4350767“Originally released in 1978, Judas Priest “Stained Class” is bursting out at the seams with what I regard as groundbreaking Heavy Metal that helped define what Metal is today. I, personally feel, that “Exciter” is a song that projects a Thrash Metal speed and vibe. “Better By You, Better Than Me” is a Heavy Metal song that has an opening riff so memorable, so catchy, with it’s repeated use throughout, single handedly electrifies this tune. “Better By You, Better Than Me” is loaded down with a heavy bass groove, the tapered down pace of this song makes it so hot and heavy. The bonus tracks are terrific, with the live version of “Better By You, Better Than Me” sounding great and a bit raw, which I feel enhances the song. “Fire Burns Below” is a slow, trudging, Heavy Metal treat to my ears! I really find this song to be a great example of the sound Judas Priest would eventually grasp onto with their albums of the 1980’s. “Fire Burns Below” is fused together with repetitive drum beats, layered over by electric guitar leads and very clean, very sharp acoustic guitar leads. “Stained Class” in my opinion, is a Heavy Metal album ahead of it’s time, a Judas Priest classic for me. Every song on this album, for me, is as great as Heavy Metal gets. I highly recommend “Stained Class”, a must own for those who love all things Metal!

The liner notes are awesome, with 8 pages of complete lyrics, 3 band photos of Judas Priest, credits, and a 1 page review & reflection on “Stained Class” written by Judas Priest. Judas Priest, on “Stained Class”: Rob Halford on lead vocals, Glenn Tipton on guitar, K.K. Downing on guitar, Ian Hill on bass and Les Binks on drums.”


  1. Gotta love EXCITER!!!!

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