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Slayer - band - band logo - promo banner - 2014 - #00392

SLAYER – At the Revolver Golden Gods Awards held April 23rd, at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, Slayer surprised the capacity crowd with an unannounced performance, kicking off the show with a three-song set that included the global premiere of Implode, the band’s first new studio recording in five years.

Recorded earlier this month at Henson Studios in Los Angeles and produced by Terry Date and co-produced by Greg Fidelman, “Implode” is now available as a free download as a “thank you” to the band’s fans for their continued support. Or, as Kerry King put it, “you have been waiting for us, now we are delivering for you.” Registered members of Slayer’s fan club were sent an email right around midnight giving them the link to the song and a chance to hear it before it was made public.

“Implode” can now be downloaded at:

Later this year, the two-time Grammy-winning Slayer will begin recording a new album, tentatively set for an early 2015 release date. The album will make Slayer history as it will be released on Nuclear Blast Records through the band’s own label imprint, closing out a 28-year relationship with Rick Rubin and American Recordings. No name for the imprint has been decided on yet.

“Rick has played a huge role in our career, we’ve made some great albums with him,” said Slayer’s Tom Araya. “But today is a new day, record companies don’t play the kind of role they once did, and we really like the idea of going out on our own, connecting directly with our fans, and Nuclear Blast is fired up about taking on that challenge with us.”

All future recordings on the band’s label imprint will be released worldwide exclusively through Nuclear Blast.

Slayer - publicity pic - band pic - 2014 - #1100666

“I was a teenage rebel when ‘Show No Mercy’ came out,” said Markus Staiger, owner of Nuclear Blast, “and I identified with that record. It was the most extreme, aggressive thing at the time. They were then and still are the most brutal metal band on the planet! I really cannot express how proud I am that we are able to work with Slayer to join the Nuclear Blast family. We are ready for that next record and, I’m sure it will go into metal history!”

Added Nuclear Blast label manager Gerardo Martinez: “The prospect of helping Slayer take a leading role in the creative process surrounding their releases, projects and other cross-promotional opportunities is the ultimate honor for me, a metalhead who grew up in Los Angeles listening to Slayer. Nowhere in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that Nuclear Blast would be making history alongside one of the best bands in metal.”

SlayerTom Araya/vocals, bass, Kerry King/guitar, drummer Paul Bostaph, and Gary Holt who continues to stand in for the band’s founding guitarist, the late Jeff Hanneman – will spend the next few months on the road touring major North American and European festivals as well as headlining dates, sharing the stages with Metallica, Iron Maiden and more (see below), but is expected to be back in the studio in the fall to record the rest of the new album.

Slayer - large logo - red - black - white

US Tour

09 May US Salt Lake City, UT – The Great Salt Air
10 May US Denver, CO – Fillmore
11 May US Billings, MT – Shrine
13 May US Kansas City, MO – Uptown Theatre
15 May US St Louis, MO – The Pageant
16 May US Milwaukee, WI – Eagles Ballroom,
17 May US Columbus, OH – Rock on the Range

European Tour

28 May FI Helsinki – Sonisphere Festival @ Hietaniemi Beach
30 May SE Stockholm – STHLM Fields @ Gardet Royal Park
31 May NL Nijmegen – FortaRock Festival Goffertpark

01 June NO Oslo – Sonisphere Festival @ Valle Hoven
03 June DK Horsens – Horsens Gaol
04 June DE Hamburg – Sonisphere Festival @ Imtech Arena
05 June LU Luxembourg City – Den Atelier
07 June DE Nurburgring – Rock am Ring
08 June DE Nürnberg – Rock Im Park
09 June CH Pratteln – Z7 Konzertfabrik
13 June AT Nicklesdorf – Nova Rock @Pannonia Fields
15 June IT Milan – Live Club
16 June IT Bologna – Estragon
18 June FR Niems – Paloma
20 June FR Clisson – Hellfest @Rue de Champ Louet
21 June NO Halden – Tons of Rock Restival
24 June PL Poznan – Stadion Miejeski
26 June FR Strasbourg – La Laiterie
27 June BE Dessel – Graspop
30 June IRE Belfast – Limelight

01 July IRE Dublin – Academy
04 July FR Paris – Paris Le Zenith
05 July UK Knebworth Park – Sonisphere Festival @ Knebworth

03 Aug RU Nizny Novgorad – Milo Club
04 Aug RU Moscow – Arena Moscow Club
05 Aug RU St. Petersburg – A2 Club
08 Aug CZ Jaromer – Brutal Assault Festival
10 Aug CA Montreal – Heavy Montreal Festival @ Parc Jean


(Source: Nuclear Blast)

* For more info on SLAYER:

Facebook: Slayer band


Twitter: ‪@Slayer ‪ 

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Slayer - large logo - red - black - white

LOS ANGELES, CA – On December 10, 2013, American Recordings will reissue ten of Slayer’s seminal albums on vinyl. All ten albums will be available individually and were re-mastered from the original analog flat master tapes and pressed on the highest quality, 180-gram audiophile vinyl. Albums include all nine of Slayer’s studio recordings, Reign In Blood (1986), South of Heaven (1988), Seasons In The Abyss (1990), Divine Intervention (1994), Undisputed Attitude (1996), Diabolus In Musica (1998), God Hates Us All (2001), Christ Illusion (2006), and World Painted Blood (2009), plus their live double-record Decade of Aggression: Live (1991),

Each title will feature the original album artwork including reproductions of the original 12X12 inner sleeves. For the first U.S. run, 500 unmarked copies will be pressed on 180-gram, blood-red, colored vinyl and randomly inserted and sold in stores as part of a “lucky dip.”

