U.D.O. “STEELHAMMER” – Hammers Through With The Heavy Metal Charge!

U.D.O. - Steelhammer - promo cover pic!

4.5 Metal Fists Out Of 5!

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STEELHAMMER marks the 14th studio album from Germany’s undisputed Heavy Metal champions: U.D.O.. Led by the constant and legendary frontman Udo Dirkschneider, U.D.O. has seized the Metal moment in 2013! Steelhammer sounds just like it’s title! The marketing sticker on the CD jewel case states “Heavy Metal Album Of The Year” and that’s not a bunch of hot air by any stretch. I find Steelhammer to stand up valiantly, amongst the best Metal albums of 2013, myself.

What makes Steelhammer pound and pummel so well is the classic age of Heavy Metal sound that these songs are all wrapped up in. U.D.O.’s guitarists (Andrey SmirnovKasperi Heikkinen) have their names written all over the superior Heavy Metal sound that explodes from Steelhammer! Udo’s vocals are so excellent that it’s scary. Long live Udo Dirkschneider!

U.D.O. - Group Photo - 2013 - #1 - promo

Udo’s clean vocals are spotlighted (hugely) with Heavy Rain. A ballad on this U.D.O. album does put the brakes on the Heavy Metal tidal wave that carried me through tracks 1 through 4, nonetheless, it is fun hearing Udo sound so much more calm as a vocalist. After all these grand Metal years and catalog of albums that Udo Dirkschneider has given the Metal community, his ballad is given a horns up from this middle-aged hell rat. Book Of Faith is both a symphonic and diverse way to close out Steelhammer; reminding me that Heavy Metal isn’t always about the riff or blast beat.

Old School Metalheads, U.D.O. and Accept fans just have to salivate over Steelhammer! Younger fans of Metal need to buy Steelhammer and hear a tried and true legend sing Heavy Metal… the Udo way. This entire U.D.O. lineup kicks ass, pure and simple. “Heavy Metal Album Of The Year”? With Steelhammer’s Heavy Metal being this memorable to me, I’m sure it has a credible shot.

U.D.O. - Band Logo - large!

Udo Dirkschneider – vocals

Andrey Smirnov – guitar

Kasperi Heikkinen – guitar

Fitty Wienhold – bass

Francesco Jovino – drums


Steelhammer was released in North America, back on May 21st, 2013, via AFM Records.

* For More Info On U.D.O.

Facebook: U.D.O. (official)


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One Response to “U.D.O. “STEELHAMMER” – Hammers Through With The Heavy Metal Charge!”

  1. I have to say it, these days Udo reminds me of one of those criminal masterminds from the old James Bond movies. I’ll still check out this album though.

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