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Some Metal and Rock ‘N Roll Thoughts – Thursday, March 6th, 2014

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Carnifex - Die Without Hope - promo cover pic - 2014

That CARNIFEX album cover is atop this post for a reason. I bought this new CARNIFEX CD, Die Without Hope, on Tuesday, March 4th. It’s the only CD I’ve bought in the past two weeks. Yes, this new CARNIFEX offering scorches, blazes, burns and tears apart my Metal soul, blah, blah, blah. I highly recommend it too.


As it stands now, I do solemnly believe we live in a world that is runneth over with countless governments and Hollywood fat cats that can give two shits about the people that continue to make them filthy rich. Let the U2 bands of the world sink in the same pitiful ship of arrogant fools that bow at the altar of the billionaires club. Those bands are far too gone; they can only relate to red carpets, narcissistic thought patterns and the plastic societies that they’ve succumbed to.

With so much bullshit going on around us, all over the planet, I hereby plead for all of us Metalheads, Hell Rats, Punks, Children Of The Damned, Bottom Feeders, Classic Rockers, Underground Dwellers and Fiends to UNITE like never before!

Music is our universal language and our passion; therefore, let’s continue to get along like we have been doing and show the artificial idiots of the world how real civility is conducted! Music inspiresMusic heals. Music unites. Music is a mystical force that can never be contained. Hallelujah and ring the Metal bell for peace.


With all of that said, I’d like to share with you all this very cool QUIET RIOT concert flyer for their June 13th, 2014 show:

Quiet Riot - St. Louis Mo - June 13 - 2014 - promo flyer

I love QUIET RIOT and appreciate this concert flyer. For those who might be offended, I make no apologies for being a red-blooded dude who digs art. Just take a long look at the endless line of violent and smutty movies coming out of Hollywood for the last several decades and this concert flyer pales (light years) in comparison. QUIET RIOT RULES.


This USA Winter of 2014 has broken countless weather records for freezing temperatures and snow totals; with many, many death related stories due to this Winter’s wrath. To tally all these bizarre Winter records here would probably take me 24 hours of non-stop keystroking. Electric, gas and fuel bills do not lie about non-stop freezing weather. From this Winter forward, the words greenhouse affects and climate change are filthy rotten words to me… and to think I practically jumped on board that dumb-ass bus of unfounded science!

Certainly, there will forever be meteorologists, scientists and misinformed individuals that live in the mild southern regions and Tropics that cling onto the idealistic view that Mother Earth is losing her polar caps. Everyone, build a bunker! Relocate to a base on the Moon! Maybe, perhaps, they should ALL read that classic children’s book about jumping to conclusions:

Chicken Little - childrens book - promo cover pic

Or these same champions of ozone depletion can watch the animated film:

Chicken Little - Walt Disney - movie poster - animated - #33908

Thank you for visiting, reading or hardly reading this post. Regardless, your visit will make the site stats increase on Metal Odyssey; resulting in my (hopefully) not being fired by my boss. Metal be thy name.


* For more info on QUIET RIOT:


* For more info on CARNIFEX:


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small





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QUIET RIOT – Frankie Banali Remembers Late Bassist Kenny Hillary

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Quiet Riot - band promo pic - 1993 - kenny hillary

Left to right: Carlos Cavazo, Kevin DuBrow, Kenny Hillary and Frankie Banali


Legendary classic member & drummer of QUIET RIOT, Frankie Banali, wrote on the QUIET RIOT Facebook, on June 5, 2013:




Quiet Riot - Terrified - 1993 - promo cover pic!



(Band Photo Credit: QUIET RIOT Facebook)

For more info on QUIET RIOT, click on the links below!

Facebook: Quiet Riot

Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small



Rest In Peace, Kenny Hillary.


QUIET RIOT – Frankie Banali Interview On Artisan News; 30th Anniversary Of ‘Metal Health’ & New Album News!

