STRIKEFORCE “Elegant Steel” – A Metal Odyssey Album Review

Strikeforce - Elegant Steel - promo album cover pic - 2014 - #33SFHVMMO

4.5 metal-fists-4-5-album-reviews-metal-odyssey

4.5 METAL Fists Out Of 5!

STRIKEFORCE are a Classic Hard Rock band that formed back in 1982. Lead by founding member and guitarist Duke Jackson, Strikeforce also features Jim Burdette on drums, Daryn Unterbrink on vocals, and bassist James Murphy. The newest studio album from Strikeforce, Elegant Steel, was released back on December 9th, 2014, via HighVolMusic. Duke Jackson is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio and serves as a founding member, writer and producer of Strikeforce.

This five song album (EP if you will) is jam-packed with many hooks and high energy Hard Rock songs, all guitar driven and I’ve been reeled in! This is an album that is tailor-made for good-times, whether you’re partying or hitting the open highway; these are songs that have succeeded in making me feel that Classic Hard Rock goodness!

Strikeforce - promo band pic - #1003 - 2014

My favorite song on this album is Let Me Rock U, a song that can stand head-to-toes with many (historically untouchable) Mötley Crüe songs and I’m not talking junk here at all. Live Action is a freaking refreshing way to dropkick any dumbass mood I might be in. Yeah, Strikeforce is a tried and true Hard Rock force, from their songwriting to their musicianship, with Duke Jackson shredding away in many eye-popping moments!

Daryn Unterbrink’s vocals are memorable and melodious; this guy can sing! The rhythm section does a bang-up job and everything just comes together so ideally, on Elegant Steel. This album from Strikeforce essentially comes at me like a bonus for 2014; sometimes special Rockin’ surprises do come in small packages! Metal be thy name! – Stone

Elegant Steel – Track List: All About The Money, Falling Down, Live Action, Doomsday, Let Me Rock U


* For more info on STRIKEFORCE:

Facebook: StrikeForce Rocks

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