Wanna See My TWISTED SISTER ‘I Wanna Rock’ 45 RPM?

TWISTED SISTER – Back in 1984, TWISTED SISTER, the legendary Heavy Metal band from Long Island, New York, released their third studio album: Stay Hungry. One of the three “biggest hits” from this album was I Wanna Rock. The other two “hits” were We’re Not Gonna Take It and The Price. I Wanna Rock became the battle cry for countless Metalheads back in 1984, with its popularity reaching eye-popping heights courtesy of its respective MTV video.

To this day I still love hearing I Wanna Rock cranked up VERY LOUD. This song will forever be an inspiration to me, decades after its release. I recently found the 45 rpm of I Wanna Rock at an antique store located in Zionsville, Pennsylvania. I paid $1.50 (U.S.) for it. Both the vinyl and cover sleeve are in excellent shape.

The B – side to this 45 rpm is The Kids Are Back from 1983’sĀ You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll, (the second studio album from TWISTED SISTER). The Kids Are Back is another song that Rocks my face off too. These TWISTED SISTER songs and albums are simply put: F’n timeless. Check out the pics below of my I Wanna Rock 45 rpm. Remember… you can’t even buy a decent cup of coffee these days for $1.50, yet you can buy some Heavy Metal history at this price.Ā Metal be thy name.

Front Cover Sleeve

Back Cover Sleeve

I Wanna Rock – A Side



13 Responses to “Wanna See My TWISTED SISTER ‘I Wanna Rock’ 45 RPM?”

  1. Funny enough, I have “Leader of the Pack” on 45 with “I Wanna Rock” on the B-side. I have said it before and I’ll say it again. Twisted Sister are true icons of metal.

  2. Interesting you should highlight this Stone, I’ve just read a great article in the UK’s Classic rock mag, where they document the time when the unlikely alliance of Dee Snider, Frank Zappa and John Denver went up against Tipper Gore and her cronies on the subject of censorship in music. She had no clue that Dee was in fact an articulate guy, and had no clue about their music, mistakenly thinking one of the tracks was about bondage and torture and it was about their guitarist having a throat op! šŸ™‚

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Oh, Kev, how legendary was it for Dee Snider, Frank Zappa and John Denver (to name a few) to unite for Rock ‘N Roll!

      That PMRC was judge and jury… a perfect example of just how evil politics can be, once it starts spiraling out of control! I agree with the majority that believes the “Parental Advisory” sticker has helped sell a band/musician’s CD over the decades.

      That Classic Rock mag is a wonderful thing! I’ve picked up the “AOR” and “Progressive” sister mags of theirs too. šŸ™‚

      • Yeah, it’s a great mag Stone, january’s issue has a free Bonamassa 12 track cd – it’s cool!

        I’m sure the PMRC all thought Denver would side with them, but when he got and said ‘this is how the Nazis started to control thought’ the colour just drained from their faces, man!

        • Metal Odyssey Says:

          I remember seeing that footage on the nightly news back then… seeing that same footage today makes me laugh at those elitist “Washington Wives”. Here is the irony: During one of the inaugural balls for then newly elected President Clinton, I witnessed the “live” footage on television of Al & Tipper Gore dancing up a storm, on stage, while Fleetwood Mack played “live”! The song was “Don’t Stop”.

          As I tell everyone to this day, Fleetwood Mack was one of the “lucky” bands, for the Gore’s and PMRC “must have” considered them a clean bunch! LOL! šŸ˜®

          • I wonder if Al and Tipper would have danced to Fleetwood Mac if they had played “Second Hand News” from the same album. I would have loved to see their faces when Mac sang “Won’t you lay me down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff.” It would have been classic.
            I remember all the PMRC bullsh*t very well. Dee Snider did metal proud going to Washington and facing the Senate hearing. My reaction to it was to buy “The Last Command” by WASP because it was the first album I know to have the PMRC label on it.

            • Metal Odyssey Says:

              Well spoken my Metal buddy. I’ve always wondered why those PMRC “intellectuals” never went after Jerry Lee Lewis for his song “Great Balls Of Fire”. DOH! LOL! šŸ˜®

            • ….or the line in Penny lane about ‘finger pie’ ….took a while for the establishment to catch up with Liverpudlian slang!

  3. “I Wanna Rock” on a 45?? Great! Do you still have a turntable? Mine’s in need of a needle…those aren’t so easy to find anymore! šŸ˜‰

    I have the “Stay Hungry ” album on my I-pod…I will love “I Wanna Rock” forever!

    I remember when Dee Snider went to that PMRC hearing in his jeans and long hair…and made the panel look like the fools that they falsely assumed he was! It was legendary!

    Remember when Manowar said that Twisted Sister looked like “sissies”…so Twisted Sister challenged them to a street-fight and they showed up in denim and leather and no make-up…and Manowar never showed up?

    Or how about when US government used Twisted Sister’s music to oust Panamian strongman Manuel Noriega from the Vatican Embassy where he had taken cover.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Whoa! Talk about confusing! First, the government wanted Twisted Sister and countless other bands to write ABBA lyrics, then the Metal of Twisted Sister was used to oust Noriega in hiding. Whoa again! It was, is and forever shall be a confusing world out there! When it’s all said and done and the dust settles, METAL (and Rock ‘N Roll) always triumphs! šŸ˜®

  4. I have several Twisted Sister twelve inch singles that I bought at a record store that was clearing out their vinyl around 1992. They were a quarter a piece.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Hey Metal Mark and Whoa! At 25 cents apiece, you absolutely cannot go wrong! That’s as close to getting those Twisted Sister 12 inch singles for free as you’ll get! \m/

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