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Vintage Stereo Speaker Cabinet Found In Abdomen Of Bull Shark, Off Coast Of Mexico

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Bull Shark - Beached - South Africa Coast - 2014

The Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas) also known as the Zambezi Shark, is commonly known to inhabit warm waters along coastlines; as well as rivers and estuaries leading from salt water. Many scientists worldwide have concluded that the Bull Shark, rather than the Great White Shark, is much to blame for deadly and non-deadly attacks on humans.

On Sunday, March 30th, 2014, a beached Bull Shark was found on the coast of Mayan Riviera, Mexico. Several tourists and onlookers reported the Bull Shark discovery to local authorities; immediately a team of personnel that included security, marine biologists, local animal advocates and area fishermen responded. The Bull Shark was taken to the Oceanography Center For Advanced Studies, (OCFAS) in Cancun.

The (6′ 3″, 185 pound, 5 ounce) Bull Shark is a male and was very near to adult age. Initially, marine biologists were uncertain as to why this Bull Shark would beach itself, with marine biologist, Dr. Doronea Valazquez stating: “It’s a rare occurrence to see such a visibly healthy Bull Shark beach itself in this manner.” What Dr. Valazquez and her peers later found that day, within the abdomen of this Bull Shark, is even more bizarre.

Stereo Cabinet Speaker - pic - Bull Shark Story - 2014

Above: remains of stereo cabinet speaker and its parts, found in Bull Shark’s abdomen.

A (approximate) 3′ x 2′ stereo speaker cabinet was found to be inside the abdomen of the Bull Shark. with the actual wooden cabinet of the speaker to be (still) nearly intact. Could the swallowing of such a large and non-digestive object been the reason for this sea creature’s demise? Dr. Valazquez explained further: “Normally, the diet of any Shark species varies across the marine life spectrum, dependent on the food sources within a respective ecosystem; only a digestive abnormality such as a large stereo speaker cabinet is not one of them, therefore, the lodging of such an object inside the abdomen of this Bull Shark has certainly caused  its death through a slow suffocation process.”

Dr. Valazquez added: “Just how, why and where this Bull Shark swallowed such a large, life threatening object is incidental. I feel terrible, no living creature should perish in such a horrific manner. Nonetheless, I will bring this stereo speaker cabinet and its remaining parts home, to my son, so he can mess around with it. He’s talented at fixing all kinds of strange shit and this could pose a unique challenge to him.”


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DIE CHOKING – Prepares To Shred Philly Stop Of Decibel Magazine Tour; Band Featured At The Deciblog

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Die Choking - promo live band pic - 2014 - #40007

Debut 7″ Available For Preorder

Annihilation is nigh, as the debut release from Philadelphia’s hypershredder trio, DIE CHOKING, prepares to break free from the internet’s restraints and into the human populous this week in a physical manifestation.

Featuring Paul J Herzog (ex-Total Fucking Destruction) on bass/vocals, Joshua T. Cohen (Cop Problem) on drums, and Jeffrey V. Daniels (Burden) on guitar, DIE CHOKING’s ungodly fast, smoldering concoction of brutal punk mayhem, breakneck grindcore, and hectic raw metal has the trio quickly becoming known across the tri-state area through their recent widespread tour actions and now beyond with their debut self-titled EP.

DIE CHOKING was recorded by Brutal Truth guitarist Dan O’Hare at his Mark It Zero Studios in New Jersey, and unloads five point-blank faceblasters in only five minutes and forty-four seconds. Following its initial digital release by the band in January, DIE CHOKING partnered with The Earsplit Compound’s label sub faction, The Compound, who will now unload the self-titled EP on vinyl, in a run of 300 copies on standard black wax with a high-gloss cover. The physical product will be transported to our barracks this weekend and will be immediately available.

Place orders for the 7″ via Earsplit Distro HERE.

Die Choking -

Amidst other upcoming shows, including an in-store at Siren Records on April 4th, DIE CHOKING was hand-picked by Decibel Magazine founder Albert Mudrian to supply local support for the Philadelphia stop the publication’s third annual national tour now underway. Featuring Noisem, Gorguts, The Black Dahlia Murder and headliners, Carcass, the trek will invade the band’s hometown on April 12th at The Trocadero Theatre. Less than two weeks after their Decibel Tour set, DIE CHOKING will hammer Western Pennsylvania ‘bangers in Pittsburgh on April 24th with The Compound label mates, Enabler. More shows are currently being planned in preparation for the band’s second EP, recorded earlier this month once again with Dan O’Hare, which is coming together for release this Summer, and will continue as they begin to set up their debut LP late this year.

