MASTODON – “THE HUNTER”: New Album Artwork and Updated Track Listing!

MASTODON – Progressive Metal titans MASTODON have revealed today, (July 8th, 2011), the official album cover for their forthcoming album: The Hunter. The album cover is based on a sculpture designed by the artist AJ Fosik. The Hunter will be released this Fall of 2011.

Stone says:

I’ve always been a lifelong fan of album artwork. The Progressive Rock genres have historically been associated with sensational album artwork, from legends YES to Dream Theater, with ASIAKing Crimson, RUSH and The Electic Light Orchestra in-between. I really dig the album artwork of The Hunter, the abstract nature of the art is what stands out, with the multiple ears and mouths on this alarming mammal being focal points. There is also an artistic look that is Native American about this sculpted beast’s head.

The chilling depiction of the eyes on this horned creature are what has reached out and grabbed me too. In simplistic Metal terms, I declare The Hunter album artwork as: cool stuff. This album cover is not either a surprise or a disappointment for me, it’s an image that just speaks Mastodon. In essence, The Hunter album artwork is an accurate representation of Mastodon’s Progressive sound and style. I’m looking forward to hearing The Hunter in all its entirety… cause for me, Mastodon… ROCKS. Metal be thy name.

THE HUNTER – Track Listing (Revealed thus far by Mastodon, as of July 8, 2011):

All The Heavy Lifting

Dry Bone Valley


The Octopus Has No Friends


Curl Of The Burl

(Source: MASTODON – Official Website)

* For more info on MASTODON, click on the link below:

Mastodon – Official Website



One Response to “MASTODON – “THE HUNTER”: New Album Artwork and Updated Track Listing!”

  1. Only 6 songs and not considered and EP? I predict one of a couple of those songs will be some long ones.

    This is great news, and I agree the artwork screams Mastodon, will be patiently waiting for this one. Thanks.

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