As American Recordings’ owner and long-time Slayer producer Rick Rubin put it, “Slayer defines speed metal and these albums define Slayer. Listen at your own risk.”


Click link below for a chance to win 10 remastered Slayer vinyl albums!


(Source: SLAYER Facebook)

* For more info on SLAYER:

Facebook: Slayer band

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JEFF HANNEMAN – Guitar World Cover And Tribute For August 2013 Issue

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Jeff Hanneman - Guitar World - promo cover - August - 2013

The August 2013 issue of Guitar World features a tribute to Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman, who influenced a generation and changed the course of Metal forever. Guitar World presents the complete, untold story of the late Slayer guitarist who was behind such legendary Thrash anthems as “Angel of Death,” “South of Heaven” and “War Ensemble.”


(Source: Guitar World)

* For more info on SLAYER:

Facebook: Slayer band

* For more info on GUITAR WORLD:

Facebook: Guitar World

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Jeff Hanneman, Slayer Guitarist & Founding Member Passes Away; Forever Shall Be Missed

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Jeff Hanneman - publicity pic - 2010 - #1 - Slayer facebook credit

Photo Credit: Slayer band facebook


As reported on the Slayer band facebook page, on May 2nd, 2013:

Slayer is devastated to inform that their bandmate and brother, Jeff Hanneman, passed away at about 11AM this morning near his Southern California home. Hanneman was in an area hospital when he suffered liver failure. He is survived by his wife Kathy, his sister Kathy and his brothers Michael and Larry, and will be sorely missed.

Our Brother Jeff Hanneman, May He Rest In Peace (1964 – 2013)


Metal Odyssey extends condolences to the family, friends, bandmates and fans of Jeff Hanneman. This is a profoundly sad day in the world of Metal and the entire music world. To say Jeff Hanneman will be missed is an obvious understatement. Jeff Hanneman was a young 49 years old. Rest In Peace, Jeff Hanneman.

Jeff Hanneman - publicity pic - 2011 - #1 - Big 4

Jeff Hanneman – live on stage at the Big 4! (2011)

Photo Credit: Slayer band facebook

I guess I’m like every other Slayer, Metal and Extreme Music fan right now. Saddened to see a mighty warrior of Slayer fall. I never thought about a member of Slayer leaving us for the other side. No one from Slayer is supposed to ever die! Metal icons like Slayer are invincible! Slayer is about being the baddest, strongest and most prolific Metal band on the face of the Earth. A day like today is another somber reminder as to how precious and fragile life is. Reality check, please. What allows me to make sense out of dying so young, is that Jeff Hanneman is no longer feeling any pain and struggle.

I’ve never hid my belief in heaven and I am a man raised on faith, therefore, my faith will always kick into high gear during times like this. If a Rock ‘N Roll heaven really does exist (and I believe it does) then Jeff Hanneman is raising some noise right about now with Ronnie James Dio, Buddy Holly, Randy Rhoads, Dimebag, Paul Gray and… the entire Metal and Rock ‘N Roll family.

Slayer - Reign In Blood - promo cover pic!

It was back around 1987 when I first saw Slayer live. It was a medium-sized club then known as The West Hartford Ballroom, in West Hartford, Connecticut. Overkill and Motörhead opened for Slayer on that cold Winter night. Talk about a night of legendary Metal! Forget about The Big 4 for a second… that night was The Big 3 in my land of Metal memories!

Seeing Slayer take the stage and perform one blistering song after another made me spellbound. I never saw such a fast and heavy-ass band like this before and I had already seen Metallica live. Slayer and of course Jeff Hanneman left a lasting impression on me that night. I was already a fan of theirs; only this first experience of seeing them live made me realize how real they really were. No other band in the world like them. No other guitarist like Jeff Hanneman either. Metal memories are not bought, they’re made. Thank you Jeff Hanneman for the Metal memories.

Slayer "Reign In Blood" 1987 Tour Program!

Left To Right: Tom Araya, Jeff Hanneman, Dave Lombardo and Kerry King.

I bought this 1987 tour program from an independent record store; right after I saw Slayer in concert. I’m thrilled that I still own it. Metal be thy name.


For more info, click on the links below:

facebook: Slayer band




January 31st, 1964 – May 2nd, 2013



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Bloodstock Open Air - 2013 - promo flyer

BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR 2013 – Since 2001, this unreal and amazing annual Metal event will be taking place once again, in the grounds of Catton Hall, Walton-on-Trent, Derbyshire, UK, on August 8th through the 11th! That kick-ass festival flyer above says it all! Metal be thy name!


For more info, click on the links below! Whoa!

facebook: Bloodstock Festival

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SLAYER – Drummer Dave Lombardo Dismissed By Band For Australian Tour

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Dave Lombardo - ludwig vistalite kit - 2013

Dave Lombardo and his Ludwig Vistalite kit.

