Yes! Happy Birthday to Steve Howe!

5225259Metal Odyssey sends out a very loud Happy Birthday to Steve Howe of the incredible Progressive Rock band – Yes. (62 years young on April 8, 2009). Steve Howe has defined Progressive Rock guitar through the legendary music of Yes. Steve Howe created his own signature sound, blending his guitar playing through a myriad of Rock sounds and instruments that helped define the Progressive Rock genre. The two other famous Rock bands Steve Howe played in are Asia and GTR. At last count, there have been 19 solo albums released by Steve Howe. In my opinion, Steve Howe is as important of a guitar player to the history of modern day Rock music as any other. Thank you for all the memorable music you have given the world Steve Howe!

2 Responses to “Yes! Happy Birthday to Steve Howe!”

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  2. douglasharr Says:

    Steve Howe was on fire last week at the Yes/Asia show at the Warfield on July 2. He played in both shows of course and was often the primary focus of attention with his searing guitar leads. Full review here:

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