Currently in full-on tour hype mode, Decibel is running an exclusive interrogation with DIE CHOKING alongside a stream of the entire EP RIGHT HERE.

Also sample newly acquired visual evidence of the trio’s speedy rage via Metal Injection’s Pit Full Of Shit HERE.

DIE CHOKING Live Actions:

4/04/2014 Siren Records – Doylestown, PA w/ Carved Up, Bardus
4/12/2014 Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA w/ Carcass, The Black Dahlia Murder, Gorguts, Noisem
4/24/2014 The Mr. Roboto Project – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Enabler, Black Mask, Meth Quarry, Rabid Pigs


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on DIE CHOKING:


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SAINTS OF REBELLION – Announce Tour Dates; “New American Dream” Lyric Video Is Online!

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Saints Of Rebellion - new american dream - promo album banner - 2014 - #73

Baltimore, Maryland hard rock band Saints of Rebellion is announcing dates on the books thus far with more forthcoming. Their debut release titled ‘New American Dream’ is slated for April via HighVolMusic however while in Arkansas this month, Saints of Rebellion went back in to the studio and recorded two more tracks to be added to the release which may delay the release date slightly. Details to be announced. ‘New American Dream’ is being mixed by Ty Sims at The Recovery Room.

Below, listen to and check out the ‘New American Dream’ lyric video!

Live Dates:

03/27 Rockerz Gone Wild Pool Party Miami, FL
04/03 The Dek Acoustic Show Cape Coral, FL
04/05 The Dek Cape Coral, FL
04/13 1150 Oak Bar & Grille Cranston, RI
04/14 Rock For Education Havre de Grace, MD
04/24 Sonoma’s M Pre-Pary Columbia, MD
04/25 The PourHouse Washington, WV
05/02 Ecks Saloon Lakewood, CO
05/10 Pickle Park w/Black N Blue Fridley, MN
06/28 Jackass Flats Dayton, OH
07/18 Twisted Spoke Saloon Pekin, IL
07/19 Summer Rock Fest Pekin, IL
07/26 The Rail Club Fort Worth, TX
09/13 Soundwave Music Fest Berlin, MD
10/10 Skull Fest 2 North Platte, NE
10/11 Wolf Fest 2014 Arvada, CO
11/15 Rock N Skull Pekin, IL



HighVolMusic - banner logo - #1 - 2013

Facebook: HighVolMusic


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DESTRUCTION – North American Tour 2014 – VIP Upgrades Are Available Now!

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Destruction - North American Tour 2014 - promo flyer - #7310

Thrash Metal legends, DESTRUCTION, hits the road in North America on March 18th! On this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your ticket to get the VIP Experience! To purchase VIP upgrades and for complete tour schedule, click here:

Destruction - North American Tour - VIP Upgrades - promo flyer

Destruction - Header Promo - 2012

Schmier – bass & vocals

Mike – guitar

Vaaver – drums


* For more info on DESTRUCTION:

Facebook: Destruction



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POSSESSED – To Headline Obscene Extreme Festival, Cattle Decapitation Announced!

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Possessed - promo band live pic - 2014 - #66933

Without Death Metal’s founding fathers, Possessed, Obscene Extreme would be a very different festival indeed.

Forming in San Francisco in 1983, the band dragged thrash metal into darker and heavier places with their classic albums ‘Seven Churches’ and ‘Beyond The Gates’ on Combat Records. Possessed created a whole genre and then faded away like ghosts.

Reforming around vocalist and founder Jeff Becerra in 2007, the original death cult are back and they’re writing new material too. Obscene Extreme 2014, prepare yourself for a new chapter in the unholy book of the dead…

Cattle Decapitation - promo band and logo pic - 2014 - #4046

Making an overdue return to Obscene Extreme since their debut visit in 2010, furiously outspoken death/grind San Diego outfit Cattle Decapitation have been confirmed to play at Obscene Extreme Festival 2014. Obscene Extreme organisers are proud to welcome the US powerhouse who will take their razor-wire brand of technical death/grind back to Trutnov, Czech Republic to pick up where they left off… filling the pit with teeth, blood and bones.

Having set a terrifying new standard with 2012’s ‘Monolith Of Insanity’ – a chaotic slaughterhouse floor of chainsaw riffs and bolt gun drumming – Cattle Decapitation are at their absolute best.

Obscene Extreme 2014, prepare for the slaughter!!!

