galy/Lacerated Enemy Records. Largely underrated but no less scalding, Sea Of Tranquility noted, “UNBREAKABLE HATRED… play a brand of technical death metal and grindcore that is as brutal as it is catchy,” further crowning it, “an all-around solid affair that shows plenty of promise.”

Unbreakable Hatred - band logo - 2014 - #6369MOUHL

In a 4/5 rating, Sputnik Music applauded the band’s versatility. “Rather than remaining excessively tethered to a single structure, Total Chaos often has varying time signatures between the instruments that resonate well when meshed just right — particularly the rhythm guitar and the drums — and that the band pulled this feat off and still have a sound structure just screams skilled.” Added Bravewords, “Fortifying the link between Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy and The Last Felony, UNBREAKABLE HATRED is one of Quebec’s latest new hopes, the group a feat of technical death worthy of some sort of engineering degree… Total Chaos is a record built on supreme musicianship, attention to detail and a steely determination to impart its will while crawling through the haze of the multitude.”

UNBREAKABLE HATRED will release their sophomore full-length via Unique Leader Records later this year. Further info to be announced in the coming weeks.

Words from the converted:

UNBREAKABLE HATRED is one of Canada’s premier death metal acts; this trio of power lays waste to the listeners ear drums on every level and then some!” – Terrance Hobbs, Suffocation

UNBREAKABLE HATRED blew us away each night with their energy and ripping songs; it was a total pleasure to have them on our tour and the best is most certainly to come – Ferocious!” – Jason Netherton, Misery Index

UNBREAKABLE HATRED from Quebec are definitely one of the new bands out there to be recognized! Once again proving that Quebec musicians are on top of their Game! ” – Flo Mounier, Cryptopsy

“Great musicians, brutally heavy and very strong live, definitely a band to watch out for.” – Bobby Koelble, Death


Source: Earsplit PR

* For more info:

Facebook: Unbreakable Hatred





vod Releases ᑑᕐᖓᐃᑦ (Tuurngait)

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VOD - new studio album - promo cover pic - 2015

New album now available via Bandcamp

After a few delays, Quebec’s vod are proud to announce that they have finally released their album ᑑᕐᖓᐃᑦ. The album, also known as Tuurngait, contains 8 tracks of unique music that has been described as drone music mixed with Meshuggah. The music is entirely bass driven with no guitars present.

The album is now available for download on Bandcamp and each download contains a free booklet of bass tabs for the songs.

Download and listen to the album at this location:

Praise for vod:

“One of the best releases from a newer band this year. – Headbang or GTFO

“Overall, this is a solid and unique album” – Metal for Music Majors

“This entire album seems to be a deliberate attempt to do something far outside the norm or known” – Direnotes


Source: Dewar PR

vod online:




Long Live vod.

Long Live Canada.


COFFINS – To Release ‘Perpetual Penance’ Double CD Collection On June 9th, via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

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Horror Pain Death - Productions - Record Label Logo - 2015 - #6605MO

Coffins - Perpetual Penance - promo cover pic - 2015 - #0033MOC

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have announced the new double CD collection from Japan’s Death/Doom fiends Coffins, entitled Perpetual Penance, set for release on June 9th on CD and Digital formats. This is an essential compilation of Coffins vinyl only and split release tracks, features artwork by Uchino and is the follow-up to the 2011 release Ancient Torture. The first 100 orders come with a free chrome Coffin key chain, a miniature casket that opens to store your victims ashes! Listen to the track “Reborn” from this gnarly new Coffins collection at or below:

Below is the official description:

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions is proud to unleash the new Coffins double CD collection Perpetual Penance. This is an essential compilation of Coffins vinyl only and split release tracks from artists including Noothgrush, Macabra, Sourvein, Warhammer, Disgrace, Hooded Menace and Stormcrow. Coffins continue their devastating legacy of ancient torture with this 96 minute presentation of bone-crushing Death/Doom sickness!

Perpetual Penance features and showcases out of print/hard to find vinyl tracks from the following outlets: Southern Lord, Decibel Magazine, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions, Forcefield Records, Break The Chains, A Pile Of Dirt Music, Doomentia Records, 20 Buck Spin and Hydro-Phonic Records. For fans of Abscess, Acid Witch, Anatomia, Asphyx, Autopsy, Carnage, Celtic Frost, Cianide, Disma, Divine Eve, Grave, Hellhammer, Hooded Menace, Mythic, Venom and Winter.

Pre-order the Double CD for only $14 with free shipping at:

Pre-order the Digital Download for only $9.99 at:

Coffins - Perpetual Penance - promo cover pic - 2015 - #0033MOC


Disc 1
1. Hellbringer (Demo version from Colossal Hole EP)
2. No Saviour (Demo version from Colossal Hole EP)
3. Colossal Hole (Demo version from Colossal Hole EP)
4. Drowned In Revelation (from split with Noothgrush)
5. The Wretched Path (from split with Noothgrush)
6. Reborn (from Reborn flexi)
7. Grotesque Messiah (Extended version from split with Macabra)
8. Axes Of Vengeance (from split with Sourvein)

Disc 2
9. Till Dawn Of The Doomsday (from split with Warhammer)
10. Grotesque Messiah (from split with Disgrace)
11. In Bloody Sewage (from split with Hooded Menace)
12. The Fog Of Burning Flesh (from split with Stormcrow)
13. Slaughter Of Gods ’09 (from split with Stormcrow)
14. Till Dawn Of The Doomsday/Grotesque Messiah (Live version from Live In Japan EP)
15. In Bloody Sewage (Live version from Live In Japan EP)
16. Here Comes Perdition/Under The Stench/Slaughter Of Gods (unreleased track Live in Czech Republic)

Coffins - key chain - promo pic - 2015 - Perpetual Penance - giveaway - 2015


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HPGD on BandCamp:

HPGD on Facebook:

HPGD on YouTube:





On This Day In METAL History – May 1st…

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Led Zeppelin - Presence - promo album cover pic - #3300889

On May 1st, 1976Led Zeppelin went to #1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, with their seventh studio album: Presence. This fine album would stay on top of this chart for two weeks. Yes, the amazing song Nobody’s Fault But Mine is featured on Presence. The album cover art was designed by the legendary (London) design group: Hipgnosis.

Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality - promo album cover pic - #9090BSMOwhoa

On this day in 2015 – The third studio album from Black Sabbath, Master Of Reality, is ranked at #73, on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Nice!! This tremendous album was originally released back in 1971.

Ozzy Osbourne - Diary Of A Madman - promo cover pic - #777OO

On May 1st, 2015Ozzy Osbourne’s second studio album, Diary Of A Madman, is ranked at #62 on the iTunes Top 100 Heavy Metal Albums Chart. Whoa and yeah! Diary Of A Madman was originally released back in 1981. Sadly, this would be the last studio album that the incredible Randy Rhoades would play guitar on. RIP, Randy Rhoades.

Hollywood Undead - Day Of The Dead - promo album cover pic - 2015 - #DOTD177MO

On this day in 2015 – The fourth studio album from Hollywood Undead, Day Of The Dead, is ranked at #177 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. Day Of The Dead has spent 4 consecutive weeks on this chart, peaking at #18.


Stone - 2011 Photo #1





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