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FERIUM – Studio Update For Upcoming Concept Album: ‘Behind The Black Eyes’

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Ferium - promo band pic - #2015FIMO

Israeli Metal outfit FERIUM are hard at work in the studio working on their upcoming concept album, Behind the Black Eyes. Video footage from the recording sessions can be viewed at this location.

Behind The Black Eyes greatly expands the concept first introduced on FERIUM’s debut album Reflections. The connection between the two albums is evident in part by the inclusion of a new track titled “Reflections,” while the debut album contained the song “The Black Eyes.” 

Behind The Black Eyes is the story of one man’s deteriorating relationship from beginning to end; from promising beginnings to the bitter end. Musically, Behind the Black Eyes raises the intensity level and deepens the impact with powerful riffs and melodic atmospheric parts, ensuring that nary a listener is left unaffected by the experience. Behind the Black Eyes is one again being produced and recorded by FERIUM guitarist Boxer at his very own Boxer Studio.

Ferium - Reflections - promo album cover pic - #7788FIM

FERIUM released Reflections on CD and digital formats in 2014. The album was met with praise by critics and fans worldwide and received Album of  the Week honors from Select tracks from Reflections are streaming at

Purchase Reflections at:





Tiran Ezra – Vocals

Guy Goldenberg  – Guitars

Elram Boxer – Guitars \ Back Vocals

Ron Amar  – Drums

Yoni Biton   – Bass


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On This Day In METAL History – January 30th… From KISS To HAMMERFALL!

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KISS - Debut Album - promo cover pic!!

On January 30th, 1973 – The iconic KISS performed their first concert at the Popcorn Club, in Queens, New York, USA. KISS were paid a whopping $50 for their two sets of performance on that Rock historic evening. I wish I was there… then again, I was only seven years old then. Whoa!!

Led Zeppelin - promo band logo - patch from collection - MO

On this day in 1973 – The magnificent Led Zeppelin performed at Guildhall in Preston, UK.

Iron Maiden - Large Classic Logo!

On January 30th, 1987 – The mighty IRON MAIDEN performed at The Summit in Houston, Texas, USA. This concert was a stop on IRON MAIDEN’s Somewhere On Tour.

Stryper - Honestly - promo 12 inch single - cover art - #1987SMO777

On this day in 1988STRYPER has their power ballad, Honestly, sitting at #23 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. Honestly is featured on STRYPER’s Grammy nominated and third studio album from 1986: To Hell With The Devil.

Iron Maiden - classic band logo - yellow - blue - black

On January 30th, 1996 – The legendary IRON MAIDEN performed at the Maysfield Leisure Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This concert date was on IRON MAIDEN’S The X Factour.

On this day in 2004 – The powerful IRON MAIDEN performed at the Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, USA. This concert was one of many on IRON MAIDEN’s Dance Of Death Tour.

Slayer - large logo - red - black - white

On January 30th, 2007 – The fearsome SLAYER performed at Saltair in Magna, Utah, USA. SLAYER were on their Christ Illusion tour. Ssssllllaaaayyyyerrrr!! Whoa!

Hammerfall - promo tour flyer - winter - 2015 - #H1MO1

On this day in 2015 – The grand HAMMERFALL are to perform at Razzmatazz 2 in Barcelona, Spain. Orden Ogan and Serious Black are the supporting bands and they kick Metal ass too.

ACDC - Back In Black - promo album cover pic - #1980

On January 30th, 2015 – The super-duper AC/DC have their legendary studio album, Back In Black, resting at #83 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. Released back in 1980, Back In Black has spent 162 non-consecutive weeks on the Billboard Top 200 and once peaked at #4. Holy Metal!!

Metallica - The Black Album - promotional album cover pic - #1991JH

On this day in 2015 – The sensational Metallica have their 1991 studio album, Metallica aka The Black Album, occupying the #185 slot, on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart. Timeless Metal, it is.






