Gus G. and Firewind – “The Premonition” is solid Power Metal!

8738468I highly recommend, to any METAL fan, especially Power Metal fans, FIREWIND. Gus G. is the lead guitarist and writes the music. Wow, what an incredible listen is Gus G.! Sure, Gus G. plays fast, yet there is so much melody in the music of Firewind, Gus G. is to me, one of those lead guitarists that makes his guitar actually sing! I always felt, that the trademark of a great lead guitarist is having established a signature sound, standing out from the crowd. Gus G. in my METAL opinion, does just that. Power Metal always and forever will grab my attentive METAL ears. Firewind delivers mightily on the keyboards, catchy hooks, flamboyant vocals, psyche you up chorus and speedy and melodic guitar with a thunderous rhythm section. If you are interested in Firewind, I suggest you check out “The Premonition”, (released in 2008), it is an essential Power Metal listen. “Mercenary Man” is one strong song, I find it so powerful that it is a Power Metal statement! Gus G. plays the daylights out of his guitar here and lead vocalist Apollo Papathanasio is for me outstanding. Every song on “The Premonition” sounds extremely incredible for me. Firewind does a cover of “Maniac”, (the 1980’s dance tune), making this song obviously heavier and profoundly better! “My Loneliness” is a power ballad that fits right into the mix of songs, lyrically this song stands out and musically glistens with all things Power Metal. I really feel no fan of Power Metal can serve themselves wrong by owning a copy of “The Premonition”.

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