524846“The first release from Metal Church is extremely fast with the attitude of a hungry band of musicians braced for Metal stardom. Released in 1985, “Metal Church” is an old school Thrash & Metal album that belongs in every single Metal fans collection, no question about it. All 9 songs are structured, written and performed to the highest of Metal standards. The late David Wayne on vocals, makes the songs sound dark and gives each song a vintage Metal bite. The intro to “Beyond the Black” is chilling, with a doomsday rhetoric and atmosphere that grabs your attention instantly. The guitar and bass on the song “Metal Church” sounds like it is leading you down a path of horror, now this is what Metal is supposed to accomplish! “Hitman” is super heavy and thrashes across the board. “Gods of Wrath” is the longest song, at over six and a half minutes, yet you will wish it would continue on! The cover of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” is done so well here it is jaw dropping. Kurt Vanderhoof on guitar, the Heavy Metal hero who still runs the show for Metal Church to this day, is flawless on this album. The rest of the lineup for this debut album by Metal Church is Kirk Arrington on drums & percussion, Craig Wells on guitars and Duke Erickson on bass. A debut Metal Church album that is so intense for its time, so riveting and exact with its delivery of Thrash and Metal, it belongs at the top of the list of all time Metal albums. I feel this album is absolutely relevant to the Metal that is currently released today, it is an album like “Metal Church” that paved the way for today’s Heavy Metal genres.”

3 Responses to “METAL CHURCH – 1985 ALBUM REVIEWED”

  1. ah yes, one of my top 10’s as well.

    well put.

    *Luckily I have the original pressing on vinyl.

    absolutely essential. if you wanna’ call yerself a “metal” head (of any age) you better have this one m8te!

    just think IF there was no METALLICA and or MEGDEATH, what METAL CHURCH might have become!

    I still don’t know why Elektra signed them and didn’t really get behind them.

    I like their 2nd one a lot too.

    Their 3rd + 4th was decent with Mike Howe singing (and John Marshall “Hetfields replacement on the “Damage Inc. 86 Tour).

    I lost track after that…unfortunately.

    “start the fire”…


  2. I like this album, but not as much as The Dark

    • metalodyssey Says:

      It’s understandable. The debut and “The Dark” are pretty close to being a “tie” for me. \m/

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