GRAVEWORM – First Album Trailer For “Fragments Of Death” Online Now!

The Italian Dark Metal outfit GRAVEWORM have uploaded the first album trailer for the upcoming record “Fragments Of Death”. Stefano Fiori is talking about the recordings and the cover artwork of this new masterpiece!

Check it out at: and stay tuned for more.

The album was recorded in July 2011 at the “Dream Sound Studios” in Munich, and mastered by Jan Vacik. The songs are about the death in its thousand faces, which is also reflected in the album title and cover art. Musically, the album can be seen as a mixture of the best of the last four records, with some old school roots and definitive darker than its predecessors.

“Fragments Of Death” will be out at October, 21, 2011 via Nuclear Blast.

(Source: Nuclear Blast News)

* For more info on GRAVEWORM, click on the link below:

GRAVEWORM – facebook



One Response to “GRAVEWORM – First Album Trailer For “Fragments Of Death” Online Now!”

  1. If the background music is from the album, then I must say that it definitely sounds promising.

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