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QUIET RIOT – Artisan News recently caught up with legendary drummer and QUIET RIOT leader, Frankie Banali, getting the scoop on the 30th Anniversary of Metal Health and current band news. Check out the interview video footage below of Frankie Banali!

Metal Health, QUIET RIOT’s third studio album, was released back on March 11th, 1983. Metal Health was the first Heavy Metal album to achieve #1 status on the Billboard 200. This Rock and Heavy Metal historic album boasts three chart hits that helped shape the 80’s decade of arena and stadium pandemonium: Bang Your Head (Metal Health), Cum On Feel The Noize and Slick Black Cadillac.

The iconic Metal Health lineup: Kevin DuBrow (vocals), Carlos Cavazo (guitar & backing vocals), Rudy Sarzo – bass & synthesizer and Frankie Banali (drums & backing vocals).

To date, Metal Health has sold more than 10 million copies, 6 million copies in The United States alone.


QUIET RIOT continues to influence and entertain to this very day, with a diamond status lineup of (from left to right): vocalist Scott Vokoun, drummer Frankie Banali, guitarist Alex Grossi and long-time bassist Chuck Wright.


Stone Says: WHOA! News of a NEW studio album from QUIET RIOT in 2013 has put a smile on my semi-ugly face and a super jolt of positive energy in my Rock ‘N Metal soul! Metal be thy name.


Rest In Peace, Kevin DuBrow.

Rest In Peace, Randy Rhoads.


QUIET RIOT 1996 ‘Greatest Hits’ – Yes, I Bought This CD Today! QUIET RIOT EPK You Must Check Out! WHOA!

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QUIET RIOT – This morning I stumbled upon this Quiet Riot Greatest Hits CD at my local Super Walmart. It was released back in 1996 via Epic / Pasha. This CD cost me $5 (U.S.) and that’s not too shabby. What inspired me most (besides being a QR fan) to buy this CD are the two previously unreleased (live) tracks: Bang Your Head (Metal Health) and Let’s Go Crazy. Within the liner notes, there’s no mention as to where these two live tracks were recorded. That’s a shame.

I already own the Super Hits CD of Quiet Riot. The Super Hits was originally released back in 1999 via Sony Music. (See photos of alternate CD covers below). The only songs that are common between these two CD’s I’m discussing here are: Cum On Feel The Noize, Bang Your Head (Metal Health), Slick Black Cadillac and Mama Weer All Crazee Now.

You know how it is. Being loyal to a (huge) group of bands you grew up with can make you want to own every one of their CD titles that’s out there. The way I operate, I grab the greatest hits titles too; especially if the CD covers are different. I’m probably considered a Heavy Metal CD hoarder. I think I’ve mentioned this once or twice in the past about myself. Life goes on regardless…

I’m quite psyched that I finally bought this Quiet Riot Greatest Hits CD. All these years I’ve never realized two previously unreleased (live) tracks were on it. Yes, both live tracks sound very, very cool. I’ll add that both live tracks don’t sound like the (also very cool) 1983 US Festival tracks.

The Heavy Metal of Quiet Riot has lifted my spirits for decades now… and that is something I can never put a price on. Metal be thy name.

QUIET RIOT Greatest Hits – Track Listing:

Cum On Feel The Noize

Bang Your Head (Metal Health)

Slick Black Cadillac

The Wild & The Young

Mama We’re All Crazy Now - (as it’s spelled on the liner notes)

Party All Night

The Joker

Stay With Me Tonight

Callin’ The Shots

Bang Your Head (Metal Health) (Live)

Let’s Go Crazy (Live)



Here is what the Super Hits CD (the cover version I own) looks like:


Cum On Feel The Noize

Metal Health (Bang Your Head)

Slick Black Cadillac

Mama Weer All Crazee Now

Don’t Wanna Let You Go

Condition Critical

I’m Fallin’

Empty Promises

Don’t Wanna Be Your Fool

Sign Of The Times


Here are 2 alternate covers for the same Quiet Riot Super Hits CD:



For more info on QUIET RIOT, click on the links below!