Obscene Extreme tickets are on sale now:

Obscene Extreme Festival - promo flyer - 2014

Obscene Extreme Festival 2014

July 16 – 20, 2014

Trutnov – Battlefield

Czech Republic


Possessed + Immolation + Cattle Decapitation + Machetazo + Master + Doom + Nunslaughter + Filthy Charity + Katalepsy + Vitamin X + Vallenfyre + Demonical + Beheaded + Abortion + Bolesno Grinje + Prophecy + Contrastic + Dark Horse + Gutslit + Jesus Crost + Kruger + Nuclear + Suffer The Pa + Ultimo Modo Cannibale + Zombie Inc. + Warfect + Kaliyuga + ACxDC + Bloodsoaked + Dead In The Dirt + Raw Power+ EU’S Arse + Ed + Twisted Truth + Radiolokator + Idiot Ikon + Rectal Smegma + more!!!


* Source: Future PR

* For more info on Obscene Extreme Festival 2014:

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HOMEWRECKER – Releases Video For New Demo Track

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Homewrecker - puclicity live pic - 2014 - #33

Northeastern Ohio’s HOMEWRECKER has just released a video for “Skin The Pig,” a brand new demo track the band recently recorded with their newly revamped lineup.

Having scaled their squad from a quintet with a vocalist down to a quartet with the drummer and guitarist dividing vocal duties, HOMEWRECKER recorded the track as an introduction to the new lineup, and to help fill the gap between their 2012-released Worms & Dirt LP and next official release later this year. As proven on their previous recordings, the band’s enraged hardcore is jacked-up on death and grindcore elements and delivered at decimating, tuned-down levels.

The overhauled band now unloads an even tighter display of relentless d-beat and blast-infused guttural torment which was present in their recent set at A389’s tenth anniversary Bash, and is now blatant in “Skin The Pig.” The music for the video was recorded by band cohort Thomas Tadsen in Cleveland in December, the video was shot by Todd Thompson.

Check out the new video hosted via Toxicbreed’s Funhouse below:

Full video sets from HOMEWRECKER’s A389 X Bash set have also been posted by Hate5Six HERE and Metal Injection’s Pit Full of Shit HERE

HOMEWRECKER will enter Developing Nations Studio with Kevin Bernsten in mid-April to record their sophomore LP, now confirmed with the title Circle of Death­, for Summer release via A389, who also released Worms & Dirt. The band is also booking tours for the Spring and Summer months and will be pulling weekend warrior attacks in the interim, with participation in Berserker Fest in Ferndale, Michigan with Macabre, Wolf Eyes, Ringworm and more the first weekend of February, Fire Fest in Cleveland, Ohio on April 19th with Ringworm, Weekend Nachos and Death Before Dishonor and more confirmed.


2/05/2014 Berserker Fest – Ferndale, MI [info]

2/19/2014 The Foundry – Cleveland, OH @ Fire Fest [info]


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For more info on HOMEWRECKER:

A389 Recordings - promo - logo - 2013

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Stone’s State Of The METAL Address For 2014

Posted in Heavy Metal, Metal, metal bands, metal music, Music, news, rock music, rock music news, world news with tags , , , , , , , on January 21, 2014 by Metal Odyssey

Black Sabbath - debut - self titled album cover promo - pic

On this day, January 21st, I hereby declare my State Of The METAL Address for 2014.


My fellow Metal brethren, as you read this, Metal is very much alive and well. Across the continents, Metal is still a tried and true force that we uphold to the highest degree and the non-believers must acknowledge as real; for we Metalheads, hell rats, underground dwellers, children of the night and maggots are MANY. Metal bands everywhere are continuing to dominate the clubs, both above and underground, with their Metal musical messages. Metal has and will continue to slam into the mainstream album charts; thus proving there are commercial outlets that cannot fully reject the truth, power and loyalty behind Metal.

Around the globe, Metal festivals both on land and sea are currently being planned and/or already have sold out for the 2014 festival season. The underground Metal scene is perhaps bigger, badder and more determined than ever before. Without the underground, there is no Metal future and our Metal backbone shall cease to exist. With media outlets such as Bandcamp, SoundCloud and YouTube, there has never been an easier time in our Metal history to get the Metal doctrine out to the masses; by sharing for free, the sacred sounds of Metal. Underground Metal must continue to invade and dominate these media platforms and look upon this technology as an asset to Metal.


I want to thank each and every musician and band of Metal that breathes today. You should ALL be very proud, however, your work is not yet done; continue onward with the drive and passion of our glorious Metal founders and pioneers and let your Metal be known. I want to thank each and every record label, blogger and PR agency that is dedicated to the exposure and marketing of Metal. Let us NEVER forget our said founders and pioneers of Metal; for our Metal existence is due to their gifted talents, influence and of course… bravery.

