KING DIAMOND – Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!

KING DIAMOND – Metal Icon. Vocal brilliance. Lyrical mastermind. A true KING of Horror Metal. Any fan of King Diamond and/or Mercyful Fate knows what I’m talking about. My “Metal Pick Of The Day” for Friday, April 20th, 2012, is KING DIAMOND.

If you have never listened to any King Diamond or Mercyful Fate Metal in your life just yet… the time has cometh for you to realize; that you are missing out on some serious and historical Metal. You are missing out in a very profound way.

Yes, Abigail is the Metal Gem of the King Diamond discography. However, The Graveyard is one fantastically horrifying story to listen to. I’ll say this much: a young female child with a devotion to a severed head; plus it’s a severed head that is pure evil. ‘Nuff said.

Originally released back in 1996, this King Diamond album has grown on me like there is no tomorrow. I Am is my favorite song on The Graveyard, giving me the chills in a way I cannot even explain.


For more info on KING DIAMOND, click the link below:




One Response to “KING DIAMOND – Stone’s Metal Pick Of The Day!”

  1. Yes, Abigail is definitely the gem of King Diamond’s albums although I heard good things about Fatal Portrait. Melissa is definitely the gem for Mercyful Fate

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