OVERKILL “HORRORSCOPE” – 1991 Thrash Metal Classic Is: Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day!

OVERKILL – When I think back to 1991, I remember being piss-poor and madly in love with my eventual wife. Best Metal Buddy Scott Coverdale would stop over my house to play endless hours of Sega Genesis games; with NHLPA Hockey and John Madden Football being insanely addictive to us both! Yeah, 1991 sure seems like a long time ago… then there are days when it seems like 1991 was yesterday. Go figure.

When I did have a ten bill to spend on myself back then, I would usually buy a cassette cause CD’s had cost at least five to seven dollars more. One cassette I bought that I still own to this day is Overkill’s 5th release known as: Horrorscope. What an amazing Thrash Metal listen it still is, after all these (many) years! Man, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve listened to Horrorscope.

That Horrorscope cassette never wore out though. It’s now buried in a box of other cassettes of mine, somewhere  among other boxes of stuff. I would’ve dug it out to take a photo of it for this post, only I got too damn excited to announce Horrorscope as Stone’s METAL Pick Of The Day! I did upgrade my ownership of Horrorscope to CD just a few years ago, believe it or not. My cassette version of Horrorscope boasts the cover you see at the very top of this post. Here is what the alternate cover looks like on my CD version:

Chaly graces this alternate cover for Horrorscope. F’n cool, huh?

This Overkill lineup heard on Horrorscope may not have been the original lineup, still, I’ve appreciated every Overkill lineup over the years. The mainstay duo of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and D.D. Verni keeping this Overkill Thrash Metal machine thriving, over the decades, is nothing short of spectacular. The non-stop Thrash Metal assault upon my ears, which I’ve enjoyed from Horrorscope, is nothing short of spectacular either!

If you’ve begun compiling an Overkill collection of CD’s, vinyl or cassettes, you absolutely must buy Horrorscope sooner rather than later! Overkill even covers the 1973 Rock instrumental classic from The Edgar Winter Group: Frankenstein. Trust me when I say that this Overkill cover version is killer! I especially love this song (both the original and Overkill cover) during the Halloween season. Makes sense to me.

As with any Overkill album from their gloriously Thrashing catalog, Horrorscope is comfort food to my Metal lovin’ ears and Metal hungry soul. Some things in life were meant to bring me happiness: family, friends, Metal Buddies, Metal, mashed potatoes, cold beer, doritos and of course… Overkill. Metal be thy name.

Above is the back cover of the Horrorscope CD.


OVERKILL – Lineup On Horrorscope:

Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth – vocals

D.D. Verni – 4 & 8 string bass, backing vocals

Sid Falck – drums

Merritt Gant – guitars, backing vocals

Rob Cannavino – guitars, acoustic guitars, backing vocals

HORRORSCOPE – Track Listing:



Blood Money

Thanx For Nothin’

Bare Bones


New Machine


Live Young, Die Free

Nice Day… For A Funeral



Horrorscope was originally released on Atlantic Records.

For more info on OVERKILL, click on the links below!


facebook: Overkill



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