IMORA – ‘If The Shoe Fits’ – Song From ‘Happily Neverafter’ EP: A Scorching & Melodic Listen

IMORA – Check out below the new single If The Shoe Fits from IMORA, a Metalcore / Post Hardcore band from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. This song is from the forthcoming EP from IMORA: Happily Neverafter via Ship Out Recordings.

The balance of both vocals that rage and croon are done with impressiveness on this song. Combining the heavy and melodic comes across very credible with IMORA on If The Shoe Fits. IMORA already has shared the stage with: ChiodosEvergreen Terrace, Stick To Your Guns and Asking Alexandria, to name a few. This band sounds like a toughened and talented unit ready for the next big step and might very well have to be reckoned with in 2012 and beyond.

If you dig If The Shoe Fits after listening to it a few times, then my Metal advice is buy this new EP from IMORA – Happily Neverafter. This EP will be available on iTunes starting January 10th, 2012.


Jeff Leuschen – vocals

Dave Daniel – drums/vocals

Ryan Brosius – guitar

Mac – bass

Topher – keys/samples

* For more info on IMORA, click on the links below:



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