I (first) found this breaking news (this morning) regarding Dave Lombardo being dismissed as Slayer’s drummer for the Australian tour on the very cool and informative: MELODYOFTHESOUL. All I can say, is Dave Lombardo is THE legendary and original Slayer drummer and Slayer is the crème de la crème of Thrash Metal history. I just wish they could all get along… then again… we’re all human. Read on, cause this is one jaw-dropping story! Metal be thy name.


As reported on the official facebook of PHILM:

Statement From Dave Lombardo Regarding Slayer Australian Tour 2013

I want to personally apologize to all of our fans in Australia who have bought tickets for the tour expecting to see me in my usual place on the drums.

So that you all know the truth, as of the end of the business day on February 14th, I was notified that I would not be drumming for the tour in Australia. I’m saddened, and to be honest I am shocked by the situation.

Last year, I discovered 90% of Slayer’s tour income was being deducted as expenses including the professional fees paid to management, costing the band millions of dollars and leaving 10% or less to split amongst the four of us. In my opinion, this is not the way a band’s business should operate. I tried rectifying it by letting my band mates know, and Tom and I hired auditors to figure out what happened, but I was denied access to detailed information and the necessary back up documents.

I spent the Christmas and New Year holidays realizing I had toured all over the world in 2012, but yet, had not been paid (except a small advance) or provided a proper accounting for a full year’s sweat and blood. On top of this, I was told that I would not be paid until I signed a long form contract which gave me no written assurance of how much or on what basis management would deduct commissions, nor did it provide me access to the financial budgets or records for review. It also forbade me to do interviews or make statements having to do with the band, in effect a gagging order.

Last Monday, I sat down with Kerry and Tom to rehearse for Australia and to propose a new business model that I felt was the best way forward for Slayer to confidently protect itself so we could do what we do best . . . play for the fans. Kerry made it clear he wasn’t interested in making changes and said if I wanted to argue the point, he would find another drummer. On Thursday, I arrived at rehearsals at 1 pm as scheduled, but Kerry did not show. Rather, at 6:24 pm I received an email from the lawyers saying I was being replaced for the Australian dates.

I remain hopeful that we can resolve our issues. But once again, I sincerely apologize to all of our fans in Australia who spent their money expecting to see the 3 of us original Slayer members.
I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Dave Lombardo


For more info on SLAYER, click on links below!

facebook: Slayer band

For more info on Dave Lombardo’s other band PHILM, click below!

facebook: PHILM

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GRASPOP METAL MEETING 2012 – An Amazing Lineup Of Metal Bands!

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Graspop Metal Meeting - After taking a look at the band lineup for this Metal festival, I am blown away! I wish this festival was in the U.S. and in my Metal reach. Whoa and Metal be thy name.

This very, very, very, very cool Metal festival will be held in Dessel (Belgium) from June 22nd to June 24th, 2012.


For more info on GRASPOP METAL MEETING, click link below!



FortaRock Festival 2012 – Park Brakkenstein, Nijmegen, Netherlands: SLAYER Headlining

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FortaRock Festival 2012 – This kick-ass Metal festival will be happening in Park Brakkenstein, Nijmegen, Netherlands on June 02, 2012. SLAYER is headlining! Machine Head, Anthrax, Lamb Of God, Meshuggah, The Devin Townsend Project, Asphyx and Trivium. Whoa! And yes… Metal be thy name.


For more info on FortaRock Festival 2012, click link below:

Long Live FortaRock Festival.



SLIPKNOT, SLAYER and ANTHRAX – Headlining: 2012 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival

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The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival has 26 dates on its Metal journey across the United States this Summer of 2012! This Metal potent festival begins on June 30th at the San Manuel Amphitheater in San Bernardino, California and finishes on August 5th at the Comcast Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut. Metal be thy name!

The main stage for this summer’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival will feature Slipknot, Slayer and a major special guest which will be announced on March 5th. The fourth slot on the main stage will feature a rotation of The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying and Asking Alexandria.

In 2012 the tour has upgraded the production on the festival stage and this year the Jagermeister Stage will feature a special headline set by Anthrax supported by a rotation of The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying and Asking Alexandria, along with Whitechapel, High On Fire and the Jagermeister opener. Please note that bands may vary per market.

(Source: Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2012 website)


* For tour dates and ticket info click on the link below:

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival 2012



ELIMINATOR – Release Two Brand New SLAYER Covers!

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After releasing a cover of SLAYER‘s “Angel of Death” to high praises, New Jersey’s very own ELIMINATOR has upped the ante with a double SLAYER cover of “Altar of Sacrifice” and “Jesus Saves”. These Thrash masters do one hell of a job covering such legendary songs, that even the most hardcore of SLAYER fans will be impressed.

Check out the video/song: ELIMINATOR – Altar of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves (Slayer)

This little goodie comes as the band prepares to release their follow-up to the highly acclaimed debut album Breaking the Wheel.  The new album, The One They Were Waiting For, is set to be released next week. Prepare to expect the unexpected with this next release of ground breaking Metal by ELIMINATOR.

