Archie Meets KISS – Comic Book Is Out Now!

This is the Archie Meets KISS comic book that was released on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011. This is issue #627 and it sells for $2.99 (U.S.). The complete title of this comic is Archie Meets Kiss Part 1: Riverdale Rock City. The story for this comic was written by Alex Segura. Other credits: penciler – Dan Parent and Inker – Rich Koslowski.

I haven’t purchased this comic yet. Being the KISS Kollector that I am, it is inevitable that I will hunt this comic down this weekend. It’s not a pricey KISS Kollectible either and that makes it all the more attractive in adding it to my KISS Kollection.

My late sister used to collect Archie comic books (when she was a kid) like there was no tomorrow. Man, I can vividly remember her listening to KISS Double Platinum with me, back when the 70’s were coming to a close. She would have gotten quite a kick out of seeing this Archie Meets KISS comic. I’m certain she is still seeing it though, from where she is. Metal be thy name.

* For more info on Archie Comics, click here: Archie

* For more info on KISS, click here: KISS



2 Responses to “Archie Meets KISS – Comic Book Is Out Now!”

  1. I was a Marvel/DC freak growing up – I had hundreds of ’em! Getting hold of them in the UK in the early 70’s they seemed incredibly exotic to me – and gave me a taste of America I’d never had before – even the weird ads for collectable NFL helmets (English kids at that time had ZERO clue what that was all about!) I even had an early Daredevil when he had the Yellow outfit. I went to Scandinavia to work in a pro band in 79, and got home to find my folks had had a clear-out…….aargh! I’d give anything to have that collection again. We also had the coolest KISS pinball machine in college – and Stone, let me tell ya, I’d LOVE one of those! 🙂

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Oh man, nothing worse than having your “cool stuff” being tossed out while your at college. Whoa. I used to collect comics as well and luckily still have some left. I stopped buying comics right after college due to the prices… remember when comics were just “20” and then “25 cents”? With so many titles I liked, the per month cost for comics was near $100 U.S. and that was back around 1990-92!!

      I’ve only seen that KISS pinball machine on television, never in the real. I would love to come across one at a yard sale Kev, in the middle of “east cupcake” Pennsylvania and see it for sale around $50. (I’ll dream on, I know). LOL… I think/guessing that the KISS pinball machine in working condition goes for a few thousand dollars (or more) too.

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