W.A.S.P. 30 YEARS OF THUNDER – Part One & Part Two: Posted On The Official W.A.S.P. Nation Website

W.A.S.P. – The legendary Blackie Lawless is currently celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Heavy Metal band he founded, nurtured and made into a dominating force, a band known across the globe as W.A.S.P. and the celebration is called: W.A.S.P. 30 Years Of Thunder. Fans can go directly to W.A.S.P. NATION and read both Part One and Part Two of W.A.S.P. 30 Years Of Thunder.

Blackie Lawless has written, in detail, the early beginnings of W.A.S.P. in Part One, (which was posted on W.A.S.P. Nation in September) and Blackie continues on with the early stages of W.A.S.P. history with Part Two (which was posted up this month of October). In the coming months, Blackie Lawless will serve up more W.A.S.P. history, as he writes about the evolution of his band and more amazingly cool stories and facts.

Best Metal buddy/Metal Odyssey’s Metal Researcher Scott Coverdale came across Part One and was ecstatic about this W.A.S.P. anniversary, bringing it all to my Metal attention… I too share in the same Metal excitement. Scott and I both congratulate Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P.! Here’s to another 30 Years Of Thunder! Metal be thy name.

“There are those who play Heavy Metal, there are Heavy Metal legends and then there are Champions of Heavy Metal. Blackie Lawless is a Champion of Heavy Metal”. – Stone

* Visit The Official W.A.S.P. Nation website by clicking the link below:





3 Responses to “W.A.S.P. 30 YEARS OF THUNDER – Part One & Part Two: Posted On The Official W.A.S.P. Nation Website”

  1. Nice post and thanks for the tip-off about the 2 part writing. That was cool and I look forward to reading the rest when completed.

    Blackie is/was a gifted songwriter (among other things) and people seem to forget that. Very original and creative as well.

    Check out the amazing gallery and newspaper clips in their site as well.

    Wild Child

    P.S. After reading – I had to dig out my Live W.A.S.P. @ the Lyceum [London’s famous venue) from 1984!

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Thanks Kinger, um, Wild Child! That sounds like some very fine live W.A.S.P. you dug out to listen to. Vintage. A hidden live gem from the vault of Demolish? \m/

      Yes, I couldn’t agree more with your opinions about Blackie Lawless. Those concert flyers and news clips on the W.A.S.P. site are very cool… wish I had them!


  2. God, I can’t believe WASP have been around for 30 years. Where has the time gone? I remember buying “The Last Command” album because it was the first album I knew of to have a PMRC label on it. I still have it somewhere in my attic.

    Well done Blackie and WASP and I wish I could have afforded to have seen them at Bloodstock this year. May they go on for another 30.

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