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BARISHI – Vermont Progressive Metallers Release Self-Titled Debut Album

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Barishi - promo album cover pic - 2013

BARISHI - Vermont’s BARISHI have just released a self-titled Progressive Metal tour de force that belies conventional thought for a debut album. Heaviness, eclecticism, and inventive melody are just a few of the descriptors one could use to begin dissecting this dynamic package of passion and creativity. The saxophone heard on “Sky Burial” and “Holy Mountain” is but one of the pleasant surprises in an album full of them.

Barishi was recorded, mixed, and co-produced by the band and Brian Westbrook at PDP Recording, with mastering done by Nick Dragoni at M-Works Mastering Studio. This is one album you simply must experience.

Barishi is available for streaming and purchase at

BARISHI - Track Listing:

Sky Burial

Holy Mountain

The Rider


Through Mountains, Through Plains

The Waves

A Place that Swallows All Rivers

Jaguar Scarification Ritual

BARISHI is making their mark in the New England Metal scene and beyond. Formed in 2010 as an instrumental three-piece know as Atlatl, they began writing songs influenced by fusion and progressive music. Their style quickly started getting heavier and darker while retaining some progressive influence, thus forging their own style of Heavy Psychedelic Metal. In 2012 they found a wayward vocalist wandering the streets of Keene New Hampshire. Bringing him into the fold they found that his sound melded excellently with theirs. Thus, Barishi was born!

Earth shattering grooves combined with savage vocals completed the sound that could only be born in the verdant mountains of Southern Vermont. With their debut self-titled album on the way, Barishi is truly a force to be reckoned with. Prepare yourself to be pummeled and thunderstruck with ecstatic Metal from the ancient hills of New England.

Barishi - publicity band pic - #377 - 2013


Sascha Simms – Vocals

Graham Brooks – Guitar

Jonathan Kelley – Bass

Dylan Blake – Drums



* For more info on BARISHI:

Facebook: Barishi

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ORBWEAVER – Full EP Now Playing; New Video Posted

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Orbweaver - 2013 - EP - Promo Cover Pic

Floridian psychedelic noise weavers, ORBWEAVER, recently dropped their brain-fraying Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon EP upon unsuspecting masses. Christened “twitchy, trippy tech death” by Invisible Oranges, the five-track Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon is a harrowing, multifaceted sound voyage through modulating realities recorded at Miami’s Pinecrust Studios with Jonathan Nunez of Torche and mixed/mastered with Brian Elliot at Mana Recording Studios (Hate Eternal, Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore, Exhumed).

ORBWEAVER spiral’s through the realms of psychedelia, noise, and a warped interpretation of Death Metal. Shifting between these erratic, trance-like elements, the foursome produce cosmic pandemonium reminiscent of a Zappa-esque brand of controlled chaos. Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon was released earlier this month in alimited run of 100 cassette tapes via Primitive Violence Records:

Also available on CD direct through the band. The record is also available digitally via their official BandCamp page where you can twist your cranium to Strange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon in full. Point your browser here:

ORBWEAVER was forged n 2010 by guitarist/vocalist Randy Piro (ex-Hate Eternal, Gigan) and drummer Mike Pena. Together they recorded a self-titled, three-song demo. Shortly after, lead guitarist Sally Gates (ex-Gigan) and bassist Jason Ledgard joined the fold. Mike Pena parted ways with the group in 2013, and was replaced by drummer/percussionist Scott Spasiano.

The band will continue their stampede through the Sunshine State with another round of live takeovers. Additional shows to be announced in the coming weeks. Can’t make it to Florida? Peep the band’s new tripped out video for “Tragic Orbit: A Doomed Cosmic Star Ship” below:

ORBWEAVER Live Actions 2013:

9/03/2013 Churchill’s Pub - Miami, FL w/ Wintersun, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Arsis
9/14/2013 Will’s Pub – Orlando, FL

10/11/2013 Churchill’s Pub – Miami, FL w/ Kult ov Azazel

11/07/2013 Churchill’s Pub - Miami, FL w/ Dysrhythmia

Orbweaver - promo band pic - #11 - 2013

Critical Praise:

 “…off-the-wall structureless noise tech that borders on the type of irreverence built by instrumental group Behold The Arctopus with insane space atmospherics.” – HeavyBlogIsHeavy

