INFALLING “Path Of Desolation” EP – A Full-Blown Hardcore Metal Assault You Should Know About!

Infalling - Path Of Desolation - promo cover pic!

INFALLING – From Cleveland, Ohio, cometh INFALLING. This (multi-genre influenced) trio of Metal musicians are worth every second of your time; especially if you’re into Metal that will assault your ears while  you beg for more! Their EP, Path Of Desolation, was released back in September of 2012 and carries a ton of shelf life; INFALLING have created a potent and quality crop of 5 songs. This is an EP I won’t be putting away anytime soon!

INFALLING are three Metal musicians that are gonna go places, I feel and hear it. Their Hardcore meets Metal assault is sandwiched between album instrumental opener Genesis and album instrumental closer Revelations. Both the intro and exit on Path Of Desolation truly defines this band’s Progressive and Classic Rock influences quite soundly.

As for the Hardcore Metal that’s smack-dab-in-the-middle of this astoundingly produced EP: whoop-ass to the maximum potential! Tony Balante is as fierce as a caged rattlesnake on vocals! Tony comes across as very comfortable in his surroundings; there’s nothing that sounds forced or ill contrived, a very confident vocalist is he.

What a Metal band across the Metal board. Seriously. When INFALLING came across my Metal path over this New Years holiday, I was completely impressed; from their totality of destructive Hardcore style of Metal sound to their top-tier quality of songs I inhaled from Path Of Desolation. Get into INFALLING now, before they are selling out the clubs consistently as a headliner. Metal be thy name.


Path of Desolation EP is currently up now for free Download & Streaming! Check it out on the INFALLING Band Profile on their facebook here:Infalling – Also, this EP hardcopy is now available!


Tony Balante – vocals

Justin Endres – guitars & Bass

Eric Frabotta – drums

Infalling - Group Promo Pic - Logo - 2012

Path Of Desolation – Track List:



Pain Breeds Fury





INFALLING are three musicians coming from a wide array of musical backgrounds, ranging from Hardcore, Jazz, Prog-Rock to Rap and of course Metal. INFALLING blends together to form a bond between different types of genres. Tony Balante (A FEW ASKEW, STRESSLORD) applies dynamic vocals, Justin Endres (ODIOUS SANCTION, PALE CREATION, STRESSLORD, LAW OF DESTRUCTION) implements brutal riffing, Eric Frabotta (INHUMATION, STRESSLORD) produces explosive percussion.


For more info on INFALLING, click on the links below!

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