CHICKENFOOT: eOne Inks Distro Deal With Supergroup Chickenfoot – New Album To Be Released This Fall

(Photo Credit: LeAnn Mueller)

(New York, NY) — eOne Music has completed a new, exclusive deal with Hard Rock supergroup CHICKENFOOT for North America. The group – Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith – will release its sophomore album, titled “Chickenfoot III”, in late September 2011.

CHICKENFOOT’s 2009 Gold-certified, self-titled album debuted at #4 on the Billboard Charts and included the hit “Oh Yeah”.

Alan Grunblatt, President of eOne Music, says, “Chickenfoot is one of the top-selling hard rock groups in the country. Everyone at eOne is thrilled to be working with them”.

CHICKENFOOT lead singer Sammy Hagar adds, “I am very happy to join forces with eOne. The Foot has landed!”

(Source: eOne Music)

Go to: eOne Music – facebook for more info!



6 Responses to “CHICKENFOOT: eOne Inks Distro Deal With Supergroup Chickenfoot – New Album To Be Released This Fall”

  1. The line up looks very promising, let’s hope the music lives up to it. There have been many “super groups” that didn’t and the one I liked the most dispersed before their album was released, although they did eventually release posthumously. I’m talking about Desperado.

  2. p.s further thought. Sammy Hagar did do well with HSAS so it is a good omen that this super group might work.

    • metalodyssey Says:

      The debut Chickenfoot album is a cool and steady Rocker… I’ve told everyone who wants to know (LOL) that their sound reminds me of Summer and good times.

      The four members of Chickenfoot are absolutely legendary… Metal be thy name kinda legendary. 🙂

      I really did dig HSAS, funny thing is, I dig that HSAS album “Through The Fire” more now than I did, well, back then! Go figure.

  3. Summer and good times sounds like a good reason to give the album a listen. Now my mind is playing, what did you think of Desperado?

    • metalodyssey Says:

      I dig Desperado a good deal… now I have to dig that CD out of my stash! Widowmaker kicked some major Metal ass too! Dee Snider was active outside of Twisted Sister that is for certain.

      You can’t beat that Desperado lineup either. My Metal buddy Scott Coverdale actually gave me the Desperado CD about a year or two ago. \m/

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Desperado and HSAS are two bands that broke up after one album, but should have stayed together. I also have a Dee Snider solo album which is good.

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