DEMON LUNG – “Lament Code” Video Released

“Lament Code”, the new video from Las Vegas based Traditional/Epic Doomsters DEMON LUNG can be seen below. The song comes off DEMON LUNG’s debut EP, Pareidolia, which was released March 20th.

The video was directed by Dustin Mills, the mastermind behind THE PUPPET MONSTER MASSACRE, the low-budget 80’s style horror comedy with an all puppet cast.

“Lament Code” By DEMON LUNG

“Pareidolia” is a 22-minute blend of traditional and epic Doom Metal, rife with horror imagery and lyrics and influenced by the likes of BLACK SABBATH, CANDLEMASS, and vocalist Shanda Fredrick’s worship of COVEN’s Jinx Dawson. Physical copies are available for purchase for $5 through the band’s website and digitally for $4 via Bandcamp. Hex Records will soon be issuing a limited cassette release of Pareidolia.

Pareidolia – Track Listing:

Lament Code

Sour Ground

Death Mask


Forming only two short years ago, DEMON LUNG hit the ground running and demoed over 20 songs, choosing four of the best for inclusion on Pareidolia. Playing their first show in March 2011, DEMON LUNG quickly became the top doom act in the Las Vegas scene, sharing the stage with such doom heavyweights as High on Fire, Jucifer and Pentagram.


(Source: ClawHammer PR)

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