* For more info on ELIMINATOR, click on the links below:

ELIMINATOR – Angel of Death (Slayer)

(Source: Team All About The Music – Publicity)



THORNAFIRE – To Open For SLAYER In Santiago, June 2nd, 2011

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On June 2nd, 2011, Chilean Death Metallers THORNAFIRE have the distinct honor of warming up the stage for the almighty SLAYER when the Thrash titans bring their World Painted Blood Tour to South America. Understandably, the band is marking this occasion as a huge moment in their career as guitarist Victor Mac-Namara reflects in the following statement:

“We are very happy as musicians and fans to be part in the scenario of a Slayer concert, and opening for them in our city.The truth is that I don´t have many words to talk about it, I can only say that we will unleash our fury and vibe on stage with our sharp axes and drums to evoke the somber cry of death. In short, we hope to leave the stage like shit, but leave at least the electrical system working for Slayer to finally crush this masochistic audience with their classic tyranny.”

The announcement of this high-profile gig comes as the band is currently working hard on the anticipated follow up to 2009′s Vorex Deconstrucción. In a previously released statement regarding the forthcoming album, Mac-Namara commented, “Currently we are writing music a little different than what we have done in the past. It’s a variation, but still true to our underground Death Metal underground roots. I’m drawing concepts for the album artwork. We hope to have this released  by 2012.”

(THORNAFIREVorex Deconstrucción
- Ibex Moon Records – 2009)

THORNAFIRE – Deconstrucción:

Deconstrucción was previously described by THORNAFIRE bassist/vocalist Alexis Munoz as a “futuristic song inspired by the religious and social decline experienced in the current era Eon oh Hourus.”

Deconstruccion comes off THORNAFIRE’s second album, Vorex Deconstrucción, which came out in July 2009 via Ibex Moon Records and is currently available at: Ibex Moon Records and  ABYSS RECORDS.

The band’s previous release, Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation, is also available through Ibex Moon Records.

The video for Deconstrucción (see & hear below) was filmed, produced and edited by Daniel Duarte (a member of the fellow Chilean Death Metal act EXECRATOR) in a professional TV studio in Santiago.


* For more info on THORNAFIRE, click on the links below:

THORNAFIRE – Web Dominion

THORNAFIRE – myspace music

Ibex Moon Records




BLACKGATES – Featuring Dan Nelson and Paul Bostaph Release 2nd Demo Track

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Heavy Metal outfit BLACKGATES featuring Dan Nelson (ex-Anthrax) have just released their second demo song entitled “Break” which can be heard here:

BlackGates is a powerful new addition to the Heavy Metal community. This four-piece band consists of veteran Metal drummer Paul Bostaph (Testament/ex-Slayer, Exodus, Forbidden), bassist Uriah Duffy (ex-Whitesnake), guitarist Jeremy Von Epp (The Venting Machine) and vocalist Dan Nelson (ex-Anthrax).

These four musicians came together as BlackGates in late 2009 and began to jam and write original music. The band’s vision from day one was to be an honest band, to re-explore classic elements in Metal that they all felt had been missing for a long time, and to remain as heavy and catchy as humanly possible. BlackGates wrote their first five songs during 2009 and with much enthusiasm, they entered the studio to record a three-song demo in late 2010. Now in 2011, the band is working on a body of music with the goal of signing a record deal with a good label and releasing their debut album by 2012. Let the Metal begin!

Fans can call Dan Nelson via his TheLiveLine phone number and listen to his personal audio blog updates as well as leave him voicemails.
Call Dan @ 866-944-3266

(Source: Team All About The Music)



Cannibal Corpse’s Pat O’Brien Steps In As Guest Guitarist For Slayer

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(Photo: Metal Blade Records)

As taken from the Metal Blade Records News Update, April 5th, 2011:

Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien will fill in for Exodus’ Gary Holt when Holt leaves the Slayer European tour to play with his own band Exodus at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago, Chile on April 4. Holt has been filling in for Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman since the tour kicked off February 26 in Australia.

Holt’s last show with Slayer will be April 4 in Padova, Italy; O’Brien will join the band for the April 6 show in Croatia, and will finish the European dates with Slayer that wrap up on April 14 in Holland.

Hanneman has amazed his doctors with his speedy recovery from an infection thought to have been caused by a spider bite. Following surgery on his right arm, he continues his physical therapy and has already been practicing with his guitar.

Remaining dates for Slayer’s European tour are as follows:

APRIL 2011:

06 – Zagreb Arena, Zagreb, Crotia (Pat O’Brien, guest guitarist)

07 – Gasometer, Vienna, Austria (Pat O’Brien, guest guitarist)

08 – Arena Budapest, Budapest Hungary (Pat O’Brien, guest guitarist)

10 – Prague O2 Arena, Prague Czech Republic (Pat O’Brien, guest guitarist)

11 – Lodz Sportshall, Lodz, Poland (Pat O’Brien, guest guitarist)

13 – Volkshaus, Zurich, Switzgerland (Pat O’Brien, guest guitarist)

14 –  Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, Holland (Pat O’Brien, guest guitarist)

* For more info click on the links below:

CANNIBAL CORPSE – Official Website



Metal Odyssey wishes Jeff Hanneman a quick recovery.






Metal Odyssey Celebrates Two Year Anniversary!