My fellow Metal brethren, do not take any shit from any naysayer, while still being kind to thy fellow Metalhead and stranger alike. Continue to hail Metal; for if you are loyal to Metal, Metal shall be loyal to you. Using the iconic Black Sabbath debut album from 1970 as a starting point for the timeline of Metal, our beloved genre is now in its fifth decade of existence. We are not going away.

We are strong. We are one. We are METAL. 


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small

Let us all remember that Mother Earth is to be respected and not used like a throw-away item. Our vast Metal community can make a difference to the ecology and climate of our planet.


LEGION OF THE DAMNED “Ravenous Plague” – Releases January 7th, Via Napalm Records

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Legion Of The Damned - promo cover pic - 2014





Below, listen to Legion Of The Damned and get your senses engulfed by their savage, searing Blackened Thrash Metal of Doom Priest… Metal be thy name!!

RAVENOUS PLAGUE – Track Listing:

01. The Apocalyptic Surge

02. Howling For Armageddon

03. Black Baron

04. Mountain Wolves Under A Crescent Moon

05. Ravenous Abominations

06. Doom Priest

07. Summon All Hate

08. Morbid Death

09. Bury Me In A Nameless Grave

10. Armalite Assassin

11. Strike Of The Apocalypse

Legion Of The Damned - large band logo - #550 - 2013

* For more info on LEGION OF THE DAMNED:

Facebook: Legion of the Damned


Napalm Records - logo - B&W - 2013


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Stone Is Fed Up… And Here Are The Reasons Why…

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You know, I haven’t bitched here on Metal Odyssey in a very long time. Very long time. Well, brace yourselves, cause I’m ready to bitch! I’m fed up. Wanna know why? Below are the reasons why I’m fed up. Take a gander at my bitching and if you don’t want to bother, well then, I really don’t give 2 shits. Seriously, I don’t. Metal be thy name.

1. ALL United States politicians from the municipal level on up can kiss my ass. Why? Cause Republicans are NOW Democrats and Democrats are NOW Republicans. Unless you’re a Tea Party constituent, y’all can kiss my ass again.

2. Dee Snider –  Please, Dee Snider, shut the hell up already. You are NO LONGER funny, relevant, inspirational or badass. You are merely a whisper of “what once was” prior to your very annoying 1983 album: Stay Hungry. Go Away now, Dee. You’re yesterdays news. Hey Dee… two words for you… Broad Way. Here’s two more words for you Dee: You Liberal.


3. Satellite Radio. Hey Satellite Radio… kiss my ass too! Y’all aren’t worth the drop of sweat off of a donkey’s asshole. I can lug around my CD catalog into my car and not have to give a shit about you corporate dumb dumbs; and save a TON of money in the process.

4. Apple. It seems like Apple is coming out with a NEW iPhone every two weeks now. Hey Apple… kiss my ass too! Hey Apple… how much of your BILLION dollars in profits have you given back to charity? Dumb asses, Apple.

5. Male erectile Enhancement Commercials. Give me a break. If I had a hard-on that lasted for more than 4 to 6 hours… I’m not calling any fucking doctor. If there are dudes out there that need this product, just pick up a copy of SWANK and you’ll save yourself a fortune. Plus, I’d wish these male erectile enhancement companies would STOP hiring all those geek corporate assholes to be acting like morons in your commercials. Dorks. Idiots.


6. Metallica. Please, Metallica, go away! Lars Ulrich looks like he’s 85 years old and y’all can’t put out a studio album without it sounding like a Rick Rubin billion dollar produced piece of shit called Death Magnetic.

7. Robert Trujillo – Somebody should remind Robert Trujillo, that his Metallica legacy is he’s ONLY played on that one full-length studio piece of garbage… Death Magnetic as a replacement musician for Metallica. I’m NOT even gonna count that EP offering of Beyond Magnetic. Why bother? It was a good effort by Metallica, yet, still, go away Metallica. Um, Mr. Trujillo… you are light years away from being the bass legend that Cliff Burton was (and still is). Go back to Sharon Osbourne and ask her if you could re-record more bass tracks for her on the Ozzy Osbourne catalog, Robert Trujillo. Reminder: You are NOT a Metallica legend, Robert Trujillo. Jason Newsted can school YOU on bass playing any day of the fucking year. YOU KNOW IT TOO.