Rest In Peace, Kevin DuBrow.

Rest In Peace, Randy Rhoads.

The word “shabby” was used in this post.


The Greatest Moments Of Heavy Metal History – As Told By The Musicians Who Create, Play And Live It

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Everyone has their own opinion, as to what they consider was/is the “greatest moment” of Heavy Metal history. I have mine and it is Quiet Riot creating and achieving the first #1 Heavy Metal album, Metal Health, to reign on the Billboard album charts. This was 1983 and I remember it all so vividly. To have a Heavy Metal band represent us Metalhead fans this way, was truly a profound moment… for me. No other Heavy Metal album before Metal Health went to #1. Amazing.

The  world knew then… that Heavy Metal was forever accessible within the mammoth antagonistic world known as… the mainstream. Yes, Heavy Metal has and will forever rule the underground, only Quiet Riot made certain that the mainstream and its album charts would never be the same again.

A short time ago, I contacted several world known musicians who are making a living by creating and playing our beloved Heavy Metal. I posed the same question to each musician: “What do you consider is/as the “greatest moment” in Heavy Metal history and why?” As you shall read below, their answers are all unique and makes for some downright fun Heavy Metal discussion!

Without question, these talented and admirable musicians are forever historically part of Heavy Metal. They live for Heavy Metal. They are continuously contributing to our beloved genre with blood, sweat and tears. I thank them all for it. I also thank each musician below for taking the time, from their busy schedules, to participate in this feature on Heavy Metal. Each and every one of ‘em… ROCKS! Hell yes, they do.


Louis St. August of MASS – 

“Very tough question but for me I would have to say it was when I started to see some of my favorite Rock Gods appear on Television. At ten years old I would sneak downstairs and stay up to one in the morning and watch “Don Kirshners Rock Hour” in the early seventies and catch the likes of Ted Nugent, T.Rex, Grand Funk Railroad, Brownsville Station and KISS.

Then it was The Midnight special with Black Oak Arkansas, Deep Purple, Cheap Trick and Aerosmith. The eighties brought us “Headbangers Ball” to MTV with Ratt, Motely Crue, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio, etc..

Great time and memories! Simply my favorite era in Heavy Metal History!”


Kev Moore of BC Sweet, Christie, Witch Cross -

“The greatest “personal” moment for me in Metal history was hearing the opening bars of ‘Burn’ by Deep Purple for the first time in ’74 and the subsequent onslaught of the songs on that album. It had a huge effect on me. Very close to that would be the unbelievable ‘comeback’ by AC/DC following Bon Scott’s death. Who saw ‘Back in Black’ coming? Not me!”


AC Alexander of LIZZY BORDEN -

“I would consider one of the greatest moments in Heavy Metal history to be the addition of distortion/overdrive to amplifiers. It is one of the underlying connections between every Metal/Rock band. Think about some of the biggest riffs ever written in this genre, how would they sound without it?”


Gordon Brown – (ex) IRON CLAW & Solo Artist -

“I’ve pondered this for quite some time now and there are so many things I could say, however, there can be only one really and it’s the formation of Cream. They led the way for all those who wanted to open their musical minds and all of the bands that followed did exactly that.”


BOBBY K of 13 -

“Stone, Great question! Hmm… I gave it some serious thought and the one thing that keeps poppin in my head is the fact that Black Sabbath had the balls to record that…”Devils Chord” and I believe it is a diminished 5th minor chord as in the opening to the song Black Sabbath. That chord paved the way for Metal!”

From what I’m to understand, all the great composers ie…Bach, Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven avoided playing that chord in fear of being labeled a Heretic!  Hence we have what the Bible Thumpers call…The Devils Music…Horns Up!!   Oh yea….and MC5 for saying live “Kick out the jams Mother Fukkerz!”  Go figure, a Detroit Band pulled that one off!”


Masaki Murashita of Hemoptysis -

“Let’s say the 80s was the greatest moment because that’s when all of the great Metal legends were putting out awesome timeless records. I was born around that time and I wasn’t there, so I wish I was in a part of the scene to witness it.”


