CHIMAIRA “Wild Thing” Cover Song – A Horns Up To Charlie Sheen’s “Major League” Movie And Available Now at iTunes!

(New York, NY) – CHIMAIRA joined in the fun of celebrating Charlie Sheen last week by covering the song “Wild Thing” in the studio, a tribute to Charlie Sheen’s 1989 hit comedy movie “Major League”. “We had some fun at the studio”, says Chimaira’s front man Mark Hunter.

Chimaira is currently in the studio finishing up their upcoming record to be released later this year. Recently signing a new record deal with eOne Music for North America, South America and Japan, Mark Hunter offers: “We are excited to start the new decade with a team that believes in our music, has our back and thinks outside the box. eOne are one of the very few labels out there who still give a damn about the genre and Chimaira are proud to be a part of that. Expect great things in 2011”.

Chimaira released their album “The Infection” back in 2009 to serious critical acclaims with hit singles “Secrets of the Dead” and “Destroy and Dominate”, which claimed the #30 spot on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Their most recent effort was a three disc live DVD, which also features a documentary about the band called “Coming Alive”.

* Over the past 10 years, Chimaira has sold close to 500,000 albums.

A “Wild Thing” song history, (see below), brought to you by Metal Odyssey’s Stone:

* “Wild Thing” was written by songwriter Chip Taylor, (real name: James Wesley Voight), who was born in New York City. This iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll song was originally recorded by The Wild Ones back in 1965. The English Rock Band – The Troggs covered “Wild Thing” back in 1966 and reached #1 in the U.S. on the Billboard Hot 100 in July of 1966.

Stone’s “Wild Thing” Cover Song Review:

Okay, I bought this cover song of “Wild Thing” from iTunes today. It realistically served me right. I never thought I would be saying this about Chimaira… they actually made a (gulp) “fun” song. This cover version has it’s Metal grooves happening with plenty of crunch. Yes, Mark Hunter still sounds quite pissed off vocally, so don’t worry all of you Chimaira die-hards out there! “Wild Thing” clocks in at 2:30 long, so it’s no epic, it’s just a good Metal kick-in-the-ass to kick start my day. Or is that kick start my night? A Must Metal buy for only $1.29!


Mark Hunter – vocals

Matt DeVries – guitar

Rob Arnold – guitar

Andols Herrick – drums

Chris Spicuzza – keyboards, samples & backing vocals

* For more info on CHIMAIRA, click the links below:

CHIMAIRA – Official Website

CHIMAIRA – myspace music

CHIMAIRA – Official Facebook

CHIMAIRA (chimairaband) On Twitter

* You can preview and/or buy Chimaira’s cover song “Wild Thing” at iTunes by clicking on the link below!

(Source: eOne Music)

* Metal Odyssey receives 0% compensation from iTunes for directing you to their store for making a song purchase. This is all done in good Metal faith, to assist all fellow Metalheads worldwide, in finding easy access to this new Chimaira song. Metal be thy name.



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