“Their uniqueness is engaging, but the fortitude of it is what really grasps you. With how immense and bizarre their spacey effects are, you will find yourself dumbfounded by the intensity of it. ” – The Age Of Metal

“…deranged, psychedelic death metal hurdling through space at speeds that make The Millennium Falcon look like your little sister’s moped.” —


(Source: Earsplit PR)

* For More Info On ORBWEAVER:

Facebook: Orbweaver

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Blue Aside “The Orange Tree” – EP Rooted With Doom And Sci-Fi Psychedelia, Leaves A Lasting Metal Impression

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BLUE ASIDE – This Underground Doom Metal power trio from Boston, Massachusetts, that call themselves Blue Aside are not bashful on laying down some potent, Earth rattling psychedelia. Blue Aside is one heavy band, as heavy and thick as an unopened can of Castrol motor oil from 1966. (Man, that sounded hoochie, yet my point has been made). This five song debut EP, The Orange Tree, was released on Hydro-Phonic Records in the Fall of 2010. If a band of any heavy genre wants to make an instant impression on me with a debut EP, then Blue Aside has without a doubt succeeded.

The Traveler of Time and Space begins with a synthetic intro that makes me feel like I’m helplessly floating in outer space without a cell phone or I’m being chased by Zombies that can’t run… take your pick. The riff is king here and it leads me down the path to all things spectacular about Psychedelic Doom Metal, bringing me to the realization that Iron Butterfly is indeed an influential band in 2010. The retrospective nature of Blue Aside is not a dominant force, however. They integrate such imagination into their sound, that it makes for a simultaneous vibe that is both now and futuristic.

The vocals change off from being dark and downright evil to semi-harmonious with echos. One well schooled Rockaholic can easily point the progressive finger, with certainty, at Blue Aside. Stoner Metal fans that are looking for songs that are not 15 minutes long can easily fall victim to what Blue Aside is banging out on The Orange Tree. Picture The Mars Volta deciding they want to get down on some Doom Metal and make their music more eye popping heavy, while maintaining a non-mainstream grip on avant-garde, minus any stretching vocals and this is Blue Aside. Adam Abrams (guitar), Matt Neto (drums) and Joe Twomey (bass) can play, making me feel as if this is their third or fourth album after ten years of touring. As anti-commercial as a five song EP can ever be, The Orange Tree never slips into passages of mainstream cow-towing.

Comparisons aside, this trio is hitting the bulls-eye on being unique. Each song has it’s own flavor, with Orange Eyes being a more guitar oriented song, with it’s melodic leads and slow motion Punk like vocals. Otis’ Sun is much more Doom laden with it’s riffs and vocals and marches on with a more apocalyptic feel, never compromising on it’s melancholic mood. Black Rays has a strong emphasis on drums, with a guitar driven attack that keeps the tempo on high, being the one song on The Orange Tree that can be described as groove laden. Black Rays is my favorite song on this EP, I always fall over for the grooves… man, I dig that stuff.

The Inevitable Journey is a journey into one damn cool, hard and heavy tunnel of sound. The Tony Iommi inspired riffs are infectious, with the Doom infested tempo making this song worthy of repeated listens. Alright, this is my second favorite song on The Orange Tree and it proved to be extremely memorable for me after the very first listen. I could carry on more about this song, adding, that it’s muscular Old School-Stoner vibe meets present day Doom sound, is very close to Metal exhilaration.

Doom. Psychedelic. Stoner. Progressive. At the end of my Metal day, this is one very good, up and coming Metal band period. Smart musicianship coupled with smart lyrics that I hear on The Orange Tree, will take Blue Aside a long way down the Metal road. Fans of the heavy genres mentioned in this review should be able to wrap their ears around the sound that Blue Aside has created on The Orange Tree. Blue Aside has made a lasting Metal impression on me. I’ll be looking forward to Blue Aside releasing a full-length in the future… a band with this much talent, is going to be around for quite some Metal time.

* For more info on Blue Aside, click here: Blue Aside – myspace music

* For more info on Hydro-Phonic Records, click here: Hydro-Phonic Records


Adam Abrams - guitar & vocals

Matt Neto – drums & vocals

Joe Twomey – bass & vocals

Track Listing For The Orange Tree:

The Traveler of Time & Space

Otis’ Sun

Orange Eyes

Black Rays

The Inevitable Journey




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