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Humanity. It’s Not Just A Word, It’s What We Should Cherish

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As I write these words, I’m still in shock of today’s horrific event that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. An evil coward decided to end the lives of innocent children and educators at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The number of children and educators killed is mind numbing. 20 children in all. I am extending my heartfelt condolences to their families and friends; while praying for each innocent victim and those directly affected.

As a parent, I was touched like never before by the news and video footage of this unthinkable event. I was an educator myself, during a brief moment of my life. I know first-hand the responsibility that comes with being an adult guardian inside an elementary classroom. Children lean upon their teachers for not just learning, they lean upon them for safety as well. All the teachers and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School are incredible heroes, to me.

As I was tweeting away tonight, I sent out a favorite message of mine that I like: Metal unites us all. Then, seconds later, a friend replied to this tweet with: Humanity unites us all. How immensely true was this reply. Humanity. What are we all here for? What is our purpose on Earth? With wars, violence and hate dominating our world news on a daily basis, It is so very difficult to understand the negative/evil side of civilization.

I thank God for my family, friends and faith. I then thank God for the inspiration and healing affects of music; only on this day (Friday) I couldn’t enjoy the sounds of any song that I tried to listen to. This extremely sad event in Newtown, Connecticut wrapped around my soul like a black blanket. As this day draws to an end, it’s a new beginning and a new day will be upon us all. I will continue to pray to God above and draw inspiration from both my faith and beloved Metal music. I will see my family and friends again; only in an entirely new light, cherishing each and every one of them like never before.

No one can predict the future. No one can make sense out of the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We can talk about gun control and stricter legislation regarding firearms; only political rhetoric won’t bring back the precious lives lost from this terrible event. The “bad guys” will (unfortunately) always find a way to obtain guns or any means of weapons. Regardless of that reality check, there is hope, kindness and love in this world. We just need to reach out for it and spread it around like never before. Humanity. It’s not just a word. It’s a gift that each and every one of us should never take for granted.




Donovan McNabb: Metal Odyssey Has Your Back!

Posted in football, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, metal odyssey, Music, rock music, rock music news, sports with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on November 7, 2010 by Metal Odyssey

Donovan McNabb – I’m getting pretty sick and tired lately of the trash talking that is directed at Donovan McNabb, quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Yes, I’m a devoted life-long fan of the New York Giants. Still, Donovan McNabb has and still is an opposing quarterback that I have feared and respected when he takes the field against the G-Men. Donovan McNabb’s lifetime statistics should tell anyone, he can… play.

As for Superbowl Championships… how many has Andy Reid, (coach of the Philadelphia Eagles), won? How about former Eagles wide receivers Terrell Owens or Freddie Mitchell? The answer is… “ZERO”. Um, that’s once again… ZERO. So, before all of these NON Superbowl winners make their comments directed at Donovan McNabb… they should all take a long look at their very own NON Superbowl winning careers themselves.

As for current Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan, he does have two Superbowl rings from his days with the Denver Broncos. However, he was also surrounded by a formidable group of NFL players during his tenure with the Broncos… and John Elway and Terrell Davis were players that don’t come around that often on draft day.

I never measured an NFL athlete by how many Superbowl rings they have won and earned. Dan Marino and Fran Tarkenton are two perfect examples as to why I can’t consider a Superbowl Championship the mark of an “ultimate” NFL player. Trent Dilfer won a Superbowl, (XXXV), as quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens… and he is NO Dan Marino. Even though my beloved New York Giants have won”3″ Superbowls… I never take for granted a champion, nor do I look down upon a Giants team that hasn’t won either.

So, Donovan, just look at the Philadelphia Eagles this season. It’s the same old status quo there. Win a game, lose a game, while coach Andy Reid never accepts responsibility or blame for a loss or NON Superbowl winning franchise. Donovan, your very fortunate to be out of that Eagles “environment”, regardless if it is with the Redskins. Just know that this is one NFL fan who actually sees and calls it… “the way it is”. You don’t have to prove anything to this NFL fan, Donovan. I’ve seen you play your whole career and you can hold your head up high… while the “cry babies” of the NFL continue to make themselves look like the spoiled and over paid whiners they truly are.

So, due to this being Metal Odyssey, I found it appropriate to dedicate a song, a Heavy Metal song, to Donovan McNabb. Helloween – Can Do It. This amazing song is from Helloween’s 2007 album – Gambling With The Devil. This song is extremely inspirational and makes me feel so damned good. Let this song be the “theme” for the rest of Donovan McNabb’s NFL career! Metal be thy name.





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