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METAL ODYSSEY – Back on March 1st, 2009, I started this Metal Odyssey – Heavy Metal Music Blog. As days, weeks and months passed by, I realized that Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Rock, Hard Rock and even Folk Rock were being consumed by my ears all of my life as well. It’s the Rock classics of yesteryear that made me the Metalhead I am today anyways! With so many Rock genres crossing my Metal path, I began to write album reviews and commentary about them. So, a union of Rock ‘n’ Roll sort of happened within a two year period on Metal Odyssey. My first love is Metal, yet I’m a bona fide Rockaholic. If it Rocks, I’m listening and blabbing… regardless of genre.

* I chose to show the album cover for Slayer’s Show No Mercy at the top of this post for one simple reason: this album represents my coming of Metal age as a young lad… when the bands I began to follow were no longer available at my Caldor department store!

Without making a huge list of names, I want to say THANK YOU:

* To all the visitors and subscribers to Metal Odyssey. Without you Rockin’ guys and gals, there would be no reason to even have this blog! Really. Sure, I enjoy writing about music… only it is extremely more enjoyable knowing that my “stuff” is actually being read by others who either agree or disagree with me. I thank all the visitors and fellow Metalheads for their comments!

* To all the bands and musicians who I’ve interviewed and/or became friends with during the past two years. It’s Rockin’ guys and gals like you, who’ve inspired me to listen better and write all the more about Metal and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

* To all my peer Rock, Hard Rock and Metal bloggers out there. Many I have become Metal buddies with and I can’t describe just how cool that makes me feel! Rob Rockitt at HARD ROCK HIDEOUT, Kinger at Demolish Fanzine – 1980′s Heavy Metal Revival and Metal Mark at Heavy Metal Time Machinethank you for listening to my whining and helping me out as often as you do. Gee Metal whiz you guys ROCK.

* To all the incredibly cool PR guys and gals who have been instrumental in helping Metal Odyssey have the Metal muscle to deliver the Metal goods! Metal be thy name.

* A special thank you to my wife and Scott Coverdale for their support! Coverdale’s Metal research is a splendid thing and he is embarking on being a contributing writer for Metal Odyssey too!

* Anyone that I forgot to thank… THANK YOU!

* To read the very first post I ever wrote for Metal Odyssey, just click that big header link below. When I read it now I get embarrassed.




The word “splendid” was used in this post.



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Slayer. Just the name alone makes it known that this is serious, real serious… Metal. Slayer’s songs have and always will resonate the pissed off, evil and vendetta seeking side of the human spirit, the lyrics of their songs do not lie about that. The years pass by and Slayer is still the reigning dark side – Thrash Metal champions of the world, (in my Metal opinion). As a matter of Metal fact, I don’t recall a single moment in my Metal appreciating life, when Slayer has not been considered by me to be the baddest mother fu**ers to ever play Metal. Now, onward with the 1991 Slayer Thrash Metal, live slatanic classic… Decade Of Aggression:

Decade Of Aggression is a double CD, (double cassette or vinyl album too, if you want to get picky). The original release date for Decade Of Aggression was October 22, 1991, on Def American Recordings. Back around 1992, I was fortunate enough to discover this double CD in a very thick, black metal slipcase. (No kidding, it is real metal!). This metal slipcase encases both CD’s and the 24 page liner notes booklet. Man, is this metal slipcase heavy stuff… I have not actually weighed it, still, it feels like I am holding at least 5 or 6 pounds of metal! Sometime back in ’92, I saw this unique Slayer Decade Of Aggression package, behind the front counter at a Record Town store… in very expensive Connecticut. My eyes never lost sight of this Slayer prize that day, I made a Metal beeline to the cashier and stated I was buying this Slayer gem. I cannot recall for certain, the actual price I paid for this metal packaged version of Decade Of Aggression… it was in the neighborhood of around $50 U.S. and worth every cent. This limited edition package of Slayer Decade Of Aggression had a run of only 10,000 copies. My copy of Decade Of Aggression came with a certificate of authenticity, gold foil embossed, stating it is numbered: 005815 of 10,000.

* Note: Skeletons Of Society and At Dawn They Sleep are two songs found only on this metal slipcase version of Decade Of Aggression.

In the center front of this metal slipcase, is this classic Slayer logo – metal etched on a center block:

(This Slayer logo looks entirely silver on the front metal casing, due to it being metal etched.)

Here is what this incredible metal slipcase package of Decade Of Aggression, that I own, looks like:

The metal slipcase is unreal great stuff… whoever thought of marketing this back then is a Metal genius. The interior CD slipcases are of a heavy black paper stock. Note that the front cover of the liner notes depicts the original Decade Of Aggression album cover. I have seen the import version, some online merchants have it available for purchase today, it has the original album cover. (I own the original double cassette too, I have kept it in Metal mint condition all of these years. Here is another view of what the original album/cassette/CD cover looks like for Decade Of Aggression:

Now here is what the front album/CD cover of Decade Of Aggression looks like now, if you were to go to a retail record store today and buy it:

Now, as for the live Thrash Metal of Slayer heard within Decade Of Aggression… it’s F’n Slayer man. There is nothing more to break down other than it’s fast, brutal, aggressive and… live Slayer greatness. You’ll be blown away by Dave Lombardo and his double bass drumming assault, guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman dueling with leads and riffs that will sting your face like freezer burn and Tom Araya combining both the bass guitar and vocals into a frenzied slatanic blitz. Slayer is one of the very few bands I cannot get fancy about, when it comes to doing a review… what you should know is that Slayer sounds Thrash prolific on Decade Of Aggression. You will hear a band that executes and succeeds at maintaining the highest level of Thrash Metal energy, throughout this entire double CD of songs. These following two lines are actually printed, on the back cover of the liner notes:

Unlike most other live recordings, this is Slayer completely “live”. No overdubbing exists on this recording.

