Gorgeous Frankenstein – spooky grooves and Heavy Metal too

This release from October 16, 2007, the self titled “Gorgeous Frankenstein” from former Misfits lead guitarist, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is a MUST for Misfits, Horror Metal and…  I just dig all Metal fans. The music has a spooky, groovy, Metal boogie feel throughout. Rob Zombie fans will get a nice thrill out of Gorgeous Frankenstein due to the horror packaged theme, from the artwork on the digipak to the music itself. I give out a huge Metal bravo to artist Simon Bisley for creating the CD cover paintings. I feel that as a sum, this is Metal, not the Punk Rock of legend that the Misfits were known for creating. Glenn Danzig produces, and the entire mood and feel of the music is a tad raw and unpolished, just the way I like it. You are not getting pristine produced, elegantly arranged musical masterpieces here. For heaven sake, anyone who knows Misfits, Danzig or Osaka Popstar music knows what they are getting, a former Misfits legend who just wants to have a great time making cool music. Serious Classical and Symphony Orchestra listeners should shy away from this one. Gorgeous Frankenstein gets more enjoyable for me with every listen.

“Reverse Of God” is my favorite track, it just has everything come together for me, haunting beats, a killer bass groove happening, plus the dark lyrics give credence to this album being Horror Metal. “Hell Angel” is reminiscent of the heavy music Danzig has created in the past… I like this tune for it’s Metal meets Punk tenacity. “Made In Hell” is a track that does not wane on it’s Punk Rock momentum, both vocally and musically. To hear Gorgeous Frankenstein give a nod to some Punk Rock vibe is a cool thing. I highly recommend giving http://www.myspace.com/officialgorgeousfrankenstein a visit… it gives you a whole bunch of cool info about this band – well worth the trip. This site has interesting details behind Gorgeous Frankenstein, it states that “the first few songs” were initially written for Doyle’s wife Stephanie Bellars aka “Gorgeous George” (celebrity wrestler), to dance to. The name Gorgeous Frankenstein was decided upon to combine both Doyle and his wifes celebrity stage names into one conceptual theme. Landon Blood is the vocalist on the album, “Gorgeous Frankenstein”. Without a doubt, Gorgeous Frankenstein has set out to make some heavy, Heavy Metal here, In my Metal opinion, it has been achieved.


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