RUSH – Has The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ignored These Prog Legends Long Enough? Take The Poll!

RUSH – Canada’s greatest Rock & Progressive Rock band ever. You can even throw in Canada’s greatest Hard Rock band ever too, if you like. Simply put, one of the greatest bands in Rock Music history. RUSH has been ignored by The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for what reason(s) again? I would certainly like to know the reason(s) for RUSH not being enshrined inside that building in Cleveland, Ohio.

Let’s face it, the legendary RUSH has been influencing countless bands and musicians, while psyching-out their fans, going on 5 decades now! RUSH is a pioneering Progressive Rock band that makes credible all-time lists at every turn, with absolutely no sign of stopping! Whoa! Metal be thy name!

The musical excellence that Geddy Lee (bass & vocals), Alex Lifeson (guitars) and Neil Peart (drums & percussion) radiates from their vast catalog of studio and live albums is mind-boggling to me… and I shall never stop saluting this unreal important band.

Okay, with all that cool stuff blabbed, it’s time for your voice to be heard! Take the poll below and answer this simple question: Shouldn’t RUSH be in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame by now?

RUSH – Stats Of Note:

Debut/ST album released in 1974

Inducted into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame – Class Of 1994

Inducted into Canada’s Songwriting Hall Of Fame – Class Of 2010

Bestowed the Order of Canada – 1997

Have earned 24 Gold Records

Have earned 14 Platinum Records

RUSH has sold more than 40 million records worldwide

3 records have gone multi-platinum

7-time Grammy Nominee

* Winner of 8 JUNO Awards

Awarded a star on both the Hollywood Walk Of Fame (2010) and Canada’s Walk Of Fame (1999)

RUSH – 2112 (1976 – Mercury Records)


(Stats Sources: Canadian Music Hall Of Fame, RIAA, The JUNO Awards)

For more info on RUSH, click on the links below!

facebook: RUSH


Shame On You, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Shame On You.


13 Responses to “RUSH – Has The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Ignored These Prog Legends Long Enough? Take The Poll!”

  1. you just KNOW why they’re not in Stone,…they don’t know anything by ABBA!!! 🙂

    Had a blast in Copenhagen last night with Witch Cross – theguys from Gotthard were great – we couldnt have asked for more as a support, and the crowd were amazing! More details for MetalOdyssey when I get back from the tour!

    • LOL! ABBA is the key after all! 😮

      Very cool hearing your concert was a blast Kev! Yes… I cannot wait to hear the details and see some pics of the tour! Whoa.

      Keep it true and ROCK OUT Kev! \m/\m/

  2. So many great bands aren’t in the Hall of Shame and Rush is yet another one on this list. I think by putting Metallica in there they thought they had a pass on hard rock and metal. Priest, KISS, Maiden, are just a few who need their place as well.

    • You took the Metal words right out of my mouth! \m/\m/

      • Its a joke to put Metallica in there ahead of the likes of Priest and Maiden who were huge influences on them when THEY were still in diapers!!!!

        • Right on the Metal bullseye there, Kev! Tell it like it is! Whoa and Hell yeah! \m/

          Plus, to make matters worse… no Slayer in that hall either! Slayer has never wavered with their focus, sound, touring and album output, while basically coming onto the scene during the same time period as Metallica. Heck, the “Grammy establishment” even fell in love with Slayer, for Metal sakes! LOL!

  3. You’re spot on about Slayer! I just wanna give a big shout out to GOTTHARD who are enjoying a well-deserved night off on their Firebirth tour – the two shows we did with them were great and the guys were very gracious and cool. I’ll give you the low-down when I get home – tonight we rock Fredericia in Denmark!!

    • Thanks Kev for the fabulous report on your live gigs with GOTTHARD! 🙂

      Have a blast Rockin’ Fredericia tonight! (Wish I could be there).

      Look so forward to the low-down on all your Metal happenings! Whoa… Yeah! \m/\m/

  4. Rush not being in the Rock Hall of Fame is just wrong, plain wrong

  5. Hey stone, I have a new metal blog… thought you might like to check it out?! its hope you enjoy 😀
    Renee \m/\m/

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