Giancarlo Floridia of Faithsedge -

“Wow, that is a good question man, I mean hmm, I honestly have no clue!” (laughs).






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QUIET RIOT - The first Heavy Metal band to land a #1 Heavy Metal Album on the Billboard 200, back in 1983, is still spreading their Metal legacy to… BANG YOUR HEAD! The band lineup may have seen its changes and tragedies over the years, only the dedication and determination of Frankie Banali and his 2012 bandmates have realized a Metal mission to keep the QUIET RIOT Metal flame burning strong.

Check out these QUIET RIOT 2012 tour dates below and if their in your area this year… go out and support them and… BANG YOUR HEAD!


QUIET RIOT – Current 2012 Tour Dates:

03/28/12 (Wed) – Scottsdale, AZ @ Westworld Scottsdale

04/14/12 (Sat) – Lyons, TX @ Carts Bikers And Babes

04/15/12 (Sun) – Chicago, IL @ Mayne Stage

04/20/12 ((Fri) – Boca Raton, FL @ Sunset Cove Amphitheater

04/21/12 (Sat) – Cape Coral, FL @ Legends Of Rock

05/11/12 (Fri) – Peterburg, VA @ Old Towne Civic Center

05/12/12 (Sat) – Columbia, MD @ M3 Rock Festival

06/23/12 (Sat) – Idaho Falls, ID @ Sandy Downes Race Track

09/08/12 (Sat) – Las Vegas, NV @ Sunset Station Casino



Frankie Banali – drums

Chuck Wright – bass

Alex Grossi – guitar

Scott Vokoun – vocals


(Source for tour dates: Official QUIET RIOT Website)

For more info on QUIET RIOT, click on the links below!



QUIET RIOT ‘Live! At The US Festival 1983′ CD/DVD – Releases March 26th, 2012, via Shout! Factory

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QUIET RIOT – Sunday, May 29th, 1983 was “Heavy Metal Day” at the US Festival at the brand-new outdoor venue in Glen Helen Regional Park in sunny San Bernardino, California. Quiet Riot was there to perform what eventually would become a historical Heavy Metal set. The third studio album from Quiet Riot, Metal Health, was only released a couple of months prior to this US Festival performance, in early March.

On March 26th, 2012, this essential Quiet Riot CD/DVD, Live! At The US Festival 1983, will be released via Shout! Factory and no true Quiet Riot and/or 80’s Heavy Metal fan shouldn’t be without owning a copy. This live performance is the full set, from May 29th, 1983. I know I’ll get ahold of this must Quiet Riot CD/DVD and it shall serve me right.

With nearly every song from Metal Health being included here, (Breathless, Don’t Wanna Let You Go and Thunderbird are the exceptions), this live performance from Quiet Riot was a celebration of both Heavy Metal and their widely embraced and eventual #1 album. Danger Zone was released as a remastered bonus track, back in 2001.

Metal Health would become the first #1 Heavy Metal album to land on the Billboard 200 chart. Amazing. Heavy Metal history comes back to life once again, with Live! At The US Festival 1983.

* To pre-order your copy of this super cool Quiet Riot CD/DVD, click on this link here: SHOUT! FACTORY

The DVD and CD track listings are identical.


QUIET RIOT – Live! At The US Festival 1983 – CD Track Listing:

Danger Zone

Run For Cover

Love’s A Bitch

Cum On Feel The Noize

Slick Black Cadillac

Let’s Get Crazy

Battle Axe

Let’s Get Crazy (Reprise)

Metal Health (Bang Your Head)


QUIET RIOT – 1983:

Kevin DuBrow – lead vocals

Carlos Cavazo – guitars & backing vocals

Rudy Sarzo – bass & synthezizer

Frankie Banali – drums & backing vocals


Rest In Peace, Kevin DuBrow.

Rest In Peace, Randy Rhoads.



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