CRYPTIC HYMN – Offer Free Download Of New Track ‘Revel In Disgust’ Plus Show Dates

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Cryptic Hymn - promo band pic - #2015CHMO1

Formed in July 2014, Paducah, Kentucky’s CRYPTIC HYMN forge Blackened Death Metal that’s diverse with its aggressive, grim and melodic approach. Featuring ex-Voyage of Slaves members Dave Palenske, Jon Grace, and Nathaniel Vowell as well as Josh Mumford of Anagnorisis, the band is currently in pre-production working on their debut release. In the meantime, they have unleashed their first single ‘Revel In Disgust’ at the following links below to show fans what they have brewing for 2015.

“We are proud and very excited to premiere our new single. “Revel In Disgust” is an up front outlook on humanity. The theme of the song is about learning from the negativity one experiences in life and setting yourself aside from it, or against it in effort to rise above it. We think it’s important to address issues that exist in reality, but those issues can also be interpreted through metaphors based on themes of fantasy or science fiction, for example. This is only a taste of things to come as we have big plans for 2015. Be prepared to catch us on the road in the near future! Cheers everyone!” – Cryptic Hymn 

Cryptic Hymn - Revel In Disgust - promo cover pic - #2015CHRIDMO



Fans of Death Metal, Black Metal, Thrash and Doom who head bang to bands such as At The Gates, Death, Revocation and Skeletonwitch are sure to feel the brutal assault Cryptic Hymn offers in the mosh pit, as they will be hitting the road in their surrounding states.

Show Dates (more details coming soon):





March 20 – PADUCAH, KY



March 23 – ATLANTA, GA

March 24 – COLUMBIA, SC






Source: Asher Media Relations

* For more info on CRYPTIC HYMN:

Facebook | Twitter | Reverbnation






TAKEN BY THE SUN: Chicago Progressive Post-Metal Doom Gazers To Release Debut Full-Length

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Taken By The Sun - promo album cover pic - #2015TBTSMO3

Chicago progressive post metal doom/gaze collective, TAKEN BY THE SUN, will release their debut full-length next month. Tracked almost exclusively live at Electrical Audio (with “Confessions Of An Opium Eater” recorded at Studio 54 Music Zone), engineered by Sanford Parker (Twilight, Voivod, Eyehategod, Yob etc.) and mastered by Collin Jordan (Eyehategod, Indian, Wovenhand, Voivod etc.) at The Boiler Room, all in Chicago, Taken By The Sun is monolithic in its delivery boasting a sprawling, eight-track, forty-two minute sound expedition.

Multilayered, nuanced, gristly and meticulously arranged, thick gnarled riffs coil around gravel-throated voice incursions, the planet rumbles, tracks heave like the sky is breaking. Aggressive yet cathartic, at times otherworldly, TAKEN BY THE SUN recalls the confounding atmospheres of veteran sound contortionists Neurosis, Isis, Pelican, Rosetta, Mouth Of the Architect, Red Sparowes, and The Ocean without replicating them.

Taken By The Sun – Track Listing:

1. Scars
2. Demons Tempt the Dying Man with Crowns
3. Fuse
4. Red
5. Detached
6. Volatile
7. Confessions of an Opium Eater
8. Ornaflux

Forged in 2011, TAKEN BY THE SUN, a moniker representing decay and rebirth, is a Chicago Metal band rooted within The Windy City’s venue-shaking, riff-worshipping doom and stoner metal traditions. At the core of their sound there lies fuzz-addled guitars, grinding bass, cavernous drums, and dry-throated vocals fused with prog metal acrobatics, lush vocal harmonies, and pedal steel twang to heighten the intensity and plain epicness of their compositions. And now, with their self-titled debut, TAKEN BY THE SUN is able to convey the energy and diversity of their music in recorded form.

Taken By The Sun - promo album cover pic - #2015TBTSMO3

Recorded live with only minimal subsequent overdubs, the album is faithful to both the earnestness and magnitude of the band’s sound. TAKEN BY THE SUN is William Arroyo, Patrick Auclair, Justin Cape, Mark Cichra, and Kris Ziemlo.

Taken By The Sun will be released independently on February 24th via the official TAKEN BY THE SUN BandCamp page at THIS LOCATION.


