Why did my guinea pig live for seven great years?

I had a wonderful pet guinea pig that just recently passed away. This little guinea pig was named Tigger and lived for 7 lively, great years. Recently, people that I have spoken to in regards to my guinea pig keep asking me, “Is it normal for a guinea pig to live that long”? Or, “What is the normal life expectancy of a guinea pig”? Well, without consulting a PHD in guinea pig science, I answer quite unscientifically on my very own with “The normal life expectancy of a guinea pig is 3 to 7 years.” I am now convinced that my guinea pig, Tigger, lived to the fullest on the life expectancy scale for this particular species. God bless any guinea pig that has lived longer than Tigger. Now, without further non-essential blabber, here is another very unscientific reason for why I BELIEVE my little guinea pig, Tigger, lived for 7 happy years: METAL MUSIC – and plenty of it. 

Tigger lived in a very spacious, very expansive cage, fully equipped with an oversized water bottle and plenty of guinea pig food, with alfalfa and timothy hay – 24/7. Not a bad gig for any little rodent. Tigger was situated in the area of my home which has the stereo system, therefore, Tigger was able to enjoy the Metal music each and every time I enjoyed it. Skeptics may ask, “How do you know a guinea pig actually enjoyed Metal music”? My answer is simply, (and this time it is scientific) from observation. I do not care what it is in life you observe, if you are observing something that is living, everyday, for 7 years, I would hope you could scientifically make a judgement call as to the overall behavior and changes in behavior due to it’s surroundings and external stimulus.

Each time Metal tunes were played, from my observations, Tigger would become more active than normal, he would do “mad runs” around his cage, he would skip about in a happy manner, he would even do the famous guinea pig chirping and tweeting sounds vocally. When there were no Metal tunes being played, when all was quiet in Tigger’s surroundings, well, from what I observed, Tigger would be complacent, quiet and really not too active at all. This concludes my reason for why Metal music played an enormous and important role in having Tigger live for 7 years. Skeptics abound, they may question: “Are you a trained observer”? My answer is no, I never received a college degree in observation. I never received a college degree in breathing, eating or drinking a glass of water either. To really nit pick, I never received proper training in guinea pig observation at all, nor did I ever attend a guinea pig observation seminar or listen to any guinea pig observation CD’s.

This may sound absurd to some, yet Metal music had a prolific and positive affect on my little guinea pig’s life. In scientific terminology, a positive stimulus. Am I a guinea pig scientist? No, I never studied the biology or psychology of guinea pigs. This is again, my own observation from looking at this living creature every day for 7 years, especially when Metal music was being played. It is only right for me to say I will miss you Tigger, you little Heavy Metal guinea pig.

4 Responses to “Why did my guinea pig live for seven great years?”

  1. Who would have ever thought that guinea pigs liked heavy metal?

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Well, yes, guinea pigs like Heavy Metal. However, I’ve heard of guinea pigs that likes Disco Hits of the 70’s too. Those guinea pigs think they are way cool… not.

  2. What were his favorite bands? 🙂

    • metalodyssey Says:

      Well, if my Metal memory serves me correct, AC/DC, Creed and Overkill. He had a “mixed” taste for heavy music. Definitely AC/DC though.

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