The Complete Track Listing For Decade Of Aggression:

Disc One

(Recorded live at Lakeland Coliseum, Lakeland, Florida, 7/13/91):

Hell Awaits

The Antichrist

War Ensemble

South Of Heaven

Raining Blood

Altar Of Sacrifice

Jesus Saves

Dead Skin Mask

Seasons In The Abyss

Mandatory Suicide

Angel Of Death

Disc Two

(Recorded Live at Wembley Arena, London, England, 10/14/90):

Hallowed Point

Blood Red

(Recorded live at Orange Pavillion, San Bernadino, California, 3/8/91):

Die By The Sword

Black Magic

Captor Of Sin

Born Of Fire

Skeletons Of Society *(only on this metal slipcase version)

(Recorded live at Wembley Arena, London, England, 10/14/90):

At Dawn They Sleep *(only on this metal slipcase version)


(Recorded live at Orange Pavillion, San Bernadino, California, 3/8/91):

Spirit In Black

Expendable Youth

Chemical Warfare


Stone - Motorhead Tee  pic:small




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As I was out today, enjoying the last weekend of this holiday season with my family, I meandered into Waldenbooks at my local mall. Upon walking closer to this Waldenbooks store, several large posters hanging in this store’s windows grabbed my attention, they read: going out of business sale and up to 50% off. I was semi-shocked, this Waldenbooks store happened to be a favorite stop of mine, my wife and daughters included. Sign of the times? Perhaps. What is important to note, however, is that the Waldenbooks store chain is not going out of business… it is just this store location. (I never like to see any reputable book store go out of business, be it an independent or mass retailer). So, with a lump in my throat and a semi-bewildered look upon my face, I journeyed into this Waldenbooks store to see what deals may be lurking. Oh and what a deal I did find… a large, hardcover book that is chock full of the greatest guitarists of our time! The book I bought today, without a blink of hesitation, is:

Six – String Heroes – Photographs Of Great Guitarists

The cover price for this unreal great book is $35.00/U.S., however, with the 50% taken off at the register, it set me back $17.50… plus tax. Let me just say this, any fan or musician of Rock, Hard Rock and/or Heavy Metal will get a thrill out of the photographs that lie within Six – String Heroes. As a Metal bonus, there are literally dozens of anecdotes and personal comments, directly quoted from dozens of the most famous and influential guitarists of the modern era. These guitarists comment on themselves, their playing styles and influences. Comments and quotes, about what these same guitarists think of their peers are spread throughout this magnificent book as well. The majority of the photographs are in full color, while the vintage black & white photo’s only add to this book’s overall Rock elegance. Quite honestly, just looking at the photographs alone puts an awe struck feeling inside of me… the photography found here is that amazing. Anytime I can find a compilation book of photos, that is directly related to the history of Rock Music, I am going to dig deep into my pockets to purchase it.

In my Metal opinion, Six – String Heroes is a lifetime keeper, a book so rich with it’s historically documented, visual accounts of the most influential guitarists that ever lived. Here is a meaty sampling of the guitarists that are found inside the pages of Six – String Heroes:

Les Paul, Brian May (Queen), Peter Frampton, George Benson, Pat Metheny, Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), Brian Setzer, Waylon Jennings, Neal Schon (Journey), Eric Clapton, C. C. Deville (Poison), Tommy Shaw and James Young (Styx), Rick Derringer, Mick Mars (Motley Crue), Nancy Wilson (Heart), Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Yngwie Malmsteen, Glenn Tipton & K. K. Downing (Judas Priest), Steve Stevens (Billy Idol), Steve Howe (Yes), Ritchie Blackmore (Rainbow & Deep Purple), Adrian Smith & Dave Murray (Iron Maiden), Michael Schenker (Scorpions & MSG), Angus Young & Malcolm Young (AC/DC), Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chains), George Lynch (Dokken & Lynch Mob), Paul Gilbert, Vivian Campbell (DIO & Def Leppard), Slash, Bonnie Raitt, Chet Atkins, Jeff Beck, Gary Moore (Thin Lizzy), Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads (Ozzy), Mick Thomson & Jim Root (Slipknot), James Hetfield & Kirk Hammett (Metallica), Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Hanneman & Kerry King (Slayer), Scott Ian (Anthrax), Ace Frehley & Paul Stanley (KISS), Tommy Thayer (KISS), Keith Richards (Rolling Stones), B.B. King, Robin Trower, Pete Townshend (The Who), Bruce Springsteen (The Boss), Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Ted Nugent, Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)

There are many, many more guitarists in this book that I could mention, yet I think you get the point. When a book can have George Benson and the two leading axe men from Slayer within it’s same pages, you are talking musical diversity here. From Jazz guitarists to Thrash Metal guitarists, this book covers them.  If I have one complaint about this book, it is the sinful lacking of at least one Jimi Hendrix photograph. Then again, there are always legalities involved when publishing a book of photographs too, I do not know what may have taken place, if the author did try to include a Jimi Hendrix photo. Maybe Neil Zlozower never photographed Jimi Hendrix either? There obviously is a valid reason out there for this omission.

