Anthrax “Among The Living” is a Thrash Metal jewel

381232I really enjoy the entire Anthrax catalog of albums, yet “Among The Living” is definitely my most favorite release from this veteran Thrash Metal band. Released in 1987, this album is loaded with all the power and explosiveness of pure Thrash, the Anthrax way. “Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)” is one heavy tune that is rebellious and fun, to actually here the lyrics for yourself would explain what I mean. “Among The Living” earns it’s ferocity courtesy of the talented musicians of Anthrax. Scott Ian on guitar is, in my opinion, one of the best in Thrash Metal history. Joey Belladonna on vocals can carry a note extremely well, he is as valid to “Among The Living” as the music itself. I find Belladonna to be a Thrash Metal vocalist who is quite punctual, without compromising the heaviness whatsoever. I have the upmost respect for the vocals of Belladonna on this album. “Indians” is a great song for me, a Thrash Metal jewel of a tune with inspired lyrics. Every song here adds to the credibility of “Among The Living”. Fast music, fast vocals, fast background vocals, everything on this album is fast. That’s what makes Thrash Metal so profoundly heavy, the speed and it is all here waiting for you courtesy of Anthrax! I do not hesitate for a second, to recommend “Among The Living” to all Metal fans worldwide!

3 Responses to “Anthrax “Among The Living” is a Thrash Metal jewel”

  1. I saw this tour and they were great. testament opened up on their debut album tour! Great show all around. But this album leaves me a bit flat these days. It’s a little too “fun” for me. Then with the B-side coming out with I’m The Man, it really made me lose some interest in them. ATL is fast and heavy in spots and Benante is a GODD on the drums but for me it never measured up to Spreading The Disease.

  2. metalodyssey Says:

    “Spreading The Disease” dawned on me after I posted this article. Man, that IS a kick of an album from these guys. “Spreading The Disease” – yup, no doubt about that. I get all caught up in this album due to the fact I had one HELL of a great Summer listening to this album in 1987.

    – Metal Rules All –

    – Stone

  3. This was my very 1st cd when cd’s came out, still have it and still play it to this day, although my fav Thrax album is Sound Of White Noise, but like you I love their entire catalog.

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