CINDERELLA “Long Cold Winter” – A Look Back To 1988 and A Multi-Platinum Selling Gem

CINDERELLA – Back in May of 1988, Philadelphia’s very own Cinderella released their sophomore album: Long Cold Winter. While the Hair/Glam Metal invasion was sprouting from The Golden State’s Sunset Strip, Cinderella was carving out their own niche within the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal communities; with Pennsylvania as their springboard to Heavy Rock stardom.

Even after I first listened to Cinderella’s 1986 debut album Night Songs, I knew this band’s only link to Hair Metal was their look and not their sound. Cinderella was far too bluesy from the get-go to be a bona-fide Hair Metal band, at least that’s what I thought back then and still do now. Anyone who wants to call Cinderella a Hair/Glam Metal band might as well label AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses that as well. Besides, Cinderella’s third studio album, 1990’s Heartbreak Station, only further solidified them as a blues-driven Heavy Rock band.

I first bought Long Cold Winter on vinyl from Strawberries Records & Tapes. As years, (gulp), decades have passed, that slab of cool vinyl is gone and since replaced by a CD, within my collection. From what I’ve researched, the RIAA has Long Cold Winter documented as selling 3 million + units. That’s Triple Platinum! (I know that sounded rather giddy of me).

Tom Keifer’s vocals were never stuff of fluff; that’s probably why I have always been a sucker for this album’s chart-topping ballad: Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone). The grainy vocals that Tom Keifer has been trademarked with is another reason why Cinderella stood out amongst the sea of Hair. Gypsy Road is a song that sticks inside my brain for days after I listen to it. Now that’s a song I can easily accuse of being Heavy Rock Blues.

I was attending a Community College back in 1988 and having the time of my life. Simply put, I was hell-raising for a Metal hobby. Party Central was my commuting terminal back then. Good times. I began hanging out with Scott Coverdale back around 1988 too and that only added to the “hell-bent for leather” attitude that I succumbed to. Good times. I’d swear Scott and I made our Guardian Angels work overtime for us, back then.

It was on August 4th, 1989; Scott Coverdale, my future wife and (late) sister went to see Cinderella together (for the first time) at the Springfield Civic Center. Winger and BulletBoys shared the stage with Cinderella that night too. Check out my ticket stub from that Metal memorable night, below:

I’ve been very fortunate to catch Cinderella live a couple more times since that Springfield show, with the 2010 M3 Rock Festival being the last time I’ve seen them perform. Yes, Scott Coverdale was by my side at that M3 Rock Festival… otherwise I had no damn ride home. We had a grand Metal time of times at that M3 Rock Festival too. Whoa, we did. No… thank you Klaus!

In a Metal walnut-shell, no red-blooded Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Arena Rock, Glam/Hair Metal or 80’s Heavy Metal fan can go wrong by revisiting or being introduced to Long Cold Winter. A 1988 Multi-Platinum Gem from Cinderella. Metal be thy name.


Tom Keifer – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, National Steel and harmonica

Eric Brittingham – bass, twelve string bass and background vocals

Jeff LaBar – guitar

Fred Coury – drums

Additional Players:

Cozy Powell – drums

Denny Carmassi – drums

Kurt Shore – keyboards

Jay Levin – pedal steel guitar

Paulinho da Costa – percussion

John Webster – keyboards


LONG COLD WINTER – Track Listing:

Bad Seamstress Blues / Fallin’ Apart At The Seams

Gypsy Road

Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

The Last Mile

Second Wind

Long Cold Winter

If You Don’t Like It

Coming Home

Fire And Ice

Take Me Back


For more info on CINDERELLA, click on the link below!



8 Responses to “CINDERELLA “Long Cold Winter” – A Look Back To 1988 and A Multi-Platinum Selling Gem”

  1. Love their vocals… Uniquely awesome

  2. I totally agree with you on Cinderella being a blues driven hard rock/metal band. Aside from their early image, they aren’t exactly hair metal and unlike many glam metal bands, they were unique! Tom’s voice remains one of my favorites because of how raspy it is and it isn’t polished at all. Two of my favorite songs on this album is the opener Bad Seamstress Blues/Fallin’ Apart at the seams and Long Cold Winter! Two very bluesy numbers and prove that they are much more than many of their glam metal contemporaries! I outta give this a spin tomorrow since I haven’t listened to it in a few weeks.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      Right on RattRocker! I enjoy digging through the “Classics” and writing about ’em… I would hope Cinderella releases a NEW studio album someday… that would be a thrill for all of us. \m/\m/

  3. atothewr Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with what you said about this band. I think Gypsy Road might be my favorite by them. I think I saw them on that same tour you saw them on with Bulletboys and Winger.

    • Metal Odyssey Says:

      That’s cool man! That tour was fun to catch onto back then!

      Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale actually quit his “cool” Summer job just to go to this concert… hell, he was the dude that scored the tickets too, by putting the radio station’s bumper sticker on my Cutlass Supreme, that radio station gave us “4” FREE tix! Whoa.

      Scott Coverdale’s luck continued on at the show too… he caught a drum stick from BulletBoys drummer Jimmy D’Anda. Unreal.

      What city did you catch this tour? \m/\m/

      • atothewr Says:

        If memory serves it was Johnson City, TN at Freedom Hall. A lot of bands including Iron Maiden went through there in the Eighties.

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