Metal, Heavy Rock Bands + Spiders = A List Of Creepy Crawling Cool Albums!

Black and Yellow Argiope (Argiope aurantia)

Metal, Heavy Rock Bands + Spiders – Take a look at that spider above! Whoa! Apparently, this Black and Yellow Argiope is harmless to humans. Harmless! I’ve encountered this scary looking spider throughout my entire life; in my dad’s and uncle’s gardens and eventually my very own garden; this intimidating spider has appeared, time and again.

I remember catching this spider in mayonnaise and peanut butter jars when I was a young lad. I remember how I would chase my sister around the yard, while holding this spider captive in my jar. Metal be thy name, what was I thinking? Good times, nonetheless. (Maybe that wasn’t quite the case with my sister).

Okay, I’ve introduced you to this creepy crawler and now I shall introduce you to a list of Creepy Crawling Cool albums! The bonus is they are all Metal and Heavy Rock albums too! I own each album (and 1 CD single) you’ll see below, (with just 1 exception at the end of this list). I’ve slapped together examples from the legendary King Diamond, COLD and an appearance from… Ravage.

Just in time for Halloween, this list may be a first-time introduction and/or a reintroduction to what I consider to be excellent albums to own. If you know of other Metal or Heavy Rock album covers that features spider themed artwork, feel free to comment! Enjoy this list and… let the Halloween season spin its spooky vibes around you!

KING DIAMOND – The Spider’s Lullabye (reissue cover version)

Metal Blade Records (2009)

KING DIAMOND – The Spider’s Lullabye (original cover version)

Metal Blade Records – (1995)

RAVAGE – The End Of Tomorrow

Metal Blade Records – (2009)

COLD – Stupid Girl (CD Single)

Geffen – (2003)

COLD – Year Of The Spider

Geffen – (2003)

COLD – Superfiction

Eleven Seven Music – (2011)


Okay… cause you were so cool to stop by and stick around to the end, here is a…


This is an album from the UK’s BLACK SPIDERS. I’m gonna eventually buy volume and it will serve me right. These Stoner Rockers have the ultimate band name for this list I’ve compiled here too.






Rest In Peace, Christine. I So Badly Miss You.


2 Responses to “Metal, Heavy Rock Bands + Spiders = A List Of Creepy Crawling Cool Albums!”

  1. The Cybernauts ‘Bowie’ project featuring Joe elliot and Phil Collen of Leppard and Woody Woodmansey and Trevor Bolder from The Spiders from Mars have some cool spider related artwork, check it out:

    • Very cool Kev! Those links aren’t working on my end… I’ll still seek out those album covers though, like, right now!

      Hope your trip and gig was good-times! \m/\m/

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