There are 256 pages total. This is a coffee table sized book, regardless, I will be carrying it around for quite some time. Six – String Heroes was published in 2009. The legendary Rock photographer for this book is Neil Zlozower, he has spent 40 years of his life photographing the greatest guitarists that have ever lived. I applaud Neil Zlozower’s talent that is bestowed within these pages of Six – String Heroes. The text is written by Steven Rosen with a foreword by legendary guitarist, Steve Vai.


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It is always thrilling for me, as I continue rummaging around my Metal Music collection, especially when I find an item that isn’t an album or CD and it grabs hold of my Metal attention and brings back memories. F’n Slayer rules. I reintroduced myself to the Slayer Reign In Blood tour program from 1987. I did not buy this Slayer tour program when I saw them on the Reign In Blood tour, rather I bought it from an independent record shop that same year. I am withholding the name of the record shop for the owner was, simply put, a backstabbing, cheapskate creep. (I never bought tour programs at concerts as a rule, they would either get destroyed or lost from a night of Metal debauchery). If my Metal memory serves me correct, I paid $10 U.S. for this Slayer gem. The condition of my Slayer Reign In Blood tour program is essentially… mint. I tend to keep my Metal memorabilia protected with archival supplies when necessary, this Slayer tour program is inside a plastic sleeve while being stored away. Hey, I give a crap about the stuff I own, especially Metal Music stuff. It’s not like I can just replace items like this at the drop of a Metal dime.

The memories of seeing and listening to my favorite bands over the decades will never diminish. Having a Slayer tour program to look through from 1987, only enhances those Metal memories. Seeing Slayer live back in 1987 was an unreal Metal experience. This Slayer tour program measures 9″ x 12″ and has 20 pages, all in full color. The Reign In Blood album flyer/mini poster is stapled into the center spread of the program. This flyer/mini poster is in red and black ink only, showing the famous Slayer group photo that is on the Reign In Blood album backside cover. The headline on this flyer/mini poster reads: This Album Speeds Through Your Brain. Man, that headline isn’t farting around about that… Reign In Blood is the damnedest, most heaviest Metal album I have ever listened to in my Metal life. F’n Slayer history to be enjoyed here, with this tour program.

There are one and a half pages of written material, briefly covering the first four years of Slayer history. The albums Show No Mercy, Hell Awaits and the EP Haunting The Chapel are mentioned, along with the historic signing of Slayer to Def Jam Recordings by Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons. This signing to Def Jam Recordings, through Geffen Records, took place in 1987 with Reign In Blood… the rest is Slatanic history. Each member of Slayer has two pages of photos, while the remaining pages are chock full of Slayer concert photos, (with the exception of the inside front cover page which is dedicated to text. The back cover photo is a full color concert photo of Slayer, Jeff Hanneman and Tom Araya are fully shown, with a glimpse of Kerry King and only a portion of Dave Lombardo’s drum kit. A sensational Slayer back cover photo, nonetheless.

I was foolish, many years ago, to have let go of some incredible tour programs of great and legendary bands. This Slayer tour program I am keeping… to look at and hold any damn time I feel like it. I feel fortunate that this Slayer tour program stayed in my collection for the last 22 years.

What a blast from the Slayer Thrash Metal past, is this front cover photo of the band on this Reign In Blood tour program, (see below). Check it out… Kerry King really did have hair back then. From left to right: Tom Araya (lead vocals & bass), Jeff Hanneman (guitar), Dave Lombardo (drums) and Kerry King (guitar). F’n Slayer Rules.


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When I bought the new release from Slayer, World Painted Blood, on it’s release date of November 3, 2009, I had it in the back of my Metal mind that I was going to eventually do a review on it. Now, after owning World Painted Blood and listening to it for a month, I am thinking… why should I review this? Who am I to give a review on the greatest Thrash Metal Band on the planet? Review, in depth, the greatest Thrash Metal Band that ever existed? Man, that would be embarrassing for me, to actually try to “review” an elite Thrash Metal album of songs like World Painted Blood. For Metal sakes, World Painted Blood is just down right, unreal great. Old school and (thankfully) toned down in the polished production department, that is about it from me. Every song is insanely great. Even Playing With Dolls is a darned great track… which I have read dork reviews on this song already. (Once again, it is professionally paid Rock critics who never bother to listen to an album in it’s entirety, they are the ones who give out the lame butt reviews on sensational Metal Music). All eleven songs are enormously great on World Painted Blood, end of my Metal review.

In the past, maybe I reviewed a vintage Slayer album or two… I’m done with that. Reviewing a Slayer album is like reviewing a Beatles or Elvis Presley album… anyone should know what they are getting from Slayer by now. Gee Metal whiz. Old school Thrash Metal and Slayer fans know that this World Painted Blood album is worth owning. For me to even consider breaking down the songs on this amazing album, the guitar leads and riffs of Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, the vocals/bass play of Tom Araya and the drumming of Dave Lombardo… c’mon, are you kidding? What is there to breakdown? Not often do I feel this way, that an album should just be accepted for it’s unreal great Metal worthiness and not dilly dally around the archaic “review” bush. Metal fans worldwide… take it from me, this is a Slayer album to buy and enjoy for a lifetime. World Painted Blood – nuff’ said. You can call this an Old School Metal review if you like… F’n Slayer RULES.

Here is the track listing for World Painted Blood:

1. World Painted Blood

2. Unit 731

3. Snuff

4. Beauty Through Order

5. Hate Worldwide

6. Public Display Of Dismemberment

7. Human Strain

8. Americon

9. Psychopathy Red

10. Playing With Dolls

11. Not Of This God

What I’m Thankful For This Thanksgiving of 2009

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Happy Thanksgiving to all from Metal Odyssey. Yes, I will eat whatever the heck I feel like eating today, plus the quantity of food I eat is my own personal business too. To all the people who watch what other people eat and tell others how and what to eat… go eat rice cakes today and stare at yourselves in the mirror, you artificial and pompous fools.

I am thankful for:

My incredible wife and beautiful twin daughters… and our new cat toby.

My courageous and strong father.

My Mother and Father In-Law


My sister and brother in-law and their two daughters. (And their dog too).

My Best Metal Buddy Scott and his fine family.

My sister is in Heaven and I am thankful for her son and daughter.

My mother is in Heaven too… I am thankful for all the love and memories.

My faith, God and all of the guardian angels who have worked overtime for me and my family.

For all my cousins, aunts and uncles who are the good ones. In other words, the ones who are not self absorbed in their own minds, non materialistic and know I still exist.

Good friends and helpful neighbors.

My country – The United States of America, The Land of the Free… I hope and pray it stays this way.

Armed Forces of The United States of America – these men and women in uniform protect us all every minute of every day.

Rock and Roll – especially Heavy Metal and all of it’s genres.

Punk Rock

Motorhead, Misfits, W.A.S.P. and Slayermy top four.

Lynyrd Skynyrd and their 2009 album – God & Guns

Cheap Trick and ELO

Anthony Bourdain and No Reservations

Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures

World Champion New York Yankees and the New York Giants

Planet Earth… the best and only planet we can all live on. If only we all could get along…

I’m very thankful for being introduced to this album by The Everly Brothers, (Don and Phil Everly), as a child. My mother had this album and it was my first introduction to the amazing world of Rock and Roll. This 1958 album was a true enjoyment and will forever be an unreal lifetime memory.

I’m extra thankful for being alive to be thankful for all of the above.


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Slayer "World Painted Blood" small pic #1I, being a devoted Slayer fan, bought their new CD – World Painted Blood this week. An unreal great album and I will be raving about it on a future post – that’s a Metal guarantee. What makes me laugh, however, is the lame Parental Advisory/Explicit Content sticker that stares at you on the front cover wrapping of this CD. This silly little sticker also reads: strong language, sexual + violent content. If this sticker with it’s various warnings is mandated to be on the new Slayer CD, why then, is there not the same warning, for the following:

Cosmopolitan Magazine - this soft porn magazine is out in the open for toddlers and youngsters to see at every checkout in every major supermarket and retail store everywhere. The words – orgasm and sex are the monthly norm on the front cover and never out of eye sight.

All Network News and Cable News Networks – my God almighty, if there ever was a warning needed, it is for the constant news footage of war, murder, rape, violence and crimes against humanity and society. This stuff is reality and it is constantly available around the clock, every day of the year. NEVER A WARNING or Parental Advisory for when gruesome, morbid, violent and sexual images and or footage is shown by network news, at a split seconds notice… never.

Political Campaign Commercials – backstabbing, hate, lying, rumors and more hate. Those are reasons enough for me to cry out for the Parental Advisory Warning!

All Tabloid Publications - just like Cosmopolitan Magazine, these publications are fully shown, out in the open, at every checkout, at every supermarket, retail store and gasoline quick mart everywhere… for toddlers to see. No warnings to be found. Just 3/4 naked celebrities adorning the front covers with sexual headlines galore.

Day Time Soaps, (Soap Operas) – do I really need to explain why this is on the list? Again, NO WARNINGS or Parental Advisory before any soap opera that I have ever seen, in my ADULT life.

I could go on with a fantastically long list here. It is not my intention to ever censor any of the above, I am against censorship in America – period. The Metal Music and lyrics of Slayer can’t possibly be interpreted as any more offensive, as the list of examples above. My only question is, where is the fairness in placing warning stickers on Heavy Metal CD’s, (or any music genre), when other forms of media are not subject to the same advisory standards? Hypocrisy is the only answer I can find.

This sticker as shown at the bottom, also included more warnings on the Slayer CD as I stated above. Not to sound redundant, yet, if the RIAA, (Recording Industry Association of America), deems it necessary to establish this type of warning on music, why then are other media industries and/or entities exempt from using such a warning? Again, hypocrisy is the only answer I can find.

For those who may have never seen this ridiculous sticker attached onto CD’s that span many music genres, here it is in it’s most gruesome glory. By the way, this annoying little sticker only enhances a CD’s taboo mystique, in turn helping to sell more copies of the CD it’s on. In it’s own morbid way, maybe this sticker has become something of a Pop Culture symbol of cool… that’s just my Metal opinion.

Parental Advisory Sticker - large image


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