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Vermont’s BARISHI Release ‘Endless Howl’ EP

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Barishi - promo live band pic - #2015BMO1

Dynamic Vermont Metallers BARISHI have just released the Endless Howl EP, the follow-up to 2013’s acclaimed self-titled full-length. The band’s new effort is a brilliant mix of progressive metal dynamics and inventive hardcore harshness that is at once creative, melodic, and captivating.  The Endless Howl EP is streaming in its entirety and available for purchase at:

The BARISHI sound is indeed one of depth and breadth. In a review of the self-titled debut, Andy Synn of described it as “avant-garde prog-metal, one which mixes Intronaut’s more melodic and psychedelic tendencies with the hardcore bite and bitterness of Poison The Well and the same sort of autistic-savant creativity of Ihsahn’s solo output.” New Noise Magazine’s Eric May spoke in broader terms of the band’s promise and potential in writing that “it’s going to be something that makes fans of everything from Dream Theater to the Dillinger Escape Plan to Enslaved happy.” Get the picture? And that was the sound of a band just getting started. On Endless Howl, BARISHI not only delivers on the promise of that debut, they take it to a whole other plane of existence.

Endless Howl was recorded and mixed by Brian Westbrook at PDP Recording.

Check out the official video for album track “Smoke from the Earth” at this location.

Barishi - promo live band pic - #2015BMO2


Barishi is making their mark in the New England metal scene and beyond. Formed in 2010 as an instrumental three-piece know as Atlatl they began writing songs influenced by fusion and progressive music. Their style quickly started getting heavier and darker while retaining some progressive influence, thus forging their own style of heavy psychedelic metal. In 2012 they found a wayward vocalist wandering the streets of Keene New Hampshire; bringing him into the fold they found that his sound melded excellently with theirs.

Thus, Barishi was born! Earth shattering grooves combined with savage vocals completed the sound that could only be born in the verdant mountains of Southern Vermont. With their debut self-titled album and this year’s Endless Howl EP, Barishi is truly a force to be reckoned with. Prepare yourself to be pummeled and thunderstruck with ecstatic Metal from the ancient hills of New England.



Sascha Simms – Vocals

Graham Brooks – Guitar

Jonathan Kelley – Bass

Dylan Blake – Drums


Source: ClawHammer PR

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BEHEMOTH – To Release Official Biography Via Metal Blade Records

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Behemoth - Biography - promo book pic - #2015BMO

Behemoth: Devil’s Conquistadors by Łukasz Dunaj serves as the definitive BEHEMOTH biography. The book, officially blessed, or rather damned, by BEHEMOTH, serves as an in-depth look at the history of the events that materially influenced the band. As Dunaj points out in the intro, this isn’t, “Poland’s response to Motley Crüe’s biography The Dirt.” Simply put, Behemoth: Devil’s Conquistadors is the story of BEHEMOTH, their music, their ultimate rise to the upper echelon of metal and becoming a household name in their native homeland, Poland.

A 490-page, hardcover tome that is being released by Metal Blade Records in February, Behemoth: Devil’s Conquistadors includes quotes and anecdotes from current and former members that provide context and details in addition to the author’s narrative, plus interviews with Tomas Krajewski, Rob Darken, Graal, Havok, and more. The artistically presented pages are splattered with old photos of the band, flyers, lyric sheets etc. Preorders are available now at, and include a bundle with an exclusive shirt available ONLY with this preorder. The passages below serve as previews of the book.

From the foreword by Krzysztof Azarewicz: “If, as a cultural anthropologist, I were to point to a single cosmic force which BEHEMOTH’s music expresses, I would name it not Satan but Dionysus. A deity that represents not only the intoxicating influence of cosmic energies and earthly benefits, but also their benevolent healing properties. A deity of strength and pride. A deity of creative might.”

Nergal discusses the acquisition of his first electric guitar: “The first communion was a very important moment for me. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Of course, not as a religion experience – I didn’t understand anything and couldn’t care less. Same as all the other kids. We all stood there with our votive candles and waited for one thing. Cash. The first communion must be one moment when you get the most money you’re ever going to get as a child. And for this money, I bought myself my first electric guitar. Not a bike, no Legos – a guitar.”

In related news, BEHEMOTH is currently leveling stages throughout North America on a mammoth co-headlining tour with legendary death metal practitioners/labelmates, Cannibal Corpse. The month-long Winter live takeover kicks off today in New Orleans, Louisiana and will wind its way through nearly three-dozen cities, coming to a close on March 7th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Support comes from two of Sweden’s finest metal exports: Aeon and Tribulation.

Behemoth - Cannibal Corpse - Aeon - promo tour poster - #2015BCCAMO

BEHEMOTH w/ Cannibal Corpse, Aeon, Tribulation:

1/28/2015 House Of Blues – New Orleans, LA
1/29/2015 House Of Blues – Houston, TX
1/30/2015 Mohawk – Austin, TX
1/31/2015 House Of Blues – Dallas, TX
2/02/2015 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM
2/03/2015 The Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
2/05/2015 The Complex – Salt Lake City, UT
2/06/2015 House Of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
2/07/2015 The Observatory – Santa Ana, CA
2/08/2015 The Fillmore – San Francisco, CA
2/10/2015 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
2/11/2015 Comodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
2/13/2015 Union Hall – Edmonton, AB
2/14/2015 MacEwan Hall – Calgary, AB
2/16/2015 The Garric – Winnipeg, MB
2/17/2015 Mill City Nights – Minneapolis, MN
2/18/2015 Orpheum Theater – Madison, WI
2/20/2015 House Of Blues -Chicago, IL
2/21/2015 Egyptian Room – Indianapolis, IN
2/22/2015 House Of Blues – Cleveland, OH
2/23/2015 St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI
2/24/2015 The Phoenix – Toronto, ON
2/25/2015 Metropolis – Montreal, QC
2/27/2015 House of Blues – Boston, MA
2/28/2015 Webster Hall – New York, NY
3/01/2015 Theater Of The Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA
3/02/2015 The Fillmore – Silver Spring, MD
3/03/2015 The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC
3/05/2015 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
3/06/2015 Janus Landing – Tampa, FL
3/07/2015 Revolution – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Behemoth: Devil’s Conquistadors will be released via Metal Blade Records on February 24th, 2015.


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GOATSNAKE – Announces European Tour; New Album Details Soon To Be Revealed

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Goatsnake - promo band pic - #2015GMO

[photo by Joshua Ford]

Los Angeles, California’s GOATSNAKE has announced further live dates in Europe, kicking off at the end of May with their set at Temples Festival, and taking the band through territories new to them. This news comes alongside the completion of the recording of the band’s new album, which will see release on Southern Lord this Summer.

The new GOATSNAKE album will feature the familiar faces of Greg Rogers (The Obsessed, Sonic Medusa), providing drums, Greg Anderson (Sunn O)))) taking care of the riffs, Pete Stahl (Scream, Wool, Earthlings?) on vocals, along with new bassist and Cape Fear North Carolina legend Scott Renner (Brickbat, Sourvein, Sonic Medusa).

On production duties is Nick Raskulinecz, who, since being introduced to Dave Grohl during the recording sessions of Flower of Disease, has gone on to work with seminal artists such as Rush, Alice In Chains, Mastodon, Ghost and has won Grammys with The Foo Fighters. United again, he and the band are sure to serve a menacing cut of the time-honored, ultra-heavy rock they are infamous for.

While further details on the record are to come, Greg Anderson offered some advance insight: “We are beyond stoked about the new ‘Snake album. We all rose to the occasion and with the help of Nick and the state of Tennessee delivered the fucking goods. More soul, more power, more balls.”

Watch GOATSNAKE‘s entire energetic headlining performance at 2014’s Southwest Terror Fest at Metal Injection HERE.

GOATSNAKE – Tour Dates:

5/30/2015 Temples Festival – Bristol UK [tickets]

6/01/2015 De Kreun – Kortrijk BE [tickets]

6/02/2015 Melkweg – Amsterdam NL [tickets]

6/03/2015 SO36 – Berlin DE

6/04/2015 Freakvalley Festival – Siegen DE [tickets]

6/06/2015 AN Club – Athens GR [tickets]


Source: Earsplit PR

Facebook: Goatsnake





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