BONHAM – It was sometime in 1989, I was a student in College and the debut album from Bonham was released, The Disregard Of Timekeeping. I first heard of this album courtesy of some FM radio station that played the single – Wait For You. (Note: The 2:09 intro – The Disregard Of Timekeeping is a track in and of itself, yet it belongs attached as a necessary segue to Wait For You). Upon hearing both this psyched up intro and Wait For You, I knew I extremely needed to buy this Bonham album. I picked up The Disregard Of Timekeeping as a CD in ’89 and have never grown tired of it since.

I never listened to the overpaid and supposed professional Rock Music critics who took cranky shots at Bonham and this album. Man, have I grown tired of hearing the same old criticisms about Bonham… one being that they were a Led Zeppelin rip off band and secondly, that drummer Jason Bonham could never be like his legendary father, the late John Bonham from the ultra iconic Led Zeppelin. Many of the criticisms I have read over the years about Bonham were/are not only unnecessary, they are just plain cruel. I knew back then, as I know now, that I will listen to what moves me and makes my Metal & Hard Rock soul happy. Metal be thy name.

WARNING: The following paragraph may be deemed too sentimental for some hardcore Metal and Hard Rock fans. Regardless, music is also about emotion and it can affect your life and invoke great Metal memories.

Going back to Wait For You, this song was THE song for my girlfriend and I, back when I was at College. It was OUR song! That girlfriend, well, she is now my unreal great wife. We still listen to this song together and make some flirty glances at each other while it Rocks on. (Sorry for the sappiness, sometimes it happens here on Metal Odyssey).

Playing To Win is another Hard Rockin’, Heavy Hittin’ and riveting song that plays out at 6:55, not long enough in my Metal opinion. I simply cannot find one trace of Led Zeppelin copycat in this song… that must really piss off those old and constipated professional Rock music critics. Guilty is as steadfast and hard drivin’ of a Hard Rock song as they come. Very melodic, very memorable and uh, very great is this song. Cross Me And See plays out better than many of the Hard Rock songs that are currently supposed to be “great” in 2010… and this is a deep album cut. Look out… I can almost hear those pissed off professional Rock critics, from days gone by, screaming with their dentures falling out after that last sentence!

Bonham jumped on board that 1980’s Hard & Heavy train and took my ears and memories along for the ride. Again, any Led Zeppelin comparisons are just a waste of time for me. How many young bands are out there today, that sound like Motley Crue or Nickelback? There are hordes aplenty! Comparisons and influences can never be avoided, when it comes to any Rock & Roll discussion.

I will forever listen to this Bonham album and be a better Metalhead for it. Um, HardRockHead for it. This is as legitimate a Hard Rock album, as it is a commercial Heavy Metal album, in my Metal opinion. Jason Bonham can take a Metal bow for having created this band when he did. As the ol’ Metal saying goes… let the music do the talking. The Disregard Of Timekeeping does just that, only it roars with a genuine Hard Rock and mainstream Heavy Metal sound that evokes positive emotion… for me.

Back on March 16, 2008, Daniel MacMaster, the lead vocalist for Bonham passed away, at age 39. When I first heard of this sad news then, I thought to myself… too damned young, a tragic loss. The passing of Daniel MacMaster leaves a void to the world of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Daniel MacMaster’s voice can forever be enjoyed by fans of the past, present and future, through the music he has left us all. I know I am one of those fans.

BONHAM, as they appeared on The Disregard Of Timekeeping:

Daniel MacMaster – lead vocals

Jason Bonham – drums, percussion

Ian Hatton – lead & rhythm guitars

John Smithson – bass, keyboards, violin


Rest In Peace, Daniel MacMaster.



  1. I think you have just inspired me to break out my Bonham CD’s today. =)

  2. This is out of print, right? I’ve wanted this album for years.

  3. elabryth Says:

    This album is AMAZING! My ex-wife used to go to sleep to this album… CRANKED! I mean just loud as HELL!! We were fortunate to catch BONHAM live. They were sandwiched in between DANGEROUS TOYS (on their 1st tour) and The CULT (on their SONIC TEMPLE tour). “Wait For You”, “Guilty” (during which John Smithson played a neon colored violin), “Cross Me & See”… they were FANTASTIC live! After their set I thought they were done. Jason Bonham comes back onstage, under a single spotlight, and dedicates “the next one to Dad”. Bonham doing Zeppelin’s “Rock ‘N’ Roll” is the next best thing to seeing the originators live. AWESOME band, great album (as well as the follow-up), I hate that they didn’t happen sooner or have better fortune. Great write-up! \m/

    • metalodyssey Says:

      That must have been one exciting “triple bill” to have seen. The Cult and Dangerous Toys put out some incredible tunes back then. Bonham happening sooner or having better fortune… I whole heartedly agree with you. In the end, there is the music they did create and it is very relevant to what we are hearing today, IMO.

      I grin knowing that Jason Bonham hooked up with Foreigner in later years… being a part of their Rock history is nothing to sneeze at! (IMO).

      I just get psyched out of my mind from: The Cult – “Fire Woman” and Dangerous Toys doing a cover of the Def Leppard classic – “Let It Go”.

      Falling asleep to Bonham… I can dig that. Morgan Lander of Kittie has told me… she falls asleep to Pantera! There is something soothing about Heavy Metal to us Metalheads, even if the music is super charged.

      Thanks for sharing your Metal thoughts –


  4. Coverdale Says:

    I was never a big fan of this band…I felt they were a bit over the top with their music and image…It’s almost like Bonham tried to create a Led Zeppelin/Guiffria Cover band. But, Your post inspired me also, especially after not hearing them for about 20 years. Maybe now I could get into them since my musical tastes have matured. I just checked them out on Youtube and listened to each song posted twice. And you know what, I think it’s going to be another 20 years before I torture myself again…. On another note It is too bad the Lead singer died.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Gee Metal whiz. That’s not just harsh… that’s super duper harsh.

      You obviously must not like Kingdom Come either then!

      There will always be a place for Bonham and Jason Bonham at Metal Odyssey!

      Stone – (